Chapter 149: There is not a tiniest little bit that I even remotely dislike about it.




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Day 50 – Late Morning, Dungeon.

I proceed to the hidden room while getting scolded.

I mean, I had no idea it would turn out like that? I just wanted to try it since the name 『Dimension Slash』sounded so cool? Who would’ve thought it would cut through space itself? If the magic power went berserk it could’ve turned really ugly, so I can understand getting scolded for that, however, what they are actually angry about is me jumping in front of the chimeras? What’s dangerous about that? I was planning to go back right away? I was going to use Kyojitsu to sweep them off their feet and then retreat after making an attack? It was completely safe? Although I ended up charging into them.

However, since the Dimension Slash is a teleporting slash that ignores the distance, I thought that it’s a long-range attack, but it’s too hard to control unless used point-blank. So in the end, I’ll have to charge into the enemies anyway. Somehow, teleportation magic is beginning to look like it was meant for reckless charging? I thought it was something more smart but looks like it’s all about going in.

「The hidden room – reached? Or rather, this is the book? 『True Herbology』? Then what was 『Herbology』we found earlier? Is that a fake one?! A book of deceit!?」

Is it going to be followed by 『Extreme Herbology』,『Untold Herbology』and ending with『Ultimate Herbology』? Is『Final Herbology』going to show up as well? I wish they’d write how many volumes there are in total. And that’s even more work for me.

Thus, we are done with the 45th floor. Just a bit more until the floor master on the 50th floor. It’s time to pull ourselves together and prepare for battle… or I guess not?

「That’s right! Pants outfits are much more functional!」

「Yeah, but after all, skirts are cuter.」

「One piece is unbeatable, but it alone is kind of lonely?」

「I’ll, ask, him, to, make, a hat, with, mul-ti-color. 」

「「「Yeah, additional orders are necessary after all!」」」

Instead of bracing themselves, they are passing notions to make me brace for even more work. An extra orders bill was just approved? And I probably don’t have the right to veto it? Let’s make the hat tonight. Armored Pres-san seems to really like them.

After all, I asked the general store lady to purchase women’s underwear at maximum priority, so other stuff is lagging behind. It’s impossible for me, okay? The hurdle to making female underwear is too high for a highschool boy. Merely handing over designs and pattern papers for it was enough for my Affection Rating-san and Public Image-san to just barely make it with only fatal injuries. That’s why seamstresses are currently prioritizing the production of women’s underwear. Well, I’m pretty sure that for a highschool boy to provide designs for women’s underwear means a lot more than a fatal injury, but I can’t be bothered by that. It’s game set if I do! If I ignore the game end’s whistle then I can keep going and going! As long as I don’t get caught by the judge there is no defeat for me!

I never heard or read about that before, so I think that should be the case, but I’m pretty sure it’s quite unusual for someone to be exploring a dungeon while designing layouts of pattern paper for clothes in his head. Rather, for home industry to be more challenging than dungeon exploration is already unusual enough? I already learned the true nature of sorrow, so I feel like I’m ready to get an ultimate technique. A crafting one that is. [1]

I had『Bomb Bat Lv 48』of the 48th floor self-destruct. It seems Athletic Girls struggled quite a bit on this floor, but the enemies’ weakness seems extremely obvious? It’s a bunch of bat-shaped bombs flying through complete darkness while erasing their presence, but they have『Ultrasonic Wave』 among their skills? I mean, they are bats after all?

So grasping the air inside the dungeon with『Holding』, I then『Vibrate』it with Vibration Magic. Shaken with a frequency high enough to produce ultrasonic waves it eventually leads to『Bomb Bats』bumbing into each other and exploding on their own. Annihilated. Picking up all the magic stones was a real pain. It might be better to think about some kind of magic stone collection magic.

「And we were desperately running away from the bomb bats, weren’t we? While shoving them away with wind magic.」

「Didn’t it take us like two days to get through this floor because we took too much damage?」

「Normally, you wouldn’t think of this even after being told 『hey, they have Ultrasonic Wave in their skills?』!」

「The bats became victims to their own bombs without being allowed to even approach their targets.」

For some reason, everyone seems dissatisfied? The basics of bomb disposal is detonation from a safe distance, okay? Disassembly or dismantling is usually too dangerous? This is a common-sense approach to bomb disposal. This is to be expected since I’m an ordinary common-sense person. Seriously.

The 49th floor is next, and after that, the 50th floor with the floor master is awaiting! But as expected, the fashion discussion resumed. For some reason, the topic changed from Vice President B-san’s apron dress to maid outfits? Well, it’s not like I have anything against that? Rather, I like it very much, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I love it? But even so? You must have more consideration for Affection Rating of the person who will have to be seen walking around with a bunch of girls in maid outfits? Affection Rating-san is already so ephemeral that even a precarious state would be an understatement for its current condition? It might not even be breathing anymore?

There is not the tiniest little bit that I even remotely dislike about maids, but sewing that is very difficult. You are adding to my nighttime workload? I don’t dislike maids, but I’m absolutely not fond of making maid outfits? It’s not like I hate it, but it’s a real pain? And taking measurements for it is a challenging task for a highschool boy? And there is even more highschool boy trouble after taking measurements?

「We reached the 49th floor. This floor has「Terror Knights Lv 49」. It was really scary getting chased by them all over the place!」

For some reason, no matter what Fish Girl is fighting, she ends up being chased around, while Shield Girl ends up blown off? Is it some sort of tactic?

And「Terror Knights」are knights armed with abnormal status attacks of a mental type. Well, basically, evil spirits. They are weak against Holy Magic, but the Great Sage is probably going to simply smash them anyway. I mean, I already saw her chasing phantoms on the upper floors and beating them, so there is no doubt about that. Terror Knights fight by using Intimidation, Fear, Panic, Confusion, Paralysis, and then following up with attacks. The girls have tons of Abnormal Status Resistance rings, so as long as they keep their distance there should be no problem. The only danger would be meeting eyes with them at point-blank distance. Well, I have Rajingan, and before getting it, I never caught any debuffs even on the lowest floors of the great dungeon. Furthermore, attacks from my staff seem to have the Holy attribute, so with it being a favorable match-up for me, I can fight in the front row.

「Ayeeee! It’s a massacre! Just butchering all of you is not enough! I’m going to bludgeon you within an inch of your lives, so you will have no easy way out through annihilation! So that was your plan after all! Not abnormal mental status attacks, by attacking my mental status directly! I knew something was up when I heard that explanation about knights intimidating, scaring, confusing, and paralyzing victims with their gaze! Why are the knights of dread, Terror Knights, averting their eyes in fear, panic, and confusion? Crap, my Affection Rating! MY AFFECTION POINTS!!!!」

Evil has perished. Although my Affection Rating might’ve died along with it. My heart’s HP probably reached 0 by now.

「Massacring Terror Knights, who are running around, trembling in fear… Is this the coming of the King of Terror?」

「So Terror Knights can cry as well~? The moment their eyes met they began screaming in panic~? Even though they are evil spirits~.」

「And a few of them died the moment they looked him in the eyes, right? Can that be considered suicide? In the evil spirit sort of way?」

「「「Evil spirit knights were trembling, you know? Crying and shaking like chihuahuas?」」」

Again, this again? All those demons and evil spirits are always trying to attack my spirit and affection rating. And every time they manage to score critical damage. Right now, Armored Pres-san is patting me on the back, trying to comfort me, but while it might be just my imagination, didn’t she sheathe her sword even before the terror knights and I looked each other in the eyes? She was getting ready to console me? Is it just my imagination? Why is she looking away?

Flying into a rage, I ended up activating Dimension Slash. I don’t regret it, but I didn’t kill enough.

「Okay, the floor master, it’s the superior’s responsibility. I’ll have the boss of those terror knights take responsibility for this. To put it bluntly, I’m going to vent my anger on it! And if taking it out on the floor master won’t be enough, I will take out the dungeon master as well! Definitely!」

「You seem so fixed on killing them that 『taking it out on』 became 『taking them out』? Dungeon Master-san didn’t do anything? You didn’t even meet them yet, and you already decided that you are going to kill them to satisfy your rage?」

For some reason, I’m getting Flat Gazed despite the bullying that I just went through? Although this Flat Gaze from 22 eyes happens to heal my wounded heart. Looks like this world has a thing known as Flat Gaze Addiction. Withdrawal symptoms probably exist as well. And I don’t think it can be cured.

[TL Notes:
[1] The ultimate secret technique of Hokuto Shin Ken, Musō Tensei can only be learned by the one who embraces the true nature of sorrow.




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