Chapter 222: That wasn’t Slime-san but two Slime-san’s bath friends that it mentioned earlier, so I know who that was. 

Day 58 – Nighttime, White Weirdo Inn.

The time of trial has come. The time has cometh, the ordeal is upon me.

『Empty your mind.』

Seek Zen. Seek emptiness. Lao-tzu also said 『If I empty my mind and stay calm, I can see that all things are produced and they return to the roots.』.

If I completely empty my mind.

And carefully protect the stillness of my heart.

Even if a great many things were to happen at once.

I would see how all of them return to the root.

A heart of steel that would not be moved by any shockingly astonishing threat no matter how immense it is.

Well? I mean, it is a shockingly astonishing threat? How should I put it, a cataclysm of some kind? Sort of?

『Clean as polished mirror. Serene as still water』

Cast one’s heart upon the water and watch it closely, if done so, the water will halt along with the progress of time, and reflect one’s heart clearly akin to a spotless mirror.

Yes, cast everything aside and accept things as they are.

I don’t think I can take it though? Are you telling me this is still not enough?!

No, I can’t be tempted, I can’t be tempted, I can’t be tempted. I have to empty my mind!

If everything is to be accepted with a calm mind, then so it shall be, even if this is too much to fit.

No, if I keep my mind in check and look at things as they are naturally, I’ll probably go crazy. There is danger of an explosion if I move before my heart moves?

Touch them as they are, wrap and also measure, or rather, they are so heavy, big, and soft, no, look into the heart, I can’t look there!

So that’s about it? This should be appropriate, appropriate as in proper for the measure, no more, no less, the best condition. About this, right?


There was a reply, but I have no idea what it means, after all, it’s not Slime-san talking right now.

Wrap up while lifting up without pressing down, then disperse and spread that vector, that’s a bit tight?


No, I have no idea what you are saying? Or rather, that would be crazy if I did! After all, it’s not like they are trying to say anything! Yeah, but I also replied involuntarily anyway.

The issue is movement, since there is no fixed center of mass, there is a need to estimate the range of motion itself and suppress it.

But there is no way I can do something as insane as shaking those dangerous goods. So the only way is to suspend them from above and then lift up while pushing in from the sides.

Then compressing, modifying, overlapping without fusing, securing while making sure it can support and contain this much too enormous weight and volume.


Eh? Was it a question? No way, I can’t go there, if I start communicating with them it’ll be over in all sorts of ways! Empty my mind, throw away worldly thoughts, cleanse the soul, and make oneself free from ties and desires.


Eh? No, there is no way that they want to eat pudding! It’s not Slime-san, so there is no way they are going to eat anything! Rather, it would be more than just shocking if they did! It would be a huge issue! Ah, but putting pudding on top could be…

No. Clear your mind, the thoughts weigh as a heavy burden on one’s heart. Well, those are heavy, that’s why she is having trouble, but I must banish all thoughts and return to innocence. But were I to innocently play with them, something very not innocent will end up happening!

But the last voice was nice, so maybe that’s the way? It might be… But it’s risky! I’m beginning to converse with them! It’s not like this is the inner voice or anything! If I begin a dialogue with them I’ll end up being an insane weido pervert.

「I kind of want to ask you to move to see if this will do, but I also sort of do not, the motion brings risk, but an unmoving heart is precious here? Sort of?」

(Bounce, Bo~unce!)

This is good it seems… Wait right there! Who was that that replied right now! Please answer properly! Wait, could it be that it is the main body? Which one? No, wait, the main body, or rather, the person in question, is still checking. With whom am I talking then?

「Yeah. This is great~, it’s a lot more comfortable, and easy to move~. It’s more comfortable than custom-made stuff from the original world! The only thing left is design~.」

Is this for real? I’m going to spend the night working alone on this already worn bra? A highschool boy is going to keep a used raw Brassiere-san? What sort of fantasy is that? No matter how you spin it, this is a fantasy far more fantastic than a teleportation to another world? So fantastic that a highschool boy might depart to a fantasy world all alone with this worn bra in hand! Well, this is already a fantasy world though?

But well, certainly, everything in the world is going through the conflict of functionality and form, fusing and becoming one in the process, thus finally obtaining their proper form. Well, to put it bluntly, she wants a highschool boy to spend the night adding lace to her already worn bra? But this destructive power can’t be contained with half cups, straps also would require quite a bit of minimal width. There is also an option of going cross on the back, but I’ll die from another session of measurements. I’m sure my soul will leave me before the thoughts. In that case, I should do what I can with design, and compensate for the rest with lace. Well, let’s do this.

The last resort measure that I used in order to stop the frenzied rampage of Vice Pres B-san. That is the sealed magic words *mumble-mumble*.

「Even if I asked you to calm down, it actually would be way scarier if you could stay calm with insect fluids dripping from your face and all over your body, but the geeks are about to get roasted, so please calm down? Well, burning geeks is not a big deal, but if they burn the barrier will break and everyone will be swallowed by a sea of flames, summer here is scorching hot by itself, so calm down? Kind of?」

There was no time to spare. Being pressed to the limit, some sacrifices had to be made to make it out of that situation.

「I’ll make a bra when we get back, so let’s go home~? It’s a custom-made bra with lace~? So let’s go back~? But before that, let’s wash away the insect juices? Or rather, it’s dripping from your face? It’s dripping in threads, which looks all sorts of bad, so let’s wash your face? Here, hot water, sort of~.」

Well, it seems she has been having troubles with bras since we came to this world. And even the clothing workshop that I went out of my way to make couldn’t resolve the issue.

Armored Pres-san also repeatedly told me to make them. It seems to be a big issue for the girls, but it’s agonizing for the boys too, you know? And even the mana molded sports bra that I developed as a desperate measure, couldn’t hold them. They apparently are going wild, moving inside… But it’s quite troubling to hear such a thing, in many ways, quite very seriously.

That line back then『I’ll make a bra when we get back, so let’s go home~?』could indeed be seen as problematic, but just as I expected,『Aaah, the aftermath is going to kill me』, I really had a hard time, doing a very hard job. I had it very hard as a highschool boy. And currently, I’m still in a very tough situation for a highschool boy, a state of emergency of sorts.

However, I had no idea that the design is this complicated, normally, there would be no technique to fixate something with moving contents and center of mass without suppressing it. Moreover, while dispersing the mass, the fulcrum point remains mobile, so there is nothing I can do by design. I didn’t expect that even 『Apex Thinking』won’t be able to calculate that, so it was a real struggle!

I’ll say this just in case, but all of this was performed under the watchful gaze of Armored Pres-san and Slime-san, alright? I have nothing to feel guilty about? Of course, were I to say that I had no lewd thoughts that would be a fantastic fantasy highschool boy adventure-grade fairytale, but I diligently did the job.

I was properly blindfolded and operated with『Magic Hands』, so I haven’t touched anything, so it’s safe. Magic Hands had a few episodes of playfulness with accidental rubs, strokes, and pokes, but we got through it all and the work was completed! Also, it would be great if Armored Pres-san, who was covering my eyes with her hand, could stop spreading her fingers apart? And also if Vice Pres B-san would stop smiling when our eyes met through the opening? And no『Aaa~n』too? Also, Slime-san was just sleeping, but whatever.

「Then, please make the matching bottoms too~, if there is anything you aren’t sure about, call me for measurement~. I’m looking forward to it~, thank you, Haruka-kun.」


She left with a bounce in her step. A bounce.

And it seems I’m going to make the bottoms too. Bottom, means, bottom, right? I feel like my soul might turn to ashes were I measure the bottom too, I mean, it already all burned out to white? At this rate I might get『Self-Resurrection』soon? But coupled with 『Regeneration』that’s totally not a human’s abilities anymore?

And before long, this incident will be exposed by the girls, I mean, the girls are doing girls-only gatherings at the bath every evening, and all of the committee members share the same room? And I already made some for Armored Pres-san since she would want it too, but she, being a habitual offender in this regard, is definitely going to brag before others. ………So I need to make them for 19 more people.

Night shift it is. And I did my best, after all, there is finally matching sexy lingerie for Armored Pres-san, with garter and stockings! Of course, I’m going to work hard?

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