Chapter 67: Everyone in our original world is like that, probably?




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 29? – The Faraway Labyrinth, 95F

Phew. Thank goodness……

Looks like I avoided getting replaced after the first arc, and no「The Silver Knight」will be starting. So we are moving on. Well, there might be nothing for me to do…… Nothing…… I feel like before long I might become 『Man in Black Mantle A』…

We climb the stairs to 94F.

Of course, Skelly Pres leads the way. Since I gave her the mantle I was relieved that I won’t now have trouble with where to look, but it flutters, and from time to time I get a peek…… Of the armor. Why am I looking at it? Did I get a weird mania? Is it armor fetish? That is a new genre for sure! But I refuse to pioneer it!

In the first place, the armor is too glamorous. It didn’t have to fit so tightly! Who even asked for that? The content of the armor is a skeleton, so why is it so sensual? I will consider it another mystery of this dungeon.

I make a bonfire. Throw a bunch of green wood into it, and also add paralysis mushrooms to the fire. Ah, it’s fuming. Using Wind Magic I send those vapors through 94F.

The monster of this floor is 『Assassin Tarantula Lv 94』, so this seems to be the right answer for this floor.

These are spiders. And on top of that assassins, silent killers.

I hope they won’t say 『So what?』, if they do, I’m running away, immediately. [1]

But spiders are spiders, right?

Detect Presence doesn’t pick up those Assassin Tarantulas at all, so I have no idea where they are, on top of that, there are dozens of them and they all have 『Instant Death』poison! It’s way too dangerous!

Thus, I decided to fumigate them.

All Assassin spiders are dropping to the ground, and convulsing lying on their backs. Skelly Pres silently delivers the final blow to them with a reproachful gaze, while I keep blowing the smoke.

I mean, if a bunch of spiders with an instant kill poison were to swarm at me all trying to attack me from a blind spot, or ambush me, I’d just die. Certainly. So what else can I do?

Moving forward while burning down the nest of the spiders we found the stairs. Time for 93F, huh. What is the current time? Or actually, the current day? Aren’t I nearing my limit? I should take a break or a nap. I wonder if Skelly Pres needs sleep as well?

「Hm? There is something?……」

A hidden room in a corner of the dungeon? I check it after properly smoking it through.

「OOooh! A treasure chest! Finally! Is it where my affection rating was hidden?」

Beside me a『Genocide Tarantula Lv 94』 is twitching. It’s huge though? Well, who cares.

「A treasure chest, a treasure chest, finally a treasure chest!」

But inside was neither my affection rating nor a Pheromone Ring.

What was even the point of me coming here?

『Magic Key – can open any lock of level MAX and lower.』, if it’s MAX and lower, then doesn’t it mean that it can open any lock? Are there locks with a level higher than MAX? Well, now I can open even locked treasure chests. I got the key that can open any door, but what about the key to the door to my adulthood? I feel like the door itself is nowhere to be found? At this rate even if I had the key, it would rust away and wouldn’t be able to open anything anymore.

The next one is 93F, huh. It’s taking a while. I open a hole in the ceiling to check on things there.

What do we have here… 『Skeleton Paladin Lv 93』, skeleton huh. Skelly Pres’ colleagues.

「There are skeletons over there? Is it going to be okay? You don’t have friends among them? Maybe relatives?」

Skelly Pres looks at me with a flat gaze. No friends or relatives it seems. Is she a loner? Well, then it should be fine to kill them. The problem is that they are skeleton PALADINs. Skeletons have a darkness attribute, and yet, they are paladins? In other words, holy knights. So the holy attribute probably won’t work against them. Well, maybe I can just burn them? All the way to the bones?

For starters, let’s invite one of them over here.


Poor thing. It’s a skeleton and a paladin in one package, so it has『Holy Resistance』, and 『Piercing Resistance』, but no resistance to blunt attacks, or impact. With the shock from the fall, it lost its head and died.

Looks like merely dropping them here is enough. Since it’s a drag making them fall one by one, I drop all of them at once.


Looks like total annihilation. A short while after they lose their heads they disappear, leaving magic stones.

93F was pretty fast. If only every floor could be like this. The staring skeleton in charge of collecting magic stones seems to have something to say, but since she can’t talk it’s all good.

Climbing to the 93F it’s now the time to scout 92F, or more like sneak a peek. Well, in the end, it’s another hole.

It’s swimming? 『Sky Shark Lv 92』…Looks like it is a shark? Is it supposed to swim through the air just because it has the sky in the name? A shark?

Opening holes I repeatedly thrust through them.


It would’ve been better if I had a harpoon, but I guess stabbing with 『Evergreen Staff?』will also work, so I repeatedly thrust with it. It’s quite a chore. I use Lightning Magic to infuse the staff and just keep stabbing away.

How unfortunate for you, sharks. I’m sure a flying shark would’ve inevitably caused panic in this world, but in our world Jaws always get killed. Hit with electricity, or stabbed with a harpoon, sometimes shot with a rifle, or swallowing a depth charge, or repeatedly shot with an underwater rifle and then run over with a boat as a finisher. I came from a world that was scary for sharks. By now, everyone in my world is ready to happily pounce at a shark the moment they spot one. Probably?

「Did I get it?」

No reply.

「We won.」

Still no reaction.

Okay, this means they are obliterated. Let’s climb there.

Skelly Pres seems to be sighing. Even though she is a skeleton? She doesn’t even breathe, so where is that sigh coming from?

Even so, it’s a good thing. Rather than being all alone in complete darkness, it’s better if she acts a bit like a human in almost complete darkness. Well, though it indeed might be rare to see such a lively skeleton.

[TL Notes: 1.] Reference to “Yes, I’m a spider, So what?”




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