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Chapter 313

Chapter 313: It seems like it would be dangerous if the over-nutritioned gluttons, whose growth period is ending, grow up quickly.

Day 75 – Nighttime, The Capital, Souvenir Store Orphanage Branch

Aah, what a bother, what a drag, I can already feel the time stretching like a cheese, speaking of which, how about some noodles with it? No, even if I ask how about, I still haven’t gotten to proper ramen, and thinking of curry is even more absurd, even so, it’s such a drag.

The ball is exactly the place for the person known under the pen name of M-san to make an appearance and go on guillotine-swinging rampage, which actually sounds a lot more fun! I mean, it’s such a pain, but Royal Girl and Merimeri-san said they are going to stay here for tonight, so I won’t be able to make an escape. Or rather, the girls seem to be looking forward to it a lot, practicing dance even now with zealous enthusiasm.

Getting it canceled would be too much of a pity, so I have no choice but to go.

Ending up in such a world they kept going from one battle with monsters to another, and this time even got involved in a war, going through lots of hardship, so it should be fine to have a bit of fun. They are that overjoyed about this, so let’s put up with a bit of trouble. Holding hands with a girl is embarrassing for a highschool boy, you know? But tentacles seem not allowed.

I’m also not letting the Geeks and Idiots get away tomorrow. I’ve just tied them up and threw them into the underground jail to prevent them from escaping, so it should be fine. Yeah, they were trying to run away on their own, can you imagine? I knew they’d try something like that, so I had Demon Scythes monitoring them, and turns out I was right. They aren’t going anywhere.

Well, I have no intentions or desire to dance, but since I might get scolded I learned the dance anyway. Yeah, all I had to do is observe it with 『Rajingan』, record it with『Wisdom』and then move my body with 『Muppet』and『Body Control』, so it was easy. After all, it’s simple motions (dance) that don’t involve any magic power, skills, or unique body manipulation.

「Well, a necktie, or rather ribbon tie, or rather, I’d like to fly away, or rather, I wish I was a butterfly? Not really, but my white ribbon tie is being a butterfly, flapping around due to the butterfly effect? So it’s annoying? Just who came up with this? What exactly is the fun part? I struggle to comprehend. Well, getting close and personal with the girls might be fun, but if that was the point then I would’ve been better off in highschool girl body pile, with a closer than close contact with added bonus of disheveled clothes, threatening to send me on one-way trip to paradise with densely squished bodies, which is a bit of an open secret of sorts, not like I’m trying to hide it though?」


Since it’s a social dance, it must involve socializing, but I have no business getting chummy with the Kingdom’s nobles. It also serves as a place for young nobles to make acquaintances, and meet potential partners, but it has nothing to do with us since we are not nobles. What did Playking call us for? What if he only wanted to say LET’S PARTY?! Damn that Playking, unforgivable.

However, while Dancing Girl’s dance surpassed all imagination, Armored Pres-san was also amazing. The Dance Goddess’ dance combined the incredibly blazingly hot dynamic feeling like that of a high pressure boost of twin-turbo and peaceful tranquility as if the time itself has stopped. A pure and passionate dance, so captivating that it seemed capable of taking the very souls of the viewers. Naturally, she is good at the other types of dance too. An intense struggle for the place of the champion is taking place every night. Yesterday she surprised me with a powerbomb, with 『Nom』as a finisher while maintaining the hold!

(Bounce Bounce)

Slime-san memorized all the dances in one try. But while I can understand a waltz, was there a need to learn tango too? I think the break dance at the end was unnecessary too. I mean, the only person who did break dance in this world was Poster Girl? But while Poster Girl’s windmill was amazing, Slime-san’s reply with flare into swipes was also crazy. Now that I think of it, dance battles back at the inn might be way more impressive than a ball!

「Just what does everyone want to do at tomorrow’s ball? A waltz alone is already huge, but they said that they are going to do a slow foxtrot too? But the Viennese waltz is overdoing it, and at a momentum threatening to turn it into an athletic competition they even learned quickstep, so I guess they are planning to utterly dominate the ball? But why even tango?」

No matter how you think about it, normally it should be just waltz, spinning around, with the skirts fluttering too… That’s the standard and the most popular dance that princes and princesses generally dance in their stories? While also being a waltz written in 3/4 time Viennese waltz is twice as fast and with more rotations, like the ones you’d seen in movies? Slow foxtrot has smooth flowing movements, going well with fancy jazz-like melodies, so I can still understand that, but Quickstep, while fun, requires a footwork with a busy rhythm and involves long strides with hops and leaps across the dancefloor, so are they planning to take over the ballroom after all? Will such an uptempo tune be played? And on top of that tango… While it might be a standard, does this world have Argentina? I think it’s a bit different from the west?

At the moment, 25 girls are dancing at the underground hall, and I don’t think a single person capable of being their dance partner exists in medieval society? To take them on with raw stats might be rough even for level 200, like, your arms might come off!

By the way, it seems there will be another separate class on five Latin dances, is what they told me, but I don’t really have to go, do I? Rather, teaching the geeks and making them learn something like Geek Samba should be more fun. Let’s give them a topknot too.

However, those super difficult, high-paced, extremely technical dances uniting modern techniques from our world and skills from this world… Don’t seem very sociable at all! There is no one who will be able to go along with that. As I thought, let’s make a tailcoat for Vice Pres A-san after all. The Geeks and Idiots aren’t thinking of anything aside from escaping anyway.

The outfits for the orphans are ready too. They are going to outgrow them right away, so I made them by pattern paper with plenty of room for adjustments, so it will be fine with just having them try the clothes on and then making just some minute adjustments. They are in their growth period while being previously malnutritioned, so this much is just fine. The over-nutritioned gluttons whose growth period is nearing its end, are dancing, burning the excessive meat. Probing with Detect Presence shows them spinning around in a crowd. I’ve got pattern papers for dresses now, so let’s make some for Poster Girl and Stalking Girl when we get back to the inn. Wait, what do the commoners do though? Folkdance? Folkdance-like dresses should sell, let’s make some prototypes.

Profits from the souvenir store are rising with the increase in the speed and quality of my side jobbing. I’m also exporting goods to the general store back at the Frontier, and they seem to be selling extremely well over there as well. After all, one royal coin was sent to me…… It’s 100 million ere, just what am I supposed to do with it? Just how many stores exist capable of giving change if paid with 100 million ere coin?

If I’m getting such enormous profits, it must mean that investments I made are beginning to pay off. The wealth has finally reached the Frontier and started to circulate properly. They finally went from poor to normal, so there is still a long way ahead. This much won’t cover even the interest for the price paid by the Frontier. I mean, I’m the one calculating interest rates after all.

Now, I wonder what is going to pop out tomorrow. If nothing happens, the rule of the Royal Family will be set in stone. If they are going to do something, it has to be tomorrow. And the one who is going to be targeted is me.

They can’t meddle with the Royal family anymore, even if they wanted to try, it’s going to be far in the future. Which means, I’m the target. That’s why I didn’t want to drag the girls in, but the ball is the issue. They are too enthusiastic about it.

All this time, I refrained from mithrilifying my own equipment to suppress my skills from going further out of control. If abilities improve it will reflect upon Magic Wrapping, starting uncontrollable self-destruction again. But I won’t allow them to do anything tomorrow. The staff is probably going to be the only thing I will be able to carry in. The Staff of the World Tree can change both size and shape, I can turn it into a wand, or even a bracelet.

Thus, there are three items to mithrilify『Spatial Staff – Greatly Effective for people capable of using space magic』,『Elder Treant Cane – Magic Power 50% Up, Elemental Affinity Increase (Greater), Mana Control Increase』, and『Staff of Absolute Boundary – 30% UP ALL, Sorcery Mastery, Absolute Boundary, Seal, MP Increase』.『Spatial Staff』’s Space Perception is useful in searching for enemies,『Elder Treant Cane』improves control of mana, and『Staff of Absolute Boundary』, that I picked up, can improve detection ability through increasing control over magic, and in case of emergency can be used to create『Absolute Boundary』. Even if my Detection ability suddenly goes through the roof, 『Wisdom』should be able to control it since with the increase in Sorcery Mastery『Wisdom』should also get a bonus.

The body breaking down also can’t be helped.『Regeneration』will be also buffed, so let’s put it to work. As for cladding the buffed『Sex King』… What do I do if I get reported?

『Spatial Staff – Greatly Effective for people capable of using space magic』→『Dimension-Space Staff – Int 30% UP, Spatial and Dimensional Magic Effectiveness (EX)』

『Elder Treant Cane – Magic Power 50% Up, Elemental Affinity Increase (Greater), Mana Control Increase』→『Elder Treant Magic Cane』 Magic Power 70% Up, Elemental Affinity Increase (Max), Mana Control Increase(EX)』

『Staff of Absolute Boundary – 30% UP ALL, Sorcery Mastery, Absolute Boundary, Seal, MP Increase』→『Holy Staff of Absolute Boundary – 50% UP ALL, Sorcery Mastery(EX), Absolute Boundary, Seal, MP Increase(EX)』

A certain opinion that this isn’t looking good is being raised by advisory staff one after another allowing no formal objection to be made with its irrefutability. Spatial and Dimensional magic… Which means Dimension Slash is going to get even crazier! A dangerous move, that I’m still struggling to control, which when used at full power threatens to drain all of my mana, got a direct buff!

However, Mastery-type skills were also improved together, and my MP also got boosted, so I could try to practice… Wait, the last time I lost consciousness after running out of mana I woke up stripped naked and was ravaged, so for now, let’s not. It’s too dangerous!

Well, now I only have to slot them back into Staff of the World Tree… Wait? The Seven-Branched Sword also shows『7 Slots』now? I tried taking it apart, and 『Mistletoe』also had it, and naturally 『Staff of the World Tree』too. So the single Wooden Stick can store up to 21 items? Sounds like the best deal of this world ever? Or rather, how much equipment do I have to gather before I’ll be able to fill it up? Isn’t this greedy?

If I slotted all of that and then used『Magic Wrap』with it I’d probably die. Regeneration won’t help me if I explode on the spot. If I regenerated from pieces of flesh and splatters of blood that managed to gather together by themselves that’s already『Self-Resurrection』with guaranteed and immediate eviction from 『Human』race at mach speed. I don’t even want to try it.

But with this I should be capable of spotting even 『Absolute Boundary』. Now I should be able to detect any possible danger. As long as I can deny surprise attacks and ambushes it’s all good. If I find something, I can just 『Teleport』and it should work out one way or another. Being brought to such a world and dying to an assassination is too much of a bad joke, and shouldn’t be allowed, so I absolutely won’t let it happen?

Pouring just a tiny bit of into the NEW Staff of the World Tree… It pulsed, crap, this pattern is… My MP was stolen? Yup, completely out of mana. The dangerous demons are coming back. The most terrifying devils (succubi) I won’t be able to resist without mana!

「I don’t have time! I’m also hungry, I hurriedly sprinkle red pepper on『Broiled MP mushrooms with soy sauce, the secret ingredient is red sake』 and deliciously wolf it down, which makes for quite a sight that hardly anyone wants to see, but I don’t have time to waste! Ah!」

「We are… Back」(*Grin*)

「Came back, with the dance, over?」(*Smirk*)

Realizing that I’m out of mana at the first glance, I guess it should be said – as expected? Yeah, they are already holding me from both sides, carrying me to the bed?「Eeem, please be gentle?」, tried saying, just in case?

(*Shake Shake*) (*Shake Shake*)

They are shaking their heads in refusal. Well, that’s to be expected. Sandwiched between two beauties and completely at their mercy I’m then treated to a full course of the peak of sexual techniques. Completely in between the two I have no chance against in terms of PoW stat I’m forcibly taken by them, with my Highschool Boy deliciously devoured until the very last drop. If only… If only I had tentacles… Regretful, or rather, there is soft and bouncy stuff in front of my face? Yeah, I can’t go no more?

(Vessel Sex King Hit)

Looks like I’m not getting Skill『Unsinkable』yet……But I’ve got or rather was gotten skill 『Limit Break』? What sort of skill was that? Wasn’t it a pretty cool combat-type skill?! No, this is a battlefield too……(*squish-squish, glug-glug*)…… Guahaaaaah!

(Vessel Sex King Sunk)


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