The Loner Who Conquers in Another World Chapter 1 Part 5



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There was medicine in the bag and other stuff too. The bag was a jackpot.

Now that I think carefully when I pulled out a meter-long stick and leather boots from the bag, I should’ve been able to guess that the bag was a storage item. I had thought that I was thinking calmly in this situation, as well. There were too many unexpected things that happened and still many things that I don’t understand. For now, I don’t know where this is.

Holding the stick, I use Appraisal on everything in my surroundings while progressing through the forest. Why? It’d be a problem if monsters came out. But it’s a wooden stick? Weapons. [Cane Arts] is a martial art but all you’re doing is hitting them with a stick, you know?

The other side is brighter? I finally see a break in the forest, my eyes are better so I can see further, it feels like there’s a zoom function, thank you contact-san.

When I finally leave the forest, I come across a river, water, freshwater, then I think of how many hours it’s been since I’ve had a drink of water.

As I dipped my hands in the water, I tried to think of anything I could store the water with. I thought of a cup-water bottle-water bag, then I came to a euphony. The water bottle came out, Ah~the water tastes so good. It’s mineral water, after all, I drank in big gulps. This would sell well if sold in a vending machine. If I could summon a delivery man then I could sell water and books.

The summoning team just saw it so they remember, as long as I placed a deliveryman mark in the middle, wouldn’t they come? There is a forest but that’s all right?

There are fish swimming normally in the river, looks like my next meal has been decided as grilled fish and mushrooms. I enter the river with a weapon.

Which is perhaps what you were thinking but I’m just gonna eat grilled mushrooms. I can’t catch fish so it’s pointless. How can I catch the fish with a wooden stick? If you can’t catch it then you can’t hit it, if you don’t hit it, you can’t kill it, and therefore you can’t eat it.

After walking for a while, I come across a cave.

I peek inside, there’s nothing. No demon king, no bear.

[Excuse me~?]

I make a greeting like a guest but settle down like I own the place.

Isn’t this fairly large? It was bigger than the places I’ve lived in.

Deep inside is pitch black so I open my luggage near the entrance.

The bag has without a doubt, gotten larger, I mean a tent came out.

The problem is the rules of this world.

[Magic Tent: When magic is imbued, automatically sets up, suitable temperature, prevents insects and monsters, same as monster-repellent.]

[Magic Lantern: When magic is imbued, it lights up. Useful for avoiding monsters and insects.] Wow~, it even exterminates demons. Moreover, it has a blinking function in a world without street lights or cars.

But the lantern has a blinking function, the magic culture might be pretty advanced, there may even be a magic car. Perhaps there might even be a deliveryman.

Now that I found useful stuff, I’m grateful to the villagers and grateful to gramps for becoming a tennis player.

But how do you imbue magic? I’ve never imbued magic before. Looks like I just have to try it.

[The magic that resides in my right arm, unleash!…nothing’s happening.]

That wasn’t me being a chuuni, it was just something that I tried.

If you’re gonna give me an item that requires imbuing magic then give me instructions on how to imbue magic as well.

I try various things with the lantern.

[Magic! Answer to my life and reside within the lantern!]…It’s wrong? Is it really wrong? I want to believe it’s wrong…I do.

Concentrate on your magical power and then control it. That’s the standard in light novels. In conclusion, I don’t understand magic.

Then a spell? Chanting? That was just an experiment. Yes, that was just an experiment! I wasn’t indulging in my delusions.

[Ah~, just turn on already.]

Ah, it turned on. [Turn on], is that all you needed?

If that’s all it needed then write that down in the instructions. Pour magic is just put it on your hand and say ‘turn on’. I even strike a pose, yea it was sort of fun.

In conclusion, the object just needs to touch your body and not add extra words. Such as ‘show me the light’ or ‘light the magical power of god or ‘I order you with my name.” Isn’t it nice, I wanted to say it.

For now, I open the tent and lie down. [Open] it, opened with that one word. I thought of various incantations but…I mean it’s fine for it to be that simple but you know.

It’s getting pretty dark outside. I can’t move today. I don’t have a particular destination nor do I know where I am located currently.

I stare at the ring on my hands. So is this ring an item? If it’s Villager A’s wedding ring then I should return it. After all, he’s done a lot for me. Appraise Ring.

[Martial Arts Soul, life, the soul suffers. Attack? Defense? Magic Attack? Magic? Life-saving skill???]

Huh? Is it cursed? Life, isn’t the soul suffering pretty bad? Skills other than life-saving?…Life-saving?

[Life-saving, Before HP reaches 0, recovers HP with MP.]

Oh-, is this the full appraisal? That’s good and all but [Life-saving: recover HP with MP before HP hits 0.] It’s a good skill that can save my life in crucial times. But it seems that your life and soul will undergo suffering? Why is that?

I also picked up firewood in the forest. There weren’t many dry trees but it would be more than enough for a bonfire. It’s useful to avoid beasts and it’s necessary for this damp cave.

I use temperature magic to try and ignite the firewood, it went well with the mushrooms. It lit up, the firewood didn’t work but the leaves ignited.

It doesn’t burn easily which is why I use temperature magic to ignite it but the fire spread to the wood.

Did the level of the temperature magic go up? I check the level of my magic with status, [Fire Magic Lv 1], [Temperature Magic Lv 2], the level of temperature magic went up but I also got a new skill, Fire Magic. Are you able to obtain this skill by just lighting a fire? I don’t know the acquisition conditions. The temperature magic also rose in level but I’m not sure if the two are related.

For now, the only method of attack I have is attacking with a stick and fire magic. I want to practice but I’m already tired.

I check my status before going to sleep as I haven’t remembered all of it yet.

NAME     Haruka     Race Human

AGE 16

Lv 01

Job —

HP 10

MP 10

ViT 10

PoW 10

SpE 10

DeX 10

MiN 10

InT 10
LuK Max (Limit Break)

SP 0

Martial Arts 「Cane Arts Lv 1」

Magic 「Temperature Lv 2」(Up)「Movement Lv 1」「Weight Lv 1」「Packing Lv 1」「Fire Magic Lv 1」(New)

Skill 「Health Lv 1」「Sensitive Body Lv 1」 「Gymnastics Lv 1」「Walking Lv 1」「Command Lv 1」「Appraisal Lv 1」 (New) 「Clairvoyance Lv 1」 (New) 「Detect Presence Lv 1」 (New) 「Search Lv 1」 (New)

Title 「Hikikomori Lv 1」「NEET Lv 1」「Loner Lv 1」

Unknown 「Communication Lv 1」「Jack of All Trades Lv 1」「Muppet Lv 1」

Equipment 「Wooden Stick」「Basic Clothes」「Leather Gloves」「Leather Boots」
「Cloak」「Contacts」「Soul Ring」「Item Bag」

Perhaps because I observed far distances while walking, I obtained the skill [Clairvoyance Lv 1], it’s probably thanks to the contacts. [Communication] is useful. Appraisal and clairvoyance are useful in survival, if I’m able to get out of this forest, it’s probably thanks to clairvoyance.

Is it my imagination or is this starting to become like an Isekai Survival. Isn’t there normally a princess or a beautiful female magician that summons you. Being left alone in a forest, what do I do? Is it the logic of the world for people from another world to be completely unrelated? Wait, without a mission or goal, is the goal just to survive in another world? No, it’s still better to live carefreely than recklessly try to defeat the demon king. However, if I don’t manage to leave this forest, I’ll probably have to live my entire life here until I die.

[Presence Detection Lv.1] and [Searching Lv.1] is probably the result of persistently staying on the lookout for monsters or demons while walking through the forest. It could also be the result of checking the cave to see if there were any threats. Is it normal to obtain skills so rapidly and fast? Was there any meaning in obtaining skills from the white room? The skills that I obtained from gramps should not even be thought of. That skill is even more dangerous than even the demon lord!

Now, the first day of another world is about to end. A high school boy that transports to another world will he dream of a deliveryman?



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