Chapter 7: Half of the story was made of grudge and resentment No kindness included it seems Part 2




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Aside from me, everyone was teleported to the forest almost at the same time, those that were in the classroom and those that were outside, 42 people came to this world. That’s a lot, I can’t even remember all of their names, even though they are my classmates.

Though everyone received an explanation from the God, it seems that it still turned into chaos. Well, that’s only natural.

It seems that the bullies, the wannabe delinquents and egoistic gyaru bitches, were especially annoying.

The wannabe delinquents were swinging swords around and randomly casting offensive magic, causing great havoc. And when asked to stop they would reply by attacking.

And as for the ego bitches, they would say they don’t know anything and won’t do a thing. You people do something, they screeched.

Girls from the normal group burst into tears.

Athletic guys gathered and began a discussion among themselves, ignoring everyone around.

Ordinary boys blended with the air.

The conscience of our class, the class president, tried to get everyone in order, but apparently, it was complete pandemonium, all inside the forest.

By the way, during the time everyone forgot about the geeks, they were exchanging information on their stats, skills, and equipment, checking and testing magic. What a cheeky bunch.

And making this much fuss in a forest, you are bound to attract monsters.

Goblins rushed there from the various parts of the forest.

Even the reliable class president froze at that. Though she did her best, that probably was her limit.

The girls began crying even louder. No, since monsters came, just shut up already.

The bitches started bitching, 「You are men, so do something.」. How annoying.

The wannabe delinquents, despite making a fuss, blasting magic and swinging swords before, went silent as soon as they saw monsters. This is so stupid that I can’t even comprehend it.

The ordinary boys continued blending with the air.

What? Only the president gets a charitable evaluation? That’s only natural, she is kind enough to call out to something like me, and also beautiful. Who cares about others?

And in the midst of such mayhem. In some strange turn of fate, it was geeks, already battle-ready for another world, who began silently repelling goblins. Then, the athletic guys finally joined the battle as well, and thus they were able to prevail.

Then, the president that somehow managed to regain composure, half threatened the trash, that kept making a fuss despite all this, telling them「Staying here is dangerous!」and moved them to the dry riverbed with a good outlook.

Meanwhile, the geeks drifted away from the group on their own, collecting food, supplies, and firewood, advancing preparations to set up a camp.

With half of the group doing worse than nothing and actively getting in the way, it’s actually amazing that all of them managed to come out unharmed.

Perhaps by the evening they got tired, or finally grew bored of making a fuss, but they split into groups and started idling.

The geeks built fires here and there, put up a tent that was among their items, and used the food, that they gathered, and some emergency rations and prepared dinner for everyone.

By the way, they actually did survival training on a daily basis in preparations for being summoned to another world, are they stupid? Or does this count as stupidly smart?

With this and that the president did her best to organize the process, while ordinary boys and girls, learning from the geeks, set up tents and finally began doing something productive.

Afterward, the geeks kept acting on their own like it was the most natural thing to do. After all, they were excluded from the group before. They just can’t read the mood.

The mage used earth magic and survival skills to create a fence, ditch, and pitfalls.

The shinobi went out on reconnaissance, during which he set up alarm traps and assassinated goblins he found.

Meanwhile, the saint used healing magic to cure wounded and sick, and also constructed a watering hole and a simple toilet.

The guardian made patrols around the perimeter while maintaining the bonfires. The goblins that came nearby were quietly exterminated.

Just what is a geek?

Luckily, the goblins around the camp were weaklings only level 1-5, so everyone, at last, regained their composure and the discussion began.

Distribution of duties, rotations for night watch, discussion on further actions, the matter of food supply… The president voiced her own solutions, asked the geeks for their comments and advice, coaxed hesitant people, making decisions on those issues, one after another. If I ever meet her again, I’ll call her class president-sama.

But, as one would expect, a problem occurred.

Naturally, the cause was the wannabe delinquents and bitches.

The first who started to make noise were the bitches. It seems that they began grumbling that someone else should set up their tent.

The president interjected, saying that she will help, so they should do it together, but the bitches didn’t listen. 「Men should be doing this「We never wanted to come to such a place「The food is crap, remake it!「Just do something」etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.」」」

In such a case, they of course wouldn’t do anything themselves. Then the wannabe delinquents began yelling that the geeks should do everything. No matter what the president said, they would reply with threats and shouts, intimidating everyone around.

And with that bad atmosphere, everything finally crumbled apart.

Of course, being summoned to another world, the situation was abnormal.

The appearance of never before seen monsters.

Almost getting killed.

Killing in retaliation.

Death, seen for the first time.

No teachers, only screaming idiots from the second year of high school.

Being called the natural-born class president who is relied on by everyone, she still desperately tried to bring everyone together.

But there is no way she could do that. She herself probably understood that it is impossible.

The situation wasn’t on the level that a 16-year-old girl can do something about even if she is a class president.

At this point, there is no such thing as a class.

「……Fine……That’s enough……」

Having said that, the class president cast her eyes down and went silent, thus the discussion broke down.

Without coming to any conclusion.

Without anyone understanding anything.

Without knowing what they should do as well.

Without knowing that they shouldn’t be doing too.

Without sharing any means, measures, or information vital to their survival.

The students that were coming to an agreement, turned noncooperative, because why would they work if others won’t.

Without any rules, without even being a group anymore.

A bunch of 42 people with cheat skills. The class president who is capable of leading the group and the geeks with the knowledge of another world and skills, acting together they surely could survive in the world filled with monsters. That is quite a power.

And that turned into a crowd that didn’t know its power nor how to fight, that didn’t have any knowledge about monsters or the world itself and just kept pushing blame onto others.

They were locked out of the safest, most reliable, and certain way to survive in this world, uniting.

They were checkmated the moment the president gave up on organizing them.

Of course, it wasn’t the president’s fault.

If at least the geeks helped her, the outcome could’ve been somewhat different. However, that is too much to ask.

They lack the very concept of communication skills. They are geeks after all.

Even so, without saying anything they kept protecting, fighting, and sharing. Though it bore no meaning for the idiots.

「The story is way too heavy! And also long. And so you ran away?」

I interrupt the geeks with their endless drama story, bitching, complaints, and badmouthing.

And also serve a staple dish of our house 「Assortment of other world’s mushrooms with mysterious vegetables on the side」.

「Until now it was about what happened on the first day, but the reason we ran away is what happened after that……」

「The real troubles started after that, later. It was really the worst.」

「No, it’s not like we just ran away all of a sudden, it’s later, they kept going geeks, geeks, don’t you know our names?! We are classmates!」

「The mushrooms are delicious!!!」

Eeeh, there is still more to that heavy story? No matter how you think, it doesn’t look like it’s going to become more optimistic after that.

「Your names are Geek, right? Geek A, B, C, D, right? Like goblins, Gob A, Gob B.」

Good grief, what are they even talking about.

「No, it’s probably not the names, it’s like, the name of the species?」

「Stop it! What are you gonna do if Geek A really shows up in the status?」

「Or rather, are we treated the same as monsters?!」

「Eh?! So you weren’t Geek A, B, and C?!」

「「「EVEN YOU?!」」」

An unexpected betrayal by Geek D. Yeah, as expected there is no happy end to their story.

「Jokes aside, Haruka-kun, so you came here as well?」

It wasn’t a joke though, but let’s leave it at that.

「I was summoned along with you but was delayed with transportation here. When I arrived there was no one around.」

Thanks to that I got the title 「Loner」.

「I thought that you were the only one who managed to escape. After all, you were trying very hard to escape.」

「「「That was amazing.」」」

Eeeeeeh? They were watching?

「The room suddenly goes pitch dark, a mysterious magic circle appears on the ground and begins shining, gradually turning brighter and brighter, and when I thought that it’s a whiteout, I ended up in a completely white room all alone!! And during all that you had time to watch me? Aren’t you too calm?」

I’m really surprised.

「Well, I just thought, ah, we are probably getting summoned to another world. And then, dashing from the middle of the room to kick the door in the back, then throwing a chair at the window, after which you climbed the locker and disappeared above the ceiling. Wouldn’t that surprise just about anyone?」

Uwaaa, they totally were watching.

「How about being surprised about the summoning itself, like normal people?」

It was a very ANOTHER WORLD SUMMONING-like. The God was probably working hard on it, giving it some attention, well, I didn’t watch it as well though.

「No, no, until now I saw plenty of summonings in anime and manga, but it’s the first time I saw someone escaping it through an attic.」

「Yeah, to think there was such an option……」

「Normally, one would give up after trying doors and windows.」

「Just like a ninja.」

No, the only shinobi here is you, job-wise.

While talking about this and that, I had them one by one take a bath and a nap.

After that, we continued with the story, exchange of information, and plans.

The continuation of the story was the worst.

It seems that the geeks ended up gathering food, doing the maintenance of the base, and fighting the monsters all by themselves.

The class president and some of the students were helping, but they couldn’t possibly keep up with the work of those four, and the idiots just kept complaining without doing anything.

And finally, they even began demanding more food, and complaining about the narrowness of their tents and an abundance of free time. If you don’t know what to do then work. I’m working this hard and yet I’m a NEET.

But apparently, the geeks were proactively raising their levels, combat was one of the reasons for that, but the biggest one was the skills 「Puppetry」and「Charm」, that they saw in the white room. Someone took them.

To cope with it they planned to raise levels to resist it. Take resistance skills. And finding them, seal.

Apparently, high ranked skills require Skill Points to manifest themselves, none of mine needed that, so they aren’t high rank, well, not like I didn’t know that already.

And like that, they were searching for the holders of「Puppetry」and「Charm」while raising the level of Appraisal. Well, having 50P and spending 30P on that makes it a premeditated crime.

It seems that one can’t see with appraisal the skills that are yet to manifest themselves, or perhaps they lacked the level of appraisal, but the skills didn’t show on anyone’s status. There was a possibility of them being concealed, but with the difference in levels, they should’ve become visible anyway.

「I surely was the last one, but no such amazing skills remained. Only crap and hell-mode skills.」

And on top of that, all of those hell-mode skills were pushed onto me without my consent.

「We were shown the skills almost right away, but it was already after those were taken.」

「「Those hell-mode skills were amazing! One of those is enough to checkmate you.」」

Yup, it’s those guys we are talking about. They surely skipped the God’s explanations and immediately went to check the skill.

Which means that someone asked for「Puppetry」or「Charm」immediately after arriving in the white room.

They are certainly aiming to either become a ruler or create a harem. Or, maybe even both.

And also, don’t say checkmated. Don’t say that even one can checkmate you! I have ALL of them! And I even got a new one after that! I’m going to cry!

「I’m done. What the hell is that bath? Rococo style bathtub?」

「A mere bath without a beautiful slave girl???」

「A mere bath. Hurry up and get in, or even better, go drown yourself.」

After that, the geeks slept, taking turns, and continued with their story upon waking up, I want to sleep, their talk is too long.

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