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Chapter 193: The sight was burned into my eyes, so I’ll make a new one to cover things up before they get angry with me.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 55 – Night, White Weirdo Inn, Backyard.

Covering in mana and then wrapping it, activating skills and wrapping them as well, overlapping magic and wrapping it as well, controlling activation and invocation as I do that, the further I keep going the greater the disarray becomes, wrapping all possible combinations of skills and magic I possess, and finally, the limit, it all unravels.

It’s too much to handle, even before I take a single step. The moment I move it all will either come untied, or my body will get destroyed.


I instantly apply it all. Nothing is fully activated, and the magic is not invoked as well.

「So difficult! As expected, I can’t fully process Teleportation, and the same goes for Gravity. Does it mean that 『Gravity』is deceiving me too? No, it’s hiding something? Or am I yet to fully comprehend it? And I also managed to wrap Alchemy. Which means that someone related to Alchemy is there. Hmm, the mystery thickens, but since the level doesn’t grow I have no means to verify it. No, even if it did level up, evolved versions of skills tend to add to the confusion.」

Slowly and gently, as if basking in the waves of mana, I reapply everything, then, grasping both my body and the mana with Holding and enveloping it, I use Muppet to puppeteer it. Slowly taking a few steps I swing the staff a few times, then stop.

「As I thought, my body is getting obliterated. Since it’s being destroyed even while being repaired by the regeneration that I applied, then something must be wrong? Is it something about the way I’m using this? What do I do if my life itself is wrong?! I’m only sixteen, but things already went wrong on the life level for me? Seriously! How strange, how can it be that I didn’t do anything wrong, but my life itself is wrong? And my Affection Rating is on the verge of dissipating too? How puzzling?」

I’m still far from mastering this, or rather, it’s so difficult that I doubt I ever will. It may sound greedy, but it is only when I apply all of my skills simultaneously and manage to control them that things finally get to a viable level, if I can’t use Kyojitsu in that condition then it’s all pointless. I’ll end up as a normal low-level human. I might need to level up and raise my stats after all, but I wouldn’t be going through all this trouble if I could do that. It doesn’t grow! The level growth is painfully slow! That’s why I have no other choice but to become able to do this. In the end, the only usable technique I have is to apply skills through Magic Wrapping and then cut with Kyojitsu.

Quickly apply everything and hit with it. This shortened version is Magic Wrap plus Kyojitsu. Since that’s the only thing I could manage, that’s the way to go.

「Experience is the best teacher, or so they say, but I’m destroying myself before I get to experience anything? It’s like a slow suicide, or easy-going self-destruction, or casual self-annihilation? Although I have Health and never miss radio calisthenics, my body can’t keep up? Well, that’s only expected with the stats lagging behind the skill growth, that’s what Magic Wrapping is for, but the body can’t withstand even that. I wonder if raising basic physical strengths holds any meaning? Even if it doesn’t, I have to try everything I can, so I’m going to do anything, but…? Never expected that athletics will be required in a fantasy world? Seriously.」

Push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and what else? Well, the way to build muscles is obvious, but what should I do about the bones? Can they be tempered? Should I drink milk? I’m pretty sure I eat enough fish as it is. I feel that if I don’t eat it I might get scolded by Fish Girl, so I eat it all the time.

I asked Armored Pres-san to spar with me at the guild, and my speed, or rather, the instantaneous velocity is rather high, probably the influence of Teleportation, from time to time there are instances of ultra-high-speed. So I got stronger, but in turn, became more vulnerable. My attacks changed towards becoming sharp, hard to read, irregular, high-speed strikes, but as a result, there are more gaps in my defenses. Since my evasion maneuvers are also turned into instantaneous movements it’s somehow working for now, but I completely lost any fine control there. This is a huge issue.

My entire body is probably going through a repeated circle of destruction and Regeneration. After the training, I’m full of bruises from internal bleeding. This obviously can’t continue for long, which means that I’m completely unfit for prolonged battles. The speed of self-destruction is way higher than that of Regeneration. The skills grew in level and also evolved into their improved versions, but since my own stats can’t keep up, it means that the burden they put on me has greatly increased.

「Good grief, with issues piling up and only a few problems finding solutions. I can’t help but worry about the uncertain uncertainty of the future. If something goes well, then things might go unexpectedly fine, but it is also because nothing goes well that I’m in this situation? Well, let’s ponder about it at ease in the bath. It’s deeply regrettable that it’s not a bath for highschool boy-like tastes. Even though there is a jacuzzi, bubbling bath water additives, body lotion, and the amazing sexy body, I’m stuck with the inn’s bath.」

Lately, Slime-san goes to the bath like it’s work, and won’t play with me at all? And as it turned out, this world and this inn had stratified society! The highschool boys were discriminated against! The girls’ bath is a huge bathhouse! The men’s section is much smaller. Isn’t that unfair?

But in a way, it’s good that it’s so small, since I can’t afford others to see this bruised body, but what’s even more important, there is nothing fun in taking baths with other dudes! Nothing at all! In that case, taking the bath alone and soaking there at ease is better.

I’ve never been to Heaven, but it feels like one? Sort of? How should I put it, in a fantasy town the streets of which are filled with stone, being able to soak in a wooden bath is bliss? It must be engraved somewhere into the soul! Although I made a stone jacuzzi myself? Was it actually not engraved? I mean, as a highschool boy, one does want to someday try the bubbly experience? So they’ll end up making one? Even without a partner to do that? And I accomplished my goal, and then again, and again, utterly accomplishing all over!

But a wooden bath is soothing. It’s so comfortable that it makes me question why it is soothing even though I usually never went to wooden baths. Let’s expand the next time I get home, jacuzzi is nice, but it’s not soothing, there is no time for that there! With that seductive irresistible someone in front of me! That’s not a time for relaxing!

We have 2 weeks for preparations. But I also feel that everything will end with the preparations.

There is no chance of victory for them, so what are they trying to do here? Is it really plain stupidity? The true stupidity would be to write that off as stupidity and make no preparations. Worthy of the king of fools. Doesn’t that sound like something that might pop up in the titles?


Oh, a ramming attack from Slime-san. It bumped at me with a characteristic jiggle. So cute. It wasn’t around until just now, so it was probably taking a bath with the girls. And it was probably getting jiggly with them there… Let’s pet it.

Now, where should I start with my night job? By now I can make bows even without going to the forge, but we have a huge stock of them. I’d probably be able to make swords as well but to make a good quality product I’d have to properly make one first. I need to learn sword-making from someone, but I feel uneasy learning from the geeks because it likely will result in the creation of something insanely outrageous. Just why is it that there are so few decent people among the ones I’m decently acquainted with? Such a mystery?

The pending issue of the girls’ underwear was also resolved, so I can breathe a sigh of relief now. Although making them was not a relieving experience at all? It is because I had such an experience making then I then had that experience with Armored Pres-san later. Yeah, I did nothing wrong.

However, there is a chance that even those mighty sports bras’ with all their bountiful elasticity and even the ability to change shape, won’t be able to support that. There is probably no avoiding extra orders. Those are massive weapons that surpass the capabilities of even enchanted materials! It’s like they might pop out any minute.

And I also should be making some war preparations. Even if nothing happens, the equipment will not go to waste. And if it does, it’s for the better. Because it would mean that it is that peaceful.

I can’t do business without checking how things balance with the mass-produced weapons from the weapon store, since it’s a war, I probably should think about the equipment for the common troops. Even more so since the equipment of the frontier troops is meant for fighting monsters. Abandoning defensive power for mobility must be for the sake of being able to respond to a monster raid in time, they are too lightly equipped for going against an army that is, in all likelihood, sufficiently trained.

Both Merimeri-san and Meripapa-san were in real danger when they came under attack. Despite that vast difference in strength. Poison, having no equipment with resistance is incredibly naive of them. Well, they were very poor back then, and they probably were putting financial and economic priority on the citizens, but waging war like that is far too risky. Well, on top of getting mining rights my share was set to 100%, so I have a huge plus, and I still have the iron left over from back then. I also installed 8 massage chairs for them, which are working at full potential. Since I’m profiting so much from them, I guess it’s fine to call them valued clients. If I give equipment to the troops I might get permission to install massage chairs in the barracks. Abandoning loyal clients is the same as abandoning profit. Let’s make some.

「Would focusing on debuff resistance and DEF plus ViT work? Iron alone can’t produce that great of effects, so I’ll mix magic stone dust there and knead it, aaah, why am I kneading equipment for some middle-aged men? I’d like to knead something more lovely! Yes, let’s knead them today, knead, and knead again! There is also a leotard waiting. But yeah, first comes the equipment. Equipment.」

As expected, I lose all motivation the moment I think that this equipment is meant for middle-aged men. Can’t they show a bit more consideration for me and form a pretty girl corps or something? Which reminds me, I melted the princess’ equipment, so let’s make a new one and cover things up before they get angry at me. That sight was perfectly burned into my eyes, so there is no need for measurements! Even 1cm of measurement error is unlikely, I have it saved, stored, and preserved into my memory. Yup, I saved it.

「However, I can’t take the general store’s shopkeeper lightly, she constantly keeps bringing new surprises, which is why I keep a paper fan on me. Why would she accept an order for 『Village』? I had to build a house just a short while ago, and now it’s a village! Why are people coming to a general store to order houses or villages? And why does she accept that? And why does she funnel them to me? Haah~, but I can’t refuse that! After all… After all, it’s for that destroyed village. …They want to make a new one after going through that? Even though it got destroyed? Is it really fine for me to make it… Even though it’s my fault?… I can’t refuse this… Damn it… I can’t…」





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