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Chapter 145: It should be pretty easy if land readjustments and hydraulic engineering were done before going through with product distribution plans.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 49 – Nighttime, Omui Lord’s Mansion.

「This concludes the report. And here are proposals from Haruka-san, this one is regarding trade, marketing, and finance. The one below it is mainly ideas on policies and structural alterations for agriculture of neighboring lands, and then the documents beside you are on the overall development of the whole region. The one at the bottom is on suggestions for town reconstruction. That is all.」

After that the girl left, leaving『I’ll be taking my leave』, as parting words.

On the table was a colossal mountain of papers. Around it, even more papers.

A quick glance was enough to tell that all of them contained groundbreaking proposals. The defense plan, that came first, was already completely unprecedented and almost outlandish. Making use of the mountains that isolated Omui, and turning them into fortress walls to protect the land instead, and then founding a castle town, meant to control the circulation of money and goods with the kingdom. The fortification of the mountain range and creation of the dungeon serving as castle gates was already complete. Putting a town for defensive and trade purposes at the entrance, and also fortifying the current town of Omui against the threat of the Demon Forest, until finally creating two fortress towns on the north and south, agricultural districts in the east and west, and constructing a new Omui in their heart, stationing a garrison capable of reacting to emergencies in east, west, south, and north there, as well as making it a logistic center. And he even provided a detailed proposal on the maintenance of public roads for that.

I wanted to talk about Narrogi but instead got a defense construction project that seems to have considered the threat of the kingdom as well.

On top of that, the idea of viewing the entire frontier as one colossal city, one big fortress, was innovative, and he already finished the construction of the walls on the kingdom’s side.

And he even attached a price list, willing to undertake such an absurdly giant public project with very reasonable numbers and even allowing barter.

Civil officials from the respective departments are already fighting over these proposals, reading them aloud as if in delirium, and then glancing at each other in bewilderment. But the eyes of each one of them were burning with passion.

As if possessed, they would reread them and then compare with other proposals. Their expressions showed an excitement that they couldn’t possibly conceal.

Yes, this is a dream.

A future of peace and abundance from our fantasies. A dream that the frontier couldn’t even dare to imagine before.

This is a process document for materializing that unbelievably delightful dream into reality.

Design specifications for making such a dream-like future a reality it is terrifying to believe.

No matter how many times I checked it while being unable to believe it, it was a blueprint for a certain path to the dream.

Shedding tears, everyone was immersed in the proposals, as if trying to peer into the dream-like world inside them.

Those stiffened smiles probably meant that they managed to read them all the way up to the peaceful future of our children and grandchildren.

Yes, this is a manuscript of dreams.

Anyone who reads it will be pulled into the dream world.

Drowning in those writings that told even about what comes after that hopeless dream.

This is a manual for making that impossible fairytale possible.

A method for creating a reality which anyone would consider unreal.

Everyone is crying thinking of the happiness of our future people and descendants.

I see… This is not just some kind of fantasy proposal.

It’s a strategy for crushing all factors that don’t go along with making that dream, even if forcibly, a reality.

Not simply fantasy of the dream coming true, but a tactic book for eliminating all possibilities that can prevent us from realizing it.

A tyrannical master plan, that doesn’t approve of anything but that blissful dream.

「You guys… If there is anyone who would say that they cannot do it, even after being given so much and having so much shown to you, step forward! Come forward, anyone who would dare to say they will not do it!」

Everyone glared at me with tears overflowing from their eyes.

That’s a good attitude.

That’s a good resolution.

Where else can there possibly be another such fulfilling and worthwhile job, for which one wouldn’t regret laying down their life many times over?

「Then, each of you, begin from what you can, do what can be done, and regularly report on progress and issues. If there is anything you need, be it goods or people, immediately state it.」

Everyone rushed to their posts with a drive reminiscent of a battlefield.

Nay, for civil officials it is a battlefield.

Until now all the jobs this domain had given them were akin to recouping from one lost battle after another, and now, they finally got their first fight.

The military officials also were impressed by the defense plans and were completely possessed by the attached tactic and strategy writings.

Just what is the extent of his intelligence, his knowledge, his techniques?

Just what is that boy?

Just what are those boys and girls?

Are they just a dream collectively seen by this poor remote region?

Are they just a mirage hallucinated by this desolate domain?

The frontier does not believe in god.

They wouldn’t accept the church.

Just what did those boys and girls come to do in this frontier, that had no hopes or dreams? Why are they willing to do so much for us as neither I nor the people of the frontier have the power or riches to repay them?

Going so far for the people of the frontier that not so long ago was destined to imminently perish.

The boys and girls that seem to be simply scattering happiness everywhere.

The boys and girls that keep mowing down a tragedy known as monsters.

Unknown from where they came.

Saying nothing about why they are here.

Unclear of what they want to accomplish.

They just keep spreading happiness around, as if it is the most natural thing to do.

Continuing to show generosity for which even adoration would be too lukewarm. Benefactors, for which we cannot possibly repay with anything but the deepest gratitude.

And the boy at their center, who keeps spreading happiness without knowing the name of this region.

Why won’t he remember the name? We even increased the number of signboards?

These fantasy-like drafts had Muri or some town of frontier written on them…

Haruka-kun? It’s called Omui. Omui…





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