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Chapter 264: It mustn’t cause friction while having a crash safety function. After all, it apparently hurts when it rubs




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: “ryunakama” Proofreading: “Reader A? Kind of? Maybe?”

Day 64 – Nighttime, Souvenir Store, the Capital Outskirts Branch

The Rhythmic Gymnastics Girl and Shield Girl combination is a rare sight. No, calling them that all the time is too much, as expected, I do remember their names, you know?

「Febreze-san and Shield President, that’s an unusual combination, are you trying to become Deodorization President by apprenticeship under Shield President? Yeah, I wholeheartedly support you, please fight the middle-aged men’s body odor and exterminate it along with the source of the smell? Eehm, want me to make a weapon with『Deodorization』effect? Like, a club hitting with which eliminates the smell? A special anti-middle-aged-men weapon? Yup, let’s go for that!」

「I told you to forget about Febreze! I was never ever even called that, how come you can’t remember my name or nickname yet remember Febreze!」

「Haruka-san, we will be in your care today. With this bra, I will be able to protect everyone! I’ll do my best!」

That’s quite a difference in attitude. But you can’t protect anyone with a bra, okay? It’s not even protective equipment, and if you fight with a bra, you’ll end up no bra, eliminating the point of making one in the first place? Well, if opponents are highschool boys, then a schoolgirl with a bra in her hand definitely would be able to annihilate them, they surely will meet their demise with a smile. But this is underwear, okay? If anything, a bra is supposed to protect from shape loss or sagging? Actually, I received a written demand for push up bras, just how far do they want a highschool boy to advance bra making techniques?

「About that Bust Up effect, how about adding『Null-Gravity』effect? That sounds great, but with them no longer bound by constraints of gravity, things might get crazy? I actually wonder just how far up that Up in bust up is supposed to be? Rather, as a highschool boy, I never experience the loss of shape or saginess, so I have no idea what this is all about? I mean, I don’t have any in the first place? No, if a highschool boy had those, it would be an issue, or rather, it would raise a TS question whether it’s actually a highschool girl, so there won’t be any on highschool boys! Absolutely!」

Armored Pres-san began her blindfolding. Where did the proper blindfold that I made go? Also, Armored Pres-san, from whom did you learn that TEHEPERO? I’m certain there was nothing of this sort in this world? Just what kind of discussions are you having in those Girls-Only Meetings? For the time being, it seems the meeting’s decision was Bust Up.

「By the way, I’m considering popularizing activities like beach volleyball, tennis, and whatnot, what do you think about rhythmic gymnastics? Can it be popularized? Or rather, I’d like to, but I don’t think it can be competitive? I mean, even if people of this world learned gymnastics, there is no way they can catch up with you in it? No, wait, since it’s another world… Maybe someone like Hanuman (divine monkey), might be able to? There are tons of gobs, kobolds, and orcs, all over the place, but Hanumans are quite rare? But we don’t want gobs, both in terms of rivalry and leotards, right~?」 [1]

「Why do I have to compete with a divine monkey, starting a rhythmic gymnastic competition! I don’t want goblins either! Actually, the divine monkey is a monster, so normally beat it with a weapon before competing in gymnastics!」

Looks like Hanuman is a no. Using golem still sounds like a more appealing option than training goblins, but rocks doing rhythmic gymnastics… Doesn’t sound like a very popular event.

「It’s not like I even want to? I’ve been forced to do this since I was little, and just perplexed since it’s not a thing anymore, I’d say? If asked do I really want to do this, I’d say not sure. I’m also honestly relieved that I don’t have to practice anymore.」

The weight of expectations that she was shouldering is gone. All of the cultivation and training that she underwent is too much to just forget about. After all, she is a rhythmic gymnastics favorite child. At the same time, if asked if they want to do it alone, anyone would find the idea dubious. As long as it is a competitive activity, one is bound to seek results, but there is no one to compete with. I mean, she doesn’t want Hanumans…

「Might as well catch a ton of fairies and throw them a rhythmic gymnastics version of the tiger’s den, one or two should awaken the talent, showing Fairy Dance to…」 [2]

「How come you can come up with the words Fairy Dance for fairies, but keep insisting on Febreze for me? Just how much do I stink! Wait, don’t try to actually smell me! I don’t stink! Shoo, shoo.」

Apparently, she doesn’t stink. In terms of size she is on the larger side of medium. And if they came in this order, it must mean that it was impacting their movements. That’s how this unusual combination of Gymnastics Girl and Shield Pres came to be. Shield Pres, who rushes to the enemy in a straight line at the highest speed along with her shield, clashing with them, and Rhythmic Gymnastics Girl, who continuously repeats a series of spins, rotations, leaps, and jumps. In other words, two people with bra design complications came together?

In terms of bras fit for top speed-linear collision, the development itself probably hasn’t even begun yet. I mean, no one has made bras using automobile crash test equipment, so there’s probably no way. And certainly no one considered the combination spinning and leaping when designing a bra. Surely, no one even tried a design capable of suppressing gravity from 360 degrees, centrifugal force, and recoil. In other words, there is no telling if a normal shape will even suit the purpose. There is no other choice but to have them move around and calculate from that, but if I calculate motions in real-time 3D then a highschool boy-like real 3P will come in motion in my head? Blindfolds are powerless before the power of a Highschool Boy’s imagination! I mean, there is another opening? Like, could you please close your fingers at least occasionally?

「I’ll start by making two ordinary ones? Let’s think about combat versions after that? First, do the sizing, then bring it to completion, and then challenge the limits of physical laws to create the bras? I have no idea why making a bra demands challenging limits of physical laws or what the hell a bra that challenges limits of physics is, but since I have no idea, that thought can be left for later, like I can think of it after we are done? Sort of?」

That’s probably impossible. That’s something beyond a bra.

I have no idea why a highschool boy has to challenge the limits of physical laws in an attempt to break through the limits of bras, but that will probably end up being exclusive equipment. If the aim is an all-enveloping shape providing support from every direction, then there is no other choice but to wrap up from every side, and the collision impact would require some sort of shock absorption system built-in, that would protect that mobile Chest-sama.


I didn’t hear a thing, I’m not listening! After all, if I were to listen and show a reaction, that very moment Armored Pres-san will move her fingers away. As expected of an Ex-Dungeon Emperor, she instantly reads the moment, and makes the opening at the most superb timing! No, wait, you can’t do that! Yesterday, all of the fingers covering my eyes were spread apart, you don’t even have any intentions of hiding the fact that you have no intentions of hiding anything, right?

Even though I have calculated all sorts of patterns, figuring out the most optimal values, as long as no unique conditions are added, I can deal with it based on the solution from the previous data. In other words, bras can be made quicker and easier. The shorts are… They require time due to different issues? Like, collapsing or sinking to the floor? Yeah, and those crazy voices?

Since adjustments went well, I have them move around to add corrections. This can’t be done otherwise. Looks like it has no problem supporting normal movements, it will most likely do fine in ordinary combat too. For now, it’s complete, from here on the experiment begins.

These bras are in no way inferior to the ones I’ve made so far. Sacrificing the visual design, I went with larger cloth coverage, making sure that they are capable of coping with movements in all possible directions. And now the testing,.how far these bras can and can’t keep up with the movements of the two, at which point they couldn’t keep up anymore, and what were the consequences, it’s impossible to make combat bras without knowing all that.

So I have them do some drastic movements while wearing bras and equipment. I still have the blindfold equipped, you know? I mean, all they are wearing is underwear and armor, so I’ll see it? I’m making measurements with『Evil Hands』and『Holding』, but my eyes are still closed.『Apex Thinking』-san is also ready to perform necessary calculations.

Shield Pres is repeating STOP and GO, gradually going faster and faster, I can tell how it’s going wild during sudden stops. What is? The contents. Yup, wildly leaping they are bouncing around inside. No other choice but to add an air cushion. The problem is that it must not rub. Alright, let’s try to draft the design.

As for the Rhythmic Gymnastics Girl, while it has horizontal spins covered, they are peeking out of the bra with high jumps and vertical rotations, or more like, they completely jumping out of the bra. No other choice but to wrap it entirely like a tube top while holding from all sides. Designing it is simple, but adjustments and corrections are incredibly challenging. After all, there are no cases to fall back upon, so I have to grope in the darkness on my own. No, it would become a crime if I actually used my hand to feel around! 『Evil Hands』are the ones groping, in short, there is no other choice but to shake them from every direction in 360 degrees. But why can’t I shake off this feeling that shaking off school girls’ chests from 360 degrees would mean far more trouble than just being labeled a pervert? And why do I feel that the more I grope for it, the deeper Affection Rating-san goes into hiding? I’m sure that by now it went into such an angle that groping from 360 degree wouldn’t be enough anymore.

「This doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t hurt from impact, pull on sudden stops, or rub. With this I can protect, with this I definitely will be able to protect everyone!」

Although it’s a bit of a crude approach, but Shield Pres got an air cushion bra that allows for back and forth movements, the fake bottom makes it appear slightly larger, but it can’t be helped. This bra isn’t meant to deceive highschool boys, so surely highschool boys of the world will permit this one. I mean, it apparently hurt quite bad during the combat. But please, don’t use a bra to protect others? I mean, it sort of has an air cushion, so it might seem like it can protect, but it actually can’t. Don’t take it in your hands, and properly keep it on your chest. I worked really hard to make it?

「This is the best one, but this is not a bra anymore, or rather, it feels so familiar, and yet this feeling of comfort is novel? And it comes as a set piece with the bottom, actually, isn’t this totally a lewd leotard? This design would get one instantly disqualified from any competition, but it definitely has superior efficiency. Well, it’s underwear?」

Yeah, that’s a leotard, isn’t it? I mean, a normal tube top style couldn’t provide proper support or restrain the movements, so I tried adding straps in X-shape to the already existing side straps, and it immediately boosted holding power and diagonal supporting strength, but even so, it couldn’t keep up with the vertical strain, so I tried to increase the vertical lines, and oh my, what a surprise, a sexy strap-leotard is complete.

In short, it’s a leotard in the form of a combination of straps that provide support and pull from all angles, wrapping on all sides with tensile strength and elasticity, on one hand preventing them from breaking free, and at the same time supporting, preventing them from being drawn in any direction. It makes perfect sense, you know? Nonetheless, it’s a leotard made up entirely of straps, or rather tape, or rather, strings? In other words, it’s a bondage-style arrangement with tons of openings? Well, to put it into simple words, it’s lewd! I never even thought of such a design, let’s make one like this for Armored Pres-san too. Wrapped in those sexy straps, with this and that peeking through, it surely will become something marvelous.

But I will surely get scolded when this is discovered. Even though the design stems from purely functional considerations, no one would believe after seeing this, yeah, that’s just not possible?

Yeah, since the combat bras manufacture is completed, let’s wrap this up. I mean, they can’t do anything after working on shorts, so they are always left for the last? Yeah, I also can’t, in a highschool boy sort of way, like, really badly can’t! I mean, those sensations are definitely too much for any highschool boy of this world! Well, they seem to be too much for schoolgirls too?

Yup, it was too much.

Shield Pres held until the last moment, collapsing to the floor while still maintaining a triumphant pose with both hands. Her last words were 『Kyuuh~』.

Febreze-san… How did she even manage to faint while in a side split? It’s super inconvenient to carry? Seriously.

[TL Notes:
[1] I’m not even going to try to explain this.
[2] Originating from the manga Tiger Mask, published in 1968-1971. The main antagonist there was the Tiger’s Den, a mysterious organization that trained young people to be villainous wrestlers on the condition that they gave half of their earnings to the organization. But since then “Tiger’s den” came to be used as “a place of very harsh and rigorous training”.




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