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Chapter 136: For the most part, it should go well, but thinking back on it, it never does.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 48: Late night, On the way to Narrogi.

Just a bit more and I will get back to the town. Just a bit more and everything will be over.

The error has to be put to an end no matter what.

Even if the whole clan went into exile to Omui they won’t trust us, which is only natural, no one would believe that, considering the incredibly suspicious timing of this sudden defection.

But that’s fine.

Even being treated as sacrificial pawns on the frontlines is fine.

As long as we can meet our end fighting for Omui.

The ancestors will certainly scold us, but if we tell them that we died fighting for Omui they surely will forgive.

Conveying to Omui-sama movements of Narrogi’s army, its battle potential, and location of traps, should be our clan’s last job. That alone is enough, that is my first and the last real mission.

What Haruka-san said is correct. Even I was taught in the ways of war.

To win, Omui has to attack, otherwise, they will lose due to the terrain, no matter how fierce their troops are.

They might be able to prevail if they draw Narrogi forces deep into Omui’s territory, abandoning the people, but Omui-sama and Omui troops will definitely try to protect them.

Just like all of the previous lords of Omui did, dying, trying to protect their people.

And from that gathering of protected people, not fit for combat, our clan was born.

At some point, that clan that was formed to repay the debt, began paying it back with evil, but that is precisely why we have to properly repay them in the end.

The decisive piece of Omui and Narrogi’s fight is the long long narrow path connecting them. 20 meters in the widest parts, and less than 10 in the narrowest area.

A swift advance through it is impossible and a large force is bound to stretch and halt there.

If one has control over the cliffs on the sides they are free to throw boulders and rain arrows at them.

And those cliffs can’t be accessed from Omui’s side, due to their steepness. But they can be climbed on Narrogi’s side.

All Omui can do is encircle the exit. But with frontier’s forces stretched like that they will be broken through due to the sheer difference in numbers.

Conditions are far too different for Omui-sama who has to defend everything, and Narrogi, for whom it’s enough to penetrate at any spot they’d like.

That’s why Omui forces have to strike the town of Narrogi first. Although that will expose the townsfolk of Narrogi to the attack as well.

But that is the only path to victory for Omui.

And Narrogi’s sins are heavy enough to justify that. The sins of not realizing and not caring.

Haruka-san can easily put an end to it on his own.

Just hurl balls of fire from the mountains. Even if an army were to chase after him they’d have no hope of catching up with that speed.

If the whole army deploys on the mountains the town is open for invasion, and if they act separately they will only get killed one-sidedly.

If Haruka-san fixes his aim on a target there is no way to stop him. Yes, it’s impossible without at least as much strength as those girls have.

But even so, I want to protect the townsfolk.

That’s why I’m going to reveal the position and deployment situation of Narrogi forces, as well as locations of traps.

Our clan will take full responsibility. I know that we can’t possibly atone for everything we’ve done, but that’s all we can do. After all, this is going to be the clan’s last job.

I did everything I should. The clan members are already on the move. By now they probably told the townsfolk everything, so this concludes my work.

「I brought the report on the man that appeared in Omui’s territory.」

I handed over the report to Narrogi-sama. With this everything is over.

It’s a pity that I didn’t get to say goodbye to Haruka-san, but even being such a dummy as I am, in the end, I managed to do what was right.

Thank you, Haruka-san.

As Narrogi-sama read the report the hand holding the paper began to tremble, while his face reddened from anger.

「You bitch! What is this!」

「It’s just as the report says. Causing harm to that town means ruin for Narrogi. Both the domain and the lord will perish. There is nothing to report other than the necessity of apologizing, compensating, and swearing fealty to them. There is no other option but to fall under their authority and act as their logistical support, as this town was originally supposed to. Our clansmen are already heading to Omui to report on everything from Narrogi Castle’s secret passages, hidden entrances, underground tunnels, to even the most remote of hideouts. Structure of the town’s defenses, troops equipment, strength of each unit, chain of command, special forces, and even secret units, all of it will be reported to Omui, as well as hidden mountain passages, hidden bases, and their positions, all of it. We already notified the townsfolk that they have to abandon the town for the incoming danger. And there is absolutely no means for Narrogi to defeat the monster-like man. That’s because he isn’t monster-like or anything, but actually a very kind, strongest invincible young man. This concludes the report.」

This is the end.

I did everything I should as the chief’s daughter.

Now Narrogi won’t be able to attack Omui so easily.

Even if they now try to force their way through, the casualties will be tremendous, and if the offense fails, then the town of Narrogi will be taken instead.

And during that time, the townsfolk will have time to escape.

I did everything properly.

Thank you, Haruka-san.

「How dare you, a lowly spy!!!!」

A sword is coming right at me.

And I’m surrounded by soldiers on all sides.

I have no way to escape, and no desire to even try.

After all, it’s painfully obvious that there is no way for me to survive this.

But my work is done.

This is the end.

I’m glad I went to Omui Town in the end.

I met so many nice people.

And got to know Poster Girl-chan.

I was so happy that we became friends.

And I got to try incredibly delicious sweets the likes of which I never had before.

And I also was treated to amazing dishes and was pampered a lot by the girls.

And also met Haruka-san. He gave me sweets and gently patted me on the head.

I was really happy.

I had a very great time.

I received a whole bunch from Haruka-san.

So I’m happy enough.

Aah, but I wish I could’ve at least gotten one word of farewell with him.

Would he have patted me again if I started crying?

That’s my only bit of regret.

Being so happy after meeting them, I can die with a smile on my face.

Thank you, Haruka-san.

By now the only thing I can see is the sword.

I’m about to be cut down.

The tip of a sword is almost touching me.

And yet…?

「Long time no see? Although you stalked me all right until the evening? Or rather, why do you have a sword sticking to your forehead? Is this a hobby of yours? Wait, I got it, you are puncturing pimples? You shouldn’t do that, it’s better not to touch them? For real.」

And yet why is Haruka-san here?

Why is Haruka-san holding the blade pinched between two fingers?

Why is he stepping on Narrogi-sama?

And why can’t I stop crying?

And… And he is patting me again.

I thought he’d never pat me on the head again. It shouldn’t have been possible.

And yet here he is, gently brushing me on the head. While still standing on Narrogi-sama?

「Y-Y-Y-Y-You BASTARD! Who do you think you are stepping— fugueh!」

Standing on Narrogi-sama he keeps patting me on the head.

It’s Haruka-san.





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