Chapter 201: Apparently, Crane Wings is Jiggle Jiggle, while V formation is Bounce Bounce. Part 2




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Well, she gave me a sword, so I might as well try to defend her a bit. I wonder if I’ll be able to return before lunchtime? I mean, any conversation with Meripapa-san is a huge pain since it always takes forever. And he also can’t wait for his turn on a massage chair. I bet they simply aren’t allowing him to use it because he keeps loafing around. Does this world have a bullying problem?

「This maid is a good maid, so I plead for a reduction in her penalty, though she only gave me one, so only for a bit? Yeah, if she gave me five or six right there, I would’ve come with a written petition, but since it was cheap and I already used it up, just a bit will do? Or rather, can I go home already? Kinda?」

I more or less did try to ask for a reduction in her penalty, but no matter how you look, this has nothing to do with me? If I remember correctly, the only slightly-injured person was a guard, so I don’t get why they would feel the need to call me.

Well, according to Meripapa-san, the attempted assassination seems to be the problem, but the inn is fine with just getting compensation for the window repairs, and since I already fixed them I’ll be in profit if I get compensated for that. I might even be able to pay for the inn.

But for some reason, I can’t help but feel that we are not on the same page? Meripapa-san seems to have a particular issue with this. But it’s not like she is the perpetrator, and the plan itself seems to have been made by the royal family, and not her, so isn’t it sort of useless to blame the Maid-san? I could understand if they brought the douche king to beat him up, it definitely was his idea anyway! Alright, let’s destroy it.

「…Therefore, even if it was a misunderstanding, pulling out a poisoned blade and attacking it is a crime so foul that it cannot be ignored. Even if it was a mistake, attempted assassination cannot possibly go unpunished, okay?」

「Eh? Who was attacked? That’ll get you in trouble, you know? I’m always getting scolded, it’s alright since I’m never wrong though, but they will scold you for attacking someone, so it’s better if you apologize right away, okay? The trick is to emphasize that you didn’t do anything wrong. Lately, I’ve been repeating this about 80 times per day, but there is still no effect, I wonder why? Seriously.」


Huh? What was that? What’s this? Hue? Like, the color? Is there something off about the colors? Which colors? What happened? I tried looking around, but there is nothing out of ordinary? Or is it about the clothes? Like the color scheme of the dresses… Which reminds me of a certain very important unfinished business! There are places where I have to be! Let’s move out! Kinda!

「No. The issue is that according to what I’ve heard she attacked you, Haruka-sama, with a poisoned sword, don’t you remember? She stabbed at you with a sword from the shadow, right?」

「A sword? I did get one, but it didn’t sell for that much? It’s mine, okay? I’m not giving it back? She handed it to me, even saying『Please』?」

「…Wasn’t that the skill『Pierce』? I don’t think there is anyone out there who would be sneaking around just to gift a sword from the shadow with 『Please』?」

「No, she gave it to me! She handed it to me with 『Please』, so it’s mine. Although I was waiting, all I’ve got was a single sword, so I don’t have anything anymore? There is nothing I can give you?」


Good grief, I don’t want to become an adult like those, who cannot honestly appreciate the kindness of others. I mean, she gave it to me, so it’s mine. Generally, if someone offers you something with『Please』it’s obvious that they are giving it to you? Just what are those people talking about? I wish they’d learn some common sense.

Royal Girl, who sat silently biting her lips this entire time, spoke up. Sadly, she was not in the lewd dress. Truly regrettable.

「Haruka-sama, so can it then be treated as if no attack took place? Considering the gravity of the transgression there is no room to ask for clemency, but are you truly willing to forgive this? Even though such generosity would be too audacious for us to even ask for?.. Are you truly willing to forgive Ceres, the maid?」

「No, are you listening? 『As if no attack took place』when it actually didn’t happen? It’s mine, and since I already sold it I don’t have it anymore? It is currently on sale at the old man’s place? For real.」

They finally understood it. As I thought, there has to be something strange with the language of this world. I can’t think of any other reason why even such a simple thing can be this hard to convey. Good grief, making me go through all this unnecessary trouble.

Then, an acquitted crying Maid-san appeared for some reason wearing the lewd dress that I gave to Royal Girl, instead of the maid uniform. Bloody hell, who is that guy who came up with this design where everything aside from risky parts is see-through, and every risky part has a slit or an opening near it? Outrageous! Call the designer here! I want to order one for Armored Pres-san as well! Wait, that was I! Time for more night shift work.

I mean, from neck to shoulders and then even both hands are covered in transparent fabric, the chest area has a horizontal slit, exposing seductive white skin and cleavage. While the chest area seems to be designed with the sole purpose of emphasizing and accentuating the bust, everything below the underbust to the hips, and from the waist to the navel, is made out of thin, transparent fabric, creating an allure of bewitching defenseless. Pale skin creates a white accent, showing through a deep slit that starts all the way from the hip area, and going down, gives a glimpse of the thighs. And lastly, the slits in the cloth around the legs going through the middle at the back and front, flaunting the beauty of her legs, from inner thighs to the ankles. And then, the impact of fishnet stockings appearing and disappearing from those openings!

Very lewd.

Simply walking seems to be enough to give a glance of very risque places, and yet it doesn’t, only tease with peeks of pale white skin, which makes it even more erotic. Moreover, the luscious beauty of slender female legs, that the see-through parts seem to be trying to hide, and yet do not, is outrageous? Moreover, every step gives a fleeting glance of inner thighs, as they go hello, appearing for an instant, and making my heart go bang-bang. Such a marvelous piece of clothing. Let’s make more when I get back. Let’s immediately go back.

I want to ero.

「Thank you for allowing me to receive a pardon through your generous mercy. I deeply apologize for my rudeness earlier. The princess explained the situation… But you did that half-naked hoorah, didn’t you? Moreover, what is with the lewdness of this dress? Isn’t this more embarrassing than being naked? Rather than trying to cover anything, it’s more like it’s trying to give a sneak peek? Isn’t it just trying to get a rise? Putting this just because there was no formal dress, isn’t it even worse for public gaze? No one dared to meet eyes with me, you know? And why are you staring so hard?! And who was that person that tried to put something so indecent on the princess? Sending such an erotic dress to the princess, how preposterous! This is lese majeste! This is worth capital punishment! They should be beheaded and their head mounted on a pike for the whole world to see! ⋯⋯(Further torrent of abusive language)」

However, doesn’t the dress that I made to perfectly fit Royal Girl, without even 1cm of margin, fit waaay too good on her? She is probably her body double as well, their physique is way too identical. I can say that because even on her it just barely doesn’t show anything! This is an extreme design, challenging the limits, if there was even the tiniest deviation, important parts would’ve been completely exposed! In other words, it just fits.

Naturally, it goes without saying that I saved the image of her giving Flat Gaze in that lewd dress. This shall be an heirloom. Even passed over from generation to generation, it surely will be bringing joy to high school boys generation after generation. This one will be of great use. The only problem is that I can’t print it out.




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