Chapter 153: Stripping yourself is good nudity, while wasteful stripping is bad nudity.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 50 – Daytime, Dungeon.

As heavyweight class monsters charged with a booming rumble, they were met with a shield wall that seemed to also be moving to meet them.That’s Shield Bash, and you can’t afford to halt like that, you know? Look, she is coming from the side? Jiggling, coming with a swing? And it’s over. Well, it was decided the moment they stopped. That’s because we have approximately two dangerous tanks here.

One is bound to get trapped by their style if facing them without any prior knowledge. Block with the sword, cut with the shield. Parry with the sword, crush with the shield.

Offensive became defensive, and defenses are used to attack. A continuous joint offense tears into the enemies with repeated strikes.

The reason for the effectiveness of their coordination lies in the fact that it was born even before we came to this world. In the first year of high school, their names were already sending waves throughout the country.

「As expected of Twin Lightpoles!」(Bam! Thud! Crash! Thud!)

「「We told you not to call us that! It’s Twin Towers!」」

「Really? But I heard them saying『Twin Lightpoles!』on TV? Sort of? Or rather, it hurts, you know?」

「「We would’ve burned that TV station if that was true!」」

Looks like they are unsatisfied with the approach of the modern media. Is it the media bias that got them so angry? But wasn’t it 『Twin Lightpoles!』on the banner in school as well? Was it not?

The shield team seems to be changing their weapons depending on the enemy, swords, axes, spears, hammers, but lately, they mostly use swords, and after that, spears? They can’t get their hands on any good axes or hammers, so they tend to favor swords these days. I guess I should get into weapon production too. It would’ve been better to use hammers or axes for the previous opponents, and having a weapon with reach, like a spear or a halberd, will allow to choose the distance. It’s a group battle, but with everyone using swords it limits the available tactics. I should think about weapon manufacture when we return. I might not be able to begin it right away, but I can at least make preparations. A strife to get to the edge of the never-ending night, or in other words, there is no end to overtime work!

Looks like『Panzer Rhinoceros Lv 49』, that charged at us all at once, are already annihilated.

Panzer Rhinoceros, basically armored rhinos, were stopped by Shield Girl and the volleyball club’s AB duo. Yes, their defense was high, but that’s it. While they had Slashing Resistance, a flanking attack by Great Sage easily flipped them over. Of course, it goes without saying that Great Sage used physical attacks for that.

After that, they simply got showered with blows. Slime-san and everyone seemed to have fun beating them. And so Rhinos got mauled to death. The shields of the tanks were the very first to be upgraded with mithril, greatly boosting 『Impact Resistance』and 『Reflection』. Merely crashing into them won’t do anything.

One of the few in possession of『Alchemy』, Febreze-san of rhythmic gymnastics, also bludgeoned them with a barrage of club attacks. She is using some kind of strange alchemic weapon, which can transform into a ribbon, a hoop, a ball, or a club, but I’m yet to see hoop being ever used. Is there even a way to use it? Perhaps spinning it to make the enemy dizzy? A hypnosis type?

Now, it’s Hidden Room-san, inside is『Power Glove – PoW +30%, +DEF』, it doesn’t seem particularly unique, but this type of item is in high demand and upgraded with mithril will probably turn into a pretty good piece. For now, I’m just blending in bits of mithril, so it’s fine, but eventually, I’m going to run out of it. Is there a place where mithril is lying around outside of dungeons?

「This one isn’t half bad? Does anyone need『Power Glove – PoW +30%, +DEF』? Seems so I guess?」

Apparently, Shield Girl already had a similar item, so Twin Something are trying to decide it among themselves with rock, paper, scissors. Well, it’s clear that the item is going to them. Actually, the one who might benefit the most from it is Great Sage-san, but she said that she doesn’t need it. For some reason, her gear is all magic-oriented? Even though she doesn’t use magic at all.

「Then? To the 50th floor? The boss battle? It might be another dungeon master though? So, we fight, we win, we cutlet, sort of?」


「For the sauce, we are going to have Aurora sauce. Kind of?」

「「「Aurora sauce! To think that in this world Sauce-san, Mayonnaise-san, and Ketchup-san all joined together in such a marvelous fusion! 」」」 [1]

「Yeah, only soy sauce is left out? Since it’s too pitiful, I added a bit of it as a secret ingredient? It’s delicious, you know? Seriously. 」


They seem to be motivated. At this rate, they might turn the floor master into cutlets. I wonder what cutlets from a floor master would taste like?

Probably, not very good, as it turned out.

「It’s that, that?『Paralyzing Jellyfish Lv 50』, Man o’ war-san! And it’s not a dungeon master!」


A huge jellyfish floating in the air. It’s a cool feature for interior design, but it’s also a nuisance. It’s too huge.

As the tentacles are repelled by the wall of shields, the middle guard is unleashing an onslaught of attacks, meanwhile, the rear guard… Doesn’t exist, yup, as expected. Yeah, they are beating it hard. But it doesn’t seem to have much effect?

Beautiful girls jumping through the air, and jellyfish intercepting them with its countless legs? Tentacles? Yeah, tentacles.

If the geeks were here they probably would’ve been crying tears of joy and gratitude to this scene of schoolgirls fighting tentacles. Doing nothing but watching, they’d eventually get scolded for not helping. No, knowing them, they probably would’ve started rooting for the Jellyfish-san? Seriously!

Bringing attention to the fact that I’m also participating, I pulled out three『Demon Scythes』and had them join the tentacle hunt. Phew, thank goodness I didn’t forget about this.

「Wait? Isn’t this a no-good one? Looks like neither slashing nor other physical attacks are working? It has Magic Reflection, but magic seems to be its only vulnerability?」

「「「What should we do then?」」」

「What do you mean what? Use something aside from physical or magic attacks? Or rather, go for the jellyfish extermination approach? I think? 」

Yup. That’s the only way, right?

Meanwhile, Fish Girl was getting chased around, drawing the tentacles away from everyone, there, Nudist Girl jumped in, slashing at the tentacles with her dual swords. They can’t be cut, you know?

She got caught. Yeah, the geeks would’ve been overjoyed. I’m glad we didn’t take them with us.

「You can resist poison and common abnormal status debuffs, so it’s alright? Just take care not to get paralyzed and hang in there, okay? Ah! It also has no weapon destruction, so don’t worry about that? But it has 『Dissolve』so you will end up naked? Well, you are a nudist anyway? So I guess it’s fine? 」

「「「「No, it’s not! It’s not fine at all! It’s not the case where we can allow her to stay caught at all!」」」」

It’s not fine it seems? So getting naked yourself is good nudity, and becoming naked from having your clothes melted is bad nudity? Aaah, that’s because ruining clothes is a waste! And it will also increase my workload!

It doesn’t seem to be doing anything, but just in case, I actually have the main body of the jellyfish caught with『Holding』. Basically restrained? The tentacles are doing as they please though.

Hence, I use Kyojitsu to close the distance and cut off a bunch of tentacles holding Nudist Girl with Dimension Blade.

And crash into the jellyfish. Aaah, it’s the first time it doesn’t hurt upon crashing into something? GJ Jellyfish? Not sure if this is really GJ or not, but JK retreated. They don’t want their clothes dissolved it seems.

No, it’s not like I crashed into it because I wanted to? But I can still barely use Kyojitsu and Magic Wrapping, and adding Dimension Blade to the mix makes it all a bit uncontrollable? Well, while I didn’t have any intention of crashing into it, since I already did, let’s roll with this.

Allow myself to get caught by the innumerable tentacles of the jellyfish? Captured? Captured.

Actually, keep tentacles away from boys! There is no demand for that! No one wants to see that! And even if someone wants, I don’t! It’s pointless! And why do the girls look kind of happy?!

「Eerhm? First,『Holding』, then rise『Temperature』? Adding Heat『Vibration』? Followed by dehydration through『Alchemy』, and drying it with『Water Magic』and『Holding』? And since I have『Gauntlets of Contradiction』, stripping it of immunities with my right hand? And the dehydration is complete? Wither, wither more, sort of? So, dried jellyfish? Jellyfish jerky? And then fry it… I won.」


Eh? What is that 『Haaaah』?『Ah』, would’ve been enough? Don’t 『Haaaah』 me? Why does no one say anything?

Ooh, the jellyfish’s magic stone and loot? Is this the jellyfish’s equipment? But it didn’t seem to be carrying anything? Eehm, 『Infinite Tentacles – Create and Control Tentacles』, isn’t this that type of a thing humans shouldn’t have? Ah, but the geeks would probably like it? They surely will be willing to pay good money for this, but why do I feel that they are the only ones that absolutely must not be allowed to have this item?

However, now I have the three sacred treasures of the worst public image possible?『Collar of Submission – Forces into a state of absolute obedience』,『Chains of Prometheus – Binding, Disable all Powers』, and now『Infinite Tentacles – Create and Control Tentacles』

Why do all these Brute Violator-type goods keep drifting to me? Is this an attack on my Affection Rating? It’s on the verge of death already? Lately, it’s not breathing anymore? Or rather, I don’t remember when was the last time I saw it? What could be the reason for this world to so persistently target my Affection Rating? C’mon? Controlling tentacles? Ah, Armored Pres-san is hiding behind the girls?

[TL Notes:
[1] Japanese Aurora Sauce is quite different from the original recipe. Yes, it actually involves mayonnaise and ketchup.




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