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Chapter 198: You can rip them off for longer if instead of bringing everything at once you tease things bit by bit.

Day 56: Nighttime, White Weirdo Inn.

Angelica-san is smiling with a very delighted look on her face. This must have been worrying her all this time.

It seems that when she came back to the inn, Haruka-kun was sleeping in the room, which I think is only expected after spending a whole night building a village… But in any case, he was sleeping.

He never slept or slept very restlessly. If he had nothing to do late at night he’d just sit, pondering on something with a vacant gaze, and if he did fall asleep he’d seem like he is having nightmares.

However, this time he was soundly asleep.

Going to that destroyed village he built a new one, made a grave, and was thanked by the villagers.

Then, Haruka-kun, who was so afraid of gratitude, appeared a bit more mature this morning. Instead of the usual forced smile, he looked somewhat sad even, but his expression looked more genuine.

But it didn’t seem to be due to a resignation or getting over it. But more like he reached some sort of compromise in his heart. That’s why he might’ve appeared a bit sorrowful, but is properly looking forward.

I didn’t see Haruka-kun like that in a long time, and he also appeared a bit more grown-up.

Well, he is actually dashing up the stairs to adulthood every night at quite a speed, skipping 500 steps at once, long since passing the stratosphere.

Even so, smiling naturally, Haruka-kun appeared just a little bit more mature.

All this time, the girls were envious of the boys. Whenever they were doing something stupid on their own like some kids, or secretly having guilty conversations like schoolboys, or when he was shouting at the boys, such times, when he was appearing lively and emotional made us a bit envious.

When everyone was throwing tantrums with extra orders or whatever, he’d always say『That’s tyranny! Oppression!』, but looked a little happy anyway. Only at such times, he would acknowledge his worth, only at such times, we’d see him smile.

And then, this morning, he suddenly was smiling naturally, going 『I’m back』, with a bit more mature feel to his expression, making everyone’s hearts skip a beat. It was a surprise, but a pleasant one.

Because it’s been that long since we last saw that.

Because we didn’t see it in such a long, long time.

Even Angelica-san, who was with him all the time, looked overjoyed.

That was probably the first time she saw his sleeping face, she didn’t have such a chance until now.

「「「We want to see his sleeping face!」」」

「No way! He was finally able to fall asleep. Absolutely no way!」

But it must’ve been vexing for him too, that’s why he seemed sad.

After all, that’s how Haruka-kun is, so there is no helping it. If he was a person capable of forgetting or just not caring, saying that it’s not his fault or that it can’t be helped, then such a person wouldn’t try to save anyone. Not like they’d be able to even if they tried.

It is because he is the type of person to desperately regret even things that couldn’t be helped, that he ends up saving everyone.

A person that would dismiss things as impossible, bad luck, or inevitable, would only save those that can be saved, they wouldn’t try to save those out of their reach. They wouldn’t be able to win the unwinnable.

(Jiggle Jiggle)

But Slime-san seems to be dissatisfied since there is no one to play with. It got completely spoiled.

The shopkeeper knew that there is no redemption, and the only way out is to force a compromise. That he needs to arrive at this compromise one way or another.

It is because she herself suffered the same in the past, that she was able to see this, that she was able to understand his suffering.

That’s why she shoved it at him like that. That there is no redemption, no salvation, but even if there is none, everyone is still struggling, doing the best they can.

That’s why he appeared a bit sad, a bit more mature, and stronger.

Nothing changed about his stats, but he became a lot stronger, sharper.

Reaching that internal compromise, he must’ve realized that there is no salvation, and thus, the boy that once lamented that killing is the only thing he can do, gained a resolve to kill. If there is nothing else he can do, then he shall do it. Thus, he returned a bit more grown-up.

「He somehow looked more impressive, didn’t he?」

「But wasn’t his smile kinda nice?」

「The dinner… It’s tonkatsu today.」

「「「Oh, right!」」」

No one is suggesting waking him up, but holding to the hope, no one touches the inn’s food as well. By the way, it seems he couldn’t do anything about tonkatsu sauce.

「Moorning, or rather, welcome back? I guess? Then, would you like dinner? A bath? Or~may~be, a Geek Hunt?」

「「「Dinner! We were dying to have tonkatsu! And we aren’t going to hunt anyone!」」」

He woke up. He must’ve spotted us with Presence Detection a while ago, but slept well enough to be still half awake.

Although he is going down the stairs with a vacant look on his face, he is manipulating mana that he already has wrapped around him, complete battle readiness!

Thus, a tonkatsu feast has started. Tonkatsu, which were prepared beforehand, are spinning through the air around Haruka-kun, drawing a combination of several complex spiral trajectories, making a sizzling sound, fried one after another, as the girls’ stomachs also make a grumbling sound, waiting for them to be done.

Then, they are put on top of the flying plates, that one after another are pulled from the item bag, and then joined there by the cabbage, that was finely cut with ultra-high-speed wire cutter by Magic Hands, and then with the sauce added, they gracefully glide through the air onto the tables. Then, they are closely followed by bowls of freshly cooked rice with steam rising from them. Moreover, even mushroom soup is accompanying them, gliding through the air after them!

If the time was properly measured, it probably would turn out that it didn’t take even 3 minutes, but those sounds and smells were extremely delicious on their own. Since it felt delicious even before we tried it, the time we spent waiting felt like an eternity! Unable to get our hands on those, all we could do is wait, which made it all feel even longer. After all, who can resist tonkatsu making such alluring sounds?

「Here we go~, bon appetit~? There are additional servings too~? But they come at the usual marvelous rip-off price, a special offer at 800 ere, available only now~!」

「「「Let’s dig in!」」」

「「「Pre-order for a second helping!」」」

The room is filled with happiness and the sounds of chewing and munching. Another memory that we considered all but lost came back, he must have no intention of losing anything at all, be it another world or whatever, he intends to get it all back. This is definitely impossible, but he is trying to get back as many things as he can. Doesn’t that make him the greediest one here? After all, he is refusing to give up on anything.

While we lost everything, being dragged into this world, today, we regained another thing. Re:Tonkatsu in another world was Justice.

Kakizaki-san and others went to get another helping with tonkatsu in their mouths, and are getting scolded by Haruka-kun. The girls are also busy with confirming the remaining stock with sidelong glances. We can’t eat Haruka-kun’s share again! Or he will start another rip-off festival, leaving us without a penny. And leave some for me too? I can easily go for 3 more portions!

Oh no! It was a trap, why does grated daikon come out after I already had 2 additional helpings?! Moreover, he is charging extra for it! So evil, but I want it anyway!

…Why are there desserts too?! And why out of all things did it have to be several types of fruit mousses?! It’s my favorite! There is no girl that doesn’t like it. And for him to pull it out after tonkatsu… Moreover, there are 4 different kinds…

And after we are done with the meal we have training before the bath! Practice and exercise! The total amount of calories must be insane! Let’s enlist to Captain Angelica’s bootcamp. One More Set?


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