Chapter 152: They are seriously merciless fiends, more savagely brutal than demons, so showing that to them will get you a sermon.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 50 – Daytime, Dungeon.

We finally reached the dungeon located nearby the Evil Forest. This dungeon is likely deeper than 50 floors, and yet the entrance looks shabby?

「We finally arrived? It was pretty far, you know? Going through three of them is a crazy idea, okay? That’s an abuse of highschool boys? Sort of?」

Today we will be done after diving into this dungeon, we probably will end only in the evening, and if there are many hidden rooms again, it might take until the night.

But I have a hunch that this dungeon should be easy. After all, three parties with board members at the core made it all the way to the 49th floor in a very short period of time? Most likely, there should be no unique or specialized monsters. The girls seem to have a hard time dealing with highly specialized or peculiar monsters, they are bad at adapting to the opponents. However, when the fight goes their way they are incredibly strong.

Or rather, if we don’t get it over with quickly, the side job’s turn will begin? And the side job’s turn is endless, you know? It always will be the side job’s turn and then the morning will come. Seriously.

「Aaah~ this doesn’t look promising at all? There is no way a property with such a shabby entrance can be anything other than a miss. This one is no good, so let’s just crush it as quickly as possible. The walls are thin, the whole thing looks kind of crooked, and there is no sense of unity to the rooms. Is there no property that can rival the great dungeon’s entrance after all? And the great dungeon also had such a grand bath on the lowest floor.」

The ex-owner of the great dungeon is looking at me with a flat gaze?! So remodeling it without asking first was a problem after all? But I didn’t create a bath there, and I didn’t even dig for a hot spring? I simply remodeled the first floor a tiny bit? I mean, it’s the dungeon of a dungeon emperor, so it has to have a suitably great entrance? Although she ended up resigning.

Acting in three groups for purposes of monster extermination, the board, the athletic girls, and the dungeon rulers duo, we descend into the dungeon. Actually, Armored Pres-san and Slime-san didn’t even have to group? They would’ve been perfectly fine on their own? They started competing for mobs? Armored Pres-san, snatching monsters like that is so immature? And Slime-san, you shouldn’t eat them, okay? You’ll upset your stomach, you know?

「As expected, normal dungeons don’t have hidden rooms on the upper floors, so let’s get it over with. I’d like to get home and feed Slime-san. So stop eating off the floor? Kind of?」

(Jiggle Jiggle~!)

Yup, looks like it understands. However, it seems to be a predation attack, so should be alright?『Predation』can be seen among its skills. Moreover,『Predation』seems to have the same effect as『Plunder』? Slime-san is utterly demolishing enemies with its cheats. Well, it dropped to Lv 1 from Taming, so in tough fights, it would be better to have it fall back, but on the upper floors it should do alright, or rather, it’s doing way too alright? The duo of Armored Pres-san and Slime-san is way too brutal. A joint continuous onslaught that can’t be dodged or defended. Isn’t that an overkill for poor monsters of these floors? And as I suspected, I’m not getting to do anything at all?

Slime-san’s movements are so unpredictable and bizarre, that I can’t get involved? It makes it too scary to practice Dimension Sword here. A moment ago I tried to step in with Kyojitsu, and ended up getting scolded by Slime-san after it bumped into me from behind? Somehow, even though I’m the master, I’m getting scolded by everyone?

Both of them seem to be having fun rampaging. The two probably spent too long in boredom, and as a result have a lot of stress to burn. They must be happy to even fight together like this. Why am I the only one who doesn’t get to have time for boredom though? Isn’t the time distribution a bit weird?

We already descended to the 17th floor, but still no hidden rooms.

Without hidden rooms, there is nothing to do but kill monsters, so it takes only a short while. An instant.

We swiftly move ahead.

But why do I feel the most peaceful inside dungeons?

Well,『Apex Thinking』-san is making full use of Though Acceleration and Perfect Memory, trying to produce blueprints for a weaving machine, so in a way, I’m busy with crafting even now. There should be hope if I manage to design one with an improved version of a shuttle, a flying shuttle, after all, it is famous for its role in the Industrial Revolution, I had seen it before, and understood the principle behind it, but I had never made a loom before. So lacking experience, I can’t design it. Inside my head,『Apex Thinking』-san is theorizing, repeatedly trying to put together various designs, concentrating on producing a blueprint, but in the end, I will need to put it together first to get enough information. In other words, the night shift is decided.

Meanwhile, there should be no trouble with the agricultural revolution, the geeks perfectly remembered four-field rotation, the so-called Norfolk four-course system, which had no fallow years, and they even had the recipe and production method for ammonia-based fertilizer memorized. Rice cultivation also was perfectly covered. Just how hard were they wishing to be summoned to another world? I already explained the ways of intensive use of the land to Meripapa-san, and the book from Slime-san’s dungeon, 『Living a Country Life』, gave a new outlook on livestock raising. If with an increase in the livestock numbers we increased the acreage of tillable land, it would’ve greatly increased food production.

A steam engine and steel were stored inside the geeks’ heads as well.
They even remembered how to make furnaces and blast furnaces. Those geeks. Even Tatara-san and Puddling-san are shocked, you know? Just how ill-suited are they to modern life. However, since we can use magic as a power source, loom and spinning machines take precedence, okay? They have way too little interest in clothes. They don’t know anything at all? Isn’t it weird for textile not to be included industry revolution at all? Wasn’t it one of the leading characters of that story? [1][2]

And the frontier has no sea access, so there is no point in building steamships? Can’t we use our abilities on something more practical? Just how ill-suited are the geeks for life in society…

And the geeks’ biggest mystery is construction. For some reason, the only thing they remember is the manufacturing and handling method of reinforced concrete? In what kind of fantasy world were they expecting to end up? Why are they starting with reinforced concrete dwellings? Were they going to make it in furnaces? Rebars for multistory buildings? Or were they going to suddenly build a blast furnace in the medieval world? Just how awkward are they as living beings…

However, they turned out to be very knowledgeable on smithing. It is overwhelming, from iron production to knife manufacture, from modern blades to 13th-century katanas, they remembered it all. When I introduced them to the old man of the weapon store he ended up completely breaking? Even so, that old man is a blacksmith, so it’s better to make him do actual smithing instead of polishing clubs all day. We don’t have any extra blacksmiths here? And yet why is he playing with clubs all day?

If those efforts bear fruit, the frontier should gain enough power to oppose a whole country. And that will be the moment when I will finally be released from my nighttime work. But I probably will still have to make sweets and food.

With this and that we are on the 38th floor already. At last, a hidden room, but the contents of the chest were shabby. 『Homing Bow – Automatic tracking, +ATT』, there are a few girls with Archery jobs, but all of them have cheats like 『Sure-Hit』or 『Trajectory Prediction』. They can hit the target even without Auto Tracking. Let’s sell it to the weapon store.

And even on the 44th floor, 『Safe Ring – Abnormal Status Effects Resistance (Lesser) 』, everyone is already loaded with rings with Abnormal Status Effects Resistance (Greater), buying up tons of them? On top of that, the design is something else. Did you really think you’ll get girls to wear you with that design? How much do you think I suffered? A hell of rejections, adjustments, improvements, and corrections? It was so tough that I was about to cry? Highschool girls really have no mercy! Fiends! More vicious than real demons! They are brutally savage when it comes to accessories and sweets, you know? There would be a sermon were I to show them something like that? For real. Seriously for real!

On the 46 floor, I encountered monsters. With too many forks, we decided to split up, and as a result, I managed to bump into some monsters! I have to hurry, or something will snatch them up.

Three knife-carrying dolls,『Mad Puppet Lv 46』, are skipping their way towards me. Is it their attempt at horror? This is not enough to get a scare in the modern age, you know? You have to work harder and add things like, sound effects or lightning? Mere knife-carrying dolls simply lack the impact. I chopped the first doll, slipping past it as it was trying to slash at me, turning around I use the handle of the staff to strike up the second one, which was flying at me from above, cut down the third one, near my right leg, that was trying to attack me from the blind spot, and taking a full swing, slash the second one that was thrown high with my previous strike. All ended in two steps, huh?

So easy. Being horror-type they have good cooperation, trying to get me from a blind spot? Their knives also had『Deadly Poison』… But since I can see them, it’s all meaningless. Rajingan has no blind spots, so that combination was pointless. Having『Fear』for skills, they will only end up laughed at by modern era kids. But Fish Girl would probably end up running from them, I just heard her screaming.

「That was scary. Scaring me by surprise they chased after me. Those are bad dolls! So I burned them. That was so scary.」

So she got chased around after all… Finding a doll inside the dungeon she tried to get closer but the doll attacked, and she ended up running away? C’mon? How can you fall for that? Can it even get more cliche? It’s so cliche that you might as well have started by burning it? Aren’t you a modern kid? Oh my, it turns out, Fish Girl has never seen any horror movies. No immunity at all.

(Jiggle! Jiggleeee!)

Looks like Slime-san had fun. It probably spent all that time staying still, too hungry to move, so it must be happy to run around as it pleases after getting to eat to its heart’s content. But why can’t Armored Pres-san calm down? Well, she seems to be having fun so whatever.

[TL Notes:
[1] The tatara (鑪) is the traditional Japanese furnace used for smelting iron and steel. The word later also came to mean the entire building housing the furnace. The traditional steel in Japan comes from ironsand processed in a special way, called tatara system.
[2] The puddling furnace is a metalmaking technology used to create wrought iron or steel from the pig iron produced in a blast furnace.




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