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Chapter 122: Apparently it would be a large animal, but what exactly is the difference between monsters and large animals?




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 46 – Morning, Cavern, 19F

The tip of the staff, focusing my power, speed, mana, magic, and skills on that one point, concentrate them and thrust.

Pierce through, putting all the accelerated body weight behind it.

Shatter to pieces. The golem turns into splinters, fragments, and stones.

Yeah, I have no problems with blunt attacks, so there is no reason to fixate on cutting?

I can manage just fine even without using Vibration Sword. I only did what I did to teach it to the president and others.

Since my 『Evergreen Staff?』had Divine Sword fused with it, I can cut with it even without using Vibration Sword.

And I get enough『Vibration Magic』practice at night. I was once again scolded for it this morning.

I’m also pretty used to both thrusting and hitting. I mean, it’s a wooden stick, so poking with it is more natural than cutting? And since I have it wrapped in『Gravity』the destructive power is top-notch.

The president and the others, who are currently struggling, fighting with Vibration Sword, are looking at me with flat gazes, but this is normal you know? And fighting with a flat gaze is dangerous?

I can break the golems whether I thrust or strike them. It’s a staff after all. I’m yet to receive a formal complaint from the Shintō Musō-ryū branch of this world, so it’s okay? Probably? For now.

But the girls have to train in Vibration Sword. It’s essential for swordsman-type jobs. They were practicing yesterday, weren’t they? I saw them in the backyard. Though I couldn’t approach because the mood seemed very weird. Just what was that?

「No, even if you look at me like that? I mean I’m not a swordsman, kay? I don’t even have a job? I can just whack them? Isn’t that what I was doing since the time in the cave?」

And also… Just look at your Great Sage, isn’t she doing the same? And yesterday, I got scolded because of that Great Sage. Even though I did nothing wrong? What can I do if they shake? She was swinging just some moments ago? She was swinging around her staff and that jiggling stuff. Because of『Rajingan』I can stare at her even if I turn the other way, so you can’t blame me for this. For real. I’m being completely serious. She was swinging them around!!

Swinging『Evergreen Staff?』I smash the incoming giant stone first with it, then, swinging the staff the other way, slash through the golem, cutting my way through the group of them.

Avoiding enemies with each step as if swaying. Cutting between stone giants I advance, smashing them to pieces, pushing away, and parrying the hands trying to hinder me with my left arm. Well? I have to use 『Gauntlets of Contradiction – [Left]』somewhere? There are no opportunities for 『Negation of Physical/Magic Attacks on Contact』 to shine? I didn’t get to go 『Kuh!』even once?

The golems began swarming, so I put my hand to the ground and sent magic power and vibration there. Scattering waves of magic power like ripples in my surroundings I demolish the enemies through vibrations.

『Vibration Magic』

I press forward while dodging splinters from 『Stone Golems』that all came crumbling at once.

A mountain of stones from the enemy remains is growing around me.

That’s how it’d be for Lv 19, no different from stoneworking. I can just break, drill, smash, and move on. No different from stonework at all. And I’m kinda good at it.

Now, the 20th floor.

「Hey, hey, Haruka-kun, are you in a hurry? You are going pretty fast? Is something up? 」

Looks like I appeared to be in a hurry because I annihilated all of the enemies while the president and the others were dealing with one opponent at a time. See? This isn’t normal. Armored Pres-san? She doesn’t seem to care at all though. Massacring enemies in the usual fashion, she has no intentions to listen.

「It’s not like I’m in a hurry? I just have to defeat them as fast as possible or they will be annihilated? Monsters tend to go extinct if you don’t defeat them fast enough. In the previous dungeon all I did was go up and down the stairs, you know? The Armor of Avarice-san hogged everything to herself, going on a monopolistic solo carnage. For real.」

Yup, today Armored Pres-san doesn’t have to coach anyone, so she is free to do as she pleases. Left to run free, she is currently on a rampage, completely neglecting the master? Finders – killers, the enemies are just trampled down on sight, and unless I do something, I will progressively become more and more of a minor side character. Lately, I only get to shine late at night. As hard as I try, only at night.

From the 20th floor, the enemies changed to 『Iron Golem Lv20』. Looks like they evolved from stone to iron. Speaking of evolution, it seems Bitch Leader is yet to evolve into Bitch Queen. She was really angry when I asked her about it.

『Iron Golem』-san, is giving a lot of trouble. Unlike stone, iron can’t be easily cut with a Vibration Sword, so it’s much harder to deal with.

Speeding up through『Magic Wrapping』and closing the distance I then use『Rajingan』to locate the core and pierce it in a single stroke. (With a stick though) It’s a fantasy world of magic and stuff, and I’m still walking around with a wooden stick. Although I even fused it with a divine sword, it’s still a stick, the visuals didn’t change at all.

Immediately continuing into a slash (with a stick though) I strike at the core of the 『Iron Golem』that was about to attack me from behind, destroying it through a shockwave.

I’m trying my best to show off, but no one is paying attention? Everyone is busy. Well… Fine then…

Destroying all of the surrounding iron fellows I take a look at the presidents, and it seems that the tiny Vice President C-san is struggling the most. Meticulously dodging and avoiding she is slashing at the enemy as she pleases, but none of her attacks have any effect. She is too small for that. No different from a small animal, that’s why her attacks have no effect. I mean, the big B-san is crushing them, must be because they are big and jiggly, they are so big that she might as well crush enemies with them? Oops, Armored Pres-san is glaring this way with Flat Gaze while holding up her sword. Looks like she came back without me noticing, let’s escape, 『Teleportation』!

I got scolded.

The main shtick of the shrimp is sneak attacks on vitals while the enemy is confused or distracted, so she’d have a hard time dealing with a tough opponent one on one. Her forte is group battles. Being an assassin or ninja type she is ill-suited for duels.

Her weapon is also not of much use here. Her daggers lack both length and destructive power to land a decisive blow. Although with her high DeX her combat style is also skillful, so she might be able to handle any weapon.

「Hey, get here, small one? Try these? At this size, even a small animal can handle it, and since it’s throwable, you will be able to freely choose the distance? In your small way? I mean War Puppets also were pretty small? 」

I fetched two franciscas that I thought I’d use but didn’t get a chance to do that at all from the item bag, and handed them to her. War Puppets were swinging them around, so she should be able to fight with them even with her small size.

「I’m not small! I’m petite! I’m still growing! I’m going to grow really fast from now on! I’ll be a BIG animal! Eh?! Yaaay! You’re giving those to me?!」

She began objecting, but as soon as weapons appeared she grabbed them and ran away. Just like a small animal. She is turning feral. Should I release her back into the wild? Along with the bitches?

If this doesn’t work then I might also try giving her a falchion. If I were to show her both weapons she’d just grab all of them and run away, so I started with the franciscas. The axes that are used as a throwable weapon, don’t have much reach, but a swing from them packs more punch, and they also can be used for woodcutting. A very fitting weapon for a small animal from the woods.

Immediately taking the axes in both hands she began spinning them, charging into the enemies. Just like a spinning top. A small spinning top.

Enemies hit by that attack are smashed and broken into pieces. Yeah, looks like she’ll be fine. Her movements also seem good and she probably has some kind of spinning attack, like『Rolling Shrimp Attack』or something.

「Yaaay, yaaay, I got weapons~! Axes, it’s axes! Now I can do axel as well! Axel! Like an adult woman! An adult axel!」

Overjoyed she is showing off to everyone. No intentions to pay for that at all. She is running around, shouting that she had them given to her for free. I only said 『Try these?』but looks like I won’t be getting them back. As expected of a small animal. But why does she think that carrying axes makes her an adult woman? What a mysterious small animal.





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