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Chapter 201: Apparently, Crane Wings is Jiggle Jiggle, while V formation is Bounce Bounce. Part 1




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 57 – Early Morning, White Weirdo Inn.

After that, Royal Girl and Maid Girl had a touching reunion, but since it has nothing to do with me I went home. No, it really has nothing to do with me?

They were saying something and hugging each other, but I just ignored it and went back. It’s totally not because I couldn’t comprehend all of that something aristocratic, something something to the something king of kingdom somewhere, so something is something and something went to something and because someone suggested something it’s now something. Yup, I just didn’t hear any of that.

And we are currently holding a meeting. There is a heated debate between the Take-A-Rest Camp, the Dungeon Exploration Camp, and the Fake Dungeon Defence and Reconnaissance Camp, meanwhile, I, Cheongsam Return Match Camp, is in a minority, and thus, completely ignored. I mean, the red dress is still remaining? Since we couldn’t continue in the morning, it is lying all lonely and abandoned back in the room? And it was the one I really wanted to try…

「There are 4 boss battles waiting, and we still didn’t pass the test.」

「But wouldn’t our concentration be crap, after so much happening in the morning? I also feel like I didn’t have enough sleep.」

「Rather than that, did the general store already receive china dresses? Where are they?」

「Since they managed to invade once, they will come again unless we do something about the air defense.」

Indeed, I didn’t expect an invasion through the air at all. However, 『Balloon Bat』is a rare monster, so they don’t possess that many of them, and some were already seized by the frontier army. The kingdom hardly has any means to fly without serious obstructions. But it’s not like they have none at all. There is no guarantee that it’s totally safe.

「They will give us info on the state of things in the kingdom anyway, so shouldn’t we do dungeons or training?」

「But they sent assassins, trying to kill us by poisoning, even if it all was caused by a misunderstanding, isn’t it pretty bad?」

「They seemed to be sincerely apologizing, so I think it will be left to the lord’s judgment, they were just desperate to rescue the princess, right?」

Even though it’s impossible to make any plans with the current complicated situation in the kingdom, Meripapa-san is raring to march on them, so the whole place was in a state of uproar, which is why I chose to run away. The kingdom seems to be splendidly divided. The royalty, nobles, and even the army have broken into factions, making it impossible to tell who is friend and who is foe, but the masses, or rather the citizens, for the most part, seem to be on our side. The tragedy of the frontier appears to be well known, so many are sympathetic and grateful to its people, who are living there while fighting off the monsters.

And among all that mess, the only sure enemy is the church. And the one that church worships is something-something elderly god, in other words, the old man, that geezer. Alright, this is certainly an enemy! Let’s destroy it! It’s decided! As I thought, that old fart is the cause of all problems. They can’t be anything decent if they are worshipping something like that. Let’s burn them to ashes. A week of purifying blaze, seven days of fire, alright, let’s do it, let’s do it right now, let’s kill them this instant!

「Heeey! You got a really evil grin on your face. So wicked that a demon king would cry? That’s definitely a smile of someone plotting to destroy the world. It goes beyond wicked so much that it surpasses a villainous grin, making a round turn ending up just an evil look. I have no idea what you are planning to do, but you are banned from genocide, annihilation, wholesale slaughter, or mass murder, okay? It’s generally forbidden without us having to explicitly ban it, you know?」

Looks like I’m forbidden from annihilating the geezer and his friends. But in that case, the only remaining options are extermination, eradication, obliteration, liquidation, elimination, massacre, destruction, erasure, and perhaps a purge? I wonder which is better? Each of them sounds fantastic. But extermination is such a nice-sounding word. Surely, they wouldn’t say that they are against being strangled to death after starting a war with the frontier. After all, the war is just the act of killing each other, so they have to be included in that 『Each other』part to make it work. So I won’t let them refuse, and even if they try, I have no intentions of accepting that whatsoever.

「No, I mean, wouldn’t it be faster to just destroy the church? They are devotees of that geezer anyway, so they’d probably be overjoyed, ending up in that white room after getting slaughtered? They are just a bunch of old men lovers anyway, a club united by a common fetish?」

「「「No, it’s a religion! Not a fetish group!」」」

What is going on? I was banned from voicing my opinion. They are asking even for Slime-san’s opinion, to which it is replying by jiggling, but I’m prohibited from speaking up at all? But why would they need Slime-san’s opinion on battle formations in defensive warfare? By the way, Crane Wings are apparently 『Jiggle-Jiggle』while V Formation is 『Bounce Bounce』?

A majority vote.

It was decided that we will rest until noon, and then challenge one or two dungeon bosses, or rather, we are just waiting for any new developments until lunch.

And yet my cheongsam return match idea was rejected. Not even one round. Well, I sort of expected that, it seems she doesn’t want to do it in the morning.

And so, I’m loitering around the town, dropping by the weapon store and the general store while I’m at it. When we just came, the town was full of buildings made of rough grey stone, but lately, it is going through a white wall boom, so lime and limestone are selling pretty well. Actually, it’s my secret source of income. As expected, the remodeling of the weapon store and the general store caused a steep rise in sales, making me good money. There are also more stores now, although at the moment they only amount to small stalls. It’s already an improvement to the look of the town. And it seems like there is more reconstruction work being done on houses as well.

And since the place became wealthier and money began properly circulating there are now also more facilities. The first thing Meripapa-san started working on was an orphanage. He made providing a proper facility for the children of adventurers and those that came from destroyed villages his top priority. This must be for the sake of the future of children and atonement before those that were protecting the frontier, and those that the frontier could not protect. Although the mechanism through which Meripapa-san placed the order for the orphanage to the general store which the shopkeeper then redirected to me as an order for 『a house』still remains a mystery, I made it anyway. A pure white chapel-like building, since it resulted in a boost of lime sales it brought me great profit, despite the orphanage itself being pretty cheap. Well, after a house came a village, can’t underestimate that shopkeeper at all!

And as I was wondering what we should do, suggesting that maybe we should do That and getting jiggled at in reply, a soldier approached me, stating that there is a problem at the lord’s mansion, so they are asking me to drop by. They say drop by, but I just returned from there, and they are calling me back again? Why can’t they say everything on the spot? Well, I did run away since it smelled like trouble.

And it seems the problem is with the Maid-san that gave me the sword. While it didn’t result in any deaths or serious injuries, sending in assassins was a problem. But I don’t get what they want me to do about that? I already sold the sword, so it’s not like I’m in possession of evidence? And I used up the money, so I totally have nothing? Now, I also used up the money I needed to pay for the inn, so I suspect I’ll get scolded again, I wonder where I should snatch the coin to cover that? I already got the daily Flat Gaze from the guild and used up the money from there too. I mean, I had to purchase a huge load of sauce-like something and tomatoes, you know? If only I had this back then I could’ve attempted to make a tonkatsu sauce… Let’s rip them off again later. In addition, the price of sugar is also going up. The effect of national isolation might be beginning to show up. Looks like we’ll have to work a bit harder on smuggling.





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