Chapter 63: I also really want Fall Damage Reduction or Fall Damage Immunity




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Chapter 63: I also really want Fall Damage Reduction or Fall Damage Immunity.

Day 29? – The Faraway Labyrinth, the Lowest Floor.


It fell. It looks very painful. The big body that the minotaur has looks pretty heavy.

Ah, another one.


We got two guests here.

They are almost dead though.

No, it’s amazing that you didn’t die after a fall from such a height, Mino-san. Having ViT over 800 proved useful. You are almost dead though.

Aah, it’s because you are wearing such a heavy armor.『Physical Attack Immunity』and『Incomplete Magic Reflection』, huh. Sounds strong. And level 99 on top of that… But you are barely breathing?

Yup,『Physical Attack Immunity』won’t save you? You needed『Fall Damage Immunity』or『Fall Damage Reduction』……

Ah, I want that as well! I really do.

For now, I’ll whack them.

They have『Regeneration』, so I can’t relax here at all. So I just club them indiscriminately.

Uwaaa, their PoW is over 700! Those bastards! They are dead though.

The coliseum of the last floor is large and has the form of a hemisphere. The ceiling is super high, probably several dozen meters.

And above it are lots of strong enemies.

If I go up they will beat the hell out of me, so I decided to open a hole in the ceiling and beat them to death after welcoming them to this floor. I guess this can be called a success? Or should it be called animal abuse? It’s hard to even look at.

By the way, before Mino-san, a living armor came here, and it was insanely strong. ……Or at least it looked that way? In a way, that was a very unfortunate fall. Scattering all over the place from the impact was fatal. Apparently, its only vulnerability is a small Soul Stone hidden inside the strongest armor…… And that Soul Stone-san rolled all the way to my feet? So after I gave it a tap with Evergreen Staff? it passed away. Kind of?

The effect of the armor is 『Complete Immunity』, so it probably was very strong. But Living Armor-san was also a victim. The armor nullified all damage, rendering physical attacks, magic attacks, and abnormal status effects useless. The ultimate armor. But it had no『Fall Damage Immunity』! It’s a scam! It wasn’t complete at all…… Well, it probably did block the physical damage from the fall, but the shock from impact scattered it all over the place…… Yeah, indeed, the armor doesn’t have even a scratch on it. But how about protecting what’s inside?

I strongly suspect that Living Armor-san was the boss, while 「Skeleton?」was the hidden boss.

The armor「Full Silver Armor「Complete Immunity」「Enhance All」「Skill: Guardian」? ? ?「Cursed: Fuses with Flesh」」, is an extreme cheat, but it’s cursed. It’s useless then!

When I was about to put it into the item bag, considering cursing the Tank Geek with it,「Skeleton?」-san looked very intently at me, and when asked「Wanna try it?」energetically nodded, so I gave it to her.

Indeed, it’s not good for a girl to be walking around bare naked…… Or rather, bare-bones. She needs something to wear. The curse of 『Fuses with Flesh』worried me, but she has no flesh, and when asked about this, she kept nodding, so it’s probably okay.

When「Skeleton?」put the silver armor on her bones, it swiftly changed from the previous giant macho form to a glamorous feminine shape. It’s a secret that I found this to be lewd despite it being just bones and metal. No, it’s really lewd?

「Skeleton?」-san also seems to have adapted to it, since she now delivers finishing blows to minotaurs with the sword that one of them dropped. Good! Good?

At first, when I began dropping the minotaurs down here I felt a flat gaze from behind, which surprised me a lot. But how can she give such a look if she has only a skull? Looks like dungeons still hold many great mysteries.

But right now she dances like a butterfly and stings like a bee, tearing the enemies apart. Just what is Lv 1?

Well, since we killed level 100 Living Armor-san and she keeps slaughtering level 99 minotaurs the level must be rapidly raising.

I feel like by now 「Skeleton?」-san might be able to force her way through packs of minotaurs even if I don’t drop them here. I’d die though.




How long is this going to continue? Just how many Mino-sans are there? No way anyone can make it through that floor. No wonder in all those years no one made it through.

1F was goblins.

Since I fell from there, I have no idea what’s on 2F.

「Skeleton?」-san originally was level 27, but Living Armor-san was level 100.

The minotaurs that are currently in free fall are Lv 99.

Is this perhaps 100F? I don’t see any information signs to confirm this.

An elevator operator also won’t announce which floor this is. Since there are no elevators. The only thing we have here is a pitfall…




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