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Chapter 214: Rather than saying that this is above human limits, it’s more like they gave up on being humans, so it’s very annoying. 




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 58- Afternoon, Dungeon, 1F.

「On the one hand I’d like to make a display corner with wall racks, but on the other, maybe it would be better to leave the wall untouched to produce a sense of spaciousness? Sort of?」

(Jiggle Jiggle) (Nod, Nod)

As I thought, huh. Then, putting a bookshelf on the opposite side and… I don’t have any books. While I am gathering them, I only have 20 issues. On top of that, more than half of them appear to be forbidden literature. Putting some nice chairs here might be interesting as well, but then might as well add a counter, and why would I make an entrance this cozy? There would be no way to reach the living room like that!

「Would be nice to make the ceiling higher since it’s the first floor~? Judging by the rocky formation, 20 meters should be no problem? I’d also like to add a skylight, which would also give access to sunlight. Wouldn’t it look fancy if I also added a catwalk? It also would be convenient during cleaning?」

(Jiggle Jiggle) (Nod, Nod)

Yeah~, right. Dungeons tend to get dark no matter what, so I’d like to add some variety by making the first floor bright, giving it a soothing atmosphere, and then going more chic on the lower floors. Illumination through indirect lighting should be started on lower floors. First, the upper floors themselves should be uniform with a brighter color, while the design should cover the lighting with…

「Heeey. We are in combat~? We are about to wrap things up, but we are still in combat~? Why are the three of you just sitting, drawing blueprints~? We are exploring a dungeon~, did you forget~?」

I mean, a pack of 『Ghouls Lv1』can be instantly obliterated solo?

The stat growth of level 100 is absurd. The strength is a completely different thing. They surpassed the limits of humanity. Well, a portion of them also gave up on being humans altogether. Don’t run on the walls without skills for that! The ghouls aren’t flying, so stick to walking on the floor! Don’t run on the ceiling as well! Stop dirtying the walls! Aaah~, how annoying.

A level 100 wouldn’t need even casual clothes to deal with a pack of level 1 monsters, they can do it butt-naked without any problem. Even weapons are unnecessary. It would be a naked girls’ rampage.

That girl might actually try that. I should ban her from the living room on 1F, which is meant for welcoming guests.

Let’s make a pool or a huge bath on the lower floors and throw her there together with the Fish Girl. They’ll be overjoyed.

They must want to swim. They were swimming every day, so I’m sure they still want to continue.

After all, back at school, they spent so much time swimming that them being in the water was their default state. They must’ve thought that it would stay that way.

Nudist Girl, who performed at an international tournament and was chosen for the Olympic training program, and an unknown regular swimmer Fish girl. But Fish Girl is the actual authority.

It’s simply that Nudist Girl, who was born with the physique of an athlete, was faster, but Fish Girl is the one who was truly amazing. While she lacked physical abilities, she happened to be the one who was truly good at swimming and in love with it.

That is why Nudist Girl took her as an example, admiring and chasing after Fish Girl’s beautiful swimming form, and was coached by her. That’s how a school that had no trainer, suddenly, got an outstanding athlete like Nudist Girl. And even now, after becoming a representative athlete, she still admires Fish Girl and is chasing after her.

They must’ve been swimming all the time together, and they surely would’ve been doing that even now if they could.

I definitely should make a pool for them someday! And rip them off on the entrance fees! No, I mean, making one is not a big deal? But the requests for swimsuits are definitely going to come my way? Or rather, I already got a request for two school swimsuits from Nudist Girl. However, why not competitive swimsuits and school swimsuits instead? Is that a trap for my Affection Rating? I mean, isn’t a high school boy who makes school swimsuits all alone at night just plain creepy? Isn’t that pretty bad? Especially in terms of public image?

But well, thinking about those two, it might be fine to make some? Although I don’t think that things will end with just that. Rather, I have confidence that they won’t. Well, I’ll make one for Armored Pres-san too, of course, I will, obviously. The problem is the raging tide of orders that will come after Armored Pres-san shows it off. Well, the orders themselves are fine. The true hell for a highschool boy is the measurements! The feeling of elaborate torture is unreal, the lust is going wild in a raging whirlwind of desire, endlessly spinning and threatening to spill out, driving me insane, this is too much for a highschool boy. For real?

That is what the true hell is like.

Even rough measurements taken the last time had me in anguish for three days after them! Even Armored Pres-san had it rough, although now that I think of it, wasn’t she provoking me for some reason too? In any case, underwear and swimsuits are bad, because measurements for them can’t be taken over the clothes, and it probably would require some adjustments after trying them on. It’s impossible, I’ll die, it’ll be『A murder case of a steaming high school boy fainting in agony! A mystery concealed by female underwear and swimsuits, the culprit was the high school boy himself!』It’s so bad that it won’t even make for a mystery since the name of the culprit would be written in the title. It’s impossible. I mean, I’m a highschool boy after all?

「Heeey, we are leaving, okay? We are going down. I have no idea why you’d be muttering 『School swimsuits, huh~』with such a troubled face while remodeling the dungeon, but we are going to the next floor, so tag along. You’ll have a lecture when we get back~. 」

I was muttering, it seems. Once again, in order to avoid a sermon, I will have to explain my innocence. I already have not only placards, but even hanging banners, stating 『I did nothing wrong』, but it seems that they still didn’t get the message. Oh, how vain and powerless can the words be. Even though I didn’t do anything.

(Finally, the manufacture of swimsuits!)

(I don’t have the courage for the bikini… or rather, a chest…)

(When will he start accepting advance orders? What about the price? The types? Is made-to-order possible?)

(Let’s ask Angelica-san during the meeting.)

(But where are we going to swim? Wouldn’t the river be dangerous?)

The girls are murmuring about something? Good grief, they are too relaxed for being in a dungeon. One has to be vigilant at all times, always conducting oneself as if being on a battlefield, only then is there a meaning to it? The high school girls are such JK those days, well, logically thinking, they are actually JK, and good thing it is JK and not JFK, we need no assassinations here. [1]

The second floor came with a different charm to it. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call the dungeon master of this place an artisan.

「While spacious it is encircling you with smooth curves, a big oblong room, or rather, a hall? Big enough to receive over 100 people if made into a dining hall, and can also be used as a conference room, meanwhile, small private rooms adjacent to it can be turned into waiting rooms or into some sort of workshops. A marvelous, well-thought-through unity of amenity and flow gives birth to this masterwork of simple and elegant design. The rooms that have both the size and the ease of use and the beauty of form that comes with it. This is a good dungeon!」

(Jiggle Jiggle) (Nod Nod)

「Didn’t you hear? We are busy fighting, so leave your criticism for later. Or rather, at least stop remodeling the floor while we are fighting! Even the monsters are freaking out!」

It will be all over soon enough anyway. I mean, they are really strong. I’m sure today’s training session with Armored Pres-san will be worth seeing. After all, being fast and hitting hard are the two biggest threats. They are simply strong and move very fast, that is the power of high stats. Simple and pure strength is what is truly scary, technique is nothing but a way to cope for those that don’t have that. Technique, equipment, skills, and all other such conditions can be easily overcome with sheer strength. Move faster than the enemy, hit harder than their defense can withstand, if one can win with that alone then that is the strongest. I dare say, the modification effects got stronger after level 100, I can’t help but feel that they became stronger than the numbers in their stats would suggest? There is now a real risk of my death if I end up in another school girl body pile! Or rather, that was risky regardless of the level. It had the destructive power that a highschool boy can’t oppose. Well, not like I tried?

「You can’t do this~? If you keep putting fancy furniture all over the dungeon, the monsters will become corrupted with a fashionable lifestyle~?」

Vice President B-san seems to be against corrupting the monsters? Does it mean that she prefers wholesome monsters? Although I do feel that instead of engaging in wholesome assaults, it would be better for the world if they got corrupted and ate sitting at the tables? But it seems she doesn’t approve? And they are shaking? (Cough, Cough) Oh no! Where was that bloodlust from? I’m sure I felt at least 20 bloodthirsty gazes?

However, some things can’t be understood from blueprints alone without trying the layout on the site. At times, adding furniture can suddenly make the place appear smaller. Being unable to grasp the actual situation without putting things in place no matter how meticulous the calculations were is not that rare. Would monsters use a counter table though? Moreover, those are rabbits? It would be a pity if they ended up crushed under one.

But lovely『Spike Rabbits Lv2』ended up butchered by evil girls. Well, we can’t extract ingredients from monsters that were spawned from mana by places like evil forests or dungeons. Even overhunting them won’t get us any fur. And even though they are attacking us, they are still cute? I’d prefer to tame them instead of the bitches. Where should I file a request for the exchange? Although someone might end up getting bitten if they discover it. Namely – me.

Now, I wonder what the layout of the 3rd floor looks like. I can expect things from it. Although it’s slightly too spacious, it’s not as excessively so as the Great Dungeon. Although it does lose in quality.

「I don’t mind simple private rooms from the 5th floor and on, but I think that for 3-5 it would be more convenient if they were centered around a hall of some kind? Although the lower floors need their own stuff, like training grounds, a forge, a workshop would be nice as well, and I can’t give up on a large bath… But the floors below the middle ones will probably end up being storage, right? Going down there feels like such a bother.」

(Jiggle Jiggle) (Nod Nod)

However, it is rare to find such a nice property that is close to both the town and my sweet cave home in the forest and also located right near the river. For starters, I’d like to see at least the entirety of the upper floors. Even if I can’t settle here right away, it is still worth taking.

[TL Notes:
[1] The abbreviation JK stands for 女子高生 (joshi kōsei), high school girl(s)





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