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Chapter 227: Redrafting and remaking from scratch using prototype models as a base, a revised and improved just made product.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 60 – Morning, White Weirdo Inn

Although I had to work through the night, I managed to finish new equipment, naturally, that includes underwear too.

The drop item from the front giant 『Spear of Eternal Ice – PoW SpE DeX 50% Up, Ice Attribute Affinity Increase (EX), Ice Spear, Ice Shroud, Freezing Cold Seal, +ATT』, received only a minimal improvement『ALL 50% Up, Ice Attribute Affinity Increase (EX), Ice Spear, Ice Sword, Adv. Ice Shroud, Freezing Cold Seal, +ATT』, but for the Bitches, being magical swordsman-type, MiN and InT are needed too.

Then, the hidden room’s『Mirror Greatshield – ViT PoW SpE DeX 50% Up, All Resistance Up, Physical and Magic Reflect And Absorption, Weapon and Equipment Destruction, Absolute Boundary, Super Shield Bash, +ATT + DEF』on top of all of that also gained 『DeF Enhancement (EX)』,『Auto Heal』,『Acceleration』, I wonder whom should I give it to.

And lastly『Ripple Necklace – MiN InT 50% Up, Anti-Resistance, Ripple Effect』also gained『All Attributes Affinity Up (EX)』, becoming a special grade weapon. Negating immunities with Antiresist it then can spread the effect of the skill with Ripple, an item capable of forcing Abnormal Status Effects on entire groups of enemies. I’ll have to discuss this with the librarian, but this one should go to one of the culture clubs’ girls. Well, if it’s about combat, then it’s definitely for the librarian.

While there is no need to think about whom the underwear are going to, let’s consult with the pres-sama about equipment distribution. The commander might have the commander’s considerations in mind, and I can also hand over underwear to her along the way? While getting a flat gaze?

While eating the inn’s breakfast we are having a morning meeting. First, comes the most dangerous equipment 『Underwear – Recently Worn, Already Used, Penalty to My Affection Rating 』.

It’s an early morning but she is already bright red, staring at me with teary eyes. Did last night’s measurements by Evil Hands become a psychological trauma? I mean, she was bending backwards, twitching?

「Good morning, Pres, you are pres today too. I touched up on recently worn already used underwear, correcting, adjusting, and ornamenting it, so try them on, okay? I also used laces to reinforce those, boosting hip-up effect? Tell me if there is any discomfort? But there is also a limit to how much it can stretch, so it might become a problem when you hit your horizontal growth phase? Seriously.」

It’s a secret that those are actually brand new freshly finished shorts based on those that she tried yesterday, remade from scratch with all new adjustments and improvements, they turned out great, but I’ll have to omit this part to avoid issues concerning my old creations.

「Good mor— could you not say recently worn, already used underwear first thing in the morning?! Also, the horizontal growth phase is not a growth period, it’s an enemy of all girls. And as the things are, I think I will remain class president forever, what should I make of that?」

What should she make of that? She already fully assumed the role of pres-sama (dominatrix), with a whip as her main weapon, so maybe she now needs an enamel bondage dress? If there is an issue, it’s that she also has some M Girl to her, so her character setting is all over the place, but it’s hard to say which side is better.

Giving a brief explanation on the new equipment I asked for advice on whom it should be given, but in the end, decided to leave everything except the shield to the bitches and the culture clubs girls.

Now, for the shield.

「Heey, Shield Giirl. I have a serious question, do you want to become Shield Pres? Or rather, you have my endorsement for the position, so that’s as good as decided?」

Roughly explaining the situation to Shield Girl I then raised two conditions, since after seeing『Mirror Greatshield』she was startled and started trying to refuse it out of reservation.

The first condition is that she must not die. If the tank dies then there won’t be anyone to protect the others, so this is a must.

The second one is that she has to protect, but even without me saying this, that’s something that she has been doing all this time.

And lastly, the priority, the conditions should always remain in that order. In other words, she shouldn’t die to protect others, she has to prioritize her own life.

And that’s why I chose Shield Girl for this.

Just how many times have I seen Shield Girl becoming a shield herself, jumping in to protect comrades and being blown away as a result. Just how many times was everyone saved by Shield Girl. She is the reason why none of the 20 girls died or got seriously injured through all of their fights until now.

If anyone is in danger, she’d jump in with her shield to meet the monster’s attack head on, and no matter how many times she is blown away, she still jumps in with her shield raised without any hesitation.

When the topic of equipment comes up, all of the classmates speak in unison『Prioritize Shield Girl-chan』. No matter who’s asked, the answer is always the same. Even during auctions she ends up successively bidding a large sum every time. Everyone is very nonchalantly yielding to her.This is the combination of gratitude for the protection, trust in her protection, and worry about her being able to hold out until the end.

So those are the absolute conditions that come along with our currently strongest shield. The shield and conditions meant to protect Shield Girl, the one leaping into the danger the most.

And when told that those conditions are everyone’s opinion, she finally nodded, and raised her eyes.

「Yes. I will become Shield Pres, and I will definitely protect everyone.」

She assumed the post of the shield president. Well, since this settles it, I gave her 『Mirror Greatshield』with words of warning『Be careful? You shouldn’t make everyone worry, okay?』, but for some reason it was followed by a flat gaze from 42 eyes! Ah, what a great morning.

Naturally, I also take my daily dose of flat gaze from the receptionist prez with the bulletin board, and borrow the training grounds.

A silver armor, not unlike a marvelous work of art in its brilliance, proudly stood at the center of the training grounds, domineering over the surroundings with its presence. She seems to be in a good mood.

And among the complete stillness the only thing resounding through the soundless world is beating. (Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud…), it hurts!

I’m managing to keep it in check, stability control is also on the right track, but I’m far from full control.

There are too many motions going faster or stronger than I see them in my head, creating needlessness in my movements and just throwing it all into disarray, which is a glaring weakness. Regardless of how strong or fast the move is, if it’s not controlled it’s useless. Written as 『pointless』, read as 『getting beaten up』! (Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud…), I told you it hurts!

The training is the usual one too, written as 『Practice』read as『Drilling』pronounced as『Beating』.

A super-short distance『Teleportation』is occurring way more often than I expect, so I can’t even predict my own movements, let alone control them. For this I’ll have to roughly grasp the movements of my entire body as a unified flow, and then make minute adjustments to them as I go, but I can’t read my own movements.

Usually, such peculiar movements should be incredibly difficult for the opponent to grasp as well, but she is firmly reading them, following with clubbing. The beatings today are especially harsh. Well, I do know the reason, thanks to the blindfolded measurements session with undressing, feeling and groping, the frenzied highschool boy that was sleeping inside me was awakened, rampaging through the night. Naturally, he thoroughly violated that sexy lingerie girl, and that mini-skirt nurse-san, and sexy bus guide-san too, but since they all were the same Armored Pres-san she is furious.

Especially by the end it became sort of totally that, edging to the verge of that character destruction sort of stuff, so when she returned to her senses she was incredibly angry. Well, as expected, that must’ve been embarrassing. But she was pleased, so whatever.

Even so, I’m getting beaten today.

And weaving together complicated dance-like footwork with instantaneous movement I’m fighting back, (Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud…), alright, I’m having my revenge tonight!


Looks like it’s time. Slime-san that was doted upon by female receptionists upstairs came down to us. I’d also like to get showered with affection like that, and do the same in return… No, I was talking about Slime-san! Honestly? Well, of course, I also like mature elder sister-types too, so I won’t be against them as well, but that’s not what I meant? (THUD THUD!)

Alright, remaining here is dangerous, let’s go for some peaceful dungeon exploration.




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