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Chapter 230: The cringe is so bad that it hurts my heart just thinking about that setting, this one is no good




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 60 – Daytime, White Weirdo Inn.

While taking a breather at the inn I gaze at the loot from the Nightmare Goat 『Nightmare’s Eyepatch – MiN InT 50% Up, Magic Eye Enhancement (Ultra), Illusion, Charm, Puppetry, Memory Manipulation, Mind Control, Mental Pollution』, this one is totally no good!

Not only does it casually have『Charm』and『Puppetry』but also super heinous『Memory Manipulation』and『Mind Control』, and then『Mental Pollution』for a finisher.

But the most terrifying part is… being a magic eye user wearing an eyepatch! It’s so cringe, just thinking about it hurts! Moreover, this design, a black leather inlaid with gems, its destructive power is enough to make even a serious 8th grader syndrome patient draw back. I mean, anyone who encounters a person wearing such an eyepatch would definitely avert their eyes in haste. It’s very cringey, you know? It’s so bad that the cringe reaches the very depth of the soul as pure agony. Yeah, this one is no good.

Moreover,『Magic Eye Enhancement (Ultra)』, I’m the only one who has magic eyes? It would be crazy if that thing spread around! Well, since it has『Charm』and『Puppetry』it’s definitely getting sealed. It’s undoubtedly scummy! Selling it is absolutely out of the question, and most certainly, no one else can be allowed to have it, and to begin with, this will be a traumatic item for the girls. The easy grand prix winner of the worst 8th grader syndrome item, gunning straight for top of the scum of this earth championship!

But learning that after EX effectiveness also exists Ultra is new. Being Ultra it should be the highest tier. If Revised, True, or Ultimate, come after this it will be just confusing, so it should be the final one.

In the first place, why would I even want to equip something that limits my field of vision? This item grants mastery of『Magic Eye』at the demerit of throwing away half of the visibility. Well, it’s a secret that thanks to 『Rajingan』I can see as normal even with an eyepatch. Were they to find out that there is no meaning to blindfolding me, a flurry of blows from pres-sama’s whip will definitely be unleashed upon me. After what happened just the previous night, she will definitely truly snap at me. That also comes with a chance to awaken to something new, so that’s truly dangerous!

But now I have four sealed items. Together, they have a dreadful destructive power for my Affection Rating. I mean, seduce with『Temptation Shirt』rob their freedom with『Chains of Prometheus』enslave with『Collar of Submission』and then Charm and Puppet with『Nightmare’s Eyepatch』? What kind of despicable fiendish scummery is that? Moreover, if I also add 『Taming』in there it will complete an absolute control! Simply the worst! The lowest and most bastardly downburst to the Affection Rating! If I don’t seal those Affection Rating-san will be annihilated and completely extinguished from every dimension. Let’s hide this in the deepest part of the item bag.

I mean, from the girls’ point of view, the world where such items exist would be too scary, so they’ll have to live with constant fear. The very existence of those items cannot be allowed.

But I wonder why all of those items, that shouldn’t be allowed to exist, the mere presence of which is a weapon of absolute destruction for Affection Rating-san, just keep coming my way with zero hesitation, popping out one after another? Is this world targeting my Affection Rating after all?! I won’t allow it to be killed! I won’t allow it! Because that Rating, is the one for the Affection with the Opposite Sex! It’s in a dire shortage, a great demand, and terrible deficiency?

Good grief, were it an ordinary『Nightmare』equipment I could’ve handed it to one of the Culture Clubs’ Girls, but this is a total overkill. I can’t use it, and having someone also use it would also be an issue, but gothic lolita fashion and eyepatches will look great on the Culture Clubs’ Girls!

(Ji~ggle, Ji~ggle)

Slime-san, who was out playing with Poster Girl and Stalker Girl, also came back, so what do we do now? Do we continue from the 95th floor? Or do we go for the noon’s second round? Kuh, the second round might be out of question, Armored Pres-san pulled out the morning star! She still was carrying that around? No, I mean, when she tried on the new blazer, the highschool boy slumbering within my soul awoke and went on a wild rampage, what could I do? As I thought, that tartan miniskirt was way too short! I knew what I was doing when I made it, but it was too short! Well, so he went and rampaged, you know?

Although they rarely wear them, all of the girls have uniforms since they were teleported directly from the classroom, and naturally, it’s the same design for everyone. When occasionally someone puts it on, Armored Pres-san would always stare at them? She was overjoyed when I made a matching jersey for her previously and she treasures it even now. It seems sort of a prized possession for her. Therefore, a school uniform! I also made some indoor shoes! I also tried to make a school bag and a gym bag of the same design as everyone’s but the school-issued gym bag turned out incomplete, I can’t recall the logo at all? What was the name of that school? Well, she is happy with it, so it’s fine.

Which reminds me, is the plot behind the inn available already? The one beside it and the other behind it seemed to be vacant, I wonder what is their current status? At the moment, the entirety of White Weirdo Inn is rented out by us. By now the girls probably want their own private or at the very least double rooms, but there are not enough rooms for everyone. And since we are using the dining hall as we please it is also fully reserved by us, which is included in payment too. There are not enough inns in these days of prosperity as it is, and this one is also popular for its cooking, in fact, we were recommended this place by the adventurers’ guild.

That being the case, it calls for a reconstruction, but the plot was too small. We prepared two new houses for the owners of the two neighboring plots and had them move, but the one behind the inn was occupied by a store, so it took a while. But they have been loading baggage since the day before yesterday, so I think it’s about time, but how are they actually doing?

I already discussed this with the parents of Poster Girl, for some reason they were acting super reserved, but since I have no money, I have to finish this asap and use construction fee as my payment, or I’ll be in deep trouble! I mean, I sensed the presence of Stalker Girl when we were on the main street, my rich man spending tour definitely was exposed! I have to hurry!

「Poster Girl~? Also known as the poster commoner~? Hey, tell me, O nameless inn’s girl, has the store behind here already vacated the lot? What sort of a store was it anyway? I haven’t seen them open even once, did they have some sort of all-year-round going-out-of-business sale while being constantly closed? I mean, if you aren’t going to work at all, of course you won’t be able to sell off your inventory, so it makes sense they couldn’t close down? Seriously. 」

「Ah, Haruka-san. They came a short while ago with greetings and told me that they finished moving. They were really happy, thanking us, saying that we recommended them a really great house. Also, that was not a store but a farm tools workshop. They are usually touring villages, doing trade there, so the store is kept closed. They were always talking excitedly about how they learned a way of making some kind of previously unseen farming tool from you at some village out there, were you unaware of this?」

Which reminds me, there was this farming tools merchant that I kept meeting at various villages, and since he kept always casually striking conversations with me I kept casually talking with him and along the way taught him about some farming tools that seems to be yet to be made here, like a grain separator, a drum-type winnowing machine, a comb-shaped hand thrasher, ways to improve hoes, after which that middle-aged man would always happily hand me various agricultural produce and a nice amount of coin, naturally, since he is a middle-aged man, I totally forgot all about him. I was wondering what was going on with him speaking with me with so little reservation, but turns out he owned the place behind the inn. Well, I couldn’t care less since he is just a middle-aged man. I mean, I remembered all of that simply because we were learning it in history class around that time? Since we were summoned here I have absolutely no idea what lies beyond that. The extent of my knowledge ends at Meiji’s industrial revolution. Well, the geeks must remember anyway, even though allowing them to make anything is dangerous. They already succeeded in creating a steam engine, while trying to make a katana!

My mana recovered already, and the plans were perfected since the previous attempts. This time the design covers two buildings, so I can start right now. And I’d like to keep this one fully booked by us, so I’ll avoid tweaking it too much, and just limit it to expanding and making an addon. As expected, there is no way we can allow the general public in a dining hall where schoolgirls are hanging around in miniskirts, hotpants, fishnet tights, lewd stockings, or in just bare feet. Although it would probably attract tons of guests?

And now, I can incorporate a steel frame!

Time for an imperial inn! I mean, this inn has a dungeon emperor and emperor slime as regulars here! Even if only former.

The blueprints for a mana-powered elevator were also finished. It should have no problem going up to the 8th floor. I’m going to make a dining hall with a viewing platform for the 8th floor, a large bath and training facility underground, and increase the number of rooms, also throwing in some nice suites! No, would it be better to call it imperial rooms? This place is actually a kingdom, so the best thing they got is a king, so if we are going for imperial, only monsters have high enough titles, will that really be alright? Aren’t monsters the only possible guests there? Well, there are 2 of them already, so it will be alright.

And the name will likely go down in history. This inn will be remembered as the most famous one in this city, no, the entire frontier. Yes, the name 『White Weirdo』will be carved into the frontier and the kingdom! Well, the people that ran away from the innkeepers’ town must be retelling that story too, they certainly don’t want the name of their benefactor, the one who saved their lives to disappear. But nicknaming him White Weirdo simply because they don’t know his name? Would the person in question be happy about such a thing?

I’m going to use the empty building behind for construction materials as I disassemble it, so I’ll begin as it is, pouring my magic into the buildings and the ground.

Passing mana through the ground, like trying to permeate it with magic, I grasp the ground and the soil with『Holding』, and blend it in, then, kneading it, extend it vertically, shaping walls and supporting pillars.

I keep synthesizing, mixing, hardening, shaping, connecting, supporting, building on, and once again propping it up, supporting it, having all of the force align vertically I arrange and assemble it.

Repeating that I reinforce it according to the blueprints, erecting a strong, sturdy, and durable building to last ages? Sort of?

But no matter how thoroughly I redo the blueprints, measurement errors are bound to appear. As I thought, giving up on the 8th floor was the correct decision. Even though I put the building on the foundation of bedrock that I made underground, the center of gravity turned out to be unexpectedly higher? Did my desire for a viewing platform skew things up?

I mean, if you can’t see the outside from a viewing platform then there is no point to it, leaving it exposed to the wind will make it cold to stay there.

Since the glass workshop just began operating, they are still mainly at the experiment and learning stage, yet to reach mass production, so glass isn’t available in large quantities, which is why it would’ve become an excellent point of interest… Was it too heavy? Maybe I made it too bulky or perhaps adding a glass window to every room was a mistake, but it turned out to be heavier than was expected according to calculations, and on top of that with an unbalanced center of gravity. Let’s cover that up by making the walls below thicker! It should also work as a soundproof measure! That’s right, that’s definitely it, let’s go with that.

It’s complete, but the first two floors ended up as rocky stone walls, which looks fancy, so I guess it’s alright? Yeah, even an orc king will be unable to break those. Looks like it became an impregnable and invincible inn.

Townsfolk are gathering to see the finished imperial inn, even the innkeeper family came out and are looking up at it with open mouths?

And now the innkeepers are crying. Poster girl, both of her parents, grandfather and grandmother, are all crying.

They must be remembering the old days. If only they had such a fine wall it could’ve protected them, if so, the whire weirdo and the townsfolk all could’ve taken refuge without anyone dying.

Losing many and much, ending up without anything at all, they even so worked to recover, and opened a new inn, and now, an impregnable fortress inn was completed which cannot be taken or destroyed! So this time they will be able to protect their family, their guests, and even town’s people that were to come seeking shelter. This time, it’s possible.

That’s how tough and sturdy I built it! I mean, if this place can’t protect, then it will all become a lie, after all, the name of this inn is that of the hero 『White Weirdo』that sacrificed his life to protect his town.

And since I did a good job at it, maybe they will forgive about 1 month worth of inn charges? Maybe they will even make bath fees free? Kind of?





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