Chapter 174: Slime-san’s jiggling is cute, but Armored Pres-san’s jiggle is exquisite




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 53 – Late Morning, Dungeon, 59th floor underground.

It’s deeper than I expected. I thought about introducing Slime-san to our cave house if we were done by noon, but it looks like the exploration is going to take a while. The chance to return to the forest cave seems quite hard to come by? It’s a secret that I have a liquid soap developed specifically for bubble baths in the jacuzzi. For that curvaceous figure, that smooth skin, being covered in bubbles and…… Crap! I feel a bloodthirst. Even though there are no monsters around!

「Wouldn’t this place be perfect for the president and the others? While high level, the enemies aren’t too strong and quite orthodoxal? Did I screw up? Was Slime-san actually a unique specimen? 」

(Nod Nod, Jiggle Jiggle)

As I thought, it looks like opponents here are easier, Armored Pres-san and Slime-san think so as well. But Armored Pres-san’s replies are slimifying? They are kind of treated as one at this point? I wonder if eventually, she is going to start jiggling too? Well, she is already, every night, oh, that spectacular jiggle is… She is raising her sword, so let’s move on, she must be raring to fight monsters. Although she is pointing it at me.

But was it a waste after all? The dullahan, that kept repeating charging attacks, vanishing, and then reappearing to charge again, was strong, but the affinity was probably too bad. If anything, Dark Panthers of the 49th floor were more dangerous with their shadow walking, but if the shadows were erased with light magic, they’ll end up as merely tough panthers. Not hard to beat at all. So in the end, I was too cautious, Slime-san was a special specimen, Sand Giant user the power of 『Treasure of Monster Core』, is that how it is? Reaching the 60th floor is not hard with 3 parties? However, from Lv50 the strength goes up a notch, one should only fight the enemies that one is assured to easily beat, if there is a possibility of defeat then one shouldn’t fight. If there is a chance of something going wrong, then one should run back to the inn, lock the door, and pick up from the previous night! That is the correct technique! Speaking of technique, I suspect it’s about time I end up acquiring 『Sexual Technique』skill! I’ll probably get scolded if it ends up getting shared.

We keep getting great items from hidden rooms’ chests. To be honest, they are so good that I’d prefer to keep the dungeon alive and frequent it regularly? If it also had a suspicious establishment on the lower floors I’d frequent it too! However, once opened, treasure chests from the hidden rooms don’t get restocked. Or, at the very least, it takes more than a while, and dungeons that grew past 50 floors pose a serious danger of overflow. If, for example, Dark Panthers from the 49th floor went outside, fighting them at night would be way too dangerous.

However, isn’t『Spatial Cloak – Evasion (Intermediate), Physical and Magic Attack Absorption, Storage』 just amazing? I found it on the 57th floor, it’s probably enchanted with spatial magic, which allows it to absorb spells and attacks, and it even has spatial-based evasion. I reeally want it, but it has 『Storage』, the color is black, but on the other side of that abyss-like jet black, there is a brilliant deep crimson, or rather, it’s reversible? It’s cool, so she definitely will want it. And it suits her too. I see! She didn’t plunder anything lately, so that’s why she was getting sulky. Ah, that explains why she slashes at me so much lately? That must be it, as I thought, I didn’t do anything wrong after all. Let’s present it to her, for tonight’s sake.

「Here. This one will suit you better? It also has Storage, and it’s reversible, so it’s like two for the price of one? From the feel of the material this one also seems of a higher quality? Wait? From the feeling of the material, mine seems like the cheapest one? Are we in a stratified society? Well, this world has nobles, and it is feudal…」

Armored Pres-san strongly encouraged me to have it, but if I fuse it with my『Cloak?』it will end up as just a black cloak? The high-grade feel will be all wasted? However, trying on and comparing both high-grade jet-black cloak and my cheap black cloak, it somehow seems that only the cheap one suits me? Why is it? What does it mean? Does this world have something to tell me? No, wasn’t it sort of like this even in the original world…?

And so Armored Pres-san is boasting her new cloak before Slime-san. That’s immature, you know?

I can use the old『Mantle of Storage – Item Storage, Evasion 10% UP, Magic Defence 10% UP, Slashing Resistance, Piercing Resistance, Blunt Damage Reduction』but it will probably be better to put it on auction for the classmates. It’s hard to get items for everyone if you have as many as 30 people, and I also hoard most of the good stuff. 『Faerie Ring – Dazzle Effect (Intermediate), Evasion (Intermediate), SpE 20% Up』that I got the other day is more than enough, just today I evaded 17 slashes! Naturally, none of them were from monsters? The danger accompanying my ordinary life must be the reason why monsters can’t hit me at all? There is no attack more dangerous than the strongest and the fastest embarrassment concealment of this world? I’m extremely serious?

And here is the 60th floor. Still not the last floor, it’s deep, huh?

A sudden lightning strike. Lightning can’t be dodged, even if I read the future with Mind’s Eye, I still won’t make it in time. So I strike it. Well, I mean, if I know the course and the timing? Since the staff has 『Spell Absorption』, hitting with it solves the problem? In the first place, most of the problems in this world can be solved by hitting the problem until it stops being a problem? The trick is to keep hitting until it stops moving, okay? Look? 『Thunderbolt Bull Lv60』already stopped moving, so I must be right? On top of that, it is being eaten while mooing? Dona, Dona?

A lightning-clad bull of giant stature, covered in thick dark red muscles, and possessing enormously long twisted horns, had its legs cut off by Armored Pres-san as it was charging at us while scattering lightning bolts around, caught by Slime-san, and passed away after being knocked on the head a few times.

Looks like Armored Pres-san really likes the new cloak after all. She is definitely trying to show off, making the cloak flutter around. I mean, she usually doesn’t move like that? She is making lots of attacks involving pointless turning around? Even though that bull should’ve been pretty tough? But it vanished just like that, crying moomoo? Was it tasty? That’s nice, it will save me some food expenses.

And then there is the magic stone and the equipment that Slime-san spat out. Why would a bull carry items around?『Stone of Lightning Beast - Thunderbolt, Lightning (Greater), Magic Absorption』, a stone? That bull had stones? So that’s why it had so little screen time? Because it was ill? That’s why it was there only for a split second? The first strong-looking magical beast-like monster that I’ve seen in a while, but it turns out that it had stones? Get well? No, it’s a bit too late for that, it was already devoured.

(Jiiiiiiiiiiigle, Jiiiiiiiiiiiiigle)

「Eh, you want this?! Isn’t it dirty? Won’t you get ill? I mean, won’t stones cause a problem? You are a slime, so no way they would! So there is no issue! Your entire body is a liquid, so there are no worries about stones getting stuck anywhere!」

It’s healthy, it seems. But『Stone of Lightning Beast』, is Slime-san considered a beast too? This only adds new questions, but since it seems happy, it’s fine, I guess. Surely, when we first met, it was clad in electricity when it turned yellow and was trying to ram people, so the item should be of use to it. It also has Magic Absorption, so it might reduce food costs. However, it keeps going for tasty stuff, so there is a chance that this and that are treated differently. Even its size is under its full control, as it sometimes turns giant and sometimes small. The girls were giving it really envious looks, you know? They all eat way too much. Naturally, I’m not going to say that, since it’s too scary? Absolutely? I mean, it’s seriously scary?

「As I thought, this place is a big hit! A jackpot? A return to magnate? This will sell. It’s auction time? Kind of?」

It just keeps on giving. The hidden chests here tend to have amazing items. Maybe I should just remodel the first floor and settle there until it grows to 100 floors? Aah, but the arrangement of rooms was pretty inconvenient.

The chest on the 63rd floor had『Morning Star of Weight Alteration – Weight Alteration, PoW 30% Up, +ATT』, finally, a new weapon. A morning star, everyone carries a lot of weapons, but no one has a morning star. And there is a good chance a regular high bidder, Shield Girl, might want it, so there is a hope it will be very profitable merchandise! Eh? Am I back to being a magnate? Am I? Let’s hand out candies to the peasants when we get back. That is my Magnate Oblige!

I guess it’s about time for Pudding-san. The issue here is that the supply of eggs increases only bit by bit. Does it require a large investment? I want to make ice cream too, you know? But first, pudding! This much I won’t yield! I want to feed a nice jiggly pudding to Armored Pres-san and then jiggle jiggle with her all night! Yes, jiggle, and for that jiggle, two people are… Daaah! No, wait! Not the morning star, okay? It’s sort of difficult to dodge? Moreover, this attack just now was with the weight increased to the maximum? I mean, it cracked the floor, making a web-like pattern? It probably would’ve cracked me the same way? It’s really dangerous, okay?… (Followed by a lecture)

I got scolded. But I received an important hint from this! Yes, a spider web! A spider web pattern! Alright, let’s make web pattern stocking and tights! Then make a special web pattern full body fishnet suit and… Whoooa! As I said, not the morning star? The timing to dodge this thing is really hard to grasp? …Yes, I’m sorry.

She got mad at me? Like, seriously mad? But how did she find out? Eh, could it be that this also gets shared? All of my fantasies? Yeah, that is bound to make her very angry. This is seriously bad, those are super outrageous adult images. Looks like sharing 18+ content with an eternal seventeen will get me in trouble. Not like I’m going to stop though. Yeah, I’m not.




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