The Loner Who Conquers in Another World Chapter 1 Part 4



Translator: Daoist Black     Editor: Ryunakama

LuK is maxed out (Limit Break), wait, huh?… That M stands for Max?

Uwah~ [M] stands for Max? Write that down somewhere! It’s only 3 letters. I should have put both of them in strength and speed. I messed up!

I thought it was a trap or something trash. I didn’t even consider that [M] stood for Max.


Calm down, It’s certainly a waste but it didn’t become a waste and there’s no denying that luck is necessary.

As I didn’t know what [M] was that was the best option. You shouldn’t make a bet when your life is involved.

Still, past max, there is a limit break.

Is this a slightly good thing? I’ve never had much luck before.

Nah, this was definitely a good thing. I expected a 1-6 but I got a Max instead. This is probably the best outcome. On the contrary, perhaps the other sides were dangerous.

At the very least, I got lucky in regards to the dice. Very lucky indeed.

Usually, when leveling up, the only status that does not rise is luck. Putting all points into luck was the standard in light novels as well. It should be the best option for the future.

As I expected, I received all of the remaining skills. Full of bad skills…? Huh? There seems to be 2 more than I expected.

Did you gain something? Did you just come to roll the dice? Ah, it’s this.

[[Loner] I live alone without companions, cannot form a party. Skill [Command] learned. Experience Distribution.]

No? Well, it’s the same as before? Yea but don’t write it in the status!

As soon as I come to another world, it’s already confirmed that I’ll be a loner without any companions. I was crying silently, for having the slight hope of an Isekai Harem.

Apparently, the other skill seems to be an effect of [Loner]. Since you’re alone anyways, just use a demon? I cried because of kindness, sadness, and loneliness. One day, I’ll heal my heart with softness.

Ah! Leather Bag. It’s the equipment of Villager A.

Whether it’s a wooden stick or something else, we need some sort of weapon now. I’m not sure whether this place is dangerous or not.

The clothes were a hassle to get changed into but I was grateful for the leather boots. It would’ve been a disaster if I had to walk through the forest in my indoor shoes.

It’s better than not having a clock either. For what it’s worth, I can use it as armor. It’s dark so it may make it harder for monsters to spot me. At the very least, Villager A was able to live with just this.

There are leather gloves too…huh? There seems to be something else inside, a ring? Well, it’s probably something that Villager A was wearing. It’s probably some type of equipment, I’ll put it on.

It’s nice that I have a bag, it’s light and convenient as if there is nothing inside.

I look around but there’s nobody nearby, there are no traces of others being nearby either.

My classmates should’ve been summoned here as well? I don’t know what direction they headed in and I’m not sure if it’s even a good idea to meet up with them.

No doubt having more people is an advantage. My classmates will also probably have gotten their bearings together by now.

Unlike me, all of them have absurd powers. It will probably be safer to group with them.

However, the problem is human nature rather than combat ability.

Besides, as long as I have Loner, I won’t be able to form a party.

Even if they are strong that doesn’t necessarily lead to actual combat ability. There are too many that can’t be trusted.

Solo, huh~. Well, there are too many problems with grouping so I’ll just explore by myself.

Still, there is such poor visibility within forests. The various colors that blend in within the forest make it difficult to see. It would be easy to overlook a potential threat such as a monster or demon.

It’s disadvantageous for people with bad eyesight. Should I have bought glasses? Ahh! There should be cheap contacts that were left in stock because they couldn’t sell!

Are they in the bag? As I dig inside the bag, there are a few small boxes inside. Is it inside here? Glass bottle? It contains a liquid that appears to be medicine.

Is it this one? Two small-round-glass objects are wrapped in a cloth. However, for someone that’s never used a contact to equip them in the middle of a forest. It’s not a good idea nor sanitary.

However, I can’t get out of this forest with my eyes this bad so I have to put them on. It’s pretty scary, to put something in your eyes, it would be a big deal if I dropped the contacts in such a place.

Wrapping it with a cloth, I put the contacts over my eyes while being careful not to drop it. Something feels strange.


I could understand the discomfort in my eyes but I suddenly got a headache. Is it supposed to be like this?

I didn’t have any friends that used contacts so I wasn’t sure. I guess I didn’t have any friends in the first place…

Well, I guess I just have to get used to it.

Looking around, I can see various things that are eerily clear. It feels as if the visual information received from my eyes instantly enters my brain.

I can even see the insects on a far away leaf clearly. There are cons with having good eyesight as well. As I can see clearly through the forest even through the darkness, moving through doesn’t become a problem. I have [Walk] as well.

First of all, let’s organize all of this stuff…(wound medicine), (poison eraser). Uwooh! I let go of the eraser in surprise.

As I tried to close the box I opened previously, what is this? While I was thinking that, letters appeared on the glass bottle the moment I looked at it. Wound medicine and poison eraser? Is it referring to this bottle?

As I thought that, I looked at my status and found there was a new skill, [Appraisal Lv1]. This is appraisal, huh? Letters suddenly appeared so I was surprised.

Most likely, this is an effect of the contacts. I cannot identify the contact themselves as they are in my eyes. Probably, if I remove them, I won’t be able to use the skill. So I can’t.

Getting the appraisal skill off the bat is a life-saver. It’s the skill I wanted the most right now.

Gramps told me that I would be able to understand the other world’s language after transporting and now I’ve obtained Appraisal. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that things got a lot better for me.

It would suck to not have~.

Walking while appraising the passing trees, it’s sort of fun. It’s like a virtual botanic book. Oh. Edible mushrooms. Appraisal is indispensable after all, without it, food would become a huge problem.

[Potential Mushroom – Edible, Potential UP], it seems to raise potential if consumed? I wonder what’s hidden inside of this? Loner, Hikikomori, NEET, want to stay hidden at all times too.

While walking I used appraisal on everything I pass by. There were no more mushrooms that raised my potential but I found a bunch of edible ones that raised stamina and magic. I was grateful for the MP and HP recovery. It won’t be possible to obtain potions in a forest, the mushrooms would become my medical food.

Since I have no specific destination in mind, I just gather mushrooms from wherever I see them.

I have already thrown a large number of mushrooms into my bag, I didn’t think about anything else as it was fun collecting mushrooms while using Appraisal, but there is no way that many mushrooms should have fit inside a 35-40cm bag, it wasn’t even heavy.

I apologize for looking down on the Villager A equipment.

It’s an item bag. Language of this world, Appraisal and item bag. I got the three items I wanted the most.

The item bag came with the Villager A equipment, 50P is expensive but it’s a reasonable price to get such a valuable item in another world.

I should’ve just been satisfied with Villager A’s skills and left instead of being forced to take all these strange skills. If I had done that, gramps wouldn’t have had to become a hot-blooded tennis player.

Is he doing stuff like, [I’m never giving up!] in front of other gods?



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