Chapter 232: As if you can reach enlightenment through a shower…




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Day 60 – Evening, White Weirdo Inn

Exploring up to the 50th floor and beating the dungeon master there, we triumphantly return to the town, but the inn is gone?

Well, there is one, but it’s more of a luxurious resort hotel? Numerous pure white floors are stacked on top of the massive stone walls of the lower floors, in addition, glass, which is still highly valuable and should’ve been far from cleanly transparent in this world, is abundantly used in construction.

But the signboard is saying 『White Weirdo』, the culprit is obvious without thinking.

As an attempt at exploring the interior sent us into confusion and shock over its astonishing marvelousness, the true culprit appeared without a shadow of guilty consciousness in his expression. While the family of innkeepers is on the verge of crying, he shows not a hint of remorse.

「Welcome back~? Actually, that one is the main building, everyone should go over here, the place remains pretty much unchanged? Well, it got more spacious and also gained some additional rooms, but it’s relatively the same, and basically fully reserved for us? Sort of? 」

The usual entrance, the usual dinner hall, and everyone coming in with the usual『We are home』, that is our ordinary life in the town.

Although the extravagance of the main building did attract our interest a bit, this here is our sweet home. That’s why he left it unchanged.

After all, this is the place that everyone comes back to.

Looking closely, he did quite a lot of work here. It’s more spacious now, and even the ceiling became a bit higher.

However, despite all of the improvements, there is no sense of being brand new to it. Since he used the same materials, it all meshes well together without feeling out of place.

I’m sure expanding while retaining that feeling of familiarity was far more difficult than just building it anew.

Since we have more rooms now, we’ll have to discuss if we are going to settle with single or double rooms. While it might be nice to spend time by yourself at ease, being alone is after all lonely.

Girls’ baths became more spacious, have magic-powered showers now, and even a fully equipped sauna, plus there are also training grounds underground.

I see~, the backyard where we trained all this time is no more.

It was turned into a brand new inn.

The inn’s master, his wife, and the Poster Girl-chan were all moved to tears by how splendid and strong he made it.

That, finally made me understand, those tears weren’t because of how 『Wonderful』or『Amazing』it was, but because of the outrageous and unthinkable toughness of the construction, that clearly was done with their psychological trauma in consideration. Those actually were tears of overwhelming relief.

Even if the entire town was destroyed in a monster stampede, this inn would probably remain. One would be able to survive just by evacuating here. That’s the message behind it.

He made an inn that instilled that sort of confidence. Well, putting aside the question 『isn’t it not an inn anymore?』, he did it.

What he made was not a gorgeous and beautiful inn, but an island of tranquility. Stay here and you’ll be safe.

I’m sure even monsters would be surprised to have the inn stand tall while the town walls, fortress, and even the castle are reduced to dust, but nowhere as shocked as the family owning the place.

However, despite being so amazingly tough, sturdy, and fortified, it’s still fully gorgeous, elegant, and luxurious. Moreover, the insane number of art pieces decorating the place put even the Louvre to shame. He could’ve made money with that alone. Even though every single one is a forgery, they have the aura to them!

「Were there that many sunflowers? Also, isn’t Venus-san a bit off?」

「They weren’t that huge, but the sunflowers were a series of paintings? And Venus-san got dressed up?」

「There also were quite a few Mona Lisas, looks like he stopped at impressionists? Well, his cave room had A. Warhol in it?」

「I think the current culture of this world didn’t allow him to put nudity? I mean, Venus-san is all dressed up?」

Townsfolk coming to take a look were deeply impressed. The culture of this world must’ve shifted today.

It isn’t some industrial or cultural revolution, the art reached the very hearts of the people that saw it.

The culture of admiring beauty has taken roots in what until now was a life only for the sake of living, I’m sure the town will become more beautiful.

And this inn is a symbol of that, after all, it is excitement that gives birth to happiness and joy in the midst of ordinary everyday life.

We were previously surprised by that church-like orphanage, which was then followed by that museum-like school, and now here is a hotel which at the same time is an art gallery?

Before anyone noticed, the people that previously thought of their homes only in terms of sturdiness and comfort, began painting their walls white, arranging the shape, and creating gardens. The town is already changing.

「I see, the other world was giving me this savage and brutal impression, but art and culture were yet to spread around, huh.」

「But clothes and furniture are beginning to sell? It will only pick up the pace, the frontier was so poor after all.」

And the dinner awaiting us upon return was Meat and Potato Stew-san! He has a firm grasp on the stomachs of the girls!

Fried fish, white rice, stew, and lightly pickled cucumbers, it was very delicious. But how come he can create such a deep flavor in 2-3 minutes? Even being able to cook rice in 2-3 minutes is very strange by itself, but making pickles in just a couple of minutes is insane, no matter how 『lightly pickled』they might be, they won’t become pickles in such a short time.

And yet why does he keep properly frying fish every time?

For someone who supposedly has no useful skills he makes the most convenient use of them. I’m sure even with a crafting-type cheat skill it still would be impossible to do something like this. After all, this very concept of disassembling and reassembling skills of his, no one has any idea how to take skills apart, and of course no one knows how to assemble them too. Just what is that?

This just perfect seasoning, and the Potato-san’s soft and flaky texture make for an ultimate culinary gem. But apparently, what Haruka-kun really wanted were konnyaku noodles. His cooking long since surpassed the standards of our original world, and yet he is still unsatisfied.

And the bath was amazing.

「「「Woooow! Is this a gorgeous resort? Eh, water is coming from an artistic engraving!」」」

「A marble bath~! Ah, and there is a separate wooden bathtub too. And that over there is a cold bath?」

「And here is a waterfall shower! Discover new skills through waterfall mediation?! Go for supreme perfect enlightenment?」

The baths were huge, apparently only the girls’ side is like this.

As for the boys, they are separate, since『bathing with dudes is no fun』, but being unable to press for mixed baths despite that is very like Haruka-kun.

「It’s been such a long time since I had shower~.」

「A jacuzzi~, is this a deluxe version of the one from the cave?」

I wonder what’s with this obsession with baths. He made a clawfoot bathtub during his first week in this world, and then made jacuzzi too.

「「「And now burn calories in sauna~!」」」

Looks like they were aware of the danger that came with asking for extra servings of meat stew with potatoes. 20 schoolgirls covered with towels + 1 extra person immediately crowded the place. Whoooa~ so hot~? Well, I did eat plenty of it too.

Slowly, thoroughly, and deliberately we shed buckets of sweat. It’s like heaven, but it’s hot, it’s hot, but pleasant.

Shield Girl, who is now formally Shield Pres, was shining during the training before the bath, even Angelica-san was impressed by her growth, smiling fondly while observing.

The girl that so desperately fought trying to protect gained a resolve to make the protection she is giving to everyone a definitive fact. And became Shield President.

「Haruka-san gave me a shield. He recognized me as a shield pres. So I will protect everyone.」, is what she said, and she definitely did a good job defending everyone both in dungeons and during the training. With『Mirror Greatshield』that Haruka-kun gave her, in her hands, she became an Aegis shielding everyone.

Shimazaki-san’s new equipment had incredible destructive power, but what’s more important, the increase in speed it gave increased the number of attacks she could perform at a given period of time, which drastically boosted her strength, moreover, armed with 『Spear of Eternal Ice』, clad in armor of ice, and carrying tower shield of ice, she looked just like an Ice Queen, commanding icy swords and arrows, extremely beautiful and stern.

But the instant the combat was over, the ice queen that reigned supreme through sheer violence and overwhelming destructive power, turned all cute, gently rubbing Spear of Eternal Ice with a delighted look.

The librarian-chan didn’t reveal all of her cards until the very end, but all of the culture clubs’ girls became remarkably better both at debuffing enemies and empowering allies. That alone allowed the current exploration to progress much smoother than usual, as the monsters were thoroughly getting weakened one after another. But that『Ripple Necklace』was handed to the librarian-chan after a very long discussion with Haruka-kun. There must be something more to it.

The next one is probably equipment for Kakizaki-kun’s group? But when Haruka-kun is not around they are properly throwing boomerangs, setting up feints, keeping monsters in check with halberds, or going around slashing them with swords, just what is going on with their weaponry? Or rather, their real weapons must be that physical ability, swiftness of decision, and superhuman intuition. But the moment Haruka-kun joins them they become idiots?

But rather curiously, the usual clamorous duo that is treated as Volleyball girls A and B, Haga-san and Shisui-san are utterly silent, they seem to be nervous before the danger to maidenhood in the guise of measurements for bras and shorts. I’d like to give them some words of encouragement… But I honestly can’t bring myself to say that it’s going to be all okay. By the end of it my knees gave way and I couldn’t even stand up. And when I recall what happened back there, what happened there, it gets all hot, and… (Thud)

「Medic~! The pres collapsed in sauna~, her face is all red~, it might be bad~? And she seems to be muttering something… Lewd?」

「Carry her out, hurry. And cool her. No, using Blizzard for that is too much? You’ll turn her into an icicle. 」

That measuring session is a danger to maidens, or rather, it’s like it’s making a depraved girl leak out, overflow from a pure maiden. That is definitely not okay!




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