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Chapter 166: Is there a point to signing an exclusive contract with someone who can’t remember your name?

Day 52 – Morning, White Weirdo Inn.

「Having no striped kneesocks is nothing short of blasphemy towards kneesocks!」(Thud!)

「And it is in combination with the striped panties that they truly…」(Clash!)

「No, animal ears and kneesocks are the true justice!」(Smack!)

「Just what are you guys talking about? It’s on little girls that kneesocks really…」(Badoosh! And reported!)

Aaah. The geeks are so noisy in the morning. Following me around they endlessly geek their kneesocks theories? Well, I guess it’s fine to just burn them already? I’m kicking them, or rather, I’m stuck kicking them since I woke up, but it seems to have no effect? Just why would dudes have any need for kneesocks? Are they going to wear them? If they do they might get convicted before they get reported.

Was the sight of all of the girls wearing kneesocks too much for them in the morning? The sight of Armored Pres-san in kneesocks was too much for me yesterday, so I went too hard on her, which proved to be too much for her, so I got scolded in the morning? Too much in the way life is good and all is good? Well, it can’t be helped? I mean, I’m a highschool boy? With how things are, I don’t see how I can get to graduate anyway?

And so currently I’m being pestered by the geeks while at the same time getting scolded by the girls and annoyed by the idiots’ demands for jerseys. Why does my peaceful and refreshing morning always have to be so noisy? No, I did get pretty refreshed last night? Like, I was pushing through the whole night? I mean, the absolute territory was calling for me? And Armored Pres-san’s absolute territory is something else.

「Haru~ka, make one with a leopard logo. I always wear that brand.」

「No, the leopard logo will be a fake! A knockoff! That’s simply illegal! What you were wearing had the puma logo! Or rather, if you want leopard marks, that would be called a leopard pattern? What kind of delinquent are you? Why would you wear something like that in a different world? Are you planning to hang out in front of convenience stores at night? I don’t think you will find any in this world? In the first place, why don’t you even understand if the logo of your sponsor is a puma, or a panther, or a leopard? How about you get that stupid head chewed by a leopard? I’m pretty sure even leopards wouldn’t want to taste such dumb heads, but I will plead with them too? For real」

Just why do the Idiots like jerseys so much? And yet,『Four stripes are a lifestyle』, they are complete morons? How come they are so fixated on particular brands yet can’t even remember the number of stripes? Maybe they can’t count past 1? And this one『That one with shhhh through the logo?』, is a dumbass who doesn’t know the word slash?『It’s like the diamond-shaped family crest』, when did Takeda become an Italian sportswear company? Since when did you have an exclusive deal with Shingen-san? In the first place, why did they sign sponsorships with such idiots? There is no『Pigeon Emblem』! How were you able to mistake a rooster for a pigeon? Why not a single one of them remember the name of the brands sponsoring them? And to begin with, they can be as particular as they want, talking about their so-called favorite brands, but if I make the clothes, they’re gonna end up fake knockoffs, so there is not a shred of actual care for brands!

Since they were way too persistent I made jersey tops and bottoms with 『I’m Real Idiot』written on their front and back, and they actually happily put them on! Which reminds me, when we were deciding on party names they chose to call themselves Idiot Group! They actually liked it! Aah, they are real idiots.

And naturally, I’m not making any kneesocks for the geeks, okay? But no matter how much I kick, kick, and kick them they keep swarming, crying 『Striped kneesocks!』. It’s a Resident Geek situation. There is no other choice but to burn them by now. Wouldn’t zombies be easier to reason with than them? Seriously.

And I also can’t escape the sermon, even though it’s a day off, I can’t get any rest from the lectures? They lecture the super hard-working me, prepared to work 24 hours a day all year long, could it be that they are friends with Home Industry-san?

「You have to consider the influence on the girls of the town before you make clothes! Everyone is working hard to save up for the new clothes! You can’t make anything other than wholesome cute stuff!」

「That’s right. What are you going to do if all of the town’s girls are going to start wearing fishnet tights with denim shorts? Why would you make the town into such an indecent place?」

「「「That’s right! That’s right! That’s too lewd and therefore banned!」」」

Well, you say influence, but if all of the girls in the town were to wear fishnet tights I’d be pretty happy? Although I’m too scared to say this aloud. And there are also people who get their money confiscated and can’t go shopping at all, despite working very earnestly too, you know? Right here.

And despite them lecturing me right now, Armored Pres-san came back from the meeting with an order form for 20 fishnet stockings. And there were more than 100 orders for stockings with lewd and sexy designs? And yet I’m to be scolded? They even bought up all of the kneesocks? And yet I’m getting lectured? Does it mean that my Affection Rating doesn’t exist even on the molecular level? So the elemental particle level is not enough?

However, I have a secret plan to get through this situation, there is no way I’d be foolish enough to take on a sermon without any plan, okay? I don’t diligently get lectured every day without a fail for nothing!

「Well, no? It’s not like I was making any lewd stuff? I’m insulted that you would think that this is what a good high school boy would be doing all the time? That’s a healthy highschool boy abuse case? I mean, I even have the evidence? That other stuff I made only as an extra to an extra? Probably Magic Hands had a hand slip and accidentally made them? Or maybe they were possessed by an evil spirit? Being Magic Hands and all? So I didn’t do anything wrong? I’m the same innocent blameless highschool boy, okay?」

To back up my words I line up new products. Jersey series clothes I made to create an excuse. I hid all of the lewd pieces from it, so it’s alright. Tonight I’m going to present a super stretchy mini dress to Armored Pres-san and ask her! Naturally, I prepared sexy stockings as well! It’s perfect!

「New items? Stretchy fabric, you know? Brand new skirts and dresses? Advance orders are limited to three per person, two samples per person, so I didn’t do anything wrong? Nothing will come out from fighting for who is getting them first, but since it will prove my innocence you are free to do so~? Sort of~? I guess~?」

「「「Kyaaaa! It’s miiiine!」」」

「That flared skirt is mine! It’s the destiny decided by fate! Ah! This one is destiny too!」

「Please, let me have it! Parkas are my trademark! From today on.」

「No minis? Didn’t someone just run away with one? Aha, that must be the work of a skill! There is no way I’d let my mini-skirt escape!」

Nice, my innocence was Q.E.D today as well. Also, jerseys are knitted, so they are going to stretch if you play tug of war with them like that? Also, skills are prohibited, okay? You are going to start a bloodbath among everyone? Especially the Librarian-san, she is casually using illusions, but she is being tracked with Presence Detection? Someone is about to snatch that skirt with Shukuchi, you know? Actually, I think everyone is pretty able to kill Sand Giant as well? I mean, if the Sand Giant appeared here it wouldn’t be able to survive? Everyone is way too fierce? Or rather, they actually hid their new techniques for the sake of bargain sale! I just saw someone making clones! Why would you hide that in a dungeon and use it here!

「「「Additional orders! Limiting them to only three per person is unfair! This is clear and cruel abuse of adolescent girls!」」」

Why are you starting a protest in a dining hall? When did you make those placards? The demonstrators in kneesocks are marching, holding placards saying『Mini-skirts are girls’ right!』? Looks like some creatures that were carrying 『Striped Kneesocks are Justice!』got trampled in the process though? Well, not like it matters.

「I’m veeeeeeeeeery sorry! But pleeeeeeease listen to me! I’m going to cry, you know? Actually, I’m already on the verge of crying? Why does no one listen to me? Do you know how sad is it to yell all on my own? Also, I want a mini-skirt too!」

Hmm? It’s the Young lady. Looks like she was saying something, but unable to get past the demonstrators she is half-crying. She won’t be able to survive the Girls Bargain War like that? Although I think the Sand Giant also wouldn’t have lasted more than 2 minutes? That is a true hell!

「And so we would like to ask for the construction of tunnels for a mine. This is the plan. We will pay in mining rights. Once you tell us of when you have an opening in your schedule, Father is planning to come with an official request. When will it be alright? The faster the better, the same goes for the mini-skirt, the faster the better! And I’d also like these long socks too!」

As I expected, their iron supply is not sufficient anymore. Since regular imports have stopped, the shortage would begin with bulky or heavy items. Stalker Girl also mentioned that large quantities of iron or livestock are impossible even for their smuggling squads, so I have to hurry or it will delay the development of the industry! And if the development slows down, my home industry will never end! If Home Industry-san could speak it probably would be whispering 『It’s my turn forever~』? Every night, I basically get hit with Shield Break before I even get to arrange my cards. Lately, I get 『You Triggered my Trap Card』the very moment I step into the room? Home Industry-san is unbeatable in the other world? For real.

「Hmm. If that’s all, I will wrap it up today? I have time since it’s a day off, and I want some metal as well? Or rather, Merimeri-san’s father doesn’t have to come for every little thing, his talk always takes too long. For some reason, he is always apologizing? Is he doing something bad? Maybe he can get scolded in my stead? I can trade places? For scolding? There’s 20 people worth of it?」

Skimming through the plan, the workload doesn’t seem that large, so it shouldn’t take that long, and I also wanted to dig through that area myself. There is a certain reaction from the deeper area, and it sort of resembles that of mithril, If the payment will be in mining rights then mithril will be a lot better than iron? That’s like a huge profit? If I find mithril I’ll be able to live like a magnate for the first time in a while!

「Uhh…, he isn’t doing anything bad, so I don’t think he needs any scolding? We would appreciate it if you can finish it today, but do you have enough time to make all the necessary preparations? Also, lately, I obtained complete confidence that you certainly do not remember, but it’s Meriel. Also, I’m sure you don’t know, but the name of this town is Omui. So my name is Meriel Shim Omui. Also, since we are at it, the name of my father is not Meripapa, I believe it was Mellotosam, if I remember correctly. Why is Merimeri-san the only thing you refuse to forget? I’m going to cry! I’m going to seriously cry? 」

Aah, looks like today is fine? I’m going to be back around the afternoon, so Armored Pres-san might as well stay with the girls, however, are they going to buy more stuff? Once all of the dungeons are destroyed, won’t the girls get crushed too? Financially? I mean, they are earning 50,000 ere every day, around 100,000 in yen, and yet they are deep in debt? Weren’t you saying in the beginning that your goal is earning 250,000 ere per month? Just yesterday and today with the kneesocks craze and new orders you easily blew more than 250,000 ere? All of those are multicolored so they cost quite a sum? Quite soon you might start getting your money confiscated and end up on the allowance system, you know?


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