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Chapter 297

Chapter 297: From two mountains to the Eden in a devil’s triangle that seems to have volcanic activity.

Day 71 – Late at Night, New Murimuri Castle

When I woke up, there was a beautiful face to my right and a beautiful face to my left?

My head feels hazy… But what is going on? Or rather… This is bad! My highschool boy is going crazy!

There is a face of artistic beauty resting a chin at each of my shoulders, beautiful snow white and amber arms resting on my chest, entwined with each other, an enchanting soft amber-colored thigh is lying on my stomach, meanwhile Glorious Foot-sama is located at the most risky spot for a waking up highschool boy, while her leg is entangled with a smooth pure white Foot-sama, I’m being sandwiched between the two amber and pure white stark naked goddesses. A shocking and extreme stimulation so exciting I can come three times over, or rather, a dream?

Aah, so I’m still sleeping? I mean, this dreamy feeling with a superb view is completely out of this world, so I have to be still sleeping. Like, my right arm is being held in between two soft mountains, while the hand is caught in between the thighs, ending up in a very heavenly place. The left arm is also held in between two bouncy mountains, and is being caught in a marvelous and risky devil’s triangle.

Yeah, I have no recollection? How did this happen? Kind of?

A naked beauty to the right, a naked beauty to the right, a naked highschool in the middle? If this were othello I’d have been flipped! [1]

Well, there is a danger that asking to which color an Asian is supposed to be flipping when flanked by white and amber might develop into a complicated ethnic argument, but at the moment I must worry about highschool boy issues instead of racial ones! That’s because all of the highschool boys are just highschool boys, so this situation has a highschool boy, that lost his sense of reason, at risk of going out of control, and that dangerous thigh riding on my lower body creates a risky danger of touch, pressing closely and rubbing, having active highschool boy volcano on the verge of overflowing with magma, or rather it’s already building up to that so this is really bad!

Whoooa, wait, wait, wait, this is really bad.  

But with both of my arms held tightly, I can feel 4 soft objects going jiggle jiggle and squish squish against them. There is also a head resting on each of my shoulders, so I can’t get up or move, the upper half of my body is fully restrained, while there are also four long legs intertwined on the lower half, pinning me down. And as the sensation of bare skin rubbing and pressing against me on the right and left continues, as they keep stimulating me, my entire body is engulfed in heavenly paradise, but this is hell! Crap, highschool boy urges that went over permissive limit is on the brink of uprising and charging into the era of upheaval. Or rather, Dancing Girl is even doing in my bed naked, clinging, hugging, and stimulating a highschool boy so passionately?

Pleasant sensations are transmitted from the left and right, with pleasant touches being felt here and there. This is Koumei’s trap! I mean, this is so much of a trap that even Koumei-san would shudder, with trap card continuously activated it’s always LEWD’s Turn? Noc’s turne? This is really bad!

「Or rather, since a while ago your touching and rubbing is getting so exquisite and high technique that there is no way you are not doing this on purpose. You shouldn’t pretend to be asleep to sexually harass a highschool boy making his good morning into GOD morning, because something beside that highschool boy is going to rise too?」

No, these movements can’t be accidental! Cooperation and calculation can be felt from the movements of their combination attack! Moreover, having me already restrained they are continuously assaulting my sense of reason in a pincer attack… Am, am I about to be overwhelmed?!

「Definitely, seduce, get tamed.」(Aamh)

(Locked in a fierce battle)

There was a fight that as a highschool boy I couldn’t or could afford to lose, but it was very pleasant?

「……I won’t be able to marry anymore? Your mounted rodeo girl twin tandem wave assault from flanking and overwhelming was magnificent, but… 『High Sexual Vigor』 and 『Insatiable Libido』-san just became MaX level, reaching peak limit and the climax of their attack power and 『Regeneration』 also became Lv 6, so I can survive drawn-out battles too? Kind of?」

But if 『High Sexual Vigor』 and 『Insatiable Libido』 didn’t reach max level I would’ve been overwhelmed. I mean even Lv 6 of 『Regeneration』 was barely enough!

But the cause of their defeat lies in the fact that my black mantle was left within my reach. Managing to repel the restraint of the four hands and legs entangling me and getting mounted I was able to attack from below with perpendicular martial techniques and once my hands were able to reach the black mantle from the reverse mounted position there was no possibility of defeat. If there are two opponents then I have infinite hands of 『Evil Hands』-san on my side, countering their assault I subdue them in return, even throwing Vibration Magic into the mix, but with the new 『Wisdom』 Skill my control over them reached a terrific level, the sensation felt if I suddenly got one million fingers or hands and was able to freely control every single one of them, and while it was tough to handle a million hands at once, what a lovely sensation it was, but perhaps it was an overkill since both of them have fainted with very immodest expressions?

Well, they should be alright even if I don’t stuff mushrooms into their mouths? But it seems like it was a bit painful for Dancing Girl , so let’s give her one, just in case. Her mouth is conveniently open as well?

And now, it’s time for a sermon. Having being assaulted by the two with such beautiful and bewitching bodies, there going bounce-bounce, squish-squish there, lick-licky here, it was a really tough, hard, an unwinnable battle for a highschool boy, although I managed to prevail, I had to do my best on the counteroffensive as a rebellious highschool boy? Thank you very much?

Nonono, it’s a sermon, there is an order and proper sequence to all things, so they should refrain from pulling such highschool boy-like moves like making a sudden assault. Highschool boys are highschool boys so in a highschool boy-like way it can’t be helped, but assaulting a highschool boy is an issue! Thank you for the treat?

No, I must sternly tell them off here, I feel plenty that it’s very much too late for this, but despite all of the wonderful and pleasant things that I felt, I have to scold them.

「Why would you do such a thing? And even you, Armored Pres-san, joining in on this? I’m very happy… No, I wouldn’t say that I’m against it, and while on one hand I also can’t necessarily deny that I enjoyed it, I also can’t deny it on the other hand, but putting that marvelous thing very aside. I’m angry? I mean, Dancing Girl just obtained her freedom, and it was the moment when she should’ve used to deliberate on what to do in the future, why suddenly assault me? This is not a thing you should be doing out of gratitude or anything of that sort, and even if you wanted to stay together, that’s a completely unrelated issue, which should be properly talked out, or rather, I’m actually talking here, so could you stop nibbling on my ears? And Dancing Girl, what are you doing between my legs? No, you are currently being given a scolding called a sermon, so you should be more earnest in listening to my earnest gentlemanly words…No, I didn’t mean sucking more earnestly? Also, I’m sternly pointing out the issues, so why are you immediately suchking them with no hesitation~? No, I didn’t mean that you should lick them either? And what are you so casually locking your legs around me for, wai… WhOOOA!」

(Return match)

I guess it should be said as expected, physical ability of the two in Dungeon Emperor class seem to be in a different dimension. I mean, they are recovering no matter how many times I make them go unconscious? They too have 『Regeneration』!

Oh no, if the sides are evenly matched, then the one with greater numbers holds the advantage in prolonged battle. A direct attack has lovely legs wrapping around my neck, aah, those voluptuous thighs, smooth skin, squeezing, HUH, a triangle choke?!

「Deed done, delicious food, contract established…… Being alone. Hate.」

Guha, while the lovely amber legs had me downed, holding in a triangle choke, the tender snow white got me in a tight north–south position! [2]

Ah, this position is dangerous. And to be more accurate, it’s dangerous in a highschool boy sort of way, a dangerous softness is attacking my highschool boy in what should be designated a forbidden technique… Wait, gulp? Guuuaaah!

(Revenge match?)

Phew, not even a challenge. If I’m locked in a north–south position then I have an ideal special superb tongue technique, enhanced with Vibration Magic! North–south position – defeated.

And there are no opponents who can withstand a clutch dream-like collaboration of my Texas cloverleaf hold [3], tentacles, and vibration magic, and then comes an unexpected reverse figure-four lock on my neck?! [4]

Getting both my upper and lower body restricted is dangerous, especially the lower half, in a highschool boy’s sort of way!

Kuh! With Dancing Girl’s super flexible body her movements are impossible to predict, but I’m sure 『Wisdom』-san awakened precisely for the sake of this! Double the number of Evil Hands, here goes a special offer of two million~!

Guh, as expected, those two marvelous legs are tough to overcome, in that case, precise concentrated attack with Evil Hands from Double half Boston Crab. [5] Ah, this time from behind, now that I think of it, using grappling moves in 1 vs 2 situations might be a bad idea? Even though I was vigilant of their legs while suppressing hands! And here comes a mouth! Guwaaaaaah!

(Chain of revenge?)

The Sun has begun to rise outside, but it has to be something different from 『Morning after』. I mean, it was a carnal feast with so much talking done directly with our bodies through martial techniques that I might get 『Grappling』 skill soon, which exhausted myself and my flesh? By now exhaustion is so great that it surpassed 『Regeneration』 ability. Even the limits of my highschool boy like urges are being put to a test.

But persistent legs that refuse to give up are still reaching for me. I thought that she is merely a superb technician, who is freely using the flexibility of her body to perform attacks from irregular positions, but her vigor is something else! A chilling gaze, she is serious! Wait, oh no! This position is not good..

「…Together, tame, promise」

「Kuh… I got it… I got it… I’ll Tame you, I give up… Or rather, on this highschool boy, I have no regret? [6] Or rather, I feel like I’ve used all of my highschool boy soul to the last drop. So I give up! I got it, really. Siigh, 『Taming』. …I told you I give up, I already put you under Taming!」

No, I mean, I have nothing against being locked in a grapple in a highschool boy-like sort of way, but I don’t like embarrassing holds? I think all highschool boys like seeing, but not getting subjected to them? There is no demand for that either? Give up?


[TL Notes:
[1] According to the rules of the game, A move consists of “outflanking” your opponent’s disc(s), then flipping the outflanked disc(s)to your colour.
To outflank means to place a disc on the board so that your opponent’s row (or rows) of disc(s) is bordered at each end by a disc of your colour.
[2] In combat sports, the north–south position is a ground grappling position where one combatant is supine, with the other combatant invertedly lying prone on top, normally with their head over the bottom combatant’s chest.
It’s 69. She went 69 on him.
[3] Also popularly known as a “Texas Cloverleaf”, the wrestler stands at the feet of the supine opponent, grabs the opponent’s legs, and lifts them up. The wrestler then bends one leg so that the shin is behind the knee of the straight leg and places the ankle of the straight leg in their armpit. With the same arm, they reach around the ankle and through the opening formed by the legs and lock their hands together. The wrestler then steps over his opponent, turning the opponent over as in a sharpshooter and Boston crab and proceeds to squat and lean back. The hold compresses the legs, flexes the spine, and stretches the abdomen.
Safe to assume this is not exactly what is actually happening.
[4] A figure-four is a catch wrestling term for a joint-lock that resembles the number “4”. A keylock or toe hold can be referred to as a figure-four hold, when it involves a figure-four formation with the legs or arms.
[5] Also known as a Single leg Boston crab or a half crab, a move that typically starts with the opponent on their back, and the attacking wrestler standing and facing them. The attacking wrestler hooks one of the opponent’s legs under one of their arms, and then turns the opponent face-down, stepping over them in the process. The final position has the dominant wrestler in a semi-sitting position and facing away from the opponent who is lying face-down and their own leg bent backwards toward their head.
[6] Reference to Fist of the North Star. Raoh’s final words “On this life I have no regrets!”

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