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Chapter 226: With different softness, bounciness, and elasticity each is one of a kind, well, they do come in pairs though? So maybe two?




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 59 – Nighttime, White Weirdo Inn

Her face is bright red. No, if you act so bashful it will be embarrassing for me too, so please don’t? And Armored Pres-san, don’t try to leave with your face saying『Enjoy yourselves』? Stay here? This one is the real bad news? Or rather, Armored Pres-san, aren’t you in charge of covering my eyes, what are we going to do if you just walk away?

And now the red-faced and lightly dressed pres is looking at me with a flat gaze. She seems to have lost in rock, paper, scissors, and also seems to have wimped out?

「Hang in there~. Now, strip~, get your tits out~」

「Nooo! Don’t say tits! I’ll undress, just wait a bit.」

She is accompanied by Vice Pres B-san, but she doesn’t seem to be on her side. Did she come as a part of Big Duo? Then, tomorrow it’s going to be Vice Pres A-san and C-san? Actually, do they even need bras? Well, I suspect that Vice Pres A-san will do just fine with a sports bra, but maybe she does need it, I’m pretty sure if I said『You don’t need it, right?』, it’d result in a war. But that Shrimp definitely doesn’t need one! There is no need to support or lift anything, or rather, there is no mass for that in the first place, I mean, the subject matter is absent.

But well, the big two here do need it, both the volume and the substance are undisputedly demanding it. Armored Pres-san is around too, so probably 3 out of top 5 are gathered here. Or at the very least top 10.

Having Armored Pres-san cover my eyes I begin measurement, but there is something that bothered me since the previous time with Vice Pres B-san. Why use hands to cover my eyes? Wouldn’t a common blindfold do? I mean, Armored Pres-san tends to move her fingers apart from time to time? And at such perfect timing too?


Our eyes met. A flat gaze, that’s why I said that you shouldn’t open your fingers!

Deploying Evil Hands I activate Apex Thinking. I already gained a complete comprehension from yesterday, starting form formulation to the manufacturing process itself. Or rather, if I could make something capable of supporting That, it would work for pretty much anything else. Tackling the most difficult problem first, I tried all sorts of approaches through trial and error. By now it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that there is no bra that I cannot make! But a highschool boy shouting『There is no bra I cannot make!』would probably be reported, and for a good reason, so I’ll just keep quiet.

I’m taking measurements in 3D, in other words, I have a complete grasp of the shape and form.

Then, I also investigate the mass distribution and tensile strength, in other words, rub and shake them a bit.

Based on that I make a theoretical model and make adjustments while doing fitting, fixing and revising on the way.

Are there any gaps? Is the stress evenly distributed? Is the mass being properly dispersed? Won’t areas with more weight rub? Confirming everything one by one I make minute adjustments, at times remaking everything along with the model. The current sample size is only 3 examples, so I can’t fully analyze the differences unless I confirm things on the fly. Well, 3, but actually 6!

Yeah, in the current sample pool of 3 cases, those have the highest elasticity, so it might be fine to go a little tighter, the world has too many things I don’t get, how come everyone in the current sample pool is so different? The information I accumulated thus far is completely unhelpful in dealing with this. Each one has different softness, bounciness, and elasticity! Each is unique!


「Sorry. Was it too tight? Did it hurt? Maybe loosening it up a bit will provide for a more comfortable and pleasant experience? Or so it looks to me? Eh, no I’m not looking! Honestly! Even my inner eye is keeping itself shut, so it’s alright? It seems~? I mean, it is?」

Envelop without pressuring, yet permitting no unnecessary sway, and at the same time, allowing the weight to be unnoticed, logically it’s all in contradiction. And that’s why it’s difficult, this is one of those problems with no 『correct』 answer. That’s why I seek the optimal. Harmonizing merits and demerits I look for the point of the best ratio. Seeking that one perfect state I keep making trial attempts, errors, and prototypes, groping blindly in search of the only one for the only one. 『Apex Thinking』is tracing the unlimited divergence of possibilities, picking up the optimal ones out there, and then by combining them creates an infinite number of possible combinations, testing one after another. I feel like the skill might even evolve from bra making?

If 『Brassiere Artisan』appears among my titles, I’ll likely never take another look at my status.

「Ah. Don’t mind that, okay? This one was nice, or rather good… EVERYTHINGISALRIGHT.」

Everything is alright it seems? Going from this pressure to lift it up without constraining, bring them closer, creating the center of mass at the cleavage line. However, I can’t forget about breathability, to create the optimum one has to strive for perfection, moderation can become a demerit too if it goes too far.

「Eerrr, can you try to move them, I mean, to move around a bit? Is there any place that is slipping, rubbing or maybe too tight? This is going to become a baseline design, so if there is any problem please list them all? Like, is it alright to shake them? No, I mean, do it yourself! Did you really think of letting a highschooler do that? That’s a super dangerous substance shaking which will definitely lead to lots of trouble! There will be riots? But even the even-surfaced girls placed orders. To『Wrap』the『Nothingness』? Is this some sort of koan?」 [1]

She is shaking them. There is a jiggling in the space that I have within the grasp of『Space Perception』, 『Evil Hands』are making adjustments while confirming the sensation. Naturally, the sensation is fed to 『Apex Thinking』-san through feedback, which then enters recalculation and correction mode. Meanwhile, I’m anguishing over the sensations that came through feedback and the jiggling.

Whoooa! Vice Pres B-san began groping pres-san’s chest from behind! The change in shape of meaty globes that occurs every time she digs her fingers in is sent via feedback, even trembling, shaking, and the jiggle is converted into information and sent to me. And 『Apex Thinking』begun even totally unnecessary bounciness and elasticity calculations… Well, 『Rajingan』has the power to see through everything in existence, so the rumors have it that being blindfolded is no different from staring directly? Even so, I’m making a commendable effort of keeping my eyes shut, so please stop with such stimulating images? Also, Slime-san, those are not your comrades, so don’t even think about joining in?

(Bounce) (Squish) (Jiggle-Jiggle)

I wonder whose reply was that right now? There are two extra lines now. But even without Sense Presence I’m sure they are right in front of me.

「Isn’t this fine~, isn’t this fine~? Wow~, such a beautiful pink color. (poke)」

「Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Why are you groping me? Why are you shaking and swinging my breasts? Why are you so unceremoniously grabbing them?! Stooop! And don’t look, Haruka-kuun! 」

Sounds fun. Were pres-san and Vice Pres B-san Yuri Girls all along? But even if so, don’t start entangling and moaning here? This is the room of a healthy highschool boy, for a boy this is an ordeal than can even be called torture! I’ll surely get scolded if I were to join.

And then this pink mess of a scene moved down, that’s right, those two were also members of『Hip-Up Shorts Alliance! Lift up!』! Well, all of the girls joined them, so I guess all of them will need bottoms too. Just how many hardships do the girls want to put upon a healthy highschool boy?

「Kya~, such a cute~ bottom~. A beautiful butt~. Rub rub~」

「Kyaaaaaaa! Don’t say anything unnecessary, also, stop fondling me!」

Sounds fun. From here on I’ll have to seriously empty my mind, or I’ll probably die.

However, even if I completely empty my mind, the skill『Empty Mind』becomes a problem, I mean, it’s an evolved version of『Concentration』? So even if I『Empty Mind』, I’m still hyper focused? I’m probably going to die here. This is the end.

I died. It was a wonderland greater than the paradise itself, the heaven was here all along! Well, the measurements are done, or like, I’m done, anyway, it’s done. Yeah, I did all of the so-called measurements with Evil Hands, but in fact, I totally and utterly enjoyed the all-you-can-touch-wonderland! Tonight, I won’t be able to sleep. I’m going to do my best.

While the damage from the work on the upper part only put me on the verge of death, the bottom part, as expected, somehow resulted in merely a fatal wound? Yeah, even if I’m blindfolded, merely having naked girls around is too much for a highschool boy? I’m at my limit in highschool boy sort of way from the sound of rustling clothes alone! The lower part was especially bad! When I focused with『Empty Mind』, the time sort of slowed down, and the slow motion stripping that resulted didn’t help here at all. That was a terrifying experience!

「And they left two sets of just worn still warm underwear, and now a highschool boy is supposed to spend the night sewing lace on them… Thank you very much? Wait? This is work and not a reward, it’s not like those were gifted to me? 」

The red-faced pres-san, who collapsed, completely exhausted, was carried away by Vice Pres B-san.

As expected, the stimulation from 『Evil Hands』was too much. After all, they hide enough destructive force to down even that Dungeon Emperor. Rather, the puzzling part is how Vice Pres B-san was unfazed? But are we really going to do this every evening with different girls?

Anyway, equipment comes first, the frost giant’s drop『Spear of Eternal Ice』and『Mirror Greatshield』from the hidden room are essential for increasing and expanding our combat potential. And then there is the item that I found in the hidden room on the 93th floor but didn’t even identify back then, 『Ripple Necklace – MiN InT 50% Up, Anti-Resistance, Ripple』, the decisive something that I was looking for. This makes the dungeon item hunt worth it. This one has the potential of becoming a trump card. The underwear is bothering me a bit, but it’s time for equipment now!

Now, even if the kingdom has something up their sleeve, I’ll still be able to crush them with a laugh. As long as this is a war, the trump card is in my hand.

Naturally, I don’t mean underwear. Like, what sort of a trump card would be throwing underwear in a fight? Well, I do feel that were I to throw the pres-sama’s underwear into the middle of the enemy forces they’ll be instantly massacred by her, but let’s not. It’s unlikely that I’ll get away with a mere scolding. That whip is scary!

[TL Notes:
[1] Koan – a story, dialogue, question, or statement which is used in Zen practice to provoke the “great doubt” and to practice or test a student’s progress in Zen.





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