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Chapter 46: If I fry them, will I be able to escape this lengthy trial? And by them, I mean the geeks.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 25 – Morning, White Weirdo Inn

The long sermon went all night long. Or rather, from the middle of the night up to the early morning, it is still in force, in the present continuous form. A joint effort. All Stars. Surrounded on all sides. Everyone is taking their turns. Will I be able to escape this if I fry them? The geeks for example? I can fry them, right? They have no intention of helping me. Yeah, I positively should do this.

They kept endlessly scolding me.

But I had no other options?

Yet they kept relentlessly lecturing me.

But no one aside from me could’ve pulled that off?

They fervently scolded me.

Isn’t it all that Kawamoto guy’s fault?

I lost my allowance!

This is just too much!!!

I did my best, you know? I did, you know!?

A discussion began. The geeks seem to have no intention of helping me. Read the mood! I’m hunting them down later and then frying them.

The idiots were idiots. Well, it’s not like I expected anything from you guys……

「So what was his deal in the end? Why no one could beat him……?」

「He interfered with the minds and nervous system? Kind of.」

Mind manipulation combined with illusions, and abnormal statuses. It’s impossible to even fight him properly.

「And what about Plunder?」

「He copied it with Mimic. Or imitated? Mimicked? Kind of?」

That’s why no one paid attention to him, no one was on guard, and with no one keeping an eye on him, he was able to go through his preparations. And could execute his plan into reality.

「He had tons of skills, right? 13 people worth… 」

「Hmm? Magic Immunity? Instant Death? Abnormal Status, and illusions? And something else? 」

The build meant to counter other cheats. The build was meant for killing those with cheat abilities. The sequence he came up with to safely kill cheat owners. And in order to stick to that sequence, he held back. Held back and died.

「But why you~? Haruka-kun?」

Oooh, they are swaying…… No, it’s nothing, really.

「He is a Cheat Killer. But I have no cheats? So there is nothing that can be taken from me that can become a problem.」


Looks like I had Anti-Anti-Cheat. Reverse Cheat. Wait, isn’t that just a handicap?! Just where am I supposed to use such crap?

Even if he used all of the skills he had and managed to kill me, stealing my skills, he wouldn’t be able to kill the president and others with my skills alone. That’s why it was a checkmate for him, no matter what he did.

「Well, since it all happened in front of the cave, I had a buff from 「Hikikomori」for protecting my home. Until now it also kept me from dying in the forest despite my weakness…… I guess?」

That’s why I wanted to go back to the cave. The cave had to remain my home. That’s the only place where I could fight. That’s the only place where I could survive.

Well, in the end…

「I thought he was a genius, but turns out he is just an idiot? He could’ve won if he made use of all of his skills to overwhelm me. But in that case, he won’t be able to take on other cheat users? So he held back? Kind of?」

He was a dumbass. He had his plans derailed by the idiots. Wasting his skills he then held back against me and got killed. Killed by me.

If he killed the idiots and stole their skills he wouldn’t have lost. If he didn’t hold back against me he wouldn’t have lost as well. It’s because he tried to take the place of a hero, despite being some side character, he was unable to become even a minor character and was killed by a side character. It was supposed to be a fight for mutual destruction, yet he crumbled before me.

You don’t even need to read the first page to understand this. Just read the introduction of other characters. We are just supporting characters. Side characters in an epic that is about to begin. Classmates A and B. We aren’t even characters, my role was supposed to be Classmate A, who lives in that cave, taming goblins, who will get killed by Classmate B, who came out of the forest, who will then die to monsters on his way out of the forest, because he lost power. That’s it.

And yet, while a minor character like me was tossed around by the main characters, he misunderstood his role. He thought that he was the protagonist. That’s why the story fell apart. That’s why things fell apart. And…… I survived.

He was an idiot that in this tale of a different world, in a world of sword and magic, still believed that 1 = 1.

Day 24 – Over. Or rather Day 25 – Beginning.




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