Chapter 97: I didn’t think that coming to a different world I’d be dissed with “3 times faster”. Could it be that I’m Normal Type?




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Day 38 – Morning, Guild of Adventurers, Training grounds.

I came for observation. Learn by looking. Turning what one witnessed into experience or knowledge that can help in the future, gaining new insights by seeing what one hasn’t seen before, or attaining understanding by critically assessing things from the side. Learning through observation is extremely common. And what I’m observing right now is the sword technique of the one with the highest ability in this world, Dungeon Emperor. In terms of battle prowess, there is probably no one above her. But I can’t see a thing?

I’m looking at it, it’s in my sight, but by the time I notice the slash is already over?

Her level is only 17. It seems she restarted from level 1 after being tamed. So to be precise she is ex-Dungeon Emperor, Angelica-san. It seems her age is also 17? Her stats are not that high yet.

And the one trading blows with her is level 18 self-proclaimed 『Mob Character that can’t become Strong and doesn’t have Cheats』Haruka-kun.

A step forward and the slash is completed.

Swaying half a step, and there is another cut.

Like in some kind of a deadly rondo.

A cruel and precise elegance is there.

A sword dance where a single miss can cost one their life.

The movements are so sharp, that I can’t grasp them.

While they appear elegant, they are so sharp that they become a pile-up of motions.

So I can’t discern them. I do see it, but I don’t perceive it. I can’t grasp it.

Her SpE is lower than mine, not even a third of what I have. I should be 3 times faster than them, yet I can’t keep up with their speed.

If we start swinging our swords on the same count, it will be I, who is 3 times faster, who will be cut.

I have a lot of uselessness to my movements, while the sword technique in that exchange has no unnecessary movements.

No step in, no wind up, no holding aloft, no strain, no swing, no wind down, there is not even the swing itself. The sword just tracks the shortest possible path in zero tempo. not even a beat, not even half a beat, the instant she moved the cut was finished. The moment one thinks about the slash it is already over. That’s why she is strong.

I can’t rally with her. Even with 3 times the speed, she cuts in 1/10 of what it takes me to finish the attack. That’s why I can’t respond in time.

Even Weapons Skills can’t cope with that speed. On the contrary, Weapons Skills, which can’t be canceled once activated, would only make an easy target out of you. Since that’s the only movement you can’t take, you are basically a sitting duck. Might as well put a leek in your mouth. It’s no different from simply jumping into a pot on your own volition.

That’s why she can smash through Level Wall. Even if there is a level gap, one will end up slashed without being able to hit or dodge her.

Weapons Skills are probably nothing more than a bunch of pointless excessive motions to her. Completely different from her sword technique.

Her footwork is slow, the movement of arms is also slow, the movement of the elbows is slow too, the turn of the wrists is slow as well, her shoulders move slowly, the shift in the center of gravity is quite gradual too, the sword itself is moving smoothly, even the swing itself is slow. Every single motion, despite having all of the inefficiencies shaved away, is still slower than mine. But because all of it ends simultaneously she is fast! By the time I only start moving she is already done.

An endless exchange of slashes, a flurry of attacks trimmed down to the limit of efficiency. Only silver flashes keep flickering before my eyes.

Looks like they finally finished? A very battered Haruka-kun came up to me with a really mischievous smile.

「President, how about asking for training as well? It will be very educational? Or rather, you will get the hell beat out of you? Or more like straight up bullied? Well, It might be abuse, but it will prove useful? Sort of?」

Looks like beaten up Haruka-kun is going to take a break and is very enthusiastic about getting me beaten up as well. But it is certainly an extremely valuable experience.

「Hmmm, I probably won’t be able to even touch her, but what if by some chance I do hit her? With the level gap it might be dangerous after all? Even if it’s just practice?」

「Eeehm? Impossible? Armor-san is an Item Cheat, so defeating her is not possible even with a level gap? And speaking of touching her, I don’t think you will have even a chance to do that? 」

Apparently, it’s impossible. Even Haruka-kun, who fights at that speed, can’t find a chance to even graze her. On top of that, even if one could hit her it is still impossible since the armor is a Cheat. And how is one supposed to beat that? Can it even serve as training? Is it all about getting beaten up?

I had the hell beat out of me. I, of course, and also all other girls. Even 20 vs 1 we still got badly beaten.

Without magic, it gets so one-sided that it can’t even be called sparring.

And she simply evades or cuts through spells. By the way, apparently, even if a spell hits her it still will be nullified. She must be the strongest of this world.

Right now, Kakizaki-kun’s group is getting beaten.

Those 5 should be the strongest in close combat? But they are getting one-sidedly crushed? No one can keep up with her movements. I should be able to keep up with that speed since I’m 3 times faster… But as soon as we start moving I can’t follow her, and each new motion only widens that gap. The movements are minimal, free of excess, beautiful, and elegant. There is an ultimate beauty of function and elegance merged together in a flowing dance.

And with everyone else lying on the ground, Angelica-san proudly stands alone. The sight invoking fascination, envy, and admiration. A testament to how strong a person can become.

To the fact that level is only one of facet to the strength.

And that there is still so much room for growth.

Of course, if we go for an ugly brute force approach, all bunching up on her without care for casualties, we will be able to defeat her. If we simply push without care for the damage we will be able to overwhelm her with our levels. Resolved to pay a steep price we should be able to do it. If she were an enemy that would’ve been our only chance of taking her down. We can’t beat her in an actual battle. Swarming her is the only option we have. We absolutely mustn’t fight this person.

And then, a certain someone made a person so insanely strong even stronger through Cheat Items. It seems it was a tribute… Even though he is the master?

Me and everyone else continued to challenge her only to get beaten up.

Angelica-san san carefully swung her blade as in a textbook, trying to show us, teach us, lead us, and guide us. Showing the technique she countered our technique. Fighting 25 people at once she tried to coach all of us. That’s how immense the difference in our strength that had nothing to do with levels was.

And speaking of the remaining 4. They are getting beaten up by Haruka-kun. Though it seems their heads aren’t burning yet. They are crying though.

We can still get stronger.

We can get even stronger.

Oda-kun and others must’ve gotten mentally stronger.

As I heard later, they obtained Fear Resistance from that.

It must’ve been really scary. The threat of getting their heads burned.

Their barrier magic also leveled up and they even got new skills, 『Focus Barrier』and 『Composite Barrier』.

They got stronger in all sorts of ways. Especially the resistances.

Yes, everyone got a bit stronger today. And we can get stronger yet.

[TL Note: Yes, the title is another Gundam reference.]




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