Chapter 42: I got scolded when I said that the inn might be haunted because of the sounds that can be heard at night.




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Day 24 – Morning, Dungeon.

Anyway, we keep on fighting, at any rate, be it as it may be, we just keep fighting. One way or another we have to raise our levels as much as possible, because that’s what Haruka-kun wanted of us. Even though we can’t do anything for him, even though we didn’t do a single thing for him, we can’t now say that we wouldn’t even try to do what he wanted.

「Hahー Hahー Hooー」

「……Lamaze breathing?」

And who is the father?! Oda-kun and the others raised their levels at the most efficient place for that. Mysterious dungeons that exist in this world.

Even the denizens of this world don’t know why they exist, but Oda-kun and the others said that it is a cliché and accepted it as the most natural thing.

There is no need to understand this though, we won’t get it anyway, the only thing we know for real is that we have to get stronger. Even though no one wants to understand it, everyone followed along, because that is what Haruka-kun wanted us to do.

「Why did this snake suddenly pop out of nowhere! Why is it wriggling like that!」

「There are monsters like this, that don’t get caught by Detect Presence, so you have to be on your guard at all times.」

Under the guidance of Oda-kun and the others, we fight, talk, and fight again.

「Alternate vanguard, eehm, triangle plus one, and no lightning walls.」


During the breaks, we take lectures on skills, adjust our status, activate skills for SP to better optimize things for our fighting styles, and learn new skills. Oda-kun and the others fluently talk at length about those topics as if they have already seen all of this before. Did they really live in Japan not so long ago? Why do they know all of this so well? So Haruka-kun was serious when he said that 『They will get serious after getting to a Different World』.

1F are goblins, easy.

2F are kobolds, not a threat.

3F are green wolves, simply annoying.

4F are…… 4F are some kind of insects…… Like huge water bugs walking upright……

Normally, it would’ve turned into a huge uproar, everyone would be screaming amidst total chaos…… But we defeated them, unfazed. Disgusting…… Gross…… Don’t want to lay even one finger on them……And they are spewing some kind of fluid upon being cut…… But we calmly dispatch them. They aren’t strong. Just gross. We won’t be killed by something like this. It’s not a fight for our lives. We don’t need to resolve ourselves. So we cannot falter at such a fight. There is no way such a thing can be allowed.

On 5F we…… Vented out our frustration at the orcs there. The bugs were way too gross……

Currently, we are on 6F, green snakes here bypass 「Detect Presence」to make surprise attacks. But it’s okay. We are not that weak anymore. If they attack we simply beat them.

There is only a bit until the stairs to 7F. Today’s goal is 20F, and it doesn’t matter if it’s unreasonable or reckless. We are just going for it. That’s all we can do.

It’s fine. Everyone appears calm and composed.

It’s about time we go back. We reached only 17F but experience-wise there seems to be no big difference between monsters on 12F to 24F so it’s fine for our goal to raise levels. Everyone is simply letting their anger out at monsters, and at this world.

「The mantises of this floor also pose no threat.」

17F also was full of insects, and they also were spewing some weird fluids, but it is still better than THAT on 4F…… Those looked completely like cockroaches! Don’t come near me! Don’t stand up!!

「Then, the time is up, let’s go back. Switch the vanguards, we are going to sweep through the place in 2 teams.」

「Yees.」「Roger.」「OK!」「Got it.」「Where do I go?」「The right group is this way.」「Which?」「There?」「Here!」「Aah!」「Which way is right?」「Hurry up.」「Yes.」……

It’s fine, everyone looks alright.

Soon, we will reach level 50. Shimazaki-san and others are over 60 already. In two or three days they should catch up to the levels of Oda-kun’s group.

No one knows what we are getting stronger for, but we have to…… Is this really it? Is this what we should be doing?

It’s fine, everyone looks calm.

Even though the crying is all I can hear coming from the rooms at night.

Day 42

Yeah, it’s a big haul of gobs, kobolds, fish, and mushrooms!

Yeah, walking is nice after all. But this alone is meaningless.

As expected, I didn’t level up, but I managed to get new skills.

It might be pointless but it was worthwhile.

A few skills also leveled up.

There is no particular point, but it is probably threatening.

I was certain that he would manipulate the wannabes and would come from behind.

But the idiots probably were too strong, so the guest will be alone.

There is nothing left in the forest. Passing through this area is the only thing to do here.

He is probably building up some mismatched plan for this incompatible match up.

So I have to assist him, so the mismatched parts would remain this way.

Spoil and ruin things for him, sneakily pulling out the crucial piece.

It’s about time. Maybe he needs someone to pick him up?

Well, I didn’t invite him, so I can’t go out and welcome him.

He can come on his own if he wants, and even if he doesn’t, he has no choice here.

The fish is delicious, and I still have meat left.

I can’t show much hospitality, but I will make sure to give him a lot of parting gifts.

It’s getting late.

I already ate dinner and took a bath.

Today was a good day.

No, today was the worst.

「Long time no see, Tanaka-kun. Took you a while? Isn’t it completely too late by now? What did you even came here for?」




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