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Chapter 192: How is it fiendish if there is no malice, contempt, disdain, greed, or any wicked sentiments involved?




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 55 – Night, White Weirdo Inn, Girls-Only Gathering.

Tattered and utterly exhausted, everyone dragged themselves to the bath, washed off the sweat and dirt, and sunk into the water. We were at the end of our strength. That fight pushed us past our limit. Girls War Bargain Sale. Although it’s a sporty type, but that was underwear, and there were bras too!

We are all fellow comrades in arms that made it through that hell with spoils of war now in our hands. Although until a short while ago we were scrambling for the loot, screaming, shouting, and pushing each other, we are comrades. Everyone is going to show off before each other when we return to the rooms, even though everyone got the same stuff we are going to do that anyway. After all, being this happy makes you want to flaunt it before others.

While in the bath, we listen to countless secret production episodes from Angelica-san. Each fitting session was followed by an examination. Naturally, it was only called that, but in fact it was a stampede of Haruka-kun’s desire. A supposed secret production episode turned out to be a tragic fitting episode, although it was a story that can’t be told to others too.

Each time Angelica-san tried one of the 6 types of underwear prepared for her the 『Test』followed. Apparently, there was no problem with the underwear, but the one who made her try it was a big problem. She was ravaged over and over.

Since we bought bows we lost all of the money we earned today and then some more. I’ll have to tap into the reserve fund again. Even so, those are absurdly good bows. Enchanted and with an effective range of almost 1km. And it seems arrows with special effects are also going to be produced. This is what our ranged attack lacked in the battle with the phoenix today, suppression power and damage. This will greatly impact our tactic itself. However, since arrows are pretty much disposable it’s also a highly dangerous weapon in financial terms.

「Pheew, looks like the Geeks screwed up again and were getting bullied?」

「It’s their hobby by now. They keep poking Haruka-kun for fun.」

「「「Even though they always get bullied for that in the end? Such a mystery?」」」

「As Haruka-kun said, because the geeks lived being continuously bullied and harassed, they got a sharp eye for judging others’ character. That’s why Haruka-kun and Kakizaki-kun with the boys tend to say『If the geeks said it’s fine then it’s fine』, isn’t that a sign of trust? I don’t quite get it though.」

Yes, the only thing he had to say about my 『Plunder』was 『If the geeks said it’s fine, then it’s fine』, the four who are most sensitive to malice and ill will. Because Oda-kun and the others decided to stay here, Haruka-kun felt it was fine for the rest of us to stay here. They came to like him after looking at him with those eyes that see through people.

「More violent and fiendish than anyone and menacingly mean but since he has no ill-will at all, they sort of got attached to him? Looking from the side, they are like puppies playing around?」

「Yeah, when ten boys gather and do something together it reminds me of kids who are up to some mischief. Even Haruka-kun seems childlike at such moments, doesn’t he?」

Well, although what he does is fiendish and atrocious, there is no malice, contempt, disdain, greed, or any wickedness involved, that’s why even at school Oda-kun and the others were close to Haruka-kun. And now, coming to another world together, they poke Haruka-kun every day, getting bullied in turn. Just like us.

「Kakizaki-kun and the others have changed though~. Previously, they had a cool feel to them, but now they are treated like doggies.」

「They get shouted at, called barbarians and Neanderthals, and then come for more banter, right? On top of that, if they get Haruka-kun to make something, they keep using nothing but that? Is that BL?」

「Can you imagine that they were getting fan letters from all over Japan? And now they are being constantly called idiots by Haruka-kun, and are overjoyed about the 『I’m Idiot』jerseys made by him.」

Previously unsociable, blunt, and with some sort of a wall between them and others, Kakizaki-kun’s group transformed into completely different people. They are the same as before in being weirdly sharp at times despite seemingly not thinking about anything, but there is none of that sagacious or callous atmosphere that could be felt from time to time previously. And they look like dogs when together with Haruka-kun. Dogs that happily wag their tails.

「Didn’t Haruka-kun’s persona crumble as well? In the past, he spoke bit by bit, like… in short lines only? And now he is spitting excuses like a machine gun, with 『Sort of, kind of?』?」

「「「Haruka-kun’s change is the most surprising one!」」」

Not getting involved with anyone, not talking, not making friends, but because that Haruka-kun, who is so afraid of loss, got involved with us, he turned into an extremely overprotective worrywart. And on top of that, it was also exposed that he tried to hide it, being too embarrassed about it. That’s why everyone got so attached to him.

Angelica-san is enjoying stories about Haruka-kun’s past with laughter. She is probably the one who became attached to him the most. It is because she knows the eternal solitude that she understands the warmth of that king of jeer better than anyone. Even Slime-san is glued to him.

「But we failed. To think it could revive. And the correct answer was rice balls. 『I’d like to have some rice balls.』 If only we said that we could’ve passed~.」

No, what he meant to say is that you should stay alert, rice balls have nothing to do with it. Well, I thought that eating bird stew in the dungeon was a dubious idea, but I failed to Resist the Lure attack from the stew. I lost to those honeyed words, Full of collagen, Low on calories.

「「「But the stew was delicious! We don’t have a shred of regret about that!」」」

Ponzu sauce caught me off-guard there. It completely destroyed all the remaining wariness. When did he make that? And it seems that gyoza lunches are going to be on sale tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll be able to see monsters as anything other than a salary from now on. After all, he can even make fur accessories now! And Angelica-san already got a fur hat from him. It will probably be on sale soon as well.

The recommendation seems to be fur bags that are currently in development, this sounds amazing, I really want to see them! Hmm, it would be a problem if they go on sale at the same time as underwear, but I also don’t want to wait? Currently, we have the no-intruding-into-his-room agreement, preventing anyone from getting a head start, after all, we are in a very dangerous situation at the moment, with everyone being in possession of lewd dresses for seduction purposes and fishnet stockings? But well, if everyone tried to barge into his room in the middle of the night wearing lewd dresses and stockings he will undoubtedly 『Teleport』away. He definitely will escape.

「The next 50th floor is one of the two that got to 48 floors? I hope it’s not bugs.」

「「「Please don’t mention bugs! Noo! Not bugs!」」」

Luckily, we are yet to encounter any roaches. The biggest terror until now were giant water bugs from the great dungeon. After all, they looked like huge roaches. They also were pretty fast and busy. By the way, Haruka-kun said that he will be running away if we encounter roaches, which means a certain and total collapse if that actually happens. Yeah, roaches are too much.

「We got bows so we should train with them, but we also need to make money or we’ll go bankrupt? There is going to be a large sale of anklets, and they are coming with buffs too!」

「Today’s underwear had pretty meager buffs, but it had them, while the bows’ abilities were simply amazing. Couldn’t he become an artisan with those skills?」

In addition to processing magic stones, he finally got into weapon manufacture as well. And top-quality wares are being mass-produced. He is covering a regional demand with his home industry. Since he keeps investing he is still making a fuss about having no money, but he long since passed the point of being a rich man, and is currently moving national budget level funds.

People can’t do what they can’t compute. That’s why magic and cheats have their limits. There is no way mass production of tens of thousands of wares can be done with the processing ability of one individual. One wouldn’t be able to make a castle out of nowhere even if they were good at Earth Magic and had an unlimited supply of mana. While he has the assistance of『Apex Thinking』, this is far too removed from what one human can process. There seems to be something else involved, that can’t be explained by a manufacture-type cheat.

In fact, everyone attempted crafting and cooking like that, but doing things by hand was faster, and they couldn’t do with magic what they couldn’t do manually. That’s all that magic amounts to, if it requires 10 minutes on medium fire, then it will take 10 minutes with magic as well. It would be strange if one could make 100 or 200 portions in less than 5 minutes. However, today as well, the stew popped out of nowhere, with dining tables added.

Who exactly is processing, computing, and managing that enormous amount of information?

(Jiggle Jiggle!)

Ah, Slime-san burst into the bath. Perhaps angry because it wasn’t invited, but it is going around, ramming at everyone, it is actually a dungeon emperor-class monster, but it’s acting completely like a pet. It’s bouncing happily, being fawned on by everyone.

And returning to the rooms we begin the girls-only gathering, but as expected, it turned into an underwear demonstration. As I thought, it has a sporty feel to it. But there was one miscalculation. I actually secured one pair, but upon seeing them on others, boxers turned out to be a lot cuter than I expected! I didn’t see this coming. Everyone is charmed by them, and the quantity is nowhere near sufficient. This will definitely become another additional order panic. After all, I knew they would look good, but they are also fit as loungewear! But he must’ve gone for sports bras because he didn’t want to take measurements. Made to order is still far.

With silly clamor and chitchat, we lose track of time talking. 21 girls and a slime. And with the conference, and this and that the night went on.

No one mentioned the war. Not because we were scared or because we were running away, we long since resolved ourselves. That’s why we spoke nothing of it. Because one can’t talk casually about killing other humans.





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