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Chapter 213: Not only their present but their existence itself dissipated into the air, at that point, that is just air.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 58 – Late Morning, Dungeon, 50F

(Jiggle-Jiggle. Jiggle, Jiggle.)

Dungeon Master Cacus in a giant-like fashion left a giant magic stone of high purity after his death, plus some drop items too. 『Scorching Stone – Flame Affinity Increase (EX), Blaze, Searing Flame, Hell Fire』, another rock. Well, it was a fire-breathing giant, so the item is fire-related too.

And as expected, Slime-san wants to have it. For some unknown reason, it is very fond of stones. Since it’s not a precious stone, Avarice Pres-san showed no interest.

「But we might be able to infuse weapons with it? Should we try that first? And we might find some uses for it later if we just keep it? Preparing your equipment in advance is important, like, remember how the saying goes 『Kill before you stumble』? Kind of?」

「「「Why are you so determined to kill before stumbling?! Isn’t that just killing random passersby? This isn’t a saying, this is just an advance notice for a crime!」」」

Everyone seems to want to give it to Slime-san. Certainly, at the moment it has no clear use, and making or infusing items with it doesn’t seem possible for now, but being a drop from a level 100 dungeon master it has a possibility to turn out to be an amazing item. But the begging has begun.

「Slime-san is helping us with training lately, so it’s like a tuition fee? Should that be fine? Slime-san seems to want it.」

(Ji~ggle, Ji~ggle!)

It’s dancing. Does that mean that Slime-san fully understands our speech then? I knew that it is clever, and there was no doubt that it is sentient, but having such learning ability is not something that can be dismissed as mere cleverness. Because it means that it is at the very least on par with humans.

「In the first place, if you can’t make use of it, then it’s just a waste, letting it stay unused? And look at how cute Slime-san is bouncing? Slime-san seems to want it?」

It is asking to be spoiled! Slime-san clearly knows what it is doing. It is appearing cute on purpose so others would pamper it! It’s begging for it! Rather than being clever, it is plain sly! It’s a sentient gooey lifeform that is pretending to be a pet slime.

「Yeah, plus if Slime-san gets stronger it is a perfectly good boost to our combat strength as well. There is no problem? And look at how it’s dancing?」

Lately, it was conversing with the poster girl through the mysterious dance whenever it got the free time. A slime capable of understanding human speech is a mystery, but the Poster Girl, who is capable of a mysterious dance that allows her to converse with the gooey lifeform through its gestures is a mystery too? Moreover, yesterday, she was talking with it through breakdancing. I wonder, what was the topic?

In the end, Slime-san received『Scorching Stone』, and is going around thanking everyone through the dance of joy. Well, I’m actually the one paying for that, though it will be offset with 『Dungeon Item Payment』, so that is fine, but does Slime-san who is already on a dungeon emperor level, still wants new abilities? It is also absorbing skills through eating, just how much stronger does it want to become?

「Now, let’s hit another dungeon or two after having a meal outside.」


The 50th floor is the last one and there are no hidden rooms, so there is nothing to do in this dungeon anymore. Using Gate we return straight to the surface. Well, even with the monsters respawning, it’s just weaklings on the upper floors, the guild will clean them up when they come to confirm the kill.

This is a reopening of the omuraisu festival that was so well-received the last time, finishing the table setting, following the supreme command, we proceed to the meal. This was the most popular request, the oyakodon that was pushing it, was defeated.

Creating tables and chairs on a grass-covered plain I cover the tables with tablecloths, decorate them with flowers, and preparations are over. All of that took only a moment. And on top of them the lunch is lined up. A minute later the time has finally come, quick, tasty, and rip-off!

「「「Omuraisu has returned! Let’s dig in!」」」

The touching reunion mass-produced schoolgirls with ketchup smeared mouths. The annoying idiots that keep coming for additional servings over and over every time we sit down to eat were given extra-large portions in the same extra-large bucket-type tableware as Slime-san. Well, although I say bucket-type tableware, those are just buckets, but that is a secret. They seem to be happy with that, so whatever.

The now fully stuffed girls are rolling around in the grass, Slime-san is also doing the same. Looks like they are satisfied.

Since it’s a break, Armored Pres-san removed her armor and is relaxing too. With numerous leggings and tank top girls rolling around, the idiots, who were so noisy just a short while ago, seem to have dispersed into the air. Not only traces of their presence but their entire existence itself has disappeared! But since they can still be seen it probably won’t count as a skill.

Walking along the river, in part as an after-meal walk, we head to the next dungeon.

The upstream of the river? Never been there. While not far from the town, this area has no villages or anything at all, and it’s only recently that deforestation has begun here, so it’s still an unknown area.

There was a dungeon.

「A natural scenery overflowing with vibrant greenery basking in bountiful sunlight under a murmur of a nearby river, a comfortable haven to soothe your soul, a tranquil sanctuary with plentiful mana, and a rich variety of monsters to choose from in the surroundings, accompanied by an optimal and comfortable tough dungeon to support the lifestyle of your dreams. Popular, currently on sale? Sort of?」

「「「Crap, he likes it!」」」

「No, it’s a good dungeon, you know? Certainly, compared to the Great Dungeon it’s a bit of a downgrade, but that being the case, it also doesn’t have that feeling of excessive spaciousness? The structure also doesn’t compare in its favor but compared to any other dungeon aside from the Great Dungeon, it’s outstandingly well-made. The just-right distance from the town, and proximity to the Evil Forest, plus, since it’s a riverside, it comes with pick as much fish as you want service, and only now, it also comes with a special bonus of a dungeon master’s magic stone! Kind of!」

「「「He is totally planning to kill the dungeon master and overtake the dungeon! Dungeon Master-san, run! Escape! Wait, we can’t let them escape!」」」

With no villages or anything at all in this direction, it required no checks. The location has nothing to fault, and the structure, while having the basics covered also had some sort of a clever feature for each floor. A very thought-out dungeon. This has to be the work of quite a skilled dungeon master.

「And what’s most important, the arch of this entrance and the pillars are arousing my passion for design! I’m going to let it run wild here! Pouring all of it into those halls!」

「And he already began remodeling it! Wait, we haven’t killed the dungeon master yet, so even if you tamper with it, things will soon turn back to how they originally were.」

Yeah. Well, this is like a trial remodeling? Since things will turn back the way they were I can just make random tweaks and see how they work out, this is like an amazing showroom. As I thought, the dungeon entrance is the important point. The dungeon master from here gets it. The layout of the space inside is nicely supported by the entrance, and the way it is designed to spread from there in a radial fashion is simply marvelous! The feel of the depth is also excellent! We can expect a lot from this property!

But speaking about this atmosphere, the texture, the quality, measured planning, and the dignified feel of it all, this place is unmistakably deep.

Definitely over 60 floors. I have a hunch that it has more than even 70 floors. This is bad. Like, monsters on 80+ floors are crazy. It’s basically floor master-level monsters but in groups. Well, there shouldn’t be any danger up until the 50th floor. Things here should be stronger than in other dungeons, but it shouldn’t be a problem for those over level 100.

The aura changes after going over level 100, it takes only one look to recognize that the person is strong. Even in the case of the bitches. By the way, they overshoot level 100 so hard that they seem to be level 104 now. Looks like they had lots of experience points saved up. Even so, there was no evolution into Bitch Queen. Bitches A – D also remained the same. I wonder if there are evolutionary conditions? Like, chomping down a whole level 100 dungeon master starting from the head? Yeah, they might evolve from that! But if I keep at those thoughts, I might be the one to be chomped down, I mean, they are glaring at me! Those eyes are the eyes of those intending to bite!

「Well, we gotta check the arrangements of the rooms. Starting from 1F entrance and the living room, I guess? While there aren’t many rooms~, they are spacious~, and I can make a parlor here~♪」

「「「Oh no. He is so into it, he even began singing.」」」

So this is the entrance area, huh~, looking good. If only they had mirrors in this world, I could install some here and it would’ve been perfect. Sadly, it seems they have not arrived to mirror manufacture yet. They should sell well if I make some… But, it’s such a pain? But this wall surface would shine with a mirror! And the bedroom needs them too! On all surfaces!





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