Chapter 127: Knowing the wish, the size, and the color, the sale is but a certainty.




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Day 47 – Daytime, Streets of Omui

We’re loitering throughout the town.

Peek into this store, search through that store.

Aside from conventional stores there are also stalls selling foodstuff. A short while ago we even saw a place that was selling croquettes! And they were pretty good. The name was Croquettes of Black Mantle Crest. The business was going so good they had people queuing for it.

Munching on croquettes and being just generally noisy we continue our tour through the town.

We couldn’t get inside the general store because of the crowd, so we ended up strolling through the streets.

The general store was literally jammed with people! But they still have plenty of clothes in stock. Looks like high price outfits are still out of reach for many of the townsfolk.

But the general store is not the only place with new wares. The whole town is overflowing with new goods. Both quality and quantity are on the rise. That must mean that the town is flourishing, as townsfolk and merchants seem to be beaming with smiles.

As one would expect, those goods lose in comparison with what can be found at the general store, but everyone is enjoying browsing new goods and sales.

While there is a lot of clamor, there is nothing we can do about it, after all, how can 21 girls be quiet during shopping.

As we were having fun, going peeping into various stores, Haruka-kun came around.

「It’s about time for lunch~, so I brought a potato lunch box~? Also, the general store is not as crowded anymore? And, Armored Pres-san, do you have enough money? Here, allowance.」

With those words, he gave lunch boxes to everyone. Inside were rice balls with mushrooms, deep-fried meat, fried potatoes, and sweet potatoes for a desert. A potato lunchbox. It was delicious.

But he is really tributing to her… The bag with her allowance looked pretty heavy. He was very serious worrying that he might get the 『Kept Man』title, but I think there is absolutely no such danger at all. Quite the contrary, shouldn’t he be worried about getting 『Simp』title?!

As hazardous as a combination of deep-fried meat and fried potatoes may be, everyone was too thrilled to have them after such a long time, so we walked through the town, while happily munching on them. There is no way we can pass on something this tasty. Even if we have to face super devastating sweet potatoes after that, we are going to eat that anyway. But we also ate croquettes… After we get back we’ll have to learn some Calories Burning Magic, or we will be in serious trouble!

It seems Haruka-kun is going to nap after we return to the inn. Last night, he was working hard again. And even without asking, it’s very clear what he was doing for the whole night instead of sleeping. Is Angelica-san going to be alright? Let’s ask her when night comes. In details.

Now, we have to hurry! With our stomachs now full, we head to the general store. Looks like they just received new clothes, lucky.

In a display at the entrance to the store was a lovely woven wood basket. Chic and with a somewhat an Italian feel, it caught the attention of both simple town girls and married women, captivating them. I want these. Is this some kind of tallow tree and reddish mahogany? Brown and light brown, the black one looks cool as well! And they have a few different sizes and designs! I can’t pick one! They all look nice!

「「「Kyaaa! The boots! And even mules! And such cute sandals!」」」

「What about the size?! I want to try them! The yellow is mine!」

「Black boots! I’m an adult woman! An adult-san! Sexy-san!」

「Mules, mules, aaah, all of them are so cute! How much? I’ll buy all of them? Aah, why do I only have two legs?」

「You can’t buy all of them! What about me! Or rather, these are mine! It’s been decided so! By the law!」

「Aa~w, it’s too large, don’t you have smaller sizes? Like my size! Where are the other sizes?」

Leather strap boots are classic, but look great anyway. Since they have no metal buckles, so one will have to tie them up instead, but that, in turn, makes them even cuter! And leather sandals look cool as well, the woven mesh gives them an adult and somewhat European look. Platform mules? Northern European style? So stylish! The use of nails provides a highlight, I really want them! But the design of all of the items is modern? In this world, the boots were more like wellies? Just where did they get those?

「Leather clothes! Fashionable! A~aw, this skirt is nice! I’m totally buying it!」

Leather vest and leather flare skirt, everything looks fancy, almost as cool as brand items? And the design is quite modern. All of those wouldn’t be hard to make, but they look stylish and cute. Yes, there is no mistake about it, everything is too cute and stylish. There is no way such a thing could exist in the middle ages. And there is a certain mix of local influence. In other words, all of those were made with modern knowledge by using the materials that could be obtained in the town. And all of those they received only a short while ago.

A certain someone must’ve been working on them during the night, and after hearing that everyone is going shopping tomorrow, hurried to complete them. To please everyone, to make sure that everyone will enjoy tomorrow, he was secretly working on his own. So that’s why he is going to sleep during the day!


「Quicker, faster, hurry, are you done yet? I’m going to start stripping right here!」

「No, you can’t have this! It was love at the first sight! Please let me have it!」

「AAAAAAaah, my budget, I don’t have enough money. But I want both of these!」

「Please switch with me! I want the white one! The whiite one! Please take the blue one instead, pleease. 」

Everyone is pleased. Thank goodness, but even so, I cannot yield this one! It’s mine! Argh, since it came to this, I’ll just break through with Shukuchi! Accelerate— (A carnage ensues)

Completely satisfied. We wanted even more, but we are completely broke now. Does everyone even have enough to pay for the inn? There are quite a few girls that bought items on credit… Aren’t we quite close to actually going bankrupt? Are we about to take a dive into debt hell? Even so, we couldn’t resist buying stuff that we could only buy here, special-made limited edition items for our day off. After all, he worked so hard on them, so there is no way we aren’t going to buy that. That’s only natural, we’d incur a divine punishment if we didn’t buy those.

Everyone is trying on the items, while the former model and fashion authority Shimazaki-san and her group are helping to coordinate the clothes. As I thought, the bag is an important point after all? Then I have to buy it! Where was that woven one! Where is it!!

Angelica-san also bought quite a lot, but it seems she couldn’t find what she really came for, the hat. But Haruka-kun presented it to her, when we came back to the inn. Probably just finished it. Angelica-san looks so satisfied and content. Must be nice… And it’s custom-made by him…

However, isn’t Haruka-kun too knowledgeable on women’s fashion? And he has a pretty good idea of current trends? Could it be that he is secretly a fashionable person?

While everyone was as pleased as they could be with today, the end of it had a bit of envy. Angelica-san is so lucky…




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