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Chapter 298

Chapter 298: While I like ripping off and hate getting ripped off I have nothing against suspicious stores, but getting highschool girls enrolled is a crime.

Day 72 – Morning, New Murimuri Castle.

Nefertiri-san, who ended up getting Tamed after all, is smiling triumphantly. Haruka-kun looks exhausted, and worn out, but has the expression of satisfied resignation.

Well, putting satisfaction aside, it looks like he had finally given in. After all, there is no way one could refuse if being asked with so much desperation and determination while being embraced with that alluring seductive body. Much less with super sexy-san also joining in on the action, there was no way he could withstand Beauty Pair’s assault. Even so, he kept going until the morning. Well, he must’ve tried way too hard and is now completely drained and exhausted.

Aside from that, it’s a peaceful morning.

「It’s finally peace, right~?」

「It might not be, but all of the enemies were defeated. They can’t fight after getting annihilated~. Although it doesn’t sound peaceful.」

No conclusion was reached with the Theocracy or the Merchant Confederation, neither in military, nor in political terms. It seems they haven’t even entered proper negotiations yet, let alone establish a ceasefire. But for now it’s safe.

「Well, the Confederation is in the middle of a huge discord and internal conflict, so they seem not to be a country anymore?」

Even if they pose as a state, they are still a union of merchants. With those merchants having a large portion of their assets ripped off by someone and entering internal dispute, preventing them from functioning as a country, their elite troops and mercenaries gone missing on beastmen hunting expedition, and some weird pirates sinking their ships one after another, they are crumbling and not in a condition to attempt anything.

「The Theocracy too, pouring such a fortune only to have all of it stolen~.」

The Theocracy also poured a colossal sum of money, all of which ended up being plundered, on top of losing an elite force, having archpriest captured, and unique equipment stolen. Even though they even used their precious magic stones for this, they got nothing to show for it, causing a complete loss of face, which sparked a power struggle, so they are also in a middle of discord. And losing the ability to produce magic tools the Theocracy should immediately lose a lot of their influence.

「And Nefertiri-san is now here on top of that, so they probably can’t make a move?」

Most importantly, the Theocracy lost one of its greatest weapons, Nefertiri-san. Moreover, she was stolen from them, which must’ve hurt them much worse both strategically and politically than losing money.

「They probably have a lot more tricks left, but this should’ve rendered them powerless for now~.」

That’s why even though peace didn’t come, no one can fight a war. Peace negotiations haven’t started, but since the military and economy were thoroughly destroyed, it’s peaceful. That’s why peace didn’t come, but instead it was forcibly made peaceful. They simply can’t wage war.

「「「「「Then let’s go and pick up the kids!」」」」」

They must be waiting for us.

Although we made a promise, they still must be anxious. Older kids understood that we are going into battle. And this must be something especially worrisome for orphans who lost their parents. That’s why we are going to pick them up.

Haruka-kun is coming with an ultra-extravagant security detail. Angelica-san on his right, Nefertiri-san on his left, and Slime-san riding on top of his head. Beauty SP bodyguards and escorts?

It’s not new for Angelica-san to be weirdly overprotective at times, but it must mean that he hasn’t fully recovered yet. He is still all worn out. And he spent all night in a carnal pro wrestling tournament with that tattered body, continuing fighting until the morning which concluded with Taming. I suspect that this might be the reason why he hasn’t recovered, but Nefertiri-san was desperate. Her resolve was something else. A pure desire to stay together even if it kills her. And she made him surrender with pinning techniques. She kept fighting even after being taken down with that taboo for maidens Texas cloverleaf hold! That was amazing!

Nefertiri-san looks delighted. Although she remains expressionless, the warmth of a smile still could be felt, telling how much she is enjoying being with everyone. She is finally not alone, she is finally surrounded by the smiles of others. That’s why she looks so glad.

This must be what Angelica-san meant when she spoke about the sadness and loneliness of no longer being human and becoming a monster. An eternal solitude of losing all connection to others. The sorrow and terror of understanding that you are something different from humans now, and also, despair. It’s an unending loneliness from which no one can save them. But it was useless. After all, he can’t even tell the difference between humans and monsters. Earlier Stalker Girl-chan mentioned 『He couldn’t tell if the mayor looked like an orc or an orc was the mayor』, but for him it doesn’t matter either way. He only differentiates on the basis of whether he likes them or not, so he has no interest in such a thing, and it’s also questionable if he himself is a human. That’s why Angelica-san is not alone anymore. She is no longer sad or terrified, she is just our comrade and another Girls-Only gathering member, like everyone else.

Nefertiri-san must’ve been scared too. Since she is a monster, not a human, she had no place where she belonged, and nowhere to go, which must’ve made her uneasy and frightened. Even if she was told that it doesn’t matter, she still would feel lonely. But she wasn’t told anything? At all? After all he doesn’t care, he doesn’t think of it, and it’s dubious if he even understands it, since he has no interest in it. Because to Haruka-kun it is something utterly trivial. That’s why she felt safe with him, and that’s why she was desperate. She stumbled upon a place where she could belong. A place where everyone was smiling. That’s why she looks so happy at Haruka-kun’s side.

She became a comrade, because this is that sort of a place.

So, why do arrangements, or rather, preparation to welcome the children include bringing out such fiendish post-apocalyptic-looking object? Aunties (overlords) have already gone home?

「I remodeled a carriage that I requisitioned from the Church, tuning it for the orphans running wild, so we can have an explosive welcome for Highway Stars (high speed orphans), you can see past the sound barrier with it, but since the scenery kind of disappears I don’t recommend trying? Well, it also can’t turn so it’s a bit dangerous, but it’s collision safety is proportionate to its destructive power and breakthrough ability, a special grade, totally safe, so it’s an assault vehicle, in which one can safely perform hit-and-run, to totally dominate the Kingdom’s roads, bringing much joy to the orphans? It also comes with Power Leveling functional, just riding in it gives you EXP? Kind of?」

 「「「「Just make it into an ordinary safe carriage! You don’t have to teach the children about running wild!」」」」

A sharp and angular brutal-looking carriage with shocking avant-garde design which by itself seems capable of destroying and transforming children’s aesthetic sensibilities into post-apocalyptic tastes which could get them heading to become the next supreme ruler of the nuclear desert. It’s all covered in spikes and even has weapons installed. No one in their right mind would want to attack such a carriage, and rather would run in panic upon laying their eyes on it, even so, it’s a very Haruka-kun-like design. The Capital had just been liberated, but if this carriage showed up the poor Second Division would end up shutting the gates and preparing for siege while crying.

「No, it’s fast, you know? You keep saying that we should pick them up ASAP, so I tuned it aiming to reach the limits of highest speed, ending up with this juvenile delinquents’ leader’s heavy-armored dragster car-type carriage, was it no good? Is it because of the drill? Or did this aeroral wing that downforced the impression? Spikes also can be cute though? 」

「First of all, a carriage that needs an aero wing producing constant downforce to prevent it from rising in the air is not a carriage anymore, make it properly run on the ground? Like fluid mechanics and air resistance are all important, but let’s take better care of common sense too? You really should? It’s in such a precarious condition at the very limit of fluid mechanics that a single gust of a wind can blow it away. Poor Common Sense-san has no air resistance at all, but please give it a chance to shine from time to time too? Poor thing was probably neglected ever since we came to this world, without getting a single chance to get into the spotlight.」

In the first place, this 『Shin Guards of Acceleration』 『Horse Armor of Acceleration』 『Reins of Acceleration』 『Saddle of Acceleration』 『Headpiece of Acceleration』 『Horseshoe of Acceleration』 『Ribbon of Acceleration』 horse gear stacked with tons of speed buffs for super acceleration. Ribbon of Acceleration is tied to the tail poking from under the heavy horse armor as it’s waving it around. Wait, ribbons are a new product, I have to place an order!

However, the interior was neat and spacious. Although the exterior looks savage and deformed.

「If only we had this we could’ve eaten beef bowls while riding a carriage~.」

It’s not like you have to eat a beef bowl every time we travel somewhere? And once we departed, it turned out to be really fast, too fast even, even faster than our travel speed? What the hell?! Did he teach Shukuchi to the horse or something? This is the effect of stacking Acceleration Equipment, which seems to be the reason why it’s impossible to turn this carriage?

Haruka-kun’s 『Luxurious and Gorgeous Carriage for Passionately Welcoming and Entertaining Lovely-type Sexy Female Knights DELUXE』 is leading the way, scanning the surroundings far ahead, so there shouldn’t be an issue with traveling at ultra high-speed in a straight line, but why every time I hear the name of that carriage it changes and gets even longer? Its equipment and interior also became even more extravagant, he is brimming with intentions of welcoming them, but I don’t think a woman knight capable of jumping over to a carriage traveling at such a high speed exists?

But now he can finally rest.

The plunderer-san who continued fighting non-stop and put an end to everything, not allowing a shred of happiness to be stolen, while robbing the enemies of everything can finally rest at ease. Even though we don’t have to rush so much, he must be worried about the children. He must be worried that the children are lonely and crying, that’s why he went as far as making such a carriage. And now we have to go to the Capital while riding such a villainous-looking carriage.

He made things peaceful so we can go back for the children, and made sure to protect happiness so they can keep smiling. He must be sleeping, completely exhausted by now.

As expected, after exchanging grappling techniques all night long in bed, he will fall asleep, given the chance.

「But we aren’t going back to the Frontier right away, right?」

「Yeah, I heard Omui-sama, the Princess, and others are coming to the Capital too.」

「Which reminds me~, they asked me if we had dresses~? I replied that everyone has one~.」

「「「Dresses? Don’t tell me they are going to call us to some sort of official ceremony? Will there be a ball too?」」」

Well, if asked if we have dresses, everyone certainly has one, but… We forget an official ceremony, we can’t even show in public wearing those! I mean, all of the dresses are extremely lewd!

If this is not a formal ceremony, then I think it’s fine to go in our casual clothes. The clothes that Haruka-kun made for us have both high defense and resistances, 『Storage』 so we can carry our weapons around, and even have the ability to change colors at will.

But dresses are a problem. First of all, we have no idea what sort of dresses are considered normal here, moreover, there is no telling what will come out if we asked Haruka-kun to take care of this! I mean, even the Princess’ dress was lewd! Or rather, her dress was the lewdest one? I think instead of a ball party he might need a steel ball party.

「My dress is super short, like a micro-mini!」

「Aah, and mine has that long slit… All the way to the hipbone.」

「And my has the back open all the way to the butt!」

Everyone, what were you thinking ordering such things? But mine is also no good, coming with a deep slit and exposed shoulders and back!

I mean, in our daily lives here, our Girl Power was directly linked to the level of protection provided by our armor, as the recoil from that, the desired degree of exposure has increased? That must be the reason why all of the heavy armored girls were especially inclined to such risque clothes! The entire vanguard is in danger!

I mean, I’m sure those dresses must be too avant-garde for this world. Like, many things can almost be seen? Yeah, as the results of pushing the limits, the dresses ended up with no chance to be worn.

Those dresses are not for attending parties. If everyone put on those dresses it would end up looking like some sort of a suspicious establishment. We might be able to rip-off Haruka-kun with that!

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