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Chapter 14: No, it’s nothing, I didn’t say anything.



Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Chapter 14: No, it’s nothing, I didn’t say anything.

Day 14 – Inside the Cave

Breakfast time. It’s fish, it’s a fish festival, a huge haul.

I’m missing meat a little bit, but catching a rabbit with such a crowd isn’t possible. There also seem to be boars and deer, but I am yet to see one.

Adding to the list of things I’m yet to see, orcs. They seem to be a big powered up version of goblins, and in addition, smarter.

Well. Even if you say smarter than goblins, who isn’t? Even fish are smarter than goblins. I’m sure of it.

But we have to try them. Both me and the girls.

An unknown enemy is scary.

Fighting an unfamiliar opponent is dangerous in itself.

If it is an experience that we can gain, then we should do it in a safe environment.

Even the girls, there is no guarantee that they will always stay together.

If they become adventurers, they surely will start working separately. Right now we have the best conditions, this experience surely wouldn’t be meaningless.

We move along the river, heading upstream. The boys might still be there. But the orcs are strong, and they also seem to have abandoned their previous camp. So the boys shouldn’t be wandering anywhere near.

We should be getting close. Focusing, I use Farsight, Detect Presence, and Search, being on alert for the enemies. It’s a secret that I also used Appraisal to search for food.

I’m being cautious not only for monsters but for humans as well.

The wannabes wouldn’t come to a dangerous area. The boys that attacked the girls, hardly worked on raising their levels, so they also wouldn’t show up here. They’ll just get beaten by the president, so what’s the point?

The problem is the athletic musclebrains. They stink of sweat and are annoying to deal with. It’s a danger.

In the first place, the athletic musclebrains are way too quiet.

Both in the geeks’ and the president’s stories they sound uncharacteristically calm. Usually, they immediately act without thinking. Rather than musclebrains, it’s more of spinal brains, acting on a reflex level.

On top of that, they formed a group of nothing but fellow musclebrains? They followed the geeks and fought behind them? That’s obviously strange.

They are idiots, so they would just jump in. Monsters, cliffs, it doesn’t matter, they will jump. And only then, they will think. Just a bit.

That’s what was bothering me all this time. At the very least, there is no way they wouldn’t come to the geeks’ help in that situation.

It’s another world so it wouldn’t be that mysterious if they changed.

Their lives are at stake. Usually, that would make you more careful.

That’s to be expected since you can’t trust anything or anyone around.

But they had none of that. There is no way such a thing can happen to them. Because they are idiots.

I’m not sure who is smarter, orcs, or them. I never saw an orc before after all.

But since orcs are supposed to be smarter than gobs, they also should be smarter than the idiots.

The idiocy of athletic meatheads is going even beyond that of gobs. For their personality to change? For them to become careful? Doubt others? No way. Not happening. ……They can’t think about something so complex.

There could be some reason. By some very unlikely chance, they could have something on their minds.

But, it is also a fact that they didn’t help either the girls or the geeks. We should be wary of them.

I found an orc. Looks like it’s the truth that they usually act alone. There are no monsters or idiots in the vicinity.

「As an experiment, I will go first. Please hide and watch?」

Having said that, I put the girls on standby, and go towards the orc. Watching a fight, they will see the movements and attack patterns of orcs. Using that information as a reference should make combat easier and would also allow us to plan and strategize.

「Yes, thank you. Please, be careful. 」

「Make sure to watch? I don’t want you to complain later?」

Telling them that in a whisper, I approach the orc, using Erase Presence and Stealth.

As I heard, orcs are resistant to physical attacks and even with magic, they can barely be defeated with concentrated attacks.


Orc A
AGE 14
Lv 11

HP       66
MP        8
ViT      59
PoW      63
SpE      21
DeX      16
MiN      10
InT       8
Luk      19

Martial Arts:  「Blunt Weapons Lv 4」「Hard Hit Lv 4」 「Ramming Attack Lv 4」「Extraordinary Strength Lv 4」「Iron Skin Lv 2」

Skills: 「Insatiable Libido Lv 3」

Items:「Wooden Club」

It’s strong. Even though its Vit and PoW is more than double that of goblins, it also has SpE and DeX.

InT is 8, huh. Smarter than goblins, a lot smarter. Probably even smarter than the idiots.

Well, we won’t get anywhere unless I try to attack. At the very least, its stats are a lot lower than mine. Though I’m losing in terms of level……

While still erasing my presence I jump at the orc at the highest speed I can and hit it with full force. Then hit again. And again. And while I’m at it, again……… HYAHAAAAaaAAAー!

Eh? It’s dead?

I wonder, did I hit it too hard? Didn’t they say……that physical attacks don’t work…… Really…… I’m not to blame here? Yup.

「「「「Absolutely! Entirely! Completely! Useless! There wasn’t anything that could be used as a reference!! Suddenly knocking out the orc from behind and then beating it into a pulp……What!? What was that? What are we supposed to take from that? No one can imitate that!!! The orc died without doing a thing!!!」」」」

Though I did nothing wrong, I make it as if I’m actually sorry. Next time, let’s try magic. Then, there shouldn’t be a problem. It is an opponent that is supposed to be defeated with magic anyways.

Next orc is Lv 12, the stats are about the same as the previous one.

I sneak up behind it. The girls are watching from a distance. It’s that flat gaze again…… Let’s not think about that.

Previously, in order to deal with a large number of opponents, I suppressed the power of Fire Bullets, pushing with quantity. Then, shouldn’t it also be possible to make a single strong attack with it? Well, it’s an experiment, an experiment.

Stealthily, so I don’t get detected, I create a single Fire Bullet. And load it with mana. Sharp, hard…… Go!!

The moment I shot it, I immediately created another bullet. And another one, and another one, and another one, and another, andanotheroneanotheroneanotheranotheranothertherthertherrrrrrrrrr.

Oh, it’s dead?

Well? Didn’t they say that it’s hard to kill even with magic? That it’s really tough……… Dead, huh?

「Is it dead?」

Let’s hope I’ll jinx it.

「「「「It is! It’s very dead! It stopped moving after the first shot, the second one blew its head off!!! What’s with「Is it dead?」if you smashed it to smithereens!!!」」」」

Apparently, no further demonstrations required? Even though I did nothing wrong?

I silently look for an orc. Please, show up faster? Behind me…… A scornful look from 40 eyes……

20 high school girls in the forest…… Seeking a meeting with an orc…… No, I didn’t say anything.

Ah, found one. The much-desired orc.

「Now, everyone, go get him. Or something like that?」

Such good weather, there are even schoolgirls flying through the sky. Not with skills or in aerial combat…… They are getting thrown around. Yeah, just like in a manga.

Shield-bearers are blown away one after another, spears and swords aren’t doing anything to it, and bows are absolutely useless. Using their only hope, magic, they are dealing some damage to it, but it has too much HP for them to kill it. The healing squad is running all over the place.

Since they are going to be angry if I don’t do anything, I use a Fire Bullet to blow off the club.

Ah, crap. It’s now trying to grab the girls with its bare hands.

It might be a problem…… I mean…… It has Insatiable Libido Lv 3.

Charging in I slash off both of its arms. Well, I have to say that「Evergreen Staff」is cutting quite well?

Even so, the orc is not going down.

What’s left is just beat it to a pulp. I can leave that to the girls…… It’s not going down though. Is it yet? Is it now?

Yeah, let’s make dinner. Yeah, that’s what I should do.

The weather is good, and we are inside a forest. Yeah, such a day calls for BBQ! Though we only have fish and mushrooms, but it’s BBQ.

「Why is there such a nice smell when we are desperately trying to kill the orc? Why are you having a barbecue? Why do you have a table and chairs ready? And when did you have time to gather flowers to decorate everything?!」

Looks like they finally killed it. It took a while. Even though it was Lv 10?

「Err, I thought that everyone must be hungry by now? Look, the flowers are so pretty?」

「「「「Oh yeah, they are…… So?」」」」

They are angry. Such injustice! I made dinner and was waiting for them…… Even though they are eating it with a great appetite!?

It was decided that we will use gobs and kobolds to level up on the way back, and tomorrow, have revenge on the orcs.

「We need a powerful attack.」

「If only I could cut off its arms.」

「We need magic missiles! They are strong!」

「Anyway, is there a clean way to kill it?」

A review meeting was going on for the entire return trip. Good grief, even though I showed them an example two times…… No, it’s nothing, I didn’t say anything.

「Maneuvering with such a crowd is impossible.」

「How about running around while shooting magic? 」

「No, there is nothing we can do if we can’t cut it……」

「No hand-to-hand combat! ………It has Insatiable Libido!」

Looks like they can’t decide on a strategy. It’s at such times when one should return to the basics. Yes, beating to death! ……Ah, no, it’s nothing.

And so we kept assaulting gobs and kobolds until the evening, raising levels.

Extermination carried out through 4 teams of 5 people.

It can’t be called a battle, it’s just a one-sided massacre…… Ah, no, I didn’t say anything.

My mouth turned into X shape, just like that of a certain rabbit.[1. TL Note:] I want to eat a rabbit, where are all deer and boars?

Day 14 – Night, The Cave, Girls Assembly

If Haruka-kun can’t get stronger, then we should. We should just become stronger, and protect him ourselves.

Was supposed to be the theme of this gathering, but…… Eh?

「What the hell is that? Why?」

「Berserking Assassin? What was his job? What is a jobless?」

「And that is without cheats…… What is even a cheat? Are they really needed?」

「I mean, levels are absolute in this world…… Then, what, the, hell, is, that?」

「I’m a sword saint and have Peak of Swordsmanship, but I can’t cut that ……How come he can slash it with a stick?」

「I also have Max Lv in Magic of Four Elements, but I can’t do that. Blowing off a head? How?」

「But we need some kind of a technique to kill them…… Eh, beat to a pulp?」

「Protecting him together?…… We won’t be able to even take him on? That thing? What is the point of protecting that?」

Eeh? Isn’t it fine to leave him alone?

No, we shouldn’t abandon him, but what on earth……was that?

Day 14 – Night, in front of the cave, the tent

The size of the tent? Enough to fit 20 people! Or rather, there are only 20 people! This time it should be okay! This time for sure! And after all these preparations nobody came. Ah, well, I’m a loner after all.

At long last, I can relax…… Ah, status.

NAME: Haruka
Race: Human
AGE 16
Lv 08
Job —

HP      106 (13UP)
MP      107 (15UP)
ViT     105 (14UP)
PoW     104 (15UP)
SpE     103 (16UP)
DeX     102 (15UP)
MiN     114 (18UP)
InT     116 (17UP)
LuK Max (Limit Break)

SP      115

Martial Arts:「Cane Arts Lv 6」「Avoidance Lv 5」(Up)「Premonition Lv 4」(Up)「Mana Wrapping Lv 5」(Up)

Magic:「Temperature Lv 4」「Movement Lv 6」「Weight Lv 4」「Packing Lv 5」「Magic of Four Elements Lv 4」(Up)「Wood Magic Lv 3」(Up) 「Lightning Magic Lv 2」(Up) 「Ice Magic Lv 1」(New)

Skills:「Health Lv 3」(Up)「Sensitive Body Lv 3」「Gymnastics Lv 4」「Walking Lv 6」「Command Lv 3」「Appraisal Lv 4」「Farsight Lv 4」(Up)「Detect Presence Lv 5」(Up)「Search Lv 5」(Up)「Mana Control Lv 5」「Erase Presence Lv 4」(Up)「Stealth Lv 4」(Up)「Concealment Lv 3」(Up)「Map Lv 4」(Up)「Concentration Lv 5」(Up) 「Physical Resistance Lv 3」(Up)「MP Recovery Lv 4」(Up)「HP Recovery Lv 3」(Up) 「Parallel Thinking Lv 2」(Up)「Serial Thinking Lv 1」(New)

Titles:「Hikikomori Lv 4」「NEET Lv 3」「Loner Lv 4」「Mage Lv 5」

Unknown:「Communication Lv 2」(Up)「Jack of All Trades Lv 3」「Dunce Lv 3」 (Up)

Items:「Evergreen Staff?」「Plain Clothes?」「Leather Gloves?」「Leather Boots?」「Cloak?」「Contacts?」「Soul Ring」「Item Bag」「Bracelet PoW+1% SpE +1%」 (New)

Yeah, without realizing, I’ve gotten pretty good at being sneaky. Just what am I trying to become? A stalker? Of orcs?

What is Serial Thinking?…… Ahhh, it must be from shooting the same spell repeatedly. Though I used the same Fire Bullet with kobolds, I also changed targets and angles constantly, so it was parallel thinking. Well, I also have Mana Control, let’s hope that it can give me an upper hand in case of something.

Tch, Dunce leveled up. It’s all because the girls are bullying me. Are they calling me useless behind my back?

14th Day – Over.



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