Chapter 319 part 1

Chapter 319: Wouldn’t I accidentally get a response if I just shout about it in the middle of the hall? part 1

Day 76 – Nighttime, the Capital, Royal Palace

Are they not not acting yet? Are they not acting anymore? Or perhaps they can’t act?

It seems that at the dangerous outside, reroreroing middle-aged man is disposing of all assassinish-looking people that were hiding, so the ball is proceeding without any issues. At the moment, only a few pairs are dancing in a tiny space in front of the orchestra, so the main part of the ball must be still ahead.

I’m going to send the orphans to rest in a large room before it begins, and with Slime-san as their bodyguard, there is nothing to worry about. I’ve also asked the Big Shot from the Second Division to look after them, and it seems Royal Girl is going to deploy some Royal Guards too. When it starts the food is going to be put away anyway, leaving only some light snacks alongside the walls, so let’s have them eat as much as they can while still possible.

Each orphan has a small Slime-san with them, which is probably busy stuffing itself with food by now. The orphans are completely safe, each equipped with portable Slime-san. Be it an assassin, a kidnapper, a Dungeon Master, or a Demon Lord, they all would end up devoured, so the kids are totally safe? It also would alleviate food expenses so that actually would be a great help.

After all, for now it’s still socializing time for greetings and introductions, once the main part begins, the tables will be removed, and this entire hall will become a dance floor, with the partition for lower seats and seats of honor also gone, the nobles with be all jumbled together and attendants are going to start moving around the venue.

And unexpectedly greatly contributing Elf Little Sister Girl-san has a super rare skill 『Detect Emotions』which apparently allows her to sense malice and killing intent. However, with the swirl of emotions on the clamoring lower seat side of the hall, where killing intent, malice, spite, hatred, resentment, envy, and prejudice are all jumbled together with an addition of fear, desire, and even lust, it’s impossible to make out anything, so at the moment, she is focusing on strong killing intent or particular emotions linked to 『Poison』,『Drugs』or『Magic』.

Extremely sadly, there are no Sexy Female Assassins around, even though I finally got to see real maids.

I’ve even probed the surrounding for suspicious maids with Detect Presence, in case there is a hope they might accidentally reply if I yell 『Are there any beautiful female assassins among the guests?』right in the middle of the hall, but sadly, it seems the only maid harboring murderous intent is Maid Girl? Yeah, she is glaring at me from Royal Girl’s shadow. She must be still pissed because of what happened during dress making. Well, certainly, considering that she is going hide in the shadows anyway, Maid Girl probably didn’t need a dress, so there was no need for her to go through hanging and insane measurements hell, is the kind of rumor one might’ve heard 75 days ago, but since I wasn’t even in this world back then, it’s totally not my fault? Yup, everything must be the old fart’s (god) fault, so if there are any complaints, go burn a church or something? I have some good oil for that, you know?

There are so many nobles glancing this way that even though I’m memorizing them with 『Wisdom』the number is too great, and there is actually only a handful of nobles not looking here, so it’s probably completely pointless. Well, Armored Pres-san and Dancing Girl-san are both peerless beauties who might render one so speechless with their beauty it could cause one to scream in despair, and the Pres and others are also in a full force of the class of beauties (which however includes a raccoon) which is said to have caused even some distant schools to come on observation tours just to see them. It is because they have good looks that they can wear such gorgeous dresses without being worn by them. Merely being able to elegantly wear luxurious dresses puts them (Which includes one beautiful raccoon) on the same level as Armored Pres-san. It’s hard not to look at that. This is the most superb sight in the venue. The rest are just wallflowers.

Elf Little Sister Girl-san was complaining that there are actually more than just a few openly glaring ladies, making using『Detect Emotions』 to spot them quite difficult, but she doesn’t seem to be aware of also being one of the targets of their gazes. And with the addition of Royal Girl and Merimeri-san, those glares become only natural. Yup, putting so much effort into your appearance for the sake of the ball only to encounter a group of such transcendent beauties there has to be insanely unpleasant. They stand out a lot.

Even so, I can’t stand this, what is this? A new sort of bullying?

All of the girls are silently following me in a line, and once I stop, they smoothly get into a formation, encircling me, and looking my way? Their faces are covered with veils, but it’s still possible to make out their features and expressions, and they don’t seem to have Flat Gazes? Disappointing.

As a result of that even I stand out. It’s because they are taking the attitude of some sort of obedient servants that even I end up as a center of attention.

Those people are violent bludgeonists who were trying to beat me with morning stars before we stepped into the palace, you know? Instead of silently obeying they were about to turn me into a silent corpse?

When I hand them a plate with the food, saying「Wanna try it? Here you go」,

They reply with 「「「Thank you, I’ll have it」」」, bowing their heads and giving it a taste, but their quiet demeanor doesn’t change?

Well, they might not be hungry since they were fighting with tridents over fried pasta (mountain) with mushroom cream topping, which I offered to wrap up the lunch, in a grand battle that could eclipse Annals of the Three Kingdoms… But where did all of that energy go? They even made numerous holes in the mithrilified plate that I made just for how? Those forks definitely weren’t meant for eating!




My foolish sons that were evaluating noble ladies in a vulgar manner mixed with obscene ridicule while having dirty smiles plastered on their faces went completely silent with the arrival of the Princess and the Margrave’s young lady, while their expressions turned even more indecent. The simple thought that these are my sons who will succeed House Kasgir is enough to fill me with shame, but there is no doubt that they are the best ladykillers in the Kingdom.

By now, the only way for our House to avoid collapse is to take either the Princess or the Frontier’s young lady, and if we can get both, the Kingdom itself will become ours.

But the beauty of the princess and Omui’s young lady, far surpassing that of those around them, seems to have finally gotten them motivated. Both are beautiful maidens praised throughout the Kingdom, but neither is participating in high society. Not to mention that this time, instead of armor, they are wearing elegant dresses, overflowing with beauty akin to blooming flowers.

The mood of the venue completely changed.

But that group that was invited last as visitors from afar. All of the nobles present in the hall couldn’t produce a word once the rumored clown and black-haired maidens made their appearance. The princess and Omui’s young lady caused quite a bit of murmur and sighs of admiration, but now, forget speaking, everyone seems to have forgotten how to even breathe.

Peerless beauties clad in gorgeous shiningly pure white dresses. The Capital is singing praises to their lustrous hair, black as a raven’s wing, and dark eyes resembling polished obsidian, but it seems the rumors didn’t lie, rather, they didn’t praise them enough.

And now, adding to his preposterous insolence and outrageously arrogant demeanor, paying no respect to us, nobles, and bringing lowly orphans to mess around in the seats of honor of such a noble gathering, also the sheer hubris of having not only black-haired maidens waiting upon him, but also the Princess, the Frontier’s young lady, an elf, and foreign beauties, he is now looked with the eyes filled with murderous intent by everyone.

「If we are to bring that clown to our side, we are ought to act quick, or he might be poisoned right away.」

「I changed my mind, Father, let’s kill him.」

「Agreed, let’s have him die, and take all of the women.」

Well, the looks of those heavenly maidens are enough to make lust surge from all of the nobles that saw them, not just my sons, putting plots and schemes in motion. Just how many nobles would be willing to silently let such pretty women slip by. No one must’ve had a taste of such first-class goods. Merely obtaining these women and putting them into one’s own service could be enough to take a country.

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