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Chapter 315

Chapter 315: I can’t remember so many names at once, but they are going to vanish soon enough anyway.

Day 7X? The Capital, Royal Palace Interior, Room for noble visitors

The great marquis houses of long history and tradition. Two of the four great noble families that were supposed to keep the Royal Family in check were crushed, upsetting the balance of power. There is an opportunity in other great marquis families falling into ruin, but there is an issue with the Royal Family becoming too powerful.

That’s because once the Royal Family has a grip on real power, they will definitely come to weaken great marquis houses. Just like we did to the Royal Family, but this time it’s our turn to be on the receiving end. But the possibility of surviving this predicament with those twins as potential heirs is slim to none.

They are capable in both sciences and sword, as a hefty sum was spent to make sure they receive an adequate education, but they are debauched womanizers who do nothing aside from playing around. Both of them are wicked lady-killers only good at evil deeds and love affairs. I’m long since fed up covering up after their mess… But life is a strange thing.

「Can’t mess with the Royal Family anymore, so how about seducing the Princess and aiming for the throne through her?」

「In that case there will be two positions to fill, new King, and head of our family, so that’s just perfect.」

They have education and talent, as well as valor and skill with the sword. But they care for nothing but women… But to think that is what is going to become a key to turn around this hopeless situation.

「But will that stiff princess be swayed?」

「「…Women exist to fall for men, Father.」」

Princess Shariceres’ is low on the line of succession, but the First and the Second Princes have vanished, dragging other great marquis houses with them. And on top of the other princes being still very young, the Capital is in uproar over the heroic tales of Princess Shariceres’ deeds. The theater play about Omui of the Frontier and the Kingdom’s Princess fighting against the overflowing dungeons has gained the highest popularity even in the Capital.

You can get the throne and fame at the same time. However, as long as the ball is a celebration of victory, having not participated in the war even a great marquis family would be forced together with other rabble, without an ability to get closer to the seats of honor without being called.

「But you won’t even get to sit at the foot of the table. Mere outsiders on the banquet of heroes have no right to even come close.」

Domain of our house Kasgir is located in the west and doesn’t share borders with any foreign countries. We became prominent as a city of commerce, but the accursed Rondanull on the south joined hands with the Merchant Confederation, and taking a tight grip on the economy of the central lands, propped up the Second Prince, the one of their bloodline.

Our family hasn’t had any daughters, and hence was unable to produce a queen, which hurts, but even commerce was taken over by the Confederation in one swoop. That’s why even when House Giesdat from the east joined efforts with the Theocracy in an attempt to take over the Kingdom we couldn’t team up with Rondanull of the south. As a result, we became bystanders, without taking any action.

There are still no movements in the north. The head of the family was overcome with an illness, and their only daughter, being commander of the First Division, cannot move marquis’ troops. However, as House Skobathus of the north has also refused the Royal Princes’ request for troops, just like us, they are also at fault.

But two of the great marquis houses have already perished, and House Shkobathus had circumstances to consider, in addition, their daughter has an accomplishment of defending the border with the First Division. In contrast to that, if our House Kasgir was blamed for simply sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing, we wouldn’t be able to make excuses.

While two nuisances of the noble families were crushed, we are in a state where we can’t do anything. But if the Princess were to be seduced the story changes greatly.

No, even if the Princess herself is impossible, getting the Frontier’s Princess Meriel, who climbed ranks of legends along with her, is enough. I’ve heard that the Frontier has stabilized, and turned into a prosperous domain lately, and this would also get the formidable Frontier army on our side. But what’s even more important, if we can monopolize magic stones, it will create great commercial opportunities, allowing us to operate on the scale of not losing even to the Confederation.

「Can you get Princess Shariceres, and Meriel of Omui? Either would mean a success greater than succeeding House Kasgir, but there is no way for you to get close.」

「It doesn’t matter if there is a way or not, one simply has to create one, Father.」

「That’s right, we can create a path by first getting some of those black-haired maidens that became famous throughout the Capital with that play.」

Both the Princess and Omui’s girl are said to frequent the black-haired maidens’ store, so maybe a connection can be made that way?

Marrying the Princess and Omui’s girl and welcoming the black-haired maidens as concubines, the Kingdom itself will fall in our grasp. Those two are only good at chasing skirts, but when it comes to women, they are lady-killers that won’t let any girl slip by. As unworthy these sons of mine might be, at such a time they are very reliable.

「But you won’t be able to get close even to those maidens?」

「「The black-haired strategist. We just have to win over or threaten that coward that was running around in the play. When the necessity arises we can kill him, and then someone who can take the maidens in will be required.」」

That clown in a black cloak, huh. Then it might work.

Black-haired maidens are merely servants of the clown. And even if he is called a strategist, he is simply a sly coward, only good at making traps. This is an important matter that will decide whether we will decline and come to ruin or obtain the Kingdom. I’m not going to be thrifty, but if he is going to defy us then death is the only path for him.

「What do you need? Gold? Troops?」

「Money first. Troops come the very last, Father.」

「Preparations are going to cost. We will have to get other young nobles on our side too.」

Deception and trickery is but a norm to them, threaten the social status, corner with money, rob of reason with dodgy drugs, and manipulate with suspicious equipment. And if nothing works, kidnap and take them by force. Turns out, even the sons that I thought to be a disgrace for a military family, have their own use. I wasted quite a bit of money cleaning up matters after them, but looks like it might not have been all in vain. They’ve been buying up drugs from shady apothecaries and purchasing all items with questionable effects they could get their hands on. In that aspect, they are the most distinguished lady-killers. Not even to mention that inexperienced young ladies who know nothing but combat have no chance of resisting them.

「Specially-made drugs will be needed. Ordinary drugs will be neutralized, and we also can’t afford to be exposed.」

「And we also would want to seduce the Royal Castle’s maids beforehand, so we can carry in the equipment.」

Tall, handsome, and coming from a prominent marquis house. They are smooth in talk, quick to act, and on top of that, they are crafty and would always make a woman they are aiming for fall, regardless of the means they’ll have to use. To think a day would come when I’d think of them as reliable… In such a case, I won’t hold back in financial support.

「Is this enough? Tell me if you need more. But don’t think that you will be able to get away with a failure after using so much.」

「「You can count on us, Father.」」

I’ll also need to gather assassins and masters of subterfuge, with the Royal Castle as a stage, military might is pointless.

We might’ve lost in political finesse, but our house still can take the Kingdom by seducing and finessing women.

「Bear in mind that your failure would mean not only ruin for our house but the end of your lives too. Our House Kasgir is backed against the wall.」

If this doesn’t go as planned, the great marquis house will end up demoted to the status of common nobles, and if the entire matter comes to light then even a complete destruction might not be out of the question.

「Well, seducing them is nothing, and if push comes to shove there is always that option.」

「Right, once the deed is done, they can be easily handled afterwards.」

「That is assuming you can buy that clown of a strategist.」

「Well, killing him is simple too. After all, there is also the option of having a duel.」

「If he cooperates, fine, but if he gets in our way.」 「「We’ll kill him.」」

Good grief, these are dueling masters of rapier for you. Completely useless against monsters, but so insufferably smug when it’s about duels.

I’ve lost count how many times they’ve stirred trouble because of women, but no matter how many duels they got into because of that, they always emerged victorious without a single wound. Since their fencing is all about tricking people, it’s useless for military or monster hunting, but as long as their opponents are people, they are incredibly dangerous, which makes them all more difficult to deal with. But when I think that all of that was for the sake of this day, I almost want to give them praise.

「If you are going to kill then make it certain. The rest can be somehow handled one way or another.」

The Kingdom’s power balance has completely collapsed. The marquis houses cannot rival the Royal Family in military might anymore. Even our economic strength will be gradually lost at this rate.

But if we get hold of the Royal Family and the Frontier then the Kingdom is as good as ours. Seeing popular dramas can be useful at times.

They were so nice as to reveal the weakness (the clown) to us in this predicament. That’s why we are going to bite and tear.

That black-haired clown, that in the play was comically running around the castle while crying, will be attending the ball. We have to complete all of the preparations until then.

We are about to get our hands on the heights that the now destroyed Giesdat and Rondanull Houses aimed for but couldn’t reach. Obtaining the Kingdom will surely give way to another crisis, but if we are going to suffer anyway, I’d prefer to do it while sitting as high as I can. First, the Royal Family and the Frontier. Then, the Kingdom will be ours.


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