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Chapter 296

Chapter 296: Not sure if it should be finally MaX or still MaX, the future is concerning.

Day 71 – Nighttime, New Murimuri Castle

I’m so tired, mainly emotionally! Yeah, it can be said that only a highschool boy being energetic could be a big problem. Armored Pres-san and company dressed up an unconscious naked girl and butt-naked tanuki and carried them away. When they come back we’ll have to discuss with Dancing Girl how things are going to be from now on.

Dancing Girl has been freed only recently so she might as well spend some time having fun while considering the future at ease, but considering that she possesses power on par with Dungeon Emperor Class, I have the responsibility to make sure if it’s really alright to set her free, but what’s even more important I have to burn the sight of her enthralling figure into my eyes.

At the moment, I might be able to force 『Taming』 on her, but that’s something that shouldn’t be done. After all, she just got her freedom. She can now live as she pleases without taking unpleasant orders from anyone. That’s why she should be given true freedom without being bound by anyone.

Now, I avoided looking at it all this time, I mean, looking at it pisses me off? Not wanting to see it is actually a big part of it? Or rather, since seeing it still won’t explain anything I seriously don’t want to see it. And what’s more important, getting used to seeing it will lead to getting deceived. If one gets used to it, they will stop sensing how out of place it is.

In fact, the classmates are checking their Status daily, seeing it as something completely ordinary. Coming from a world that had no such thing, they now lost any feeling of discomfort towards such an unnatural thing. And that’s why the people of this world, who were born with Status, don’t doubt it, they trust it fully and unconditionally.


NAME: Haruka
Race: Human
AGE 16
Lv 23 (2Up)
Job —

 HP      415   (37Up)     
 MP      488   (59Up)    
 ViT     358   (22Up)      
 PoW     365   (26Up)   
 SpE     490   (59Up)   
 DeX     476   (58Up)     
 MiN     480   (52Up)     
 InT     520   (61Up)      
 Luk     Max (Limit Break)

SP      1,528

Martial Arts:「Path of the Staff Lv 9」(Up) 「Uncanny Dodge Lv 7」(Up) 「Magic Wrapping Lv 7」(Up) 「Kyojitsu LvMaX」(Up) 「Instantaneous Movement Lv 9」 「Fluidity Lv 6」 「Dōjutsu Lv 1」 「Adamantine Fists Lv 3」 「Random Attack Lv 3」(New 2Up)

Magic:「Atomic Manipulation Lv 2」 「Teleportation Lv 7」 「Gravity Lv 7」(Up) 「Holding Lv 7」(Up) 「Elemental Sorcery Lv 7」(Up) 「Wood Magic Lv 8」 「Lightning Magic Lv 9」 「Ice Magic Lv 9」 「Alchemy Lv 6」(2Up) 「Spatial Magic Lv 4」(2Up)

Skills:「Health Lv MaX」(Up) 「Sensitive Lv 9」 「Body Control Lv 9」(Up) 「Swift Foot Lv 8」(Up) 「Taming Lv 9」 「Improved Detect Presence Lv 6」(Up) 「Mana Mastery Lv 9」(Up) 「Erase Presence Lv 9」(Up) 「Stealth Lv 9」 「Concealment Lv MaX」 「Empty Mind Lv 8」(Up) 「Physical Damage Negation Lv 4」(2Up) 「MP Absorption Lv 6」(Up) 「Regeneration Lv 6」(Up) 「Apex Thinking Lv 7」(Up) 「Rush Lv 8」 「Air Walk Lv 7」 「Extreme Velocity Lv 9」 「Rajingan Lv 5」(Up) 「High Sexual Vigor Lv MaX」(2 Up) 「Insatiable Libido Lv MaX」(2 Up)

Titles:「Hikikomori Lv 8」 「NEET Lv 8」 「Loner Lv 8」 「Grand Mage Lv 5」(Up) 「Swordmaster Lv 4」(Up) 「Alchemist Lv 6」(2 Up)

Unknown:「Report・Inform・Consult Lv 9」(Up) 「Jack of All Trades Lv 9」 「Muppet Lv 9」

Items:「Staff of the World Tree」 「Plain Clothes?」 「Leather Gloves?」 「Leather Boots?」 「Cloak?」 「Rajingan」 「Soul Ring」 「Item Bag」 「Bracelet PoW+53% SpE +45% ViT +31%」 「Black Hat」

I went up two levels after all. Despite the slow speed at which I gain levels, I went up two at once. Well, even if they are just low-level middle-aged men, 40,000 of them could’ve given a considerable amount of EXP, but even the Great Dungeon only gave me six levels? And the last time I checked my status was before I started digging the mine. We have beaten quite a few dungeons since then, but it didn’t give me even one level.

This time I got two levels at once despite not gaining any levels for so long. Of course there is a chance that I had exp points accumulated from earlier. Even so, the way in which levels rise feels strange. Earlier I was ignoring it, reasoning that 10th or 5th levels take a while, but this time I went from 21 to 23 so it should have nothing to do with that. Is there an issue with Status itself, or is something up with only my Status? There are so many suspicious points that I’m not even sure. But now I managed to narrow it down. There is only one thing that can be causing this.

I didn’t check it for a long time, so it must’ve failed to process everything. The precision of 『Evil Hands』 right now was noticeably too high.

As I thought… From everyone’s point of view my Status was Lv 21, even Reroreroing old man said so. I always felt that my level had risen, but I never checked it. Which led to everyone saying that my level is 21, regardless if they used 『Appraisal』 or 『Insight』, in other words, my status alone doesn’t update until I check it.

Siiigh, until now my Status was acting pretty weird, with my skills, magic, and equipment lying to me, so I got a bit suspicious and it turned out exactly as I thought. My Status is being overwritten. It gets rewritten at the moment I check it myself, so it ends up getting out of sync. That’s why I was waiting for it to go off-sync. And double up is the most likely timing for that. And it’s just as I thought.

Then, the only one capable of such a thing has to be 『Apex Thinking』-san. It’s probably hiding my skills by disguising them in order to restrain my strength. In fact, when I noticed 『Atomic Manipulation』 I lost consciousness and had a nosebleed which refused to stop, so it was really dangerous.

My body is already being destroyed, unable to keep up with the power of the skills far surpassing my limits. And it’s going to get even worse. That’s why it was hiding them from me. But the fight today was way too crazy, so it unleashed hidden abilities. That’s why I was able to jump precisely in front of the enemies that were 50 meters away with 『Teleportation』 and mow them down with 『Kyojitsu』. And since I also tore muscles in my whole body, broke numerous bones, and began bleeding all over, barely not losing consciousness, the output clearly exceeded my capacity. That’s why those abilities were hidden and restrained.

But by what means 『Apex Thinking』-san is able to do such a thing?

In the first place, the 『Thinking』-type skills like 『Quick Thinking Lv 1』 or 『Parallel Thinking』 that became the foundation for 『Apex Thinking』-san don’t exist?

If I were to process the enormous, far surpassing my limit, volume of information associated with my skills, my brain (InT) would be destroyed. And 『Apex Thinking』-san must be the skill created for the sake of providing calculation and operational capacity required to isolate and process that excessive information. Then who was it who created it, and who is feeding, receiving, and operating information to and from Apex Thinking-san?

Hey, 『Report・Inform・Consult』-san, who haven’t Reported, Informed, or Consulted me even once, and instead moving behind my back, processing massive amounts of information, don’t you have something to tell me~?

『Report・Inform・Consult Lv 9』 『Apex Thinking Lv 7』→『Wisdom Lv 1』 (New?)

Here it is. As expected, it’s going to hide until I expose it, huh?

But Wisdom, huh. Intelligence and knowledge have a complex relationship. Knowledge (Data) and intelligence (Process). Knowledge alone is just like having a giant encyclopedia with no means to use or apply information within, and having Intelligence but without any information also bears no meaning. It’s like having a super fast calculator but with only the zero button. Only coupled together knowledge and Intelligence gain meaning, and that’s Wisdom-san. AI-equipped supercomputer-like deluxe skill-san was hiding and helping me out. It kept itself concealed because it must be too dangerous for me to use it. But if I don’t use it, this is the limit of what I can do with my Abilities (skills). It’s much more dangerous to have my skills continue to grow stronger in this uncontrollable state. While Wisdom might fry my brain or lead to some sort of self-destruction, the damage will be limited to myself, but if active skills were to go out of control it could endanger everyone around me. Although I’m not sure how I’d feel if I regenerated even after getting my brain fried? But it has to be done.

Or rather, for goodness sake, stop hiding! Well, I’m getting helped with you hiding, so I can’t really complain. I mean, it’s bizarre that I’m still alive with my Status, so I’m sure there is something else hiding beside 『Wisdom』, but I can’t spot it yet. And the foundation of everything must be… Siiiiigh.

The only new skill is 『Random Attack Lv 3』 (New 2Up) which should be that mysterious attack. It finally turned into a skill in that inexplicable and uncontrollable state. And since it became a skill, it is going to get even stronger and harder to use as its level rises. And even though I was unable to control it because of 『Magic Wrapping』 leading to it becoming a skill in the form of 『Random Attack』, that 『Random Attack』 itself is now also can be wrapped with 『Magic Wrapping』 leading to even more chaos. Well, since 『Wisdom』-san finally revealed itself, so I might as well push the entire problem onto it.

In fact, drawn-out combat turned out to be way more dangerous than I expected. At the moment, there seems to be no other choice but to dive into dungeons, after I get back to the Frontier, and gather up ViT equipment? My body is getting destroyed because my ViT can’t keep up with the power of the skills. Well, usually, 『Physical Enhancement』 would be used for that, but in my case the advanced version of 『Physical Enhancement』-『Magic Wrapping』 is the very thing that it’s causing the damage, so it won’t work. Or rather, what kind of destructive power it has if even with my stats buffed by 『Magic Wrapping』 and even wrapped in 『Regeneration』 I’m still crumbling!? You are my skill, so destroy enemies instead of me!

「Well, this is it for now, so I can think about the rest later, or rather, even if I think about it now I won’t understand it anyway, and I’m pretty tired, but I still have to deal with a mountain of issues piled up on top of each other like some sort of a jenga, which is locked in a miraculous balance, but keeps getting more and more tiles thrown on top? Isn’t this just a punishment game? But the Church is crazy. Since they released that Dancing Girl, despite not having full control over her, does that mean that even if they ended up attacked by her they could somehow handle it? Does it mean that they still have something else? Moreover, the danger will remain if we don’t destroy all of the dungeons in the Frontier, but since they keep popping up like mushrooms in the Frontier, that artificial overflow technique is a real pain.」

But when the Geeks and Idiots come back they might be able to take care of two dungeons even at the Frontier. Even the Frontier Army, if the dungeon is only of medium depth, they should be able to handle one. And then there are Armored Pres-san and Slime-san, plus if I can do something about one too, we might be able to suppress six dungeons. Aah, but the Frontier’s dungeons are on another level. This time we somehow managed because it were the outside dungeons. And even so, the closest 5th one survived Fake Dungeon’s explosion, collapse, and Master Golem’s crushing attack, and reached all the way to Murimuri Castle. In merely one battle the Fake Dungeon and Murimuri Castle, that I thought to be perfect, had fallen.

「It can’t be helped since I was drawing them in, but exploding middle-aged men and 『Rise from the Dead』 and the Dancing Girl were too dangerous. Well, since I was drawing them in I also got to rip them off and rake huge profits. Were I to melt down the gold coins I got from the Confederation and the Theocracy I’d be able to build a modest golden palace, I also got tons of goods and equipment, although the latter is kind of shabby, so I’ll probably have to pawn it off? But even if I build a golden house, gold is soft, so the Bitches might cause a collapse by biting at it. It’s not like there is anything better to do in this world? I mean, even the Capital had no book stores…」

The Capital even had eels and I also was able to buy up a large quantity of red sake, volatile oil was useful, but I can’t use it in cooking? And in terms of development the Frontier was ahead. Clothes, furniture, weapons, all were shabby, so there aren’t many results. Rather, it’s puzzling why they had so many morning stars, and sickle and chains, but since they have none left it doesn’t really matter. I mean, the girls bought all of them? All of them have My Morning Star in the equipment now, but just what are they trying to do?

Skill 『Wisdom』 must be automatically working while I’m thinking all of this, but unless I test it, I won’t know the limit, that’s why let’s manually activate 『Wisdom』 and seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………



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  1. Colin Cornett

    Thank you. Berserk skills shouldn’t be use so light heart.

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