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Chapter 134: A whole monologue by Stalker Girl? She barely had any lines until now?




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 48 – Daytime, Streets of Omui

The report was complete. Submitting something like this to that lord cannot possibly end without consequences.

But even so, I definitely have to do it.

After all, Haruka-san was outraged.

Usually, he speaks plainly, sounding even somewhat disinterested, but at that time, he was clearly angry.

Being this poor, this region cannot fully protect its people, which results in deaths. Apparently, almost none of the previous lords of this domain died in their mansion, and their tombstones stand over empty graves. And one of the reasons why the domain remained poor despite having such fine rulers is the neighboring domain of 『Narrogi』. Originally, it was founded to supply the armies locked in the fight against monsters on the frontier.

But at some point the town began embezzling supplies from the capital, meant for the frontier army, and taking a percentage of the magic stones coming from the frontier, growing as a result.

Everyone in the town knew that, and everyone condemned the lord for that. All pitied the people of the frontier, but no one did anything.

Everyone would be surprised if tomorrow they were to wake up to a rain of fire. Of course, no one will think that they had it coming. Regardless of whether they are aware of what they are doing or not, no one considers it as enough of a reason to be killed. Even I never thought of it until I had that said to my face.

But even so, I want to save the townsfolk. Because there are people that were good to me, my friends, and my beloved ones. Even if we deserved that, I still want to save them.

I too want to save those dear to me.

The black-haired girls said that they definitely will stop Haruka-san, so it is going to be fine, while the poster girl, hearing that I’m leaving, gave me lots of sweets. She probably took them from Haruka-san or he gave them himself. To a spy from a neighboring town.

But I know it is not fine, and it shouldn’t be. After all, even if they manage to stop Haruka-san, I can’t stop our lord.

A long time ago, the poster girl and her family lost their home along with their hometown, and only after wandering for a long time finally settled in this town and built an inn. And it seems if it wasn’t for the person that fought for them they would’ve been dead.

Even if they manage to stop Haruka-san, since Narrogi-sama cannot be stopped, Omui will be invaded anyway. Then, the poster girl and her family will once again lose everything they have and will end up wandering the land. Or maybe, even die. Despite staying in the neighboring domain all the time I never gave this a proper thought.

Narrogi-sama attacked Omui-sama a few times already, so it wouldn’t be strange for a war to break out or a rain of fire to come any moment. I didn’t know anything and didn’t try to think about the meaning of any of that. However, it was our clan that was spying and reporting on Omui-sama and the ladies of the house. We aren’t unrelated to this matter. Ignorance was not allowed to me.

After all, my clan are descendants of the unit that was historically scouting for the sake of the frontier army. Originally, we should be working for Omui’s benefit.

But lacking in combat strength we were located in the rear, and ended up being taken in by Narrogi’s domain. While holding dear the desire to go to Omui, our lack of strength held us back, leading to us being swallowed up by the Narrogi domain. And with our families and friends being now held hostage, we were forced to assist in tormenting Omui.

The moment Haruka-san said『Gathering information is the first step in the war』, I understood. It would’ve been but a matter of course if I was killed right on the spot.

After all, those were the same words that were handed down from one generation to another in our clan. 『Information saves lives of allies and is the first step to defeating the enemy』, I should’ve known better since those were the words I grew up with. And yet, I didn’t think of what I’m doing or the meaning behind it.

『See with your own eyes, hear with your own ears, learn of everything, be it lies, truth, mistakes, or secrets, and reflect on it yourself.』is what I was taught, yet I saw nothing, heard nothing, and just kept missing the most important, without thinking anything at all. I didn’t even notice that until I was told.

That’s why I’m going to deliver this report.

To the clan.

To Narrogi-sama.

After which I most likely will be killed.

It’s almost certain that I won’t survive submitting such a report.

Even so, I’m going to do this.

After all, it’s only natural that I will be killed. It’s only natural that I will be punished for what I’ve done.

The people of Omui Town were very kind.

That’s where we were supposed to be. Despite the poverty, the danger, the misery, and the despair, everyone was nice.

That place is what really ought to be protected.

The front line is locked in a fight with monsters in order to defend towns and the country that lies behind it.

And we didn’t even comprehend that all this time we were protected by that town.

We forgot that it was that town that was guarding us.

We pushed everything on the people of that town and forgot about everything that we found inconvenient, paying it no heed and sparing it no thought.

We deserve their ire.

We deserve the fire.

But even so, I want to save the townsfolk. After all, that’s where the people that treated me kindly, my friends, and my beloved one are. Even if the town deserves to be burned, I still want to save them.

All I can do now is to report.

That’s why I wrote there everything I saw, heard, and thought. The full and complete report.

And most likely, my last one.

But it’s my first real report, where I wrote what I truly saw, heard, and thought.

After all, Haruka-san told me all that.

While he could’ve killed without saying a word.

Yet he spoke to me, and scolded me, an enemy.

And even though I’m an enemy, he gave me lots of delicious sweets.

And patted me on the head when I cried.

Yes, I received a lot from him.

I can’t pay him back, but at the very least, I can return at least a bit of my debt to Omui.




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