Chapter 325

Chapter 325: Adding to the armor that it was freshly worn by highschool girls instantly makes it sound like a great deal, so it might sell for a lot.

Day 77 – Daytime, the Capital, Royal Palace

As one would expect from a royal treasury, it’s spacious and has lots of stuff.

Officially I’m not getting any rewards, but if something is given to me, I’d gladly take it. I mean, equipment sounds very more useful than stuff like prestige or medals?

Well, can’t expect much though, but if there is anything nice, that’s something. This treasury apparently can’t be opened without the sovereign’s seal, so even Monkey Prince couldn’t get his pawns into it. Yeah, I could enter with 『Magic Key』, but being too busy with procurement ended up ignoring it, so this my first time going in there, but my expectations are very low.

「I mean, it doesn’t seem like they have anything that great, even from simply looking at Royal Girl’s and Royal Prince’s equipment?」(Jiggle-Jiggle)

Well, they say they want to give it to me, so I won’t object, and if there is anything nice, I’d consider myself lucky. After all, it’s already been confirmed that my Affection Rating-san is not there!

Looking around I Appraise everything that comes into sight. Weapons and armor are kind of trash, as expected, there are some somewhat nicer items, but even these still look dubious. The gorgeous spear on the wall is『Spear of Whirlwind – PoW SpE 20% Up, Whirlwind, Wind Attribute (Medium)』, and that’s the highest level, what an inexplicably dubious item, and that’s apparently the Royal Family’s heirloom.

At this rate, it might be better to look for items with rare skills instead of high level equipment, but all of them look so questionable, like 『Slipping Prevention』, 『Adhesion Debuff』, or 『Bane of Inorganic』, and there are so many of those… So I keep looking, but it’s still dubious. There are some potential picks, but all of them lack something decisive, so they are just super questionable?

「Well, going safe and picking some ViT or InT boosting equipment should be fine, but having this many items kind of makes me want to find something rare… Oh,『Elven Magic Bow – PoW SpE DeX InT 20% Up, Magic Arrow, Can be used by elves only』could be nice for Elven Little Sister Girl… But in terms of actual stats it might be better if I make one myself, so this Elf-only restriction is kind of pointless?」(Bounce-Bounce)

Right, if only I can find one of those 『Up to 7 items can be slotted』, it would be a jackpot, and ultimate cheat gear, but 3 slots is the best I can see. Moreover, they have only 10% to 30% stats and the demerits are so heavy that they are totally unusable. 100% bonus can be considered a great find even if it’s only for three or two stats. Even 90% or 80% is enough, but there is nothing. So shabby!

「If I could make one of those myself the strength of the gear would skyrocket, but that would also mean having to update equipment for 30 people, and if I also learn how to make items where other items can be slotted… Then the eternity called side job will continue until the end of times, Re:Endless Side Job… But there is nothing, I guess?」(Jiggle-Jiggle)

An item slotted with super high-quality equipment rises to the level of a tactical weapon. That’s right, even my Wooden Stick-san started out small, and became uncontrollable Ultimate Weapon after a steady series of successes! Yeah, I totally crammed too much stuff into it!

Besides, there are also cases like『Magic Katana』, who after being upgraded with mithril got promoted to 『Dimension Blade』, giving birth to a special skill like 『Dimension Slash』, so unique equipment can’t be underestimated. Not to mention that if enemies had a divine sword or Dimensional Slash it would be no laughing matter.

「Going around clearing dungeons back at the Frontier has better chances of netting something nice than going the Royal Treasury? Is there no wonderful item that can make my heart skip a beat… Something like mythical 『Sermon Evasion』or the legendary 『Affection Rating Increase』, something rare… 『Circlet of Intelligence – InT MiN 30% Up, Control (Great), Sorcery (Great), 3 Slots』jackpot! But this circlet……Is more of a headband……Or more like hairband?」(Jiggle-Jiggle)

Looks great. Well, this is a good item, so it can be added to the girls’ equipment, but I want 『Control (Great)』too. It should boost『Magic Wrap』control, and its abilities might greatly improve if upgraded with mithril. 『InT, MiN 30% Up』, and 『Sorcery (Great)』are both effects that could help with control.

And with 『3 Slots』it’s a great item without any demerits, but headgear be actually put into it? Like Black Hat?

「Well? There seem to be no problem with equipping items on top of one another?」(Jiggle-Jiggle?)

In fact, the girls are wearing several bracelets, or anklets at once. So there should be no issue even if I put on the hair band and wear a knitted hat on top. Even if effectiveness was reduced, it’s all good as long as the effects don’t interfere with each other. I mean… wearing a hairband as a man is sort of embarrassing?

「Helmets also should be possible to slot, since it’s also a headgear, so seems like a chance to raise ViT and InT?」 (Bounce-Bounce)

Playking was making a playfuss that even if I took everything it hardly would be enough, but the old man that accompanied me asked to keep the number of items to the number of people, plus ten items personally for me, otherwise, if I really emptied the storage, it would cause issues with awarding in the future. So I have to choose carefully… Naturally, if we count the orphans’ share too, then the possible number of items will easily go over 100? Yeah, there is no problem since they allowed an item per person?

「That are only few items which made me go 『That!』, but this can cover for the lacking types of equipment? Well, once we get better stuff we just pawn off such items? Slime-san, is there anything you’d like? Please tell me before you eat it, since I won’t be able to appraise what it was after you are it.」(Jiggle-Jiggle♪)

Slime-san seems to have taken a liking to 『Mirror of Reflection – Reflection/Absorption (EX), Mirror Surfacification』, but Slime-san can just eat magic or whatever without reflecting it? Aah, probably going for 『Absorption』, huh.

The rest can simply be items with potential, which will later be upgraded with mithril and sold through auction. Everyone is still broke, so there is no need to rush.

Tons of money that I picked up still remain, and I already bought up everything that I could purchase in the Capital. I even lent two of those super useless royal coins to Playking since he seemed to be in trouble because he had no money. Even so, more than 20% of the enormous fortune that I plundered from the Confederation and the Theocracy still remain. Yup, this is a pretty long run as a rich man.

「However, I brought this to seal since it seemed way too dangerous… But aren’t those 『Gloves of Poison Touch – ViT DeX 20% Up, Can every type of poison, Resistance Nullification, Mad Hand』curious, no?」(Bounce-Bounce)

This Resistance Nullification property is way too dangerous to allow a chance of it getting into enemies’ hands. If 『Abnormal Status Effect Nullification』gets Nullified, then probability-wise, depending on level difference and equipment Abnormal Status Effects can become unavoidable. Yeah, I have to hurry and develop items with『Auto Recovery』-type effects, and rip them off?

「But I feel like if I equip it and use Magic Wrap, it will make things very dangerous with Poison added?」(Bounce-Bounce?)

Thinking that I should test it, I equipped it and experimented trying this and that while awaiting analysis from『Wisdom』-san, also checking the degree of control I can have and… Discovered an unexpected usage.

「I can choose the effect and restrict it!」(Jiggle-Jiggle?!)

In other words, if I pick 『Poison』everything aside from it will apply. If I set everything to OFF it will cause absolutely no issues with wrapping it. And I can also choose the type of debuff. Which among other things include 『Aphrodisiac』,『Intoxication』,『Paralysis』,『Faint』, basically packed with Affection Rating-killing effects, so I thought that I should immediately seal it, but turns out… There was『Sensitivity Increase』![1] For a moment I thought there might be Affection Rating Increase too, but found nothing!!

「This is what really needs testing! Depending on the results I might be even willing to mithrilify it!!」(Bounce-Bounce?!)

This leaves something with simple bonuses to ViT or InT, but for now, I’m fine with anything as long as it can boost the average. For now it’s quantity over quality, if I have anything left I can remodel it for the classmates and sell.

As for the orphans, then it’s too early for them, aside for emergency-use weapons. For now, eating lots of food and having lots of fun is more important for them. We can protect them while in the orphanage, and if they themselves decide to become stronger then I can make equipment for them at that time. For now they can just play and have fun, making up for the time they couldn’t… Yeah, and there is no risk of being attacked by monsters in that town?

「Well, for safety’s sake I’ve already equipped them with the strongest equipment for kids, so by the standards outside of the Frontier they are on par with adventurers. I mean, it’s for safety’s sake… So it’s fine, right?」(Jiggle-Jiggle)

By the time I noticed I’ve already picked way over 100 items. Since that’s too much, let’s leave them some homemade swords and bows. While they don’t have special effects, they are way better in terms of pure stats, so there should be no complaints.

「I mean, Pres-san and other’s gear is in a state of constant upgrade, so I just keep crafting new stuff, making tons of half-baked weapons and equipment prototypes in the process, so I’ve tons of those just gathering dust? Yeah, let’s just secretly donate (throw away) all this stuff!」(Bounce Bounce)

Weapons and equipment were shabby, but equipment other than accessories and armor was surprisingly good. In other words, it was just a stockpile of unwanted stuff! That’s why no one can blame me for trading it for my handmade gear, rather, in terms of numbers, I left more stuff there, so there is no issue with carrying off a whole lot. Moreover, there is even some fresh armor and protective gear previously worn by high school girls, so it’s a very generous exchange. Well, making middle-aged men happy is kind of annoying, but despite how much they fought in it, it’s fresh?

「Well, let’s go back? I’ve got every notable item. And everyone must’ve finished preparations to return to the Frontier by now? The carriages are already remodeled, so this will do, I guess?」(Bounce-Bounce!)

Then, when I gave the old man that came with me the list of the stuff that I took and added, he froze with wide open eyes, but since he just stood there with an open mouth without actually complaining I hurriedly retreated from the scene. Hm, did I take too much stuff after all?

「No, I mean, wouldn’t anyone get a bit greedy after being told to pick anything you like? Seriously picking items would’ve taken way too much time, so I just took 300 items too dubious to select any specific ones? But ultimately, the treasury ended up with more items than before, so this is a good deal for them, regardless if they are going to use those as rewards or equipment? The stuff that I left is more practical and useful for combat anyway? And freshly worn?」(Jiggle-Jiggle)

I’ll have to revise the equipment we have later, so along with mithrilification of new items there are plenty of stuff to do. Yeah, let’s return first.

Then, after joining the Pres-san and others, who were waiting in front of the carriages in full readiness, we depart. Everyone is waving hands to members of the Royal Family that came to see us off. But Royal Girl is going to come to the Frontier in no time? Yeah, the system for troops deployment to the Frontier was restored, so it was decided that her unit will be the first one to be dispatched to the Frontier. But Playking was still going around with three consorts at his side! How enviably outrageous! Let’s roast him the next time we meet.

And Rerorero middle-aged man is waving hand too. Elven Little Sister Girl is coming to the Frontier too, so he must’ve come to see her off.

Elven Little Sister Girl is getting along with both the girls and the orphans and doesn’t want to separate it seems. Also, while I think that she has completely recovered by now, it still would be better to have her accompany us, in order to observe her post-recovery recuperation, is what was decided by majority ruling, apparently. Yeah, the fact that I’m never called for voting is the biggest question here, but Slime-san was actually properly asked for his vote? Could it be that they think that Slime-san is the Master?

And the First Division’s muscular lady and her companions also came to say goodbye. Or rather, every single one is a muscular sexy lady! It looks like they hit it off with the Idiots and were sparring and stuff. She is a beautiful young lady of a marquis house, but she is super muscular with a height of more than 180cm, however… It seems she was a musclehead, after all.

The Geeks are still staring at letters. Apparently, correspondence from the Beastmen Country just arrived. Which, among other things, contained letters of thanks for the Geeks and Idiots, but the stuff they are rereading over and over… Are letters with thanks from animal-eared girls.

For the first time they were angry from the very bottom of their hearts, for the first time they fought on their own volition and saved somebody. And for the first time they were thanked by strangers. Coming to another world that they were dreaming so much about, they finally got to save somebody like in the stories, and were finally acknowledged. That’s why they keep rereading them over and over and over again… Or so I thought, but turns out kemomimi[2] girls were super cute! Let’s burn them after all!!!

The shop assistant from the Frontier’s general store has arrived and already begun taking over the management, so the souvenir store should do fine too. As the entire family has recovered from an illness, they are going to dedicate themselves to working hard in the Capital. We had hired workers from the Slums, the distribution channels from the Frontier are secured, so the capital’s souvenir store is going to become a branch of the Frontier’s general store. This will allow to purchase stuff from all over the Kingdom, so arranging a couple of buildings is a cheap price. For starters I stuffed the entire underground storage full of merchandise, so it should last for a while.

「Let’s go home?」「「「Yeah!」」」

We are just going back the same way we can, heading to the farthest Frontier to the east of here, but the carriages got quite a lot livelier than before.

The Capital is getting smaller and smaller… Alright, escape success!

Yeah, I managed to avoid getting 『Everlasting Trap』confiscated. So it should be fine for a while, at the very least until Maid Girl comes!


[TL Notes:
[1] 感度 vs 好感度 – basically Sensitivity Rating is just one characters short from Affection Rating.
[2] Kemomimi – animal ears, so girls with animal ears. I thought I’d write that at first, but it looked way too ugly for my liking, and well, who am I kidding anyway, there is hardly anyone unfamiliar with the term. So we are going to have kemomimi from now on.

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