Chapter 82: Some say it is worse than bullying, but it seems that’s not the case.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 32? – The Faraway Labyrinth, 67F

That’s right, it’s not my fault at all. That startled me, but thinking calmly, 『Cloak?』that I’m wearing has『Cloak of Magic Reflection – Reflects Magic』in one of the slots, so the Instant Death effect got reflected! That must be it! It’s not because of my eyes! It’s all because of Magic Reflection! Probably. I don’t even have Instant Death! I don’t? Right? It’s not because of my eyes? It’s surely not? Right? Imps? What imps? My eyes have nothing to do with that. Certainly! That’s final.

Evil Eye left 『Evil Eye』behind. I don’t get it.

Since it pissed me off I tried to smash it to pieces but was stopped by Armored Pres, who grasped my hands from behind. Armored Pres is desperately shaking her head. Is it such a valuable thing? Can I smash it anyway? For real.

「Evil Eye – Protective Charm against all Abnormal Effects, 『Evil Eye』,『Magic Eye』,『Eye of Insight』,『Wisdom Eye』」, getting this from someone who died instantly I can hardly believe in its effectiveness. Rather, I’d like to ask why it didn’t use this amulet?

Holding 『Evil Eye』in her hand, Armored Pres pointed to my eyes, trying to say something? Huh? Evil eye? My eyes??? My eyes are evil eyes?! Is she picking a fight with me?! I thought her to be my ally, and she is dissing me?!

She is shaking her head, I guess not? Now she seems to be thinking hard about something.

Looking at me, she then pointed to 『Evil Eye』.

「Eehm? Evil Eye?」

She nodded, then pointed to my eyes.

「…………My eyes?」

She once again nodded and then brought Evil Eye right under my nose.

「Eeeh? My eyes are evil eyes? 『Your eyes are cursed.』?! So you are dissing me after all?!」

Armored Pres began stomping on the ground. Looks like this is a very common practice in this world. Just in case I decided to go along and also began stomping on the ground, after which Armored Pres sunk to the floor, holding her head.

Is she going through a phase? But if she is eternal 17, then can it even be called a phase if it will never end? Being 17 is difficult, even inside a dungeon.

After that, she kept endlessly gesturing. It seems she wants to cram this Evil Eye in my eye socket.

「Is this bullying? Am I being bullied right now? Did you turn bad? A rebellious phase? What next? Are you going to ride through the night on a stolen… Horse…?」

After that, we once again stomped the ground together. I feel like I’m getting better at this. Jack of all Trades-san at work again?

And yet, she didn’t give up and kept trying to insert Evil Eye into my eye. What is going on?

「Eehm? I should put Evil Eye into my eye?」

She nodded. Looks like I finally got the message, but won’t it ruin my eyesight?

「Will something good happen if I put it into my eye?」

She nodded vigorously making some kind of mysterious gestures.

「Will it improve how my eyes look?」

She immediately averted her eyes… That seems like a no… For some reason, I’m getting pat on the back again.

What I managed to understand is that something good will happen, that it won’t improve my look, and that I will get Evil Eye. Eh? Which part of this is supposed to be good? But to be honest, I don’t have even the tiniest hint of the smallest suspicion that Armored Pres would encourage me to do something bad. At the very least, she should honestly believe that it will be good for me. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be trying so hard. She is desperately trying to communicate.

「Okay. I don’t get it, but I got you? I don’t quite understand it, but I should insert it, right? Kind of? I guess?」

She nodded, watching me intently. Then I should just try it. In the worst case, I might lose an eye, but it seems I will be able to get it back through regeneration. I can’t just ignore Armored Pres, who is pleading so hard. Whatever happens, happens.

And so I pressed Evil Eye against my right eye and…? Eh? It just went in? Eh? Where did Evil Eye go? Eh? What?

Instead of the eye, it went into 『Contacts?』? Did they fuse?

Since contacts are in my eyes I cannot appraise them?


NAME: Haruka
Race: Human
AGE 16
Lv 17 (Up)
Job —

HP      299        (23Up)
MP      318        (24Up)
ViT     275        (21Up)
PoW     276        (20Up)
SpE     316        (26Up)
DeX     311        (25Up)
MiN     325        (26Up)
InT     340        (27Up)
LuK Max (Limit Break)

SP     2116

Martial Arts:「Path of the Staff Lv 5」「Uncanny Dodge Lv 3」「Mana Wrapping Lv Max」「Kyojitsu Lv 9」(Up)「Instantaneous Movement Lv 8」(Up)「Fluidity Lv 3」 「Dōjutsu Lv 1」(New)

Magic:「Temperature Lv 8」(Up)「Teleportation Lv 4」「Gravity Lv 3」(Up)「Holding Lv 3」(Up)「Elemental Sorcery Lv 3」(Up)「Wood Magic Lv 8」 「Lightning Magic Lv 8」「Ice Magic Lv 8」(Up)

Skills:「Health Lv 9」「Sensitive Lv 8」「Body Control Lv 5」(Up)「Swift Foot Lv 4」(Up)「Command Lv 9」「Improved Detect Presence Lv 2」「Mana Mastery Lv 2」「Erase Presence Lv 8」「Stealth Lv 9」「Concealment Lv MaX」「Empty Mind Lv 4」「Physical Damage Negation Lv 2」「MP Absorption Lv 2」「Regeneration Lv 1」 「Apex Thinking Lv 1」「Rush Lv 8」「Air Walk Lv 7」「Extreme Velocity Lv 9」「Rajingan Lv 1」(New)

Titles:「Hikikomori Lv 8」「NEET Lv 8」「Loner Lv 8」「Grand Mage Lv 2」

Unknown:「Report・Inform・Consult Lv 6」「Jack of All Trades Lv 9」「Muppet Lv 9」

Items:「Evergreen Staff?」「Plain Clothes?」「Leather Gloves?」「Leather Boots?」「Cloak?」「Rajingan」「Soul Ring」「Item Bag」「Bracelet PoW+39% SpE +26% ViT +19%」「Black Hat」

Oh, I leveled up? Wait, that’s not important right now.
Contacts turned into 『Rajingan』? 「Rajingan – The mind’s all-seeing eye. God Eye, Future Sight, Magic Eye, Wisdom Eye, Imitation, Dōjutsu, ?」!? Is this real?! But 『Discernment 』dissapeared from my Martial Arts? And the same happened to『Insight』in the skills! And also『Farsight Lv MaX』and『God Eye Lv 8』? And even『Detect Lv 1』?『Map Lv 8』and『Imitation』disappeared too! Instead,『Rajingan Lv 1』appeared? Did they fuse into one skill? Hmmm? Ah, I can still see the map and probe for the hostile presence. So they did fuse. Evil Eye is probably somewhere there as well… Makes me very worried about my look!

And among Martial Arts appeared「Dōjutsu Lv 1」. Is this also because of 「Rajingan」? Could it improve the impression my eyes give? But it is still Lv 1…

As I was thinking this and that while looking at my status, Armored Pres approached me with two sticks in her hands and offered one of them to me.

「Take it? The stick?」

She nodded, so I took one of the sticks, after which Armored Pres took a stance with the remaining one as if she was holding a sword. As always, her sword technique has a beautiful sharpness and strange tranquility to it, which can be felt even from her stance alone. It’s even more impressive than when she was controlled by the darkness.

「Are we fighting? Sparring? Training? Beat up? Exchanging blows? Or is this bullying? Am I about to get bullied? No…? So practice?」

It seems like this is practice? Considering the difference in strength such practice could be considered a form of bullying by some, but it seems this is a practice. When she was on the lowest floor, merely matching her blows was the limit of what I could do, but now it probably won’t even become training? What is she trying to accomplish here?

After that, I took a hell of a long beating.

So it was bullying after all.

Even so, I understood what she was trying to convey. It was about「Rajingan」. Its effects and usage. And a splendid array of cheats, God Eye, Future Sight, Magic Eye, Wisdom Eye, and Imitation.

God Eye can see through even the unseen. It has no blind spots, nothing can be hidden from it.

Future sight allows one to see a short bit into the future, showing the next movement before it happens.

Magic Eye shows the flow of mana.

Wisdom eye can reveal everything about the things I lay my eyes upon.

And Imitation allows copying the techniques I see. The same trick won’t work on me twice.

Together they reach into the cheat territory, making me super strong and basically unbeatable. Though I still got beaten up… Yeah, even superior cheats are powerless before her. Really, that was just bullying.

It will take a long while before I will learn to properly use them, but for now, being able to see a great variety of things, I should manage somehow. So this is quite useful. That must be why Armored Pres-san was trying to get me to equip it. This should greatly reduce the risk of getting instantly defeated. Armored Pres was probably worried about me, she certainly has noticed that my level hardly grows. I pat her on the head in gratitude, to which she reacted with joy. Though now that I think of it, I was simply getting bullied.

[TL Notes:
Dōjutsu – Literally Eye Techniques. A variety of abilities that utilize the eyes. Just remember the anime about Boruto’s dad.]




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