Chapter 205: It might be wriggly and slippery, but it seems to be keen on getting very personal.




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Day 57 – Dungeon, 50F

While it wasn’t as much as I imagined it to be due to its fame, it’s not like it wasn’t amazing, but it also wasn’t that bad. Well, the smell was insanely bad.

But all of the classmates already have the equipment to resist debuffs from level 50 dungeon master. Or rather, I sold tons of it to them until now. And that stench must be applying 『Confusion』and『Faint』. For now, they are perfectly resisting all of the ailments, but it stinks really bad. I’m looking from afar, trying to keep my distance from it, but can still feel the stench. I wish they could finish it faster, but the enemy is quite tough, still refusing to go down. That is a difficult foe.

The opponent is『Rafflesia Lv50』, which appears like a giant ugly flower, but that is one rebellious plant, the part that looks like a flower is a calyx, while the real flower should be blooming inside, but since it’s a monster in a fantasy world, it also comes with a nice little bonus, tentacles. The Geeks seem to want to take this thing home but were banned from doing so due to its foul smell. Like, even I don’t want to Tame such a fetid thing? Certainly, the romance overflowing romantic R18 developments with tentacles might be wonderful, but that stench is no good. It ruins everything. Explaining in detail just how many things it ruins would lead to Flat Gazes from all sides, so I’ll omit it, but well, even though we finally encountered romance-overflowing tentacles, them coming with a bad odor is disappointing, so they are getting exterminated. I mean, even Slime-san doesn’t want to eat that? The smell is that bad.

The concentrated arrow fire with which they opened the fight had no effect, their next move, an attack with fire also didn’t produce the desired effect, and with the tentacles wriggling around they couldn’t get into close combat. Not only are they wriggling and twisting, but they are also slimy, slippery. Yeah, the movements, the shape, all of it inspires expectations of an indecent development. The girls can’t get near that. I mean, their faces are bright red?

However, this lewd flower has 『Spell Absorption』and『MP Absorption』, so getting caught by that would be quite bad. Moreover, it has 『Ensnare』, so once caught, escape would not be easy. The damage isn’t quite getting to this thick and meaty plant. Most likely, slashing attacks are the most effective against it, but close-quarters are off-limits, or rather, it’s too risky, or rather, risque, threatening to turn very lewd were tentacles to get a hold of them. How should I put it, this is a tough fight.

「Noo! That tip, that form, noo! Why is it wriggling like that!」

「That wriggling is crazy. It’s clearly dying to catch one of us? 」

「Getting caught by that, it might be over for us as maidens? It’s completely out in terms of visuals?」

And it also has『Regeneration』, so no matter how many tentacles they cut, they keep returning, preventing them from getting near. Well, it might be possible to beat it with a whipping from the pres, but she probably doesn’t want to beat it with just an individual strength. And since blunt damage doesn’t work on it, Vice President B-san or the idiots, who rely on beating their enemies to death can’t do much… Wait, the idiots? Aren’t you swordsmen? Put away your boomerangs! Or rather, throw them!

The cultural clubs’ girls from the rear guard had already begun working on the ground. Looks like they noticed. It’s absorbing mana from the ground with its roots, that’s why it keeps regenerating without running out of mana. And so they are striking at the problem at its root.

If it goes well, they should be able to interfere with the Rafflesia’s regeneration, and burning enemies HP faster than it can recover is a firm and steady conventional approach. But the roots are tentacles too, you know? They were moving underground.

And with wriggling tentacles, or rather, roots? emerging from the ground here and there, a great panic began, completely destroying the formation. While some were running around, others were frantically slashing at the tentacles, a hectic struggle began. Armored Pres-san is also going 『Good Grief』, so I guess this is a failure? Why is their thinking so rigid? Actually, I already mentioned countermeasures of this sort, but they are too caught up in the fixed ideas of this world. I mean, they had no magic before coming to this world, and yet met with the combo of 『Spell Absorption』and『MP Absorption』they forgot even about conventional ways of dealing with this. So they have a hard time doing what should be obvious and natural. And now the group is fully covered with roots, leaving nowhere to hide.

「「「Haruka-ku~n. Could you help us just a bit?」」」

「I don’t mind, but that will be 『Failure』for you, are you cool with that? And it will be over in a second? Probably?」

Yeah, this is the same pattern, so I think, if I assist them a bit, it will all be over right there? And I told them about this earlier? When I was telling them about the great dungeon, I also mentioned all of the countermeasures? Well, my opponent was not a rafflesia, but it was pretty much the same thing… No, they probably don’t have time to think while dealing with tentacles, so their train of thought came to a screeching halt? Or rather, they got caught? Whoooa.

Ah? Another one? Oh, my, my, my, my~. But considering that it’s grabbing only girls, this flower gets it. As a fellow tentacle user, I feel that we might’ve gotten along, but with that stink, I don’t want to. It’s a real pity, if only it didn’t have 『Bad Stench』among its skills, we could’ve spent hours talking away until the dawn comes, truly regrettable. However, if killing this plant the pres 『Plunders』its skills, then will Pres-sama have tentacles? Did she seal away her whip for this fight because 『Bad Stench』would also come as a free bonus? Certainly, this smell is bound to get you complaints from the inn.

「KYAAAAAA! Stop watching and help us! Or rather, don’t loook! Or rather, saaave mee~!」

「Oh, nyo~. Why is it so slippery? I can’t cut it? Wait, that’s, HEY!」

「Let me go! You creep! Whoa, what! Don’t touch there! I’m a girl!」

「No, no, nononono, why do you have to go there, that area is prohibited for invasion!」

It’s total pandemonium, and the geeks are of no use either, totally confused, not only do they have a hard time with where to look, but the voices are bothering them too, and as they ended up averting their eyes from the rafflesia as the result, they are forced into purely defensive combat.

Twining around and binding them, it invades inside their armor, that marvelous attack is what creates this uproar. Holding them in the air by coiling around their legs, such an amazing plant. Too cultured to leave it as mere vegetation. Or rather, its ideas can be called way too predatory for a mere plant. Well, it’s a carnivorous plant after all, so it might be leaning that way?

The idiots are busy running around and clearing away the tentacles with their boomerangs. I wonder how many centuries will pass before they remember that they can throw them? Looks like it will take a long while for them to evolve. I mean, they definitely devolved after coming to this world. They seem to have forgotten what civilization is. If only this weren’t the middle ages but the stone age, then they would’ve fit right in. But they seem to be dumber than primitive men? Maybe the Cretaceous Period would do?

「「「Haruka-kuuun! We give up! Or rather, our maidenhood is in danger! This is bad, bad, bad!」」」

It’s bad, it seems. Yeah, it’s on the verge of turning R-18. How regrettable, if only Rafflesia-san wasn’t so stinky, we might’ve gotten along. I would’ve gladly recruited such an amazing tentacle monster for the fake dungeon, it, how should I put it, gets it? Understands what’s important? Covers all the bases? Snakes around crazy spots? Yup, it gets it. That’s why it’s so regrettable.

Well, let’s burn it.

Burn it to ashes like a modern person would. Armored Pres-san already rescued the girls, cutting the tentacles holding them.

Getting above the rafflesia with 『Air Walk』, where no tentacles will get in my way, I spray oil and ignite it. This is the end.

It has 『MP Absorption』and 『Spell Absorption』. It doesn’t possess fire resistance. Magic Resistances should function on the same principle as the skills that the treants from the great dungeon had.

Since we came from the world without magic, pouring oil and toasting it should’ve been one of their first thoughts. And that’s it.

And yet, just because they learned a bit of magic and skills in this world, they saw 『MP Absorption』and 『Spell Absorption』and assumed that they can’t burn it because they can’t use fire magic on it. It is this inflexibility and fixation on conventions of this world that gets you caught by the tentacles, exposing an unbecoming, or rather, indecent… Well, to put it bluntly, lewd sight. If it also had 『Dissolve』then it would go straight past R18 into BANNED territory. We lost a valuable monster. A foul-smelling one though.

The girls, freed from the now writhing in agony Rafflesia as it is burning, sunk to the floor, breathing heavily. Looks like they are tired. But if I were to praise them here, I feel I’ll get scolded? But they are clearly exhausted, giving it their all, their faces are all red.

「Alright~, you failed. As a consolation prize, you get a special invitation to Armored Pres-san’s boot camp? In other words? You are in for a beating? Please enjoy your wonderful luxurious trip to the world of pain? Especially Pres-sama? Looks like you are getting a private course? No way, could it be that we are getting a yuri route? A lily route going non-stop forever and into eternity? I’d like to book a special seat to observe the training! Seriously!」

「「「No~, she’ll work us to the bones~, there’ll be no yuri though!」」」

Looks like there is no 『Ah, Onee-sama』like development. Well, since she is an eternal seventeen they are beginning to catch up to her, so she isn’t much of an onee-sama, and then next year she is going to be younger than them? This world is full of mysteries but looks like the biggest mystery is the forever seventeen problem. Well, not really a problem, and it surely won’t see a resolution. The reason being – you care, you lose. Seriously.




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