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Chapter 284 part 2

Chapter 284: Great customers with self-delay strategic capability and information leak function attached Part 2

The Geeks are well, fine, I didn’t expect them to go on offensive, but that’s alright. They finally came to another world that they were dreaming so much about, but since they ended up here with classmates they ended up shutting their feelings away again… But looks like they finally became free, they finally got angry, they finally noticed, coming to this world, that they were angry. They finally were freed from everything. So it can’t be helped. Sending Slime-san with them in case they try to do something crazy was the correct decision. Yeah, the first group of other world’s heroes have finally awakened.

The idiots… Have not, they probably might spend the rest of eternity sleeping, so let’s not bother even thinking about it. Yeah, I mean, as long as they get to fight everything is fine to them? After all, they seek nothing but battle. They were living all that time, yearning for it, without the chance for their desire to come true, but that desire was finally granted after coming here. And they aren’t even thinking of anything anyway, so whatever?

And in the end, I once again failed. It was obvious that I can’t handle everything, so this is my payment for trying. Since it’s a payment, I have to make it, but even if I pay in full, it’s too late for this debt to be forgiven. While I’m not a certain headless Royal Prince, I also don’t have anything else to pay with? So I’m going to stop what I can, and protect as much as I can. There doesn’t seem to be anything else that I can do at this point.

In the end, it always comes to lacking the numbers. But I knew that. It’s 43 people. We came to this world with that number. But 13 are not here anymore. I allowed them to get killed, and then killed one of them myself. So no matter how conveniently I calculated, it was bound to be not enough.

So I’ll have to compensate for what is lacking with myself. Since I have nothing else to pay with. The foolish Royal Prince must’ve renounced his rule by now and returned to just being a foolish brother, badmouthed by everyone. The incompetent middle-aged man that ran around the entire Kingdom carrying his head, which ended up of no use to anyone. But that’s how that foolish Prince managed to save the Kingdom, so now it’s my turn. Even if I can’t save it like that middle-aged man, I can at least run around with my head.

「Hey, kid. Do you have shoes for sale? Go get some if you don’t. Move it!」

I made quite a lot of shoes, but since making shoes for middle-aged men I went with moccasin boots which I could make right away, but for some reason they became a great success and ended up having to mass produce a whole ton of them? Yeah, it’s profitable, but it’s not fun at all? And there will be no adjustments or fittings. I’m absolutely not touching any middle-aged men’s feet!

I’m so sick of middle-aged men by now that I might as well collapse the entire dungeon and just bury them here, the fastest and the most exhilarating option, but with the Church still working on preparations I have to continue drawing them in. The entire thing stinks of trouble and middle-aged men.

Having finally reached the swamp area, they seem to be planning to pass it by filling it up as well.

Even though a highschool boy put his heart into painstakingly making this deep swamp, putting a layer of dirt with 『Corrosion』 effect on top, in the hopes that dirt-covered ladies will be challenging stones golems in a very immodest state, naturally with expectation of wardrobe malfunction incidents too… Middle-aged men are going to fill it up. Well, it’s not like anyone wants to see half-naked dirt-covered middle-aged men, so it’s fine, but it gives me ennui with this incredibly dreary feeling? Crap, it’s probably a negative reaction caused by high concentration of middle-aged manium in the air.

The sun must be already setting outside. With this pace, the middle-aged men rip-off tour through the Fake Dungeon hosted by the Souvenir Store is going to continue until tomorrow morning. I can’t take this anymore, I don’t want to even see any middle-aged men! I really, really, really hate this, I want to go home, or rather I want to take Armored Pres-san home and enjoy a bubbly bath in a jacuzzi with her! At this rate I might reach enlightenment from too much abstinence and ascending into the god’s realm will go around plucking his beard! Although Armored Pres is a much more needed Goddess than that geezer. Like, even if a religious war were to break out, the Beautiful Goddess in Armored Pres-san is bound to win. I mean, with the divine grace, destructive power, and impact of her incredibly sexy appearance she’d have an overwhelming victory.

「ーAngelica-sama has arrived, she is currently hiding outside.」

While I was muttering to myself, the middle-aged man from the Stalker Girl’s clan came with a message. Looks like the goddess had descended. That’s one.

「I need to urgently restock, or rather check the inventory, or rather there are some dangerous highschool boy-like goods that have to be released before it’s too late, so I need to leave right away to make a great ejection? Can you look after the store for liiiiike an hour? There is a chance, or rather, a desire, that it will end up being two hours… I’m sure nothing is going to happen here until the night anyway, but can you give me a message if something important does happen?」

「Leave it to me.」

It goes without saying that I dashed all the way to the abandoned town, rushing out of the Fake Dungeon at the greatest speed, and the minute I discovered Armored Pres-san, dragged her into the remains of the nearest inn, and immediately removing her armor got to detoxing. No, I seriously was at the limit of my middle-aged men tolerance, I was on the verge of burning them right there? A few of the old men that stated their opinions about my eyes are already under disciplinary arrest for self-reflection at the depths of earth, but I was holding myself back from turning into ashes the rest of them, limiting myself to occasionally burying some of them? Yeah, I did my best, so it can’t be helped.

I mean, the highschool boy inside me has regained his original form, and casting away the restraints put upon him through sermon have transformed into something close to a highschool boy to surpass all boys, roaring in the more solid form than ever, endlessly resetting the energy, so it can’t be helped? In other words… Oops, I did it again. (Tehepero)? 

The problem is that when the real fight is about to begin, our greatest combat asset Armored Pres-san has been defeated? What do we do?

I’m definitely getting scolded for this, so let’s prepare and make that hemp hat that I promised her earlier. Well, I’m definitely not getting out of sermon, but if she is happy then it’s all fine. I don’t have much to give her anyway, so if she is happy with a hat, then that’s fine too.

After gently brushing her on the head, making sure not to wake her up, I start making the hat by hand. I did bring her out of the dark depths of that dungeon, of which I have no regrets whatsoever, but did Angelica-san become happy? Did I properly… Okay, that word aside, but did I do enough for her? There are the girls, with whom she seems to be getting along, the kids also seem to like her, Slime-san is about to come back too, then the Geeks and the Idiots… Well, who cares? But did she become happy? Can she find happiness? I wish she can be happy~.

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