Chapter 191: Why did I expect anything from them, despite knowing it will be like this?




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Day 55 – Late Afternoon. The Town of Omui.

Now, this is an extremely rare case of the Geeks making a good suggestion. A composite bow is a highly efficient weapon by itself, but there is also a chance that each combined part can be enchanted separately. Those guys are knowledgeable about weapon crafting and municipal administration, but it’s pointless because they are awkward, uncooperative, can’t read the room, and generally off in the head. Wait? Doesn’t that make their entire existence meaningless? With uneasiness in my heart, I go down the stairs to the forge of the weapon store, which is quickly blown away by insufferable incompetent inhumans that I find there. Yes, the geeks.

「That’s right, animal ears and a composite bow is Justice!」

「Kuh! Indeed, a female elf with a composite bow does sound like heresy!」

「Foolish. A little girl with an oversized composite bow is the true beauty.」

「You remember that this is a world of sword and magic? Composite bows should be used by magic girls!」

「「「No. Everyone is a magical girl by default here? Even before being asked『Become a magical girl!』, everyone is a magical girl.」」」

Just why did I allow this lot to get my hopes up even a tiny bit? That’s right, that was the same as expecting anything from goblins. Or rather, gobs should be able to do simple woodworking. Clubs are probably the only thing they can make, but they are still better than the geeks.

「What happened to composite bows? I have no hesitation in the handling of fools!(geeks) Or rather, there is not much to hesitate since Inferno is the only option?」

Lumber and iron plates. They are yet to even begin processing the wood or casting the iron, let alone assembling bows, with materials lying around completely untouched. In other words, they aren’t doing anything.

「「「You are wrong. The concept is important, so we began discussing it, but couldn’t reach a consensus!」」」

Looks like picking between animal ears and little girls is a concept. We are yet to meet anyone with animal ears! Instead of making stuff for someone you have never seen, make something for your classmates! Wouldn’t you normally make your share first?! Why are they starting from designing a concept for girls with animal ears?!

「Neglecting your classmates and trying to pick between making composite bows for elves, beastfolk girls, or little girls? What a concept?! All you have are delusions and obsessions! Should I find a wraith to possess those heads of yours?! Seriously.」

Eh? The Geeks are looking at me with wide-open eyes? Don’t look at me? What’s going on?

「「「「That’s right! There also was an option of 『Little Girls with Animal Ears』! As expected of Haruka-kun!」」」」

「I can’t stand this anymore! I’m going home. They can’t fit even in a fantasy world, after all! Just go and get summoned to some world of magical beasts! As animals.」

For starters, I now understand that conversation is impossible, so kicking, stomping, and trampling on them I make them draw blueprints while also stepping on them. A very hectic process.

「Storing energy, recoil energy… Do we need pulleys? On a bow? Why are you giving me blueprints for a compound bow all of a sudden?! Like hell anyone can do that out of blue!」

「It’s cool, and since the strength required to 『hold』the arrow is halved it has good accuracy, and it’s also cool.」

「Our girls have PoW over 900, I don’t think there is any need to halve the power required for holding? Let’s instead halve my workload! And you also mentioned cool twice, that’s definitely the only reason!」

One after another I review the blueprints that I made them draw. Was this drawing of a girl with animal ears necessary? Put that effort into drawing the bow! The only designs that might work are a Yumi and a Turkish bow. There is bamboo but first comes a Turkish bow. It’s a composite bow that uses a hard and strong compression material for the belly, the inner side, and an elastic material for the outer side. Its streamlined W-shape that’s called the recurve shape apparently provides greater power because the form allows it to store more energy and deliver it more efficiently. [1]

「Aah, so the outer part works as a rubber and the inner part as a spring? Is this perhaps hi-tech?」

「But this design was around since 2000 BC, and because it used animal tendons and glue, it would be ruined if hit by rain?」

So uselessly knowledgeable. They learned this in case they were summoned to another world, but it’s all in vain? I mean, which part of that is a bow? Why would you make a bow, but leave out wood? They made a string-like something out of metal and leather, and now are staring at it in marvel. No matter how you look at it, it’s a whip. Can’t they take it to the Pres-sama and get punished by her? I can’t even be bothered to retort anymore. How can it possibly happen that one would forget to use wood while making a bow, and will end up with a whip? What was all of that bow knowledge for?

And going through the repeated trial and error, prototyping, test firing at the geeks, remodeling, and new test firing, we still couldn’t produce any fatalities. Tch, so that is the 『Multilayer Barrier』, huh. Arrows can’t fully penetrate it.

Even with spares in mind, we should have more than enough. There are clearly more than 200 bows by now. Lately, my home industry tends to get out of control? That’s why the leotard is not my fault as well? Such things can happen at times, you know? Probably.

Performance and the enchantments considered, items available on the market cannot compare at all. Even dungeon items from the middle floors aren’t that powerful. In the end, I had to make everything on my own, so it’s a praise to my own ware, which are also currently on sale.

And the item with the strongest abilities, that was made today, is the geeks’ whip, which really pissed me off. PoW, SpE, DeX, all had 50% UP? Without a magic stone assigned.

They tried to mass-produce whips after that, but seem to have ended up with tables? Steel tables with a leather-covered surface. Since the geeks were staring at them in disbelief I left them be. Why did I expect anything from them? I should’ve known better.

By the way, the steel tables were sold for a high price the very moment they were put up for sale at the general store. And the geeks kept staring in wonder at the tables that were being bought. I mean, those aren’t whips, so they can’t be sold at the weapon store, you know?

「I’m baack? When everyone gathers a bow sale will begin, you probably will want to do test shooting as well, so come to the backyard? The targets are the geeks, so there is no problem even if you shoot them dead? I’d like to make some barrier-breaking arrows too. With that, it should be possible to kill them!」

「「「Ah! The geeks are running away!」」」

Should I provide everyone with bows and open a Geek Hunt? It should be good training. It could even be called a live practice, but for some reason, they got angry at me when I suggested that? Is it because chasing them is too much of a bother? Well, indeed, an ambush should be more efficient.

「Those are bows? They have a strange shape though?」

「Yeah. And there are many variations and different sizes too.」

「I have a hard time choosing since there are multiple colors too~」

「I think small fast and mobile frontliners should take smaller bows, and backline archers should pick large models? Also, I’d recommend large bows for power types and small ones for rapid fire? Kind of?」

Since the targets (the geeks) escaped, they are testing the bows by firing at targets (targets), the arrows can go a very long distance and the initial velocity is also amazing. Let’s avoid giving this to Armored Pres-san, I feel like it would be far more dangerous than a morning star. Or rather, I will be in danger! I don’t feel like I’ll be able to dodge that at all!

And it seems that the issue that worried me the most was just an absurd fear. As it turned out, the idiots aren’t going to chase the arrows that they themselves shot. That’s a relief.

And as we were eating the dinner provided by the inn and discussing dungeon exploration plans and training schedules, a person from Stalker Girl’s clan came and announced the following.

「It looks like the Kingdom is going to start a war. The target is the frontier domain of Omui. The army seems to be a coalition of forces of multiple nobles. We are currently making the same report to Omui-sama. It should take them at the very least two weeks to march here.」

A war, it seems? I don’t think anything will come of it though?

[TL Notes:
[1] Yumi (弓) is the Japanese term for a bow. As used in English, ‘yumi’ refers more specifically to traditional Japanese asymmetrical bows (和弓). Traditionally, they are made by laminating bamboo, wood, and leather.




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