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Chapter 245: I’d like you to refrain from pressuring souvenir store’s customers? 




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 61 – Nighttime, Murimuri Castle, Girls-only Gathering

Murimuri Castle actually had a huge women’s bath. No matter what he makes and for whatever purpose, bathing space seems to be highly prioritized?

After hearing the gist of what happened from the Stalker Girl that came to join us, we got the general idea of what Haruka-kun had done.

It was the worst. Haruka-kun, unsuitable for fighting humans and dealing with the skills they might possess, of all things, ended up fighting the strongest murderer duelist.

He apparently was an expert in killing techniques, with thorough knowledge and keen eyes for human movements.

And the specialist in anti-human techniques got knocked out in one hit without even understanding what got him. Yeah, as we thought, it looks like Haruka-kun wasn’t a human after all.

As he couldn’t be confronted with anti-human techniques, the attacker was knocked out with lethal consequences. Yeah, I thought that those movements aren’t those of a human… As expected, that part in his stats about being human is a lie. It seems even the specialist in fighting humans rejected those claims.

In the end, he was doing something dangerous again, and ended up luring out the most dangerous opponent.

After all, he captured all of the bandits alive, but killed that murderer, in other words, he was that dangerous of an opponent.

He judged that if left alive, there is a high likelihood of some of us getting killed. That’s why he chose to kill him.

I don’t think he had any hesitation. Everyone was prepared for this since the time we saw his face when he came back from that destroyed village. Haruka-kun had already resolved himself.

Until then he kept blabbering about being capable of only killing since he had no strength (stats) and no ability (skills) to protect someone.

But he steeled himself. Since killing was the only option, he resolved himself to do it. Returning from that village, Haruka-kun had obtained a strength that couldn’t be expressed in stats.

And so he first killed the strongest assassin, and then exterminated the church’s beastmen hunting unit. Killed them to the last to prevent them from killing anyone.

And now he is trying to go on the offensive. Somehow, it looks like he wants to have us stick to the Fake Dungeon defense, while he engages in guerilla warfare.

For a moment everyone was at loss for words. Because the picture of hell involuntarily came to our minds… And had us shudder. After all, there is no other more suitable and worse person for an unscrupulous guerilla warfare. I mean, it would be a nightmare to have such an inconvenient guerilla-san show up. Filling the entire way up to the frontier with atrocious traps, showing up from time to time to brutally harass the unfortunate, and from time to time setting up ambushes to destroy combat forces… Just thinking about it makes me pity the enemies!

However, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still dangerous. While guerilla warfare might be a nice strategy, as long as you don’t get found, if you are found, you end up isolated in the enemy territory surrounded on all sides. Just imagining Haruka-kun, Angelica-san, and Slime-san being isolated in the midst of the enemies… Fills me with an overwhelming pity for enemies!

Indeed, in guerilla warfare we would be a burden, and Haruka-kun is not suitable for defensive battles. Killing is his only option, with his offense being the only defense he has, so he is rather easy to break through. If the enemy has enough numbers, it won’t be possible for him to kill them all in a timely manner, which will allow them to pass through. So in a way it is indeed the right people for the right jobs, survival of the fittest, and he is very likely to have very pleasant and casual guerilla warfare!

「Separating makes me worried……But I can’t imagine anything that can threaten him?」「Rather, the only thing I can imagine is misery of the enemies?」「Yeeah~, if it’s Haruka-kun~, guerilla warfare might be safer for him~……But can he properly sneak around~?」「His entire build is oriented for stealth operation, but he has no interest in acting stealthily at all!」「Aah, the guerilla-san might go for a direct central breakthrough!」「Whooa, for some reason it doesn’t feel impossible that they would surround and destroy 10,000 enemies with just three of them 3?!」

The problem is that this is a fantasy world. The scariest thing is encountering something that we aren’t aware of. Be it magic, skills, or magic items. Since the church is on the enemy’s side, there is a possibility that『Holy Relics』might show up, in other words, the church’s highly treasured magic items that they keep in reserves. And it is new weapons for which we have no information that are the most scary.

If Haruka-kun’s movements get sealed he is as good as dead. He has neither defenses nor resistances, evasion is the only combat option that he has. He is simply killing enemies before they kill him, because he has no chance of winning in a straight-forward exchange of blows.

In other words, anything like『Instantly Turn Ground Into Birdlime』will put him in danger, and the same can be applied to Angelica-san. Sniper attacks from very long range are a threat too, and if there are physical AOE attacks they will be a problem too. Haruka-kun manages to somehow make his way out of any situation with one trick or another, but he actually has a lot of weak points.

Well, I’m pretty sure being holy relics they will either be of direct attack type, or something protective… But it’s still worrisome. Unlike him, if we take a hit we can endure it, that’s why we want to be by his side, but we might end up as a burden. The speed of those three is abnormal. If someone engages in guerilla warfare with that mobility that would be bullying on a military scale. I mean, there is no way they will be able to track them or catch up with them.

「How about having a few people suitable for guerilla warfare accompany them as guards? Or maybe follow at some distance?」

「The issue is the Royal Prince. He is trying to hand over Haruka-kun to the nobles to kickstart negotiations. He is an enemy!」

「But Haruka-kun doesn’t understand that, and doesn’t seem interested in understanding too… Also, doesn’t sending those three already make for the strongest attack?」

Delivering those three to the enemy camp, that basically means that the war will start with the enemies having their headquarters destroyed, being penetrated into the very heart of their forces. Starting a fight when the chain of command has already collapsed, the line of defense rendered powerless, and an offensive force struck in the back… That’s over already.

「Haruka-kun must want to strike the enemy without allowing them to do anything? Then the very point of all those war preparations might be lost?」

Yes, he has no intentions of actually fighting. Only annihilating and destroying them.

「I’m really glad that Slime-san joined us. For attacking there is Angelica-san, if Slime-san handles defense then it feels reassuring on a completely different level, right?」

「「「True, that can’t be beaten!」」」

Slime-san’s offensive power, evasion ability, and wide variety of attacks tend to draw attention, but his defensive capabilities are also absurdly high. Among the attack specializing group he is the only one capable of filling the defensive role, an impeccable bodyguard. Even if all of us were to attack him at once we still would lose in an exchange of blows. Our attacks don’t get through at all. Even Angelica-san was nodding at that, so it’s a defensive power that was officially recognized by the Dungeon Emperor.

「Well, even if we tried to stop him, he would leave anyway. He always goes off on his own.」

Yes, we are going to be left behind again. Now that we have reached level 100 we thought that this time will be the time, but we can’t keep up with him again. But we can’t leave the frontier unprotected. Someone has to stay.

If Omui-sama goes as well, then there will be no other choice left but for us to stay. And I also have the right to command the Fake Dungeon… It was handed to me.

But if Omui-sama stays, then there will be no issue with us going. Even if we can’t participate in guerilla warfare, we can at the very least guard him. That alone is enough.

Omui-sama and the Royal Prince must be still in the middle of the discussion. Unless they decide on something there is nothing to build a plan around, but unless we exchange and organize ideas now we won’t be able to adapt quickly.

If there is no immediate action, then we should either train or consider challenging some nearby dungeons. Being unable to plan ahead is the most troublesome.

And as soon as we left the bath everyone broke into a run. It was an emergency!

Who would’ve thought that such a thing could happen at Murimuri Castle… We were negligent. To think that he’d open a Murimuri branch of the souvenir store and sell manju there! He has the Stalker Girl-chan for a salesperson, and the troops from the capital are in a huge uproar. And manju are all sold out… (crying)

He is clearly intending to liquidate the inventory. But if so, why not sell it to us?!





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