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Chapter 119: Can be used for cleaning, washing, polishing, gets rid of the stains, and also helps with stiff shoulders. Very nice.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 45 – Daytime, Dungeon, 10F

「Stone Golem」, a large moving statue made out of hard stones. A monstrously strong giant, which, being a golem, has no real life, and thus doesn’t fear or falter and keeps attacking with the indifference of a machine. A sturdy lifeless slaughter engine that just keeps attacking.

In one second, I use Magic Wrapping to clad Teleportation, and in the next instant I stab 「Stone Golem」, the next moment it cracked and shattered. As sturdy as it may be, it is still just a stone, a mere moment is enough.

By applying Vibration Magic that I was Holding.

Poking a golem of the 10th floor with the staff I destroy it with ultra-high-speed vibrations. In an instant the staff goes through the golem like a rock drill, breaking and smashing it to pieces.

「「「Wow! What kind of magic was that?!」」」

Board members, who were struggling against the golems, are keenly interested. Well, golems must be annoying opponents for sword users.

But with Vibration Magic it might be possible to use something like 『Vibration Sword』. Not sure if a sword will be able to take it, but it should be possible to saw through enemies like with a chainsaw of sorts. It should be a valid technique in absence of skills that deal blunt damage. Teaching it to them should expand their tactics.

「Yea, there are no enemies that can withstand the power of 『Vibration Magic』, that I kept developing in my daily spars with Armored Pres-san. I even defeated Armored Pres-san with it. In a non-combat situation. Every night.」

Yes, I’m battling with this magic every night. Doing my best day after day. Though if I overuse it she tends to get really angry the next day. I developed a very powerful vibrating weapon. No physical damage was done, but it might’ve caused a bit of a mind break. Because it is so powerful.

「「「…Aaah, vibrations… A magic with vibration function… And you fought with it… With Angelica-san? With vibrations? And defeated her… A dungeon emperor…」」」

Hey, didn’t I just use it?「Stone Golem」went down with one attack? It’s useful. There was both meaning and significance to developing it. Not only for its anti-golem applications but many other reasons as well.

「You’ll be able to beat golems if you learn it? It’s handy? In more ways than one? Seriously.」

For some reason, the girls are staring at the ground with red faces? No, it’s really handy? It can even remove stains easily? It was very useful for cleaning, washing, and polishing. I think it can also help with stiff shoulders? Actually, making a mayonnaise would’ve been a real pain if I didn’t train in this magic. No way I could whip it without 『Vibration Magic』. It’s really convenient, why does no one try to learn it? And that’s after I revealed my hidden card? And everyone’s faces are bright red?

After that, I got beaten up by Armored Pres-san and we continued on our way.

Apparently, they were embarrassed? Of mayonnaise making? Is mayonnaise something embarrassing in this world? Does it have to be eaten in secret? Even though it is so tasty? It’s handmade, so it’s super delicious? With a steady supply of eggs, one can have it any time? As long as one has 『Vibration Magic』? Maybe it being so tasty is embarrassing? In a mayo kind of way?

And so, after defeating the golems of 10F we proceed to 11F. After all, Armored Pres-san cuts through them even without『Vibration Magic』, of course, she can’t trade blows, but she easily cuts them down as if passing through them. Actually, the President and Armored Pres-san have similar forms, well, both of them have wonderful forms, with amazing body lines,「Cough, Cough」, no, I mean they have similar combat forms? I mean, approach to combat? Their battle styles. No? Honestly? I was honestly thinking about combat? And that slash would’ve killed me if not for『Teleportation』, you know? It’s dangerous? For me.

Mmmmgh, yes, the President and Armored President’s battle styles are similar. All-rounder close-combat types, that use two-handed swords as well as dual one-handed swords in their swordsmanship while relying on armor for defense, but also capable of using magic, favoring speed and technique over power. Even their preference for sidestepping and evading attacks instead of fencing is similar. A wonderful form. No, I meant battle style. Really.

The president’s stats are overwhelmingly higher. With the level over 90, her SpE is close to 4 digits, even her worst stat, ViT, is over 700, so she can afford to trade blows head-on. On the other hand, Armored Pres just barely went over Lv20, so her abilities are only a third of a fourth of the President’s, so she can’t take hits, she must always evade or parry the incoming blows. Perhaps due to the sort of reincarnation she had, but her level-up speed is quite slow, even so, she promptly overtook me… Are my stats even trying? For real?

So the President keeps earnestly observing the swordsmanship of the Dungeon Emperor. Although, a former.

Intently, burning with the desire to learn, steal, obtain those moves and techniques.

Observing as to learn where the difference is between them, steal what she lacks, obtain at least a portion of that strength.

The strength to protect her allies, fend off the death threatening them, bent on gaining that strength no matter how many times she is knocked down.

I’m getting ignored though? Looks like no one needs my techniques? Well, that’s to be expected, even I’d prefer to have Armored Pres-san’s moves?
I mean, I tried a lot of stuff, but ever since I came to this world I’m stuck to charging and bashing, swift assaults. That’s all I can do, I have no other moves. Clubbing from behind, bashing from overhead, mowing in a sweep, all of that is jumping in and taking a swing, basically the same thing. In fact, I can’t do anything else. That’s why I kill before an enemy has a chance to do anything. Kill before an enemy has a chance to take a stance, kill before they take a swing, kill before they cut me, kill before I get noticed. After all, I have no power to defend, that’s why I have to kill. Since I can’t protect anyone, I simply kill enemies. I’d be instantly killed if I were a tank. With my stats, I’d be dead even before I get knocked away.

That’s why there is no point for anyone to learn my techniques. And while Armored Pres-san keeps showing one skill after another seemingly non-stop, entrancing with what could be called an ultimate skill, she also cannot protect. The same as me.

Learning from her is fine, but one shouldn’t become like that. But that’s also what makes the swordsmanship of the Dungeon Emperor so fleeting and beautiful. A sword dance akin to a mirage. No need to think why my techniques appear ugly despite also being just as fleeting. Really, let’s not go there.

And the one heroes should learn from is Shield Girl. Time after time she is getting knocked away, as she is always trying to protect someone from enemy attacks. While she has plenty HP and ViT, she also possesses high SpE and DeX, allowing her to swiftly put herself between allies and the enemy, intercepting incoming attacks. That is the strength required to trade blows. Though she is sent flying all of the time.

They shouldn’t become like Angelica-san, who despite being so strong, beautiful, and kind, was seized by darkness and became a dungeon emperor, or me, who being unable to do anything aside from killing, became a murderer, killing even my own classmate. Since we can’t protect, since we cannot defend anything, since all we can do is to kill, our techniques are all about killing. We don’t have the strength it takes to become heroes. They shouldn’t turn out like this.

And that’s why I think they should learn 『Vibration Magic』. It’s really handy!

Yeah, today it’s probably going to end with Armored Pres-san going on an unstoppable rampage. I’m very familiar with this scenario. She seems to be trying to teach them her skills, but she understands what is possible and what is not, and she is also well aware of the fragility of her style, and that’s why she is showing as if she is relying on her armor, taking hits on purpose. That, however, makes her swordsmanship less effective. As I thought, I must teach the girls 『Vibration Magic』, and if possible, today.
What is actually important in this world is the ability to trade blows. After all, even Weapon Skills are designed that way. To trade hits, exchange blows, crush each other. Our approach is the unconventional one.

It also seems that someone is having fun smashing golems with a hammer, but I’m probably just seeing things. That is Great Sage, and she is armed with a staff. The boing boing must be my imagination as well. It’s distracting, but it is surely just my imagination. I’ll probably be killed if I look. It’s a trap!

At this pace, we most likely won’t make it to the 20th floor today, and it will hardly be practice for the President or Vice-Presidents. Only Shield Girl is working hard. She thoroughly had parrying and distance closing techniques drilled into her. Before a golem would finish its swing she steps in, turns aside the attack, and breaks the stance and keeps delivering blows. Yeah, today Shield Girl’s movements are completely different. And these are the fighting techniques that they actually need to learn. After all, they are fortunate enough to have Cheats.

It’s decided. When we get back the girls are having『Vibration Magic』training. And at night, I’m going to train in『Vibration Magic』, vibrate all the way until the dawn.





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