Chapter 3: There’s No Such Thing as a Clumsy Attribute



Translator: “Daoist Black” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 3 – Cave

Hmmm, I’m hungry…It’s my first time waking up from hunger.

Do I get hungry when I run out of magic? Anyways, let’s eat something first…not that there’s anything but mushrooms. I lightly sprinkle the mushrooms with fire magic and then tear each mushroom into smaller pieces. I then drain the aquatic herbs I found and make a salad. Hmm, I want some dressing. Since the herbs have a light bitterness, I want something with a flavor to neutralize that. As I expected, not having Mayonnaise would be the biggest problem in another world…all I have are mushrooms. It’s not possible after all if mayonnaise could be extracted from mushrooms, that would be a bigger surprise than being transported to another world.

Anyways, my hunger has finally subsided. Let’s wash my face, my daily routine is messed up. It’s a tainted lifestyle in another world except for the fact that I’m a loner.

My level has risen, only Lv2, but I should possess double the ability now. However, if I’ve become two times stronger, shouldn’t there be some odd sensation? I do feel that I’ve become stronger and faster but not to the extent where I feel anything abnormal. In reality, it’s not actually that I’ve become twice as strong rather that I’ve gained twice the combat prowess. Regardless, I don’t allow myself to become overconfident.

The first thing I can do seems to be strengthening myself. I can look for weak monsters to farm but the problem is the possibility of encountering strong monsters.

If I recall correctly, yesterday I gained some sort of martial art…It’s this! [Wrapping Magic Lv1].
Magic control, I can understand Avoidance and Premonition, the one that needs verification is probably Wrapping Magic, what do you wrap I wonder? Then it’s possible that a stalker will cling to it…even though it’s magical power? Power is a stalker? What kind of martial art is this?

Well, first of all, Appraisal-san, please.

[Wrapping Magic Lv.1, strengthens your body by wrapping magic around it. Physical operation, physical strengthening, physical defense, corrected to magic defense].

Oh, it’s a value pack, a bargain, a value set, It’s a bargain for housewives in another world.

I had guessed that it would hold the effect of strengthening my body but to think It would actually be true. If I keep getting wonderful skills like this then there was no need to waste my time in a white room with a senile old man. Isn’t it good in a different world? On the contrary, haven’t I been weakened by going to that white room?

Is this the feeling of your original ability being corrected by the status? Correction in status is more than doubled because of my level up. Furthermore, I will be strengthened by Wrapping Magic. How much stronger have I become?

I can’t master Movement. If I could master it then I might be able to pull off a hit and run but I’ll bump into something and fall. Fugyuu !? Seems like what I’d say. It puts me at risk of gaining Klutz as a title. I can’t use it for now.

It’s probably the most efficient method to master Wrapping Magic. Practice, practice…until I’m able to wrap my entire body in an instant. I don’t feel that exhausted either. And it should be an ability that I can use. Is it cheap and delicious? Fat people would be happy.

And yesterday, after the appraisal Lvl went up to 2, [Wooden stick?], [Basic clothes?], [Leather Gloves?], [Leather Boots?], [Cloak?], [Contacts?]. [?] has been exhausted. Why? Normally, when the level of Appraisal is raised, [?] becomes visible.

Until now, the stats such as offensive power and defense power became visible, but when the Lv of Appraisal went up, the name became “?”. Why degenerate !? Evolution, skill !? What am I supposed to do when I become less aware when I need to become more aware?

My head is hurting like crazy so let’s go outside!




Grace of the forest, its name is mushrooms…Isn’t there anything else! Since it’s a forest and all, wouldn’t it make sense to have a variety of ingredients?

Is this a mushroom village? Am I going to end up fighting with mushroom villagers? Was I summoned to the mushroom forest for the village war? The horrible war of washing blood with blood and wrapping it in chocolate, also exists in this world…
[1. TN Note: This is a reference to a meme born out of a “feud” on which of the snacks produced by the same company since 1980 is tastier. Picture of snacks in question. Example video]

I’ve already gathered mushrooms and gathered mushrooms.

It’s about time to practice Magic Wrapping. My goal is to be able to wrap my entire body within an instant. Then I try running in different directions while trying a variety of movements.
I’m definitely moving fast but I feel like rather than moving after thinking, I’m thinking and moving into moving at the same time. My reaction speed has improved and I’m no longer making unnecessary movements. I’m gonna need time to get used to this. If I level up again by the time I get used to it then there’s no point but you lose the moment you think like that. Am I going to start thinking that If I start working then I lose one of these days?

Lightly, I can adjust the movement of my body while swinging the wooden stick. I attempt to trace my movements from the battle yesterday. I can only say that it feels great. From a bystanders perspective, it will appear as if my movements have gotten sharper? It’s hard to ask a goblin, so I’ll fight them to test it out.

It’s a secret that I tried Movement and fell down.

It seems that they come out near the river, but when I loop back, I can see many signs of their presence.

It would be nice if I could find a small pack of them. I find two goblins but they’re not far apart like yesterday so there’s a high chance that it will turn into a 2v1.

They’re levels are 9 and 11, slightly stronger than the ones from yesterday. I won’t be fast enough to launch a sneak attack with just Walking. I run from the side to not kill any momentum. There was considerable resistance. Goblin A has become unable to move. I celebrated but the goblin didn’t move, can you read the atmosphere?

While avoiding the downward swing of Goblin B, I crouch down and move sideways. I circle to the back of the goblin and deliver a hit. Then I immediately fall back a set distance away and observe the situation. I don’t let my guard down and pay attention to my surroundings.

[Have I done it?]

Despite acting as if I had let my guard down, the goblins do not show any hint of movement, it appears they are dead. What a bunch of ignorant fools.

It feels as if things went a lot smoother than yesterday. Not sure if it’s because I’ve gotten used to fighting or if it’s because of the level up. It’s a pain to verify whether it’s because of the effects of Wrapping Magic. It should be fine to leave it at the general conclusion that I’ve become stronger. At least I’ve now confirmed that I can fight goblins. I don’t know of any other monsters but goblins nor any ingredients other than mushrooms.

Does the effect of Wrapping Magic extend to the wooden stick? It feels as if it extends to the stick but I’m not sure what exactly has changed, it does feel as if the stick has gotten stronger though.
I continue to look for more targets as I’m not yet exhausted. My next targets are two goblins, Lv 7 and Lv 8. I eliminate them both in one hit. The goblins get weaker as I go upstream. They are weaker the closer they are to the riverside. Is the most dangerous part of the forest straight from the cave? The goblins also move around so I’m not sure but there may be a gathering spot so I need to be careful. I will aim for a temporary truce with the goblins!

I head deep inside the forest from the cave side. There are two Lv 10 goblins and one Lv 13 goblin. As long as I kill the Lv 13 goblin in a surprise attack, the remaining two will be easy to deal with after. Lv 13 huh? As I had expected, they’ve become stronger. Dealing with 3 at the same time seems a bit scary so I’ll leave them here for now.

On the way back to the cave, I deal with a Lv 11 and Lv 10 goblin in a flash. The Lv of the goblins are lower when heading down the river. If this is the case, I have my new hunting ground. If I try to fight goblins Lv 10 and above with brute force then I’ll lose so I sneak attack them from behind, haste, evade and land a blow from the back. Using these 3 tactics are necessary. Any goblins above Lv 10 can only be defeated by building up momentum and sneak attacking them from behind. I will lose the fight without relying on a sneak attack until I master Movement. Why do I have to beat goblins to death with a stick as well…

In a world of magic and swords, I’m unemployed and hitting things with a stick. What are the future prospects of a person that ambushes goblins from behind with a stick? Ambushing with a stick makes me no different than a goblin.

I arrive home slightly dazed. I weep slightly at my pitiful self. There is no need to deliberate on my dinner, it’s mushrooms. Bon appetit.

For the time being, I put firewood and other resources in the corner of the cave. Even if I call them resources, they’re easily breakable. Regardless it’s a tree that defeated a demon. If I leave it alone, it’ll eventually become firewood. If it can be processed, furniture and tools can be made. After that…I haven’t used these clubs, and I’ll probably never use them, but I’ll leave a few of them in the item bag. I have no spare weapons yet and there’s no harm in being too careful.

After bathing, I lie down in my tent. My back hurts if I lie down on the cave floor. I have a sleeping bag, but I want a bed that has double cushioning. Even a loner wants a comfy bed.

My Lv didn’t rise, I guess it’s not so easy, after all, the rise of Lv is slow and bad.

You can’t become strong overnight. I guess I just have to learn things one by one.

Consider, train, test and practice skills, verify results, and improve skills. We have to make trials and errors endlessly and build our own way of fighting, we have no choice but to improve ourselves little by little. Since I’ve transferred to another world, it doesn’t have to be a cheat, but a technique or weapon that’s more cool is not too much to ask for is it? These skills are too plain. Another world…

Don’t think, don’t think, it’s important to be steady, surely. So it seems that high school students before the examination were selected, and my class seems to be useless.
[2. TN Note: He’s talking about the center exam that all high school students take at the end of the year. It’s a very important exam that can quite literally decide your future. Just like the SAT.]

I can use Wrapping Magic. The effect was tremendous, and although the Lv up and other factors might have had to do with it, I can definitely fight the goblin. If you can defeat it in a short time, you will not be surrounded by it’s friends.

I ambushed Lv 13 but it was still hard to defeat. It was a tough opponent indeed. There is still most likely a higher leveled opponent. Before my level rises, my skill level might rise. I should probably use my skills frequently to level them up.

After that, I want a decisive factor. If I have the speed to attack and escape, I can control the battle, if I can master the Movement skill, I can do that.

That’s right, practice Movement until I go to sleep! [It hurts!], [Ugyah!], [Guwah]…[Ku~], [Ate]…[Fuweee]. This is going to be quite hard.

Name Haruka Race Human

AGE 16

Lv 02

Job —

HP 23

MP 21

ViT 22

PoW 21

SpE 25

DeX 25

MiN 21

InT 25

LuK Max(Limit Break)

SP 05

Martial Arts   「Cane Arts Lv2」「AvoidanceLv1」「Premonition Lv1」「Wrapping Magic Lv1」

Magic    「Tempature Lv2」「Movement Lv1」「Weight Lv1」「Packing Lv1」「Fire Magic Lv1」

Skills 「Health Lv1」「Sensitive BodyLv2」 「Gymnastics Lv2」「Walking Lv2」(Up)「Command Lv1」「Appraisal Lv2」「Clarivoyance Lv1」「Detect Presence Lv2」「SearchLv2」「Magic Control Lv1」

Titles 「Hikikomori Lv1」「NEET Lv1」「Loner Lv1」

Unknown 「CommunicationLv1」「Jack of All Trades Lv1」「Muppet Lv1」

Items 「Wooden Stick?」「Basic Clothes?」「Leather Gloves?」「Leather Boots?」「Mantle?」「Contacts?」「Soul Ring」「Item Bag」

Ah, my Walking leveled up, I may have increased my speed, and my travel distance would have increased, but with this, the difficulty of using Movement has also risen too…[Hehehe].



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