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Chapter 197: Being unable to get used to this no matter how many times you see it might be the first sign of impending senility?




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 56 – Evening, Lord’s Mansion.

Lying there was a magnificent sword and armor, the likes of which might be unobtainable for kings, much less even great nobles. 『Here you go』, is all he had to say about this. This, apparently, was gifted to us.

「So even more things were given to us. Then I, at the very least, have to live in a way worthy of this sword and armor.~~~But, this thing called massage chair is so addicting~~~~ah~. Mhmhm. This is the sword and armor that was bestowed upon us by that boy, we ought to make it a family relic, passing it down from heir to heir. And we will also have to cultivate heirs befitting of this blade. Let’s create a family motto as well. How about『Do bad stuff and get stabbed with this sword.』?」

「Even I was gifted equipment, including fine quality dresses with effects as well. As for dresses, he left some for mother too. But when did he get to make measurements? They are an incredibly perfect fit.」

The boy had given weapons and armor to our family, 『Thanks for the mining right』, is what he said. What is there to be thankful for? All of those were unknown ore veins that he discovered all on his own, tunneling where no one dug before all by himself, he then single-handedly mined all of that. If he kept silent he could easily hog it all, and even if we were told about the ore veins concealed somewhere there, it would’ve taken us years to obtain all that ore. That’s how extensive the tunnel was and enormous the volume of the materials.

Saying only『it was in the way, I don’t need it so you can have it』, he had given a massive amount of iron ore to the frontier. It had taken us dozens of years to mine the same amount in the past, and he just gave it to us, without asking for anything in return.

The frontier, which was so poor that it lacked even the basic materials, was provided with a large amount of lumber and iron, so naturally, the whole region is in an uproar. Buildings and tools are being made one after another, lining the streets and markets of the city. Previously scarce in wares or even those capable of buying them, the frontier now has a thriving trade. Although I saw it countless times already, I can’t stop myself from crying every time I witness that miracle.

No matter how many times one sees a miracle, it’s impossible to get used to it. No matter how many times I see it, there is no way for me to become used to seeing the city rich and peaceful, with citizens smiling on the streets. There is no way for me to become accustomed to seeing a scene that none of my ancestors could see.

And the flames of the forge were finally kindled as well.

The man who kept supporting the frontier all this time despite being crushed by its poverty, until now, found no reward for his hardships in this city, but he was finally able to start smithing. Finally, the flame of the furnace is burning. The man that helped everyone, but helped by none, was finally saved by the boy.

As the region was unable to provide him with a decent iron, the man kept gathering scrap iron and by mixing it with iron sand, created weapons good enough for combating monsters, unable to obtain decent wood, he processed scrap wood, making it into spears, arrows, continuously supporting the army and the adventurers of the frontier.

He even managed to make a name for himself in the capital, hailed as the best blacksmith of the best forge, when he previously went there to study, and even was nominated to succeed it, but despite that talent, he stated that the frontier needs weapons, and went back here. The frontier was unable to provide even a meager amount of iron to the man of such caliber, and yet he stayed, desperately making weapons with sparse materials available, but his efforts finally paid off. By now, he won’t stop until he collapses. At this very moment, he must be striking iron, trying to exceed the best, aiming for even greater heights.

It seems that the boy left him mountains of iron, wood, coal, and even leather, saying『Pay me back in double if you make profit』. He must be hammering away like a possessed. There is no way that he will repay by just paying in double. Putting his life and pride on the line he is going to smith using all of the skills he previously had no chance to employ.

He was finally able to go back to smithing. The best smith in the kingdom, so he must be hammering, trying to go beyond the best. After all, to repay that boy the best is just too halfhearted.

Abiding the shame I went to personally bow my head to him, and for the first time, was able to make a proper commission to that man. And what he told me at the time was the following.

「Unable to prepare worthy weapons or armor, I wasted the lives of countless heroes, but now, I will make weapons with which one can fight, and armor, capable of protecting one’s life. Forgive me.」

Of those that died, just who would’ve been able to find it in themselves to raise a single complaint. Everyone was grateful, as he conjured the tools for battle out of nothing. Even so, it must’ve been vexing to him. That’s why he referred to himself simply as a weapon store owner and eventually stopped calling himself a blacksmith. We made it impossible for him to do so.

The mine is currently operating at several times the pace that we originally estimated. Since the tunnel is five times more extensive than what was ordered, things are going more than smoothly. On top of that, not only did it not cost us extra, but we also ended up receiving『Thanks for the mining rights』. Then, I have to put this sword and armor to the best of use and protect the people with them. With this sword and armor, it might be just possible to resolve everything with a full-frontal attack. They are that much of a masterpiece.

Moreover, the best smith in the kingdom is working on the weapons and armor for our troops, is there a greater luxury than this? If despite all of this, there still would be those willing to shamelessly run away, abandoning the people, I’d personally strangle them myself. I won’t allow any shameless ingrates to even breathe the air of the frontier! Alright, this calls for practice. A training. A frontal assault!

「Father? Didn’t Haruka-san tell you 『Stay put? Or rather, listen to your aides, okay? Seriously.』? Why are you preparing your combat attire? If you leave right now, the frontier army will reach the capital before the royal troops. Forget negotiations, that’s just a blitzkrieg, with the declaration of war and the attack happening at the same time? That’s not 『Protecting the people』, that’s going straight for the enemies’ heads? You’ll get scolded, you know? For real.」

For real, apparently. Just why is everyone telling me in unison to listen to my aides? Aren’t I the lord here? And the aides reject all my proposals of attacking?

「If I can die for my people, protecting the frontier, then so be it. I don’t ask for more, for generations such was the way of life of my ancestors. Even if I was told to value my life, I know nothing of such a way of life. Moreover, I got to witness a peaceful and prosperous frontier, something that my ancestors couldn’t even dream of. I’m so fortunate that there is nothing left for me to regret. While I cannot afford to die without repaying this debt, it only keeps growing day by day, turning even more colossal as time goes. By now it must be impossible to even grasp the total extent of it, much less repaying it. And yet, that boy won’t accept any gratitude. Every time one tries to thank him, that boy either runs away or jumbles things up. Aside from that, I’m so fortunate that I don’t have a single regret, and I can’t imagine a greater blessing happening in my remaining lifetime.」

「Even I, the enemy, got a splendid set of armor and sword. And a lewd dress too. A very lewd one. For what reason does that boy, Haruka-sama, go to such lengths to protect the frontier and those that are related to it? And why does Omui-sama’s way of speaking change so drastically when talking to Haruka-sama? And is he really that strong? With that Level?」

Princess Shariceres received a sword and armor too, 『An apology for breaking your stuff』, is what it seems, but she appears to be quite bewildered, as she surely never heard of anyone apologizing for destroying an enemy’s weapons.

「While he was infuriated by your attempt of self-annihilation, he acknowledged that you were trying to protect the frontier and the kingdom. That’s why he made a sword and armor for you, as for the dress… His hobby?… Well, that’s how it goes. And it doesn’t matter how big one tries to act, showing greatness as a noble or a lord, it wouldn’t leave any impression on that boy. It’s pointless for a troublesome lord to sound classy or dignified. Therefore, it’s better to talk casually with him. After all, there is nothing that I have that could demand courtesy from that boy. Being simply grateful is all I can do. Even if the boy hates it, even if he runs around to avoid it, being grateful is the only thing I can do. And… Yes, he is strong. Certainly, he can be considered weak both in terms of level and stats, weaker than even beginning adventurers, on par with apprentices at most. When he first appeared here, his abilities were on par with a common villager. His stats were that low, and they still remain quite low to this day. But he is strong. With those meager stats he killed an orc king, dungeon masters, and even now, continues killing the evil forest and dungeons. Is there anything more terrifying? A level 20 that even level 100 can’t rival. Strength is all about the result, the one who destroyed their opponent and survived is strong. If one is killed, it doesn’t matter how high their level was. And that boy survived and killed everything that challenged him. That is the strength.」

There is no meaning in strength. Strength doesn’t bear any significance by itself. Grasp victory, kill the enemy, survive, that’s the only strength that matters.

Everyone doesn’t realize how scary that boy is. The meaning behind his continuous victories and survival despite that perceived weakness. Even though that is what the strength is.

And it is because there are ignorant fools that don’t understand this that they are able to do something as foolish as start a war with the frontier, where that boy resides.

As their foolishness is great enough to make them blind to something so obvious.

To the horror of that strength.

The scariness of turning the impossible possible.





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