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Chapter 199: They were empty air before, but with the recent decrease in concentration they might become a virtual vacuum.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 56 – Nighttime, White Weirdo Inn.

The dungeon groups all reached 49th floor without any issues. Armored Pres-san and Slime-san gave them passing marks, so it must’ve been an unquestionably overwhelming victory. Overpower without getting into tough fights, this is the most orthodox approach.

However, most of the classmates are now stuck at Level 99. The requirements for level up are too steep, is there no other option but to challenge a dungeon master after all? The guild had no information either, and there is no way to investigate this, but since there are those with levels above 100, there has to be some way.

And even now they are spending all their time on training. Well, this is a daily occurrence, so there is no need to come up with assignments. They must be worried about the calories. Why would they eat every type of fruit mousse right after having tonkatsu? And after going through every type, they then even went for 5th serving?

And since I’m going to introduce an okay equipment made by myself into Get Rich System of seizing most of the dungeon items through 『Payment with Dungeon Loot』, selling back good items through auction after upgrading them with mithril, and as they end up buying them, parting with all the money they had, getting even more 『Payment with Dungeon Loot』, nothing can stop me on my way to becoming a magnate! And yet, why am I so broke? Oh well, anyway, mithrilification it is.

The bargain sale can wait until they come out of the bath, let’s go with only gear today. I mean, if I bring out clothes and accessories they will likely go mainly for that? Well, getting a set of enchanted casual clothes is important for personal security too, but they are getting way too secure! At this point, their outing clothes are powerful enough to clear upper dungeon floors! Let’s make hidden weapons too, just in case, and fancy item bags too. I finally became able to create Item Bags, both 『Spatial Magic』and 『Alchemy』were required for it so I couldn’t do it until now, but since the crafting method was described in 『Magic Tools』I practiced for it. Since they would like to carry around fashionable-looking item bags, it would be the same as always carrying weapons. After all, they are refusing to carry paper bags, you know? The Bitches are rejecting them. Well, a little bit more and I should be able to add 『Storage』to clothes themselves, so it should resolve the issue of self-defense, or rather, they might end up raiding dungeons in their casual clothes. What kind of picnic is that? Sounds fun.

Physical protection through mana is about to become possible too, is it finally the time for bikini armor? The boys’ combat power might drastically decrease. All of them are schoolboys after all. That’s too much.

And I’m also prepared for the night, the problem is, I’m too prepared. This might be the greatest challenge a highschool boy can face. I mean, the leotard was awaiting its turn all this time, and then cheongsam also showed up? The spinning mill finally succeeded at trial manufacture of gold and silver threads, so I made cheongsams to commemorate that… 18 types, what do we do with this? She definitely will be mad if I go for 19 rounds, but each and every outfit is hard to give up, how troubling. And if put on her it definitely would lead to something even more troubling. Even so, all this time I believed that cheongsam minis are heresy, but they are actually good, so it’s even more troubling and seductive. Yup, it’s marvelous. But with minis included as well, it would mean… 31 rounds? Is it even possible to accomplish in one night?

Putting chinese dresses on sale will definitely bring huge profits, but can they go out wearing those? Even fishnet stockings ended up being restricted to the inn area only? Well, if they could, it will bring its own problems, but they will buy them anyway. But Armored Pres-san will definitely go to show off her cheongsam, so it will be immediately exposed! She is a quite immature eternal 17, you know? I mean, she flaunts new things even to Slime-san? And after her showing off I get assaulted by an avalanche of sermons and new orders. However, if I said that I don’t want to see that, it would be a lie. That definitely would be a nice sight. After all, 20 highschool girls in traditional chinese dresses should have immense destructive power.

And if the boys were to see the girls wearing that, they’d blend with the air even further. Moreover, they are already air, but lately, their concentration is decreasing. If the girls wore cheongsam, the boy’s existence wouldn’t amount even to air anymore, more like a vacuum? They might even acquire a new skill. Something like Vacuum Cutter? The other day, the boys went completely mute with mini one-piece dresses. This time they might merge with the walls. Let’s paint them over if they do.

「Alright! I narrowed it down. Picking only a select few outfits, I narrowed it down to leotard-san and 16 china dresses! What a hard fight it was, the regrets that I had to abandon still won’t leave me, but there is tomorrow! And there must be new cheongsams waiting tomorrow! After all, those made today are only prototypes? The real deal comes tomorrow, I’ll do my best. But by then there probably will be even more outfits. An unending battle, the battle I refuse to end?」

Before I noticed, I had 8 leotards on my hands, what do I do? Even though I definitely preferred the black ones! Why would I even have the old nemesis, the white leotard as well… But it is nice too, very nice. Yeah, let’s reconcile with the white leotard faction. But the black ones are still the best, I won’t yield on that! No matter what. Well, it would seem I need to reconcile with the light blue faction too?

Before the bath, I went to check the training, and they seem to be in the middle of freestyle training, one after another they attack the Armored Pres-san, get evaded, avoided, parried, and beaten up. The aim must be improving individual skills and getting experience at fighting human opponents, as well as burning unnecessary jiggle, in other words, ONE MORE SET. Sword Fighting, which combines aerobic and anaerobic exercise seems to be highly effective and thus, quite popular.

They’ll likely kill me if I were to tell them that those hardships could’ve been avoided if they ate less. They will definitely try to kill me with their stares alone! I mean, I only thought about this, and they are already glaring at me. Like, I prepared 200 portions of mousse for 31 people, how come it’s not enough! Slime-san got its own share in a bucket, so it is innocent. The culprits are the people doing ONE MORE SET over there! On top of that, they seem to be aware of this. The passion they are putting into the training is quite different from usual. They are serious.

As I keep observing, the number of unconscious girls keeps increasing, piling up into a heap. Soon, all of them were out cold, stacked up in the backyard. It might soon become a special attribute of this inn.

And now she is beckoning me? Did Armored Pres-san overeat as well? Is she trying to burn calories? You don’t have to worry about it, you know? We are going to burn lots of them tonight anyway? Seriously. I’m going to do this for real, you know?

As said by a certain someone, 『Nothing ventured, nothing gained』? Well, no idea though? Risking my own life I plunge into the storm of swords, grasping onto the faint chances to stay afloat, and once again diving into the depths of carnage, and just drowning there! I’m managing to somehow slip through the gaps in incoming slashes, sticking my sword somewhere in between evasion and incoming attacks, but there is no chance for me to really get my head up. The venture seems like an ultimate failure. I ought to be more prudent with my investments, especially if I’m putting my own body on the line?

The swift and sharp steps have not an ounce of disorder, fusing into a beautiful and elegant gait, as if she is flying around me, so I’m assaulted at every step from all directions.

While it’s an extremely peaceful exercise, with both of us slashing at each other with wooden sticks, a moment of negligence can lead to being cut down by a stick.

Constantly keeping the weapon wrapped in mana, maintaining a steady supply, I continue my flurry of blows, with my mind processing things at an incredibly high speed, the world around decelerating into slow motion, and yet I’m barely able to match her attacks.

Applying even Teleportation and Gravity I swing the stick in instantaneous movements, stepping in as if not affected by gravity at all, dishing out irregular attacks that could come only from some sort of a crazed marionette, and yet even those are being evaded.

A boisterous sword dance at ultra high speed born from the combination of magic and various physical stats enhancements from skills. The whole view is filled with nothing but glittering flashes of silver. To put it simply, this is just impossible?

I had the hell beaten out of me.

However, my vengeance shall come tonight! And so will I! I shall reign the retribution with china dresses, and then exact my revenge with leotards! I have enough prepared for 38 rounds!

「「「Good job. Really, are levels just a number? Do they mean anything?」」」

The unconscious gang seems to have revived, I wonder if they burned up everything they wanted to? The fact that there was a mousse, also means that jelly also can be made, you know? There will be no end to ONE MORE SET, after all, they are going to eat that as well, right?

「Phew? Level? Endurance, defense, destructive power, are the level. Even SpE, the linear speed, is a part of offensive ability. In this world, if you are outdone in exchange of blows you are done for.」

「But we can’t get a single hit in? Or even graze? Level 99’s speed is rendered meaningless. 」

You can’t call someone strong, who might die from even a graze. After all, it’s impossible to dodge and evade everything. For it to work one has to be something completely extraordinary like Armored Pres-san or have epic luck that broke through its limit. Otherwise, it’s absolutely not possible. In that case, sudden death would be completely unsurprising, and one day it will come. The real strength is being able to take a hit and crush the enemy.

「If you were to go for a simultaneous KO, you’d win, so there is no need for you to go try to parry and evade that much? Kind of?」

Since level is endurance, defense, and destructive power, they have to effectively use charging and simply hurling themselves at the opponent, otherwise, not only will they have no chance to beat Armored Pres who is surpassing them in aptitude, but it simply won’t even be a fight. She is an extraordinary existence that breaks every law and rule of this world through her technique alone, you know? You can’t take that as an example.

And now this extraordinaire looks greatly relieved. She followed them as an observer, so she must’ve been bored, getting no action for herself. So she beat her master out of boredom… Vengeance (Eros) is awaiting later! I’m going to feel good too!

Alright, time for a bath.

Then, let’s get every penny from the equipment bargain sale. It’s about time I make some money or the reserves of rice and soy sauce won’t last much longer. I probably should consider making another bulk purchase soon. Since they have soy sauce, there also might be miso as well. Kombu and Katsuobushi might be somewhere out there too, I’d like to check things out there, but there are too many dungeon expeditions, and the kingdom’s army should arrive in the near future. Even female assassins might come. I’m pretty sure being a good boy won’t get me a visit from Santa in this world, but there is still hope for a visit from female assassins! I mean, I’m being a super good boy? No, wait, I feel like being a good boy won’t earn one a visit from beautiful female assassins? I wonder why?

I made money from the bargain sale, and also managed to bring everyone’s equipment to the minimum acceptable level.

Unfortunately, Armored Pres-san went to sleep after only 5 cheongsams and 2 leotards. Even though the next one was my favorite, red cheongsam. How regrettable.

And no one wants a visit from middle-aged men in black in the middle of the night, okay? Getting dudes after raising so many flags for female assassins, dammit, they are really useless! Change, please. I mean, I don’t need dudes?





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