The Loner Who Conquers the Other World Chapter 1 Part 2



Translator: Daoist Black     Editor: Ryunakama

It wasn’t bad enough interfering with my reading time so they prevented me from reading forever? I see, it all makes sense now, I was summoned to another world to defeat them?!

[No!! Don’t arbitrarily decide that your classmates are the last boss and defeat them. That’s just your personal grudge].

I will settle this grudge…

[Listen to what I’m saying-!].

Ah~, hurry up then? Old people sure have a lot to say. Anyways the [(Self Proclaimed) God], is going to ask me to please go to a world of magic and swords (LOL). That’s what you’re planning on asking me anyways, isn’t it?

[The [LOL] is unnecessary, also I’m not self-proclaimed! Anyways, the others have already finished their preparations and left. If you don’t hurry up, you’ll be going to another world by yourself. You won’t be able to meet up with those that went ahead at this rate. If you don’t hurry up and prepare, they’ll leave you behind].

Ah~, the others, right. It’s a real mess (LOL). The world is in the medieval period~, which means there won’t be any books. After all, it’s a mushroom kingdom, I’ll have to hike through a dense forest.

[You can’t go hiking back! Your Isekai adventures will become full of only hiking!! Do you want an Isekai full of only hiking with the bookstore clerk!!]

No, I just want to read books. Besides, why can’t I go hiking with the bookstore clerk!?

Let’s collect all the authors in one place, then summon them as a group…

[Would you stop! Rather, I won’t let you!]

The geezer’s explanation was so long that I skipped it. He explained stuff about a kingdom, the other world’s language, and demons. It’s a long story so why not write it down? Although I want something to read, it doesn’t seem like gramps has any literary talent.

[All that’s left is to prepare.]

What do I need to prepare? How many snacks am I allowed to bring with me or is there some other ridiculous problem I need to prepare for?

[You’re going to choose a skill. First come, first served].

[Old man——-!!].

[I’m telling you that I’m God!! Who’s the old man–!! You finally spoke for the first time but the first thing that you do is call me gramps?]

If 43 people choose before me that means that all the cheat skills are gone. The good skills were probably all taken, this is the worst. Gramps confirmed.

Well, I might as well take a look…..

[Hurry up and choose a skill. To think there would come a day where I would become tired after becoming God].

Finally, he got tired of retorting and continued the conversation by himself, so selfish. Ooo~oi……not……ah?

Something that resembles a black plate floats in front of me, a lot of words are visible. Wouldn’t a tablet have done the job? As expected, for the elderly, the newest technology is…

[I won’t retort~, I won’t retort anymore~.]

He’s whispering something under his breath, is he composing a poem?

Putting the foolish antics of the old man aside, I start reading at once, there’s a large number of words. There are a lot of words but most of them are greyed out, does that mean they’re taken?

At the very top, [Status – Status Allocation, 1 point at a time dice (10P and two dice).] I currently have 50P. It’s standard to put all your points into luck but I already have 10. Even if I dump all my points into it, it’s only 60 which only feels so-so. I don’t know if there’s an upper limit nor if it will increase as I level up.

[Allocate points to status, one at a time.] Why is this part the only part that’s grey? I don’t have any dice, I need 10P but I only have 2 dice, if there are six sides then the odds would be terrible.

The second one is [Item-weapon-armor-item 5P~50P], single-usage-consumable. 5P for medicine and poison antidotes. Weapons and armor range anywhere between 5P~30P and a set would cost 50P.

I want medicine so I don’t die but it’s not cost-efficient to buy. Perhaps I should purchase healing magic?

There are over 100 items but all that’s left is [Assorted Items (Villager A) 50P]. [Holy Knight], [Great Sage], [Heavy Warrior], all at the great price of 50P but none are left. The only thing I can get is (Villager A) for 50P, this is way too unreasonable!! The set is composed of wooden sticks, clothes, and a diary of a villager.

The only good item left is these contact lenses which costs 30P. They improve your eyesight which can also help come off as more approachable. But 30P is too expensive!! Perhaps it’s necessary if your eyesight is bad enough? There is a high possibility that the world won’t have glasses as well. Regardless, 30P is impossible as I would only have 20P left no matter what.

The third category is [Martial Arts – 10P]. It is a reasonable and affordable price.

There was also [Sword Arts], [Katana Arts], [Spear Arts], [Shield Arts], [Bow Arts], and [Whip Arts] but they’re all sold out.

All that’s left is [Cane Arts, become able to handle canes well – 10P]…I need a martial art and 10P is a reasonable price. Cane Arts…hit the enemy with a stick. Will that be enough to fight in another world? I’m not a kid bullying a turtle at the beach. Then again, I couldn’t even beat a turtle when I was a kid. Well, I’d be sorry if I did.

Finally, the 4th category, [Skill 10P~30P], it’s expensive but…this is what I’m talking about!! This is what a different world is, this is what I mean by cheats!! [Martial Arts experience UP], the standard [Magic], [Robbery], [Clairvoyance]. If it was cheap, these would be wonderful skills in another world…huh? None of them are left!

What’s left is, hmm…what!

[Less likely to catch a disease – 30P], yea this is perfectly fine. Rather, I want it! I’m sure there won’t be any hospitals. But it’s 30P. This ability would be fine if it was a peaceful world. But it probably won’t be so. If there are this many combat skills, there’s no way that it would be a peaceful world, 30P is expensive. So that’s why it was left.

[Walking, become good at walking – 30P]. It might be good to have but who would buy this for 30P. [Martial Arts Experience Up], how is walking worth the same price as this? Do you summon things while walking? Nursery summons? Do heroes just walk at the Demon King? The Demon King sure will be scared~.

Still, that’s one of the better ones.

[Gymnastics, become good at gymnastics – 30P]. Gymnastics debut in another world? Everyone~? It’s over! It’s seriously over.

The last horrifying skill is. It is…

[Sensitive Body, turns your body into a sensitive body~ – 30P]. Don’t mess around with me! A high school boy who’s sensitive and feels good easily. Is this BL? Is it gay?
[1. TL Note: BL is short for boy’s love. It refers to a genre of doujinshi where the plot is centered around love between guys.]

I don’t need this, I definitely don’t need this. Still, half of those that were summoned are high school girls. None of them considered it? Well, there probably won’t be any that would purchase it of their own volition, if someone did then please tell me. Please.

Aren’t you supposed to aim for one of the four great magics in times like these? Lightning, teleportation, healing…but there’s nothing left. Wasn’t choosing skills like this supposed to be an exciting event? Why am I crying? Why is God directing his eyesight away from me?

There are four remaining. [Magic, [Temperature], adjust the temperature – 30P.] Ah, how convenient, should I aim to set up a food stall in another world? Did you think I’d do that? There’s no job like that in another world! Don’t get mad!

Only 3 remaining, [Magic, [Wrapping Magic], can wrap objects with magic – 30P]. What use is that? Will that call a delivery man? Does it summon them?

2 remaining, [Magic, [Weight Magic], lowers or raises the weight of objects – 30P]. It lowers the weight of cargo and makes shipping cheaper! Looks like I have to summon the delivery man.

The last one is [Magic [Movement], auxiliary movement?…Decent I guess? Combined with the weight magic, you could probably get a job as a delivery man. Am I the one delivering?!!

The 5th category is [Special Abilities: 20P~50P]. Special abilities, special skills, sword talent, magic talent…required experience lowered, it can be combined with experience value increased, not that either is available. Nothing’s left…

First skill, [[Correspondent], communication, become good at consultations]. Is there a supervisor waiting for me in the other world? Salaryman in another world? If I level up will I become the president of a billion-dollar company?

The second skill, [[Jack of all trades], leveling up becomes slower]. Here it comes! A skill that is not useful at all and makes your life harder. Is it a trap? You’re punished for accidentally clicking?

Last skill, [[Muppet, leveling becomes worse]. Terrible skill comes again! Again! What’s the point of summoning people from another world if you’re just going to make life harder for them.



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