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Chapter 151: Is there a point to meetings where everything is decided unanimously without any objections or deliberation?




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 50 – Afternoon, Dungeon

Putting my hand to the wall I firmly press on it. This is the last hidden room.

「Eehm? And inside the room was~? Oooh! Three volumes sold at the same time!『Study on Martial Arts 』,『Study on Titles 』, and『Study on Magic 』? This series, despite being supposedly a study, has none of my skills at all? Ostracization? Can I take these?~」

(Jiggle Jiggle!)

Looks like it’s alright for me to take them.

「「「He is having a conversation with the dungeon master!? Or rather, it took a liking to him!」」」

「But it’s kind of adorable? Even though it was so strong?」

I flip all three books, skimming through the contents. Nothing, huh, as expected.

None of the nonsense magic like 『Temperature』,『Movement』,『Weight』, or『Packing』. Not even 『Wood Magic』or『Vibration Magic』. So naturally, there can’t be 『Teleportation』, 『Gravity』, or『Holding』.

Of course, no such titles as 『Hikikomori』,『NEET』, or『Loner』too. Yeah, I knew there definitely won’t be anything like that! I was absolutely convinced of that!

And no『Cane Arts』among the list of Martial Arts? Vice Pres B-san, did you hear that? Apparently, no such skill exists?. So no 『Path of the Staff』too.

And without『Mana Wrapping』there can’t be『Magic Wrapping』.

Well, 『Kyoujitsu』is an original skill, so I expected that I won’t find it here, but turns out, the very concept of originals doesn’t exist.

On top of that, even『Uncanny Dodge』,『Instantaneous Movement』,『Fluidity』,『Dōjutsu』are legend-tier? What about the legendary Sword God and Swordmaster? No, an owner of『Sword God』is nodding right next to me? They do exist?

As for『Unknown』, there wasn’t even a book, so『Report・Inform・Consult』,『Jack of All Trades』,『Muppet』remain a mystery.

Aaah~. Useless books? Or rather, maybe the skills are so useless that they don’t exist in this world?

Well, I was certain there won’t be any of my titles, so that is fine. After all, this world doesn’t even have such words as Hikikomori or NEET! And yet the meaning is somehow properly conveyed? I wonder how they get translated into the language of this world? I don’t want to actually know that though.

(Jiggle Jiggle~)

「Unn~? Dungeon Master-san, that jiggling, are you trying to comfort me? And then there is the ex-Dungeon Emperor patting me on the back? That’s a very grand consolation line-up? Are you sort of telling me to cheer up? Kind of? I guess?」

「「「Indeed, the world strongest consolation line-up! A complete waste of the strongest!」」」

I doubt that further search will reveal any more books, so I have no more business with this place, and I don’t want to kill the dungeon master. It got kind of attached to me and is hella cute? There is no way I can fight it now? Eating to the fullest it doesn’t seem to be angry anymore. Was it trying to eat us earlier? Well, it’s cute, so whatever.

In the end, it was simply lonely, just like Dungeon Emperor-san. Hungry, it kept waiting on the lowest floor without anyone ever coming.

「Hey, wanna join us? Kind of?」

(Jiggle Jiggle~!)

Oh~, it’s dancing, so cute! Does it mean it’s happy? The jiggling seems to be of a joyful kind, I think?

「E~rhm,『Status』, ah, it got tamed. Like, really? Sort of?」

「「「We thought you’d do this!」」」

So cute. It’s dancing a jiggly dance. Is it a happy dance after all? If we take it with us it probably will get along just nicely with the Poster Girl. Mystery Dance Friends?

First, let’s get it outside under the light of the sun, and then feed it a lot of tasty food. Then, with everyone at the inn it surely won’t feel lonely anymore.

It seems to be pleased with the idea, so that should be the right thing to do.

「Then, let’s go back? We still have two lots left, right? Let’s roll?」

「Don’t say it as if dungeons are real estate property~, I’m not entirely sure anymore if we are subjugating dungeons or hunting for a home!」

「Bu~t? Going through two more properties today might be tough~? It’s quite~ ha~rd~?」

「「「Not you too!」」」

Yeah, since this is not a bookstore dungeon, I might as well remove it from the list for potential remodeling. The location isn’t great and the room layout lacks appeal. It’s more like an ant nest? After all, it’s hard to find a dungeon with a superb room arrangement like that of the great dungeon. The location was nice, and it also had a good feel to it, but the great dungeon was plainly too spacious. And also deep. A 100 floor house is not the level of a private residence.

「Armored Pres-san over here was tamed before you, so that makes her your senior, plus she is a former dungeon emperor, so she is your former superior as well, listen to what she says, alright? Kind of, I guess?」


Alright, it seems. Looks like we have a proper hierarchy established. Is it trying to do a salute? Maybe they are acquaintances? Since she is its former superior? Did they have regular meetings? Assemblies? Since they are both former, is this an ex-colleagues reunion?

「I’d like to say 『How could you tame a Dungeon Master and take it home!』, but there is already the dungeon emperor casually walking around? Is this actually normal?」

While complaining, everyone is enthusiastically feeding bread and sweets to Slime-san, who turned into a former dungeon master. Jiggling, it seems happy and friendly. Looks like cute is justice after all.

And the girls resumed their fashion talk. Each of them presented their own theory, and upon debating them…

「「「Okay! Additional orders it is!」」」

「「No objection!」」

Apparently, no one is going to listen to my objections, so I go home alone with Slime-san. Nnn~, this is so soothing.

Such solace is necessary for this rough world! After all, the talk that is going to make this world even rougher for me is about to reach its climax? Why is no one raising any objections? Can it be called a discussion if everything is decided unanimously? Are they even trying to deliberate on their decisions? All agendas are just blazing through?

I have to complete a magic-powered spinning machine, a magic-powered weaving machine, and a magic-powered sewing machine as fast as possible. Otherwise, my life span will be at risk!

Since the Athletic Girls have already cleared the dungeon up to the 49th floor, we return to the 1st floor by taking the 49th floor’s portal. If we didn’t search for the hidden rooms we could’ve ended this instantly, but checking every floor eats a lot of time, moreover, this dungeon had a hidden room on every fifth floor, so it took even longer. The next one shouldn’t take as long, but doing both remaining properties today is impossible.

And thus we returned to the surface. Slime-san is jiggling happily too.

「The next one is the dungeon that board members were clearing? Is it close? Is it a good one? How close it is to the nearest town? Are there any other selling points, like a rough sketch for visuals? 」

「「「Dungeons are not real estate and they aren’t for sale! Dungeons and mansions are two very different things!」」」

No selling points it seems. I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

「But it’s pretty close to the town? It might be a bit too close to the Evil Forest though. 」

I confirm『Map』with Rajingan. Aah, there, huh. Near the village destroyed by the monster stampede. There were two, right beside the Evil Forest, that came under attack by the monsters before I killed the orc king and the crowd following it.

The villages I couldn’t save. The villages with people that I couldn’t save.

That’s why there are no selling points anymore. They were all destroyed. The villages, that were destroyed because no one noticed that orcs, that should’ve been in the forest’s depths, were near the edge of the forest. The villages that were destroyed because I, the only one who knew that orcs were on the outskirts of the forest, failed to realize that it was the sign of the upcoming stampede. There seem to be characters weirdly praising me to the sky, but I failed to save those people. Speaking of villages, two have perished? And then 13 of my classmates? One was killed by me, and I did nothing to save 12 others. That’s some rescue. I’m not good at all.

That’s why no one mentions those villagers to me, that’s why they are leading me there through a detour, going an extra mile to avoid the sites of those villages.

I was the only one who had keys to saving them, and yet I was too busy killing my own classmate at the time. That’s why the villages were destroyed, and lots of people died. See, no good at all? I’m not saving anyone at all. Hearing that I saved the town or the frontier is nothing but embarrassing, after all, I didn’t save anyone? How can I accept their gratitude after allowing two entire villages to disappear?

The results of my decisions left twelve of my classmates and countless people and those two villages to their deaths. By now raising walls around some village, exterminating monsters of the Evil Forest, or deforesting it, changes nothing. There is no saving the already destroyed villages and people that lived there. No matter what I do now, there is nothing to be thanked for. No matter what I do, the dead won’t give me their forgiveness. Unforgiven should be an object of scorn and disdain, yet no one says anything to me. Because the dead can’t speak for themselves.

Slime-san is jiggling very hard on top of my head, almost as if it is trying to pat it. It’s probably trying to comfort me.





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